Everyone will change, but she won’t.

Ji Yue is not hiding his true thoughts, and he dare not say anything.
There is a big family behind him, and his children and grandchildren are officials. He has too many scruples.
"Don’t do it or justify it. There is no third way. This is my record. You can consider it slowly."
Records of anger never imagined that she was so bold. "God has never been out of the queen for hundreds of years."
Ji Yue smiled and said, "I don’t mind breaking the unification and striving to be the first person."
She actually laughed? Records of mad "not"
Ji Yue laughs even more. "Ha ha ha, it’s strange that you keep saying that people want to ignore it at the moment." If I say that Huang naturally does better than them, why don’t you support me? "
Records was asked stupid gawk at her "it’s against the rules".
Ji Yue knows that it is difficult, but the more difficult it is, the more exciting it is.
"It’s not in your interest, isn’t it? Don’t say it’s dignified. I think if the people are holy kings, who can bring them food, clothing, worry, peace and quiet life, they will support him. To put it bluntly, they don’t care who they are, as long as they can shelter them."
She said it was reasonable, and even though she was full of poems, she couldn’t spit out a word at this time.
Ji Yue, looking at these duplicitous people, can’t respect them. "It’s the civil and military officials who care the most, but you old ministers who moved your cake. You may not understand that cake is the benefit of your mouth."
Records of great popularity and trembling are still such an unreasonable temper.
How can you be the emperor when you are happy?
"Princess, do you know what you will face?"
Ji Yue was ready and said with a straight face, "I know that the whole bureaucracy is killing me. Whoever makes me unhappy will kill me directly. I will kill all the big ones and make up a batch of illiterate people who are willing to listen."
Since she wants to say it, she has a way to deal with it
Records of adults dare not take this as a lie. Listen to her. She doesn’t act according to the cards. She acts according to her mood.
"You … aren’t you afraid that I will go out?"
Is this a threat? Ji Yue picked his eyebrows but didn’t care about "you won’t"
"No?" Records of adults face like a sink. If you can retreat, you can turn your back.
Mu Ji Yue will accept her even if she is arrogant again.
This court and this country can’t have such a ridiculous thing.
His murder made Ji Yue’s eyes cold.
"Because you certainly don’t want to die a hundred years later."
The two men turned against each other when they said they turned against each other. Just now, they laughed and the wind tore them apart.
Records of adults face big change. What did she do?
Has she already done something? Just waiting for the attack?
He felt uneasy but didn’t show his face. "Are you threatening me?"
Ji month smile meaningful "how? I’m making an analogy. "
Having said that, everything is under control, and confidence makes the records of adults feel cold.
"You can’t succeed."
Ji Yue’s eyes are shining and her fighting spirit is full. "The more you say that, the more I want to try."
第1197章 齐国将军

It’s an old hole that can withstand his impact, and together with the leopard, two people fall directly down more than 20 meters high.

