Seeing this ball, man of iron hit the head straight. If he had just asked for the ball to Lampard, he would have wanted to give it to Luo Rang. Luo was in the restricted area so that he could insert it himself and have a chance to head the ball, but it was really hard to get a chance to give it to Lampard.

But Zhang man of iron still ran to the restricted area.
If these two goals attracted Agel, there was only one Gerard Lampard left beside him. Later, he wanted to shoot himself, but when he saw Agel coming, he hesitated and swept man of iron’s position.
Zhang Tiehan is on the side of the restricted area line.
He is here to observe the position of his teammates and football, but when Lampard plays the ball, he still feels a little impulsive to vomit blood. Lampard does not belong to that kind of player with very good skills. Everyone knows that Zhang Tiehan’s teammates also know that his ball skills are much worse than Gerrard’s. From this kick, it can be seen that Lampard probably wants to hang a high ball into the penalty area, but the football is half high and very crooked.
At the moment Lampard scored the ball, almost everyone thought that the attack would be stopped
Boas, the Chelsea coach, showed disappointment, while Benitez took a long breath. The Liverpool fans in the audience also took a long breath like Benitez. They felt that this wave of counterattack was very threatening, but Lampard made a mistake and they were relieved that Chelsea failed to score.
But for a moment, their hearts started again.
Seeing that Zhang Tiehan was facing the goal in the restricted area at first, it is reasonable to say that he couldn’t see Lampard’s ball following him, so did Gerrard, but Zhang Tiehan suddenly turned his back and jumped to the right. The vigorous movement was really amazing. The football also hit the right front of his chest and fell to the grass. Then Zhang Tiehan suddenly chased the football for two steps and then suddenly swung his right foot and almost turned 18 degrees to complete the shot!
Gerrard didn’t even respond to this amazing shot.
Lampard was annoyed at Zhang Tiehan’s goal mistake. Other Chelsea and Liverpool players didn’t react immediately. Of course, the most important thing was Liverpool goalkeeper Reina. He didn’t expect Zhang Tiehan to suddenly finish shooting in such a situation. When the football rushed over, he didn’t react immediately. Then he could just watch the football rush past his hand and didn’t intercept it at all
"The ball is in!"
“gal! The ball is in! "
It took a few seconds for the football to fly into the Liverpool goal before the commentators reacted and screamed at the goal "Zhang! He Chelsea overtook the score! "
"It was a surprise goal!" Alfie, the commentator of Sky TV, commented, "Lampard’s ball was a mistake just now, but Zhang still seized the opportunity. He stopped the ball with an unimaginable jump in his chest and then chased the ball and directly completed the turn and volley!"
"What a beautiful job!"
"Chelsea’s counter-attack speed is also quite fast, from breaking the ball in the backcourt to handing two or three feet in the frontcourt."
In the amazement of the commentators, Chelsea has already started to celebrate the goal.
Chelsea scored the first goal in the game, but Liverpool soon equalized the score. This is Anfield Stadium, so the situation is not so good. Now Zhang Tiehan has scored again, which makes Chelsea have the advantage of scoring again. All the players take a long breath and feel much more relaxed. After all, leading is better than drawing, which gives them an advantage in their hearts and will not worry about the other side directly overtaking the score.
Zhang Tiehan is also very happy.
In the middle of the stadium, hands in the air kept waving his hands, and everyone was watching him. Many people were speculating about the significance of this celebration. They were talking about Zhang Tiehan’s greeting to the fans of the Blue Army, but in fact, there were a limited number of Chelsea players next to him. Several Liverpool players heard Zhang Tiehan shouting, "Here you are! Give it to you! "
It is also mixed with the word’ Liverpool’
There is no doubt that Zhang Tiehan is going to give it to Liverpool fans and give the goal at Anfield to Liverpool fans. If you don’t know, it is absolutely a pure provocation to Liverpool fans.
"This kind of thing is what Zhang can do." Geraldine shook his head to be continued.
Chapter five hundred and twenty-three Giants inside information
"Chelsea scored a second goal in a counterattack: 1 Chelsea led the score again!"
Many commentators roared at the goal.
Many people were excited to see Zhang Tiehan’s goal, because Zhang man of iron’s shot was sudden. It was a beautiful goal and it also reflected Zhang man of iron’s superior shooting opportunity.
Chelsea are very happy.
On the contrary, Liverpool were not very happy. They managed to make the situation even, but it wasn’t long before Chelsea scored a goal, which made them feel very depressed, especially when Liverpool fans saw Zhang Tiehan score another goal. They didn’t know what their mood was. Emotionally, they all liked Zhang Tiehan and supported Zhang Tiehan. It was a game between Chelsea and Liverpool, and their team was worried about being scored.