Come to think again, the reaction can’t come. At the last moment, he let the Buddha see the dog’s face freeze and laugh.
Leaning forward, Lin Feng suddenly felt that a gust of wind coming from the back of his head could throw him forward and force him to hit him in the back.
On the spot, a rolling military quality is fairly good. Lin Feng can lean back for a gun, but the muzzle just leaned out of his wrist and suddenly there was a sharp pain.
"You are me."
The big burly hyena looked at being kicked out with a sneer, and the pistol was a lamb to him without a weapon.
Comrade-in-arms sacrificed Lin Feng, who was already angry, and watched the hyenas there with their hips crossed. He couldn’t help but rush.
With a wave of his right fist, he took the lead in smashing the hyena’s cheek, but he didn’t want the other side to easily avoid his fist.
"I want your life."
Almost crazy come completely crazy fists like the wind swept over to hyenas smashed in the past.
Covered in blood, he is like a wild animal, but it is obvious that his fist has caused substantial damage to hyenas
Hide left and flash right. Don’t look particularly burly, but coyotes are flexible
What he likes most about a black boxer is the close combat, and the feeling of punching to the flesh makes him sexually exposed.
Face with Lin Feng, who was exhausted after a fierce battle, he played with it with a sneer like a cat and mouse.
"Why doesn’t this fist have any strength at all? It really disappoints me. I can still see China Kung Fu."
Come three punches in a row in the hyena body was a hyena kicked to the ground.
Patted the dust hyena a face of disdain said China kung fu he didn’t see.
Spit out the blood in his mouth. Come climb up again. Find out his right hand and pull out the dagger from his boots. He pounced again.
Hand dagger draw cold light this melee combat come also paid a solid foundation work.
Blossoming knife flowers around the hyena front and back constantly across the cold light with all the murder.
Comrade-in-arms’ death is painful. blood out is the only thing that Lin Feng wants now
But Nai’s physical fitness is the cornerstone of all battles. A fierce battle has left him scarred.
The wind of punching has slowed down a lot, and the hyena fighting skill is a life-and-death battle, in exchange for which he can’t take advantage.
A gust of Gangfeng hit Lin Feng’s right wrist again, and at the same time, the Chinese hyena kicked his tail directly in his chest.
More than 200 kilograms of hyenas, a powerful foot, came out with one mouthful blood, and the whole person flew out like a broken kite.
Fell to the ground with heavy pain.
"I’m so disappointed. If the boss hadn’t let you die, I would have broken your neck."
Hyenas waved the neck with a sneer and stepped towards come.
This kick definitely broke several of his ribs. For the time being, he can’t move.
Come endure pain grind teeth trying to climb up but struggle.
Seeing that his big hand has caught his eyes wide with resentment.
Suddenly a black shadow shot up from the side, and the hyena reacted quickly and waved to block it.
Then he was kicked in the right shoulder, and he even retreated three or four steps before he lived in shape.
"Who are you?"
By moonlight, hyenas looked at the bearer in amazement. I can’t believe how others appeared in this building.
"Kill you, Yamaraja."
Di Tang’s face is sneering, but I have to say that this strong man still has something to shake him with his own feet.
Come at this time is also a leng looking at Tang Yi there. Isn’t this the Asian who killed civilians at the front door of the embassy this afternoon? Why did he suddenly appear?
"Just leave this kind of person to me. Aren’t you good at fighting? If you can beat me, I’ll let you go."
Coming out from behind Tang Yi, Rose looked at the hyena with a sneer. At this time, the building has been quiet and the cannon fodder has been cleaned up.
"why should I believe what you say?"
Two people exude momentum, and their weapons let the hyenas know that they are in big trouble.
Staring like two eyes, he looked at Tang Yi and Rose and said angrily.
"Will anyone not believe me when I speak to Mrs. Rose?"
Rose smiled and hooked her finger at the hyena.
Hearing this name, hyenas suddenly felt dizzy. The famous beauty killer is cold-blooded.
"Well, I’ll learn something about a rose lady today."
The hyena threw her heart at the rose with a horizontal fist, while Tang Yi smiled at a rose, but told him not to trust women.

"Do you think the future toffee will be beautiful?" Thomas still refuses to scratch.

In the crazy days …
Suddenly he felt that Thomas and Ollie had shut up, and the two guys looked straight behind him.
"What are you looking at?" Chen Tian asked
"Shh … there’s a beautiful woman coming!"
"Beauty?" Chen Tian turned his head a look.
"Hello, Prince Pavilion!"
"Linda …" Chen Tian’s mouth was wide open.
"I saw someone wearing a student army here. I don’t think anyone except you would come to such a grand dinner dressed like this. It was you! Hehe! " Linda looked back at Chen Tianchen’s silence.
"There was another time when you didn’t want to run away!" Linda blinked and asked, so cute that Chentian was heartbroken.
That’s how girls feel when they don’t know each other. When they get to know you, they will show their true colors.
"Er … congratulations!" Chen Tian said softly with his head down
"Our two countries should be happy about this, shouldn’t they?" Linda noticed that the two guys behind Chentian kept their eyes on themselves. "Why don’t you introduce a friend of yours?"
"oh! Fat is called Ollie and thin is called Thomas, my best friend … er, good friend! "
"It’s an honor to meet you!"
"So do we!"
"Huang Tai, he is not bad!" Chen Tian remembered today and asked with his head down. He didn’t dare to look at Linda just now.
"I think your emperor is not bad! He’s handsome and funny, and I heard he did very well in the army! "
"That’s good!"
"He’s over there. Let’s go!" Linda pulled up Chentian and walked towards the crowd.
Enemies are particularly jealous when they meet!
Chen Tian looked at Huang Tai but had to smile. He felt that his smile must be ugly.
"Cousin, congratulations!" Holding the emperor’s hand, Chen Tian said despondently
"Gigi! It’s you! I almost didn’t recognize you! " But Mrs Huang came with a bear hug.
"Let me introduce you to my fiancee Princess Josephine of Austria!" The emperor took the woman who had just walked by and said, "This is my cousin, Prince Gigi William of East Prussia!"
"Hello, Prince’s Palace!"
"About … Princess Josephine?" Chen Tian is callous
"hey!" Linda poked him aside, and it was only yesterday that he realized that Princess Josephine had put her hand in her hand and quickly bent down and kissed the back of her hand.
After many twists and turns in heaven and hell, I suddenly feel that the whole person is going to collapse.
Linda gently took Chentian and introduced him to the Austrian nobles who greeted Chentian numbly but didn’t remember anyone.
"Linda, do you know? I also want to be with you too much … "Chen Tian suddenly stopped to look at Linda and said.
The hall is still very lively. Thomas and Ollie’s main direction turned into banquet food, while Chentian took Linda to the palace garden.
"The moon is as beautiful today as when I first saw you!" Chen Tian looked up at the sky.
"Yes! As beautiful as our Austrian moon! " Linda nodded her head.
"You know what? I’ve hardly thought about it for a month because I’m going to marry Mrs. Huang! " Chen Tian is very wronged.
"Why don’t you ask me? Princess Josephine is my cousin, but you didn’t see her at the banquet and hunting. She was ill at the banquet and didn’t go hunting afterwards. "
Linda suddenly stopped to look at Chentian.
"Why do you care so much about me? We seem to have seen both sides! "
"Let me recognize you at a glance because of the past life and this life!" Chen Tian looked at her eyes and her face gradually leaned over. Just about to do something good, Linda jumped with a smile.
"Remember to write to me when I get back!"
After the banquet, I had to call a carriage to take the two guys back.
Chapter 15 Set sail
Chen Tian lived in class and training quickly, and it was the end of the century in 199.
I graduated this year.
After graduation, Ollie entered the East Prussian Legion according to their wishes, while Thomas entered the information room of the General Staff, and most of the others entered the military service. One day, they chose to sail around the world for one and a half years.
Chen Tian will take special observers on the naval training ship "Little Medusa" for this voyage. They will leave Kiel Port, Germany, pass through Africa, Asia, Oceania and America, and finally return to Germany. They will stop at German colonies in Africa, Asia and Oceania for a certain period of time.
Chentian sailed on a summer morning.
After crossing the English Channel and making a short stop in Rees, Portugal, Chentian arrived in the first Africa of this voyage. At that time, German colonies in Africa included Tukoran, Cameroon, German Southwest Africa and German East Africa.