So after a long time, many Liverpool fans stared at Zhang Tiehan, and their eyes were very complicated. It was still hard for them to forget that Zhang Tiehan had brought them great success in this stadium.
But soon, some fans led Liverpool fans to cheer for Liverpool. After all, this is the league and Zhang Tiehan is already an opponent of Liverpool. How can he make his opponent arrogant at Anfield Stadium?
Chelsea fans are rejoicing. When they saw Liverpool’s goal, they felt that the game would be difficult. They would not have thought so before, but before the game, many media pointed out that Liverpool had great hopes of winning. The most important thing was that Chelsea had just completed the coaching change. Although boas led only a few games, it was a victory, but it didn’t prove anything. After all, it was natural that Chelsea’s strength was there to beat small teams, and Liverpool was a test of boas’s ability.
But so far Chelsea have performed well.
Zhang Tiehan scored two goals to put the team ahead of Liverpool. How can we say that boas is no worse than Grant?
When Grant was in charge, the team could almost win by defense and Zhang man of iron’s goal. At that time, Chelsea played passively in every game, which was deeply felt by the Blues fans. However, there was nothing passive in this game. The game between Liverpool and Chelsea was quite good.
In this mentality of the fans, the halftime game has started again.
Liverpool, led by Steven Gerrard, continued to attack Chelsea at half-time. I have to say that this Liverpool team is tougher than the average team. This may be due to their experience. They all managed to turn over the Jedi in the five-year Champions League final, not to mention a league game. With that game as the foundation, many Liverpool players believe that nothing can’t be done if everyone works together. Now it’s just a goal behind at half-time.
They still have a good chance.
If Liverpool did well in the next game.
Chelsea is also good. With a goal advantage, it will be very good for the players to adjust their mentality and play well.
However, at the end of the half-time, neither team scored again. It was a pity that the game was played vigorously and there was no goal. At halftime, the score was 1: 0.
Zhang Tiehan and his teammates laughed and walked back to the locker room to score two goals at Anfield Stadium. He was still very happy that the Chelsea players were very relaxed. After returning to the locker room, head coach boas talked about the half-time game and praised Zhang Tiehan. But that is just a little fact. boas has been staying in Chelsea as an assistant coach this season. The players are still familiar with him. Although he is young, he has not met with any resistance. After all, it is better for everyone to know him than to suddenly drop Grant.
But when it comes to respect, because boas is younger, some players often joke with him. It is definitely not as respectful as Mourinho, but everyone will still listen to boas. After all, he used to be an assistant coach and now he is the head coach of the team.
That is to say, in fact, the working environment in Chelsea boas is still good. Perhaps this is also the reason why Chelsea Club is considering putting boas in charge. Few Chelsea players will not reject him.
After boas became a coach, he didn’t make any major tactical adjustments to the team along Mourinho’s tactical framework. Some adjustments were also aimed at the player’s position. For example, he asked Zhang Tiehan to play as a striker, which made room for the midfielder. For another example, he made the team restart, and the number of avant-garde appearances would be more. Unfortunately, Wright-Phillips has left, so Geremi will have more opportunities, but the problem is that Leila’s performance is somewhat poor.
At halftime, boas pointed out Leila and told him to pay attention to defense.
Leila doesn’t like boas very much, but he still listens to the nod. Actually, Leila is not in a very good position in Chelsea. It’s true that he left with Mourinho, mainly because his performance is always criticized by the media. Naturally, there are reasons why Leila’s performance is really average and occasionally makes mistakes. boas asked him to try his best to defend himself and not make big mistakes, so as to ensure his starting full-back position or his position will be replaced. There are many players in Chelsea who want to start.
In addition, it is worth noting that Sepcenko didn’t start the game in Sepcenko. He stayed on the bench all the time, but boas still talked to him about the game "I’ll give you the time at half-time"
Sepcenko nodded.
Boas has been good to him. After Zhang man of iron reappears in the front line, he will definitely fall into the third striker. No.1 is Zhang man of iron and No.2 is Drogba. He can rank ahead of Kalou, but everyone knows that Kalou is better than him.
The No.3 striker is also good and can start in many games. After all, Chelsea can’t always have a formation. They need to rotate the main players and have a rest. There are still many opportunities for the No.3 striker to play. Unlike Grant, every time Sepcenko starts, it seems to be in Abramovich’s face. Then everyone will have nothing to say.
Sepcenko is satisfied with the arrangement in boas.
Soon the half-court game began.
The two teams reappeared in the stadium, and the sound of the fans’ stands also increased greatly. With the whistle of the referee, the two teams plunged into fierce confrontation again.