In the next two months, Chen Tian went to these major colonies to observe them separately. In his impression, Germany lost these colonies not long after World War I, and it seems that it is a dangerous place to defend, and it is far away from German soil, and it has been replenished by the Allied blockade law, and its industrial roots, France, Britain and France compete with its strength in Africa.
Chen Tian thinks it’s better to give up here for the time being after the explosion of World War I, just like history. If the European War can win, it can be easily taken back. In fact, Chen Tian doesn’t understand the history. The German armed forces in Africa have been fighting between Britain and France until the end of World War I, but the scale is not very large
In November 1999, the famous Boer War broke out just as the "Little Medusa" bypassed the Cape of Good Hope.
Historical Boers, former Dutch farmers, first colonized the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa, but in 114, all British immigrants flocked to Britain, and they brought their own laws and lifestyles, thus weakening the Boers. In 135, the Boers migrated to Peking University and established two republics-Oran Free State and Transvaal State. Later, gold and diamonds were found in this land, so adventurers and arrogant financiers flocked to intensify the British colonization in South Africa. The contradiction between the Republic of Guruge and Transvaal President Paul finally gave an ultimatum to Britain in October 1999. On the 11th, the Boer War exploded in O2 in 1999. After the initial defeat, the British army attacked the capital of the Boer Republic on February 16th, 1900, and took Mafujing, a major town in the north, a month later.
On May 31, 1900, Lord Roberts, commander-in-chief of the British army, entered Johnsburg, and occupied Pretoria, Transvaal on June 5. In September, Britain announced the annexation of Transvaal, but the Boer War did not end there. The fierce guerrilla warfare continued until the spring of 19o2.
After the Boer army withdrew from the city, it attacked the British army in guerrilla warfare and destroyed the communication lines. The British army was forced to send more troops to encircle and destroy the Boer guerrillas. scorched earth was burned and destroyed, and Boer civilians were put into the middle camp. At the same time, a large area of barbed wire was built to reduce the activities of the Boer guerrillas. The Boer suffered heavy losses and tens of thousands of people died in the camp. On May 31, 19o2, the two sides signed the Frinihin Peace Treaty. The Boer stopped resisting Britain’s annexation of Transvaal and Orange. Britain gave the Boer economic compensation and oppressed the black people together. After
Chen Tian didn’t take this opportunity to observe the war, but he knew that from this war, many countries abandoned the uniform infantry dense formation and borrowed from the British trench barbed wire tactics. Of course, many artillery made new experiences, but these are all old things for Chen Tian, and what he hopes most now is to usher in the dawn of the new century in China.
In December, 1999, "Little Medusa" arrived at the German naval base in Asia-Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao, Shandong, China.
Finally, Chentian returned to the "homeland" in this memory
When the ship’s rail pedal just reached the dock, he jumped over "China! I am back again! "
Close your eyes and breathe deeply! It’s really angry here …
"wow! It stinks! " Chen Tian opened his eyes and saw a big scooter delivering pigs passing in front of him! It’s too back!
Then he decided to go to the street and see what China was like 1oo years ago.
Walking in the bustling crowd, people seem to have become accustomed to the appearance of foreigners and have not shown any strange expressions. People still drag a long braid behind their heads, which looks almost the same as what they see. There is a large-scale reconstruction project on the roadside. Old China buildings are demolished and Western buildings are built one by one.
"alas!" Chen Tianzheng looked up at both sides of the room and accidentally knocked down a person next to him.
He looked down and turned out to be an old lady with little feet.
"oh! I’m sorry, old woman! " Chentian reached out and prepared her to get up.
"ah! This foreign hair can speak Chinese! " Passers-by stopped to talk.
"Ah … no, it’s not that I didn’t pay attention." The old lady helped her up in Chentian and quickly turned around and left.
It seems that China people here have a bad impression of Germans.
Chen Tian wants to know what the situation is here, but China people seem reluctant to take a reason. He probably can’t ask anything. He returns to the dock angrily.

"Could it be that your other souls are sealed somewhere in Xuanyuan?" Long Qingyue asked

Qin Flame slowly shook his head "I don’t know if it is possible" and paused. His eyes lit up. "I know there is another forbidden place in Xuanyuan world where people don’t set foot. Maybe there is my lost soul, but we can’t get in there."
"Is there a strong guardian?" Long Qingyue’s eyes flashed clean.
"It’s not the strong guardian, but there is a strange enchantment. Even the chief of the fathers can easily open it." Qin Flame frowned.
"Didn’t anyone go in for ten thousand years?"
"I have heard that the enchantment will be opened automatically every five hundred years, and then the heads of families will enter it. No one knows what to do inside." Qin Flame mused.
Long Qingyue’s eyes lit up. "How long is it before the forbidden area is opened?"
"It seems that … there is still one year."
"One year ….." Long Qingyue frowned again. A year later, her nine-yin spirit was about to explode. It seems that we have to think of other ways before that.
After staying in Xuanyuan for a few days, Long Qingyue gradually found out the terrain here. Except for the forbidden area, the whole Xuanyuan community was almost visited by her.
Although she is not very popular here, no one restricts her freedom and movement
1372 Chapter 1372 Restore memory (1)
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Unconsciously, Long Qingyue came to the valley not far from the forbidden area. In front of it stood a stone tablet with the word’ forbidden area’ written on it.
The trees in the valley are lush and fragrant, and I really don’t see anything special.
But the closer we get to the valley, the more familiar and uneasy we feel.
Long Qingyue looked at the forbidden valley and narrowed her eyes gently. Is this forbidden area also for her? Otherwise, she can feel it, too? Before in the city of death, Qin Flame felt his soul calling, but he didn’t have any special induction. Instead, here, both himself and Ah Yan felt this familiar and uneasy breath, which proved that this forbidden area also had information for her.
"Don’t be naive if you are pregnant with his child. You will become the hostess of Xuanyuan." A female cold and cruel voice sounded behind you.
Just listen to Long Qingyue and you will know who the bearer is. Turn around and look at the bearer walking behind him. His lips are bent. "I never thought of being the hostess of Xuanyuan. It’s not easy for you to be alive."
"Hum!" XuanYuanRe snow face cold when I think of being killed by Qin flame and destroying her soul, XuanYuanRe snow’s eyes are full of anger.
"One day he will white me! The last person who will accompany him will definitely be me! "
Long Qingyue smiled. I really don’t know how this woman got so confident. "If you come to tell me these words, I don’t have time to listen."
XuanYuanRe snow suddenly face became ferocious, raise my hand and hit Long Qingyue with a palm. Fierce palm force and surging spiritual force turned out to be the strength of Samsung kings!
Long Qingyue’s face changed suddenly, and his eyes showed horror. I didn’t expect Xuanyuan Rexue to be so high now! She is absolutely unable to hide from this palm!
Suddenly, a red shadow swept away rapidly and crashed, and all the palm forces of XuanYuanRe Snow’s palm disappeared instantly.
"Shen Ce, what do you mean?" Xuanyuanre snow looked up at the sudden appearance of Shen Ce’s eyes. If it weren’t for Shen Ce’s appearance, this woman would have died!
Shen Ce’s eyes are cold. "She can’t die."
"Can’t die? Ah ….. "Xuanyuan Rexue sneered" Even if you and she pay more, she will never have your position in her heart. "
"Then what are you doing? Even if you kill her, Qin Flame won’t love you. "Shen Ce despised.
"It seems that we are all the same poor people, why don’t we join hands?" XuanYuanRe snow seems to have not seen Long Qingyue present, and it seems to be a one-way discussion.
"I don’t like you such a vicious woman" Shen Ce eyes slightly heavy.
Xuanyuanre snow is not angry. "If you want to be the only master in Xuanyuan world without my help, it is very difficult. I will help you defeat Qin Flame, but you can’t hurt him and Long Qingyue belongs to you." Said the eyes and glanced at Long Qingyue faintly as if everything was under her control.
Long Qingyue’s eyes flashed with cold light.
"I said I don’t like you such a vicious woman," Shen Ce said coldly again.
XuanYuanRe snow face a change finally became cruel and terrible her reddish eyes "what you are willing to protect her? Since you don’t want to marry, she can go to hell! "
1373 Chapter 1373 Restore memory (2)
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At this moment, XuanYuanRe snow body erupts with terrible momentum, which is like an ancient wild beast waking up from a deep sleep.
This terrible momentum is Shen Ce’s color change! His face suddenly became dignified and he stretched out his hand and pulled Long Qingyue to protect her behind him.
Xuanyuanre snow has become crazy and almost lost his mind.
Long Qingyue micro leng looked up to stand in front of his slender slightly thin red figure some unclear feeling in my heart.
For a moment, Shen Ce has been right. Xuanyuanre Snow attacked the road, and the spiritual force bloomed beautifully in it, but it was enough to destroy this piece of heaven and earth.
Shen Ce fingers into claws mercilessly grasp to XuanYuanRe snow abdomen to hole, but his fingers are penetrated XuanYuanRe snow body from her body in the past.
What’s going on here? Is Xuanyuan Ruoxue’s body illusory? In Shen Ce startled XuanYuanRe snow grinning with a clap to Shen Ce’s chest.
Shen Ce’s body flew upside down and slammed into the ground and suddenly spit out one mouthful blood.
"Shen Ce, how are you?" Long Qingyue ran to him.
Shen Ce looked up and squeezed out a little smile after seeing the concern in the female eyes. "So you will worry about me …"
Long Qingyue silenced her heart. He was hurt not because of love but because of himself.
She looked up and looked at the approaching ferocious XuanYuanRe snow eyebrows can’t help but wrinkle gently. Just now, she saw Shen Ce’s grasping at XuanYuanRe snow’s lower abdomen, but strangely penetrated the past, which means XuanYuanRe snow’s body is not entity!
Isn’t she reborn?
"Long Qingyue you shouldn’t have come here! Because no one can save you! Even if I kill your patriarchs and elders here, I won’t blame me! " Xuanyuanre snow grimaced with white sleeves, and the palm of your hand slowly lifted the crimson spirit force and roared out in her palm.
Long Qingyue’s heart was frightened to make no response, and then it was lifted out. The light green figure crossed an arc in the middle and fell into the forbidden area of the valley and disappeared instantly.
XuanYuanRe snow face big change, but with what I think of, I suddenly feel relieved, and my lips evoke a sneer. Long Qingyue slapped herself in the palm and died. Even if she dies, she will be killed by the enchantment force if she touches the forbidden area!
"Moon!" Shen Ce frightened hurriedly got up and ran directly to the forbidden area in the valley.
Xuanyuanre Snow’s face keeps changing. Shen Ce, a fool, actually ruined a woman’s future and rushed into the forbidden area. It’s reckless! Finally cold hum a left here.
Long Qingyue felt so painful in her chest that she almost fainted after hitting the palm of her hand that she didn’t even have the strength to open her eyes, but her thinking remained a little awake. She didn’t know where she was at the moment, and she knew that her body was falling, and she didn’t know how long it had been falling. Finally, she slammed into a hard rock wall and fainted.
It was a long time before Long Qingyue woke up slowly and opened his eyes to see that the surrounding rock wall was shining with a faint light, and he could barely see the surrounding situation as if it were a cave.
Then Long Qingyue’s eyes narrowed gently, remembering that he was hit by XuanYuanRe snow and fell into the forbidden area of the valley … Didn’t I hear that there were people in the forbidden area who couldn’t even fight the barrier?
Then how did you get in?
1374 Chapter 1374 Restore memory (3)
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"Are you awake?" Suddenly an old ethereal sound sounded in the darkness, illusory and ghostly.
Long Qingyue was surprised. Is there someone here? Looking up, I saw a shadow of an old man suspended in front of me.

Kyle sleeps in the middle of two people with a small head and a fleshy little hand grasping Jiang Xuanxuan’s shoulder strap and grasping it tightly.

Breathing smoothly, Gu Chen often sleeps for a while and opens his eyes to see this picture, and then pulls Jiang Xuanxuan and the child, and then touches the child’s forehead to confirm and continue to sleep.
Stealing for half a day is probably such a moment, right?
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-Recommended Qingyin Suiqin "It’s too barbaric for a rich man to take love from her husband"
Mu Xiaoyan is a notorious woman in G city who fell in love with her best friend and then robbed her aunt and fiance. She shook her head and sighed.
Mo Shaochen reached out to "shut up after me" when she helped.
"Mo Shaochen why should I choose you?"
The man looked down at her with a commanding look. "I don’t like to hear you shout uncle."
Section 493
Mu Xiaoyan "…"
Because this man doesn’t like Mu Xiaoyan and Mo Shaochen lying together every night.
After the original marriage, they were indifferent couples, each with his own needs.
I didn’t expect this man to be such an animal that he had to live as a husband and wife every night.
22, sugar sugar coax children (now there are two more)
After a quiet afternoon in the evening, the ward became lively again.
It’s not the excitement that makes people feel bad!
After a night’s sleep, Kyle came to the ward again. He was busy as a bee. Gu Chen went back and forth to take care of the tea and water beside him. He was busy taking temperature regularly, sorting out the child’s vomit and feeding medicine.
In particular, it is particularly difficult to feed drugs.
No child likes taking medicine, especially when a sick child comes, his temper is hard to resist.
The medicine was knocked over several times, or I vomited and cried after eating it. I grabbed Jiang Xuanxuan as an umbrella, and at the same time I especially resisted Gu Chen’s naughty child, which made people feel bad.
Jiang Xuanxuan has stopped crying. She is like a qualified mother, accompanying and coaxing the child to feel safe, but she just doesn’t lose her temper.
It is Gu Chen who has a temper in front of him.
He stared at the child and almost threw something to scare him, but sometimes it’s hard to say that Kyle is so pitiful.
"Stop it, little guy, and take the medicine well, okay?" Gu Chen is also rare to talk to the little guy with a good temper.
But no one slapped him with the pills and then tilted his head. "Wow-"cried Jiang Xuanxuan’s shoulder.
Gu Chen was so angry that his face turned green that he couldn’t help but say that his voice was loud. "Do you still want it if you don’t take medicine?"
"Wow-"He shouted that Kyle would cry even more to refute that Jiang Xuanxuan’s back was going to be against Gu Chen.
The child who has a high fever doesn’t cry so much, but he cries even more when he is fed medicine and bathed.
The doctor didn’t feed much medicine.
Gu Chen had a heavy sense of frustration. He was depressed and his face was extremely ugly. At that time, he really hated Liu Bucheng, the culprit, and he couldn’t wait to cut him to pieces.
However, he doesn’t have much energy to take care of Liu Bucheng. Now Kyle’s business has become the biggest. He is too busy to even answer the words.
"Dad brought candy to the baby. Did the baby see it?" Jiang Xuanxuan coaxed her to do everything she could. "Look, dad said that if you want the baby to eat the pills, you will have sugar to eat. Baby, do you want sugar?"
Never take candy to coax children. This moment is still the case.
Jiang Xuanxuan is very nai, but there is something she can do, but when she makes this move, she has done a lot for the children.
Is almost her voice just stopped crying and hugged her Nuo Nuo soft way "to …"
"If you want candy, you have to listen to your father and take your medicine well. Dad said I’ll give you a candy after eating, right, dad?" Jiang Xuanxuan coaxed the children to cooperate with Gu Chen
Gu Chen also quickly cooperated with her to nod, saying, "I’ll give you sugar after eating, and the man will never lie if he keeps his word."
After listening to Kyle, he opened his mouth and cried for a while without tears. "Don’t take pills-wow-don’t-"
The little guy cried without tears, and no one knew at a glance that he was fooling around, deliberately trying to make candy to escape pills.
All children have the same mind and eyes. Can adults still understand his routine when they see through Jiang Xuanxuan?
She patted the child on the back and continued to seduce him. "You see, Dad is going to get candy. Dad is going now. Does the baby want to eat it?"
"Wow-"roared Kyle and nodded to express his special desire to eat.

"Oh, there’s nothing to talk about." Yin Mo suddenly stopped. Li Re cherished his idea and obediently drove the car. Yin Mo turned black and suddenly hit the door.

"Who told you to roll for me?"
"My shoelaces" Li Rexi squatted down and then squatted there like a fool. It took a long time to get up.
Yin Mo’s patience was gradually exhausted in her deliberate act of pretending to be a snail.
Suddenly, he took Li Re’s wrist, lost her rear seat, and then slammed the door to start the engine and roared off.
"What are you doing?" Li Re precious little sat up and stared at Yin Mo angrily. He didn’t answer for a long time. Li Re precious little simply bit him on the shoulder and retaliated.
"Don’t touch here is the highway" Yin ink eats pain, wrinkles eyebrows, slender fingertips and slightly tightens the steering wheel.
Li Re precious little scolded by him some injustice darling retracted his head.
"Do you want to die?"
Yin Mo’s high-speed sound is freezing cold.
"If you want to die, roll your car when you get to the highway, and I don’t want you to leave those dirty saliva on my clothes. I hope you can wash this shirt when you get back."
"I’m your wife, not your slave. If you want me to do laundry, please ask me."
Li Rexi is not afraid to die there. Anyway, even if he really asks, it’s not the same as before. Whether it’s laundry or cooking, Zhang Ma is doing it.
Even if Zhang Ma takes a break once in a while, it’s also a matter of sending dirty clothes to the laundry. It doesn’t matter to her at all.
Yin Mo frowned and casually pulled his shirt out of the window to show his lean body.
"Then throw it away."
V Chapter two hundred and fifty-four Being teased
"You, you, you, you, you unexpectedly"
Li Re precious little wiping nosebleeds while pointing at him as if he saw an animal in front of his eyes. Bah, she took back the previous sentence and felt that this ink is more fair now. That’s being mean.
But don’t say that Yin Mo’s bust line is pretty good.
He has a beautiful figure, slender arms and narrow waist muscles, but he looks very safe.
Li Ruoxi beats his chest and feet.
There used to be such a beautiful six-pack ABS in front of her eyes, and she didn’t know how to cherish every time she made love, but she knew how to climb her shoulders.
Well, if she can have another chance, she will definitely have a good time this time.
"Yin Mo, will you just leave your clothes on the road? It won’t cause traffic accidents, for example, if your clothes are caught in the wheel?"
The more she said, the smaller Yin Mo didn’t see that she was going to park her car in the yard garage and slowly "go back to the house"
Li Re precious little hemp slipped out of the car. She looked at Yin Mo’s side face for a long time and suddenly frowned.
There is a deep scar on the left side of that strong arm.
Did you stay after the accident?
She felt a pain in her heart, and when she recovered, her fingertips had gently touched the uneven scar of the skin, adding a masculinity to this strong arm.
This is what he left and what she left.
Lip suddenly flush a little bit bitter Li Re precious little eyes hanging down the original heartache is so bitter.
She stretched out her hand and hugged him fiercely, and her red lip bit her charming body tightly, trembling.
She and he love him and pity her for leaving this scar.
"What?" Yin Mo turned around and picked up her eyes and stared at her. "What are you doing? You want me to hug you."
I know that what he said is not literal, but Li Rexi still nods with tears in her eyes.
"hug me"
She took the initiative to stand on tiptoe and offer her kiss. Yin Mo didn’t refuse, but she didn’t move her thin lips and kissed herself.
No acceptance, no rejection, and no initiative.
"You" Li Re pity surprised admitted his lip trembling "you what"
"What what" Yin ink rest looked at her.
Li Re precious little shook his head and believed that he didn’t accept his kiss and his long hands were pressed on her shoulder at will.
Even gentleness to lovers is gone.
"What are you trying to say?" Yin Mo leaned over and pinched her hand slightly, slowly trying to crush her.
My thin lips smile like a demon. Li Re cherishes her blushing face and holds her hands tightly.
He asked her to say it herself.
"You’re hurting me." Li Re precious little earned his head and ran into the house without looking back. The elegant pace of Yin Mo followed her face like a panther playing with its prey.
I tried to push the door but found that I didn’t have my key. Li Re was embarrassed. She took a step back every step she took.
"So afraid of me," he said slowly. "What do you mean by that just move?"
Li Re precious little red in the face he know perfectly well past ask
I have never longed for him as much as I did just now, except that I offered to kiss her at the airport, but Yin Mo is now playing with her like a hunter and doing nothing.
Yin ink slowly leaned over his thin lips and brushed her ear. Li Re cherished a fierce meal, and his fingertips trembled against his chest. The delicate and warm touch made her feel a shock and her legs went soft involuntarily.
"Move a little" Yin Mo’s evil spirit evoked lips and deliberately said "You are blocking the door"
Li Rexi felt embarrassed as never before.
She bowed her head and took two steps to the side. Her feet staggered and bumped into the side door frame. Li Re cherished covering her shoulders and eating pain, only to find that Yin Mo had entered the room.
The sense of loss gave her a cold shower. Li Rexi hobbled in. She stood at the door and her eyes were red.
"that’s too much."
Red lips trembled and spit out these three words. She felt that her self-esteem was almost humble to the soil, but he still lacked leisure and watched her take the initiative to post it like watching a play.

So Ali’s mother-in-law gave herself a pill and then took Xiaowu and only four guards directly to the scenic area.

Nanyichen and early summer decided to get to the scenic zone after determining that Nanwentao’s forces had been completely driven out of Moer City, but …
"Emperor, I think it’s possible to go to the scenic area for a while?" Looking at the two warships in early summer, I suddenly felt a little tempted. It was all wet, but I didn’t test the effect. It was a bit inappropriate to go back like this.
"Queen, what do you want?" Nanyichen knew that something was going to happen in early summer, but he was not disgusted at all, but he was looking forward to it
"There are many islands in the sea near us, but they are all controlled by Japan. Now, shall we collect a wave in the past?" I’m very excited in early summer, but I suddenly feel a little sorry for Song Laoer. If this is a toss-up, they will definitely miss his marriage with Sun Xiuxiu.
But it must be more important to expand the territory than to attend the wedding.
And once those islands are collected, people can be stationed there, and it will be twice as difficult for pirates from any country to harass Nantang at will.
She has seen the map of this era, although it is not too detailed, but she can see that the shape is similar to that of later generations. So can she collect the places like Bay Island?
South escape minister looked at early summer eyes light nodded without hesitation.
Next to Nan Wenxuan, there is a black line. He is very glad that the seven emperors’ aunts are not a bad person. Otherwise, the seven emperors’ aunts must have been ruined by her for this daughter-in-law.
When Sun Qianer heard that she was going out to sea in early summer, she envied whether "Empress can’t wait until I unload the goods, and I can go with her …"
Early summer …
I didn’t expect this weak little girl to go to sea with her.
"Don’t worry, this time we used to scout first, and there will be opportunities to take you out to sea in the future. After all, there are many islands in the sea, right? It’s the main thing for you to have a healthy and beautiful doll in the future. "
Sun Qianer nodded "OK"
In the early summer, I suddenly thought of something and looked at Nan Wenxuan. "You’d better check the pharmacy that used to treat the princess, including that doctor Gu."
"Don’t worry, I have sent someone to check" Nan Wenxuan nodded.
If the emperor hadn’t followed him this time, he wouldn’t even dare to think about it. If that Ali mother-in-law approached his wife, he wouldn’t even dare to think about the result. There must be something wrong with that doctor Gu.
In early summer, I won’t say anything anymore, but I have posted two operator papers for the whole Wangfu, which is reassuring.
In this way, most people don’t know the situation, and now they have to leave quietly without knowing it.
Just after leaving the waters near Moer City, another warship stayed in Fuqing County, and then turned its bow towards the deep sea.
In the water, that’s the little turtle and the little green. Oh, my God.
So in early summer, I threw the little green into the water, and that guy instantly recovered his excitement. He turned around the warship twice and got a claw from the little turtle, and then he honestly said in front.
The little turtle jumped to the little green head to command, and once he met the undercurrent class on the reef, he woke up directly and could easily avoid it after the early summer.
Naturally, the boatmen also saw it and found that it seemed to be the dragon before. How could it follow their boat? But when I saw the Queen’s pet turtle squatting on the other side’s head, it was all calm.
After sailing for a day and a night, I vaguely saw a large island in front of me. When it got brighter, I found that there seemed to be several islands in the distance.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-five Island
However, judging from their sailing speed and time, the distance between the island and the mainland … is also true to judge whether it is a bay island or not.
As far as their sailing speed and time are concerned, this place is definitely not Japan, but it still belongs to the waters of Nantang, but I just don’t know if there are any residents here, so let’s occupy it first.
Little Green and Little Turtle took the lead in the road ahead, but before the news came.
Let the boat stop in early summer.
Soon the sea around the island became rough, and then I saw many fish jumping out of the water, and even I could see groups of fish and shrimp swimming out quickly
What happened?
The ship’s soldiers all stare big eyes.
Soon the little turtle came and the news came, but he went straight over and landed. Little Green had destroyed the reef that could touch the ship and fell into the bottom of the sea.

Luo Yang rushed to Jiang Ma’s grievance. "Just now, my building was brought to Jiang Rufei, and Jiang Zhiyuan went to the room to bring the child back. Xi Xi chased it out and he pulled it inside."

Jiang Ma heart to appreciate unknowingly calm "oh? Really? "
Jiang Ma knocked on two doors: "Jiang Zhiyuan, come out. I have something to talk to you."
Jiang Zhiyuan was very obedient and knocked on the door. Before Jiang Ma could speak, Jiang Zhiyuan said, "Mom, I know what to do. Go to rest."
Luo Yang exposed his head and stared at Jiang Zhiyuan. Jiang Zhiyuan smiled at Luo Yang. "My brother has never slept on the sofa since he was so big. My brother dedicated it to you for the first time."
Luoyang was shocked.
Jiang Ma knows what his temper is and what he has done. Give Yunci peace of mind and deliberately say, "Dare to bully me and see if I can spare you!"
Section 316
Jiang Zhiyuan ha ha watched Jiang Ma and Luoyang leave the door.
Being outside the door, the two men smiled at each other and walked away from Jiang Zhi’s distant room.
"Rest assured that the second child is reliable!"
Jiang Ma nodded to Luoyang Road Luoyang. "Well, I’m just worried about him."
Jiang Ma still holding up the sound "have nothing to be afraid of! Nothing can’t eat people. "
Luo Yang Xiao Xiao has reached the door of the house. "It will be better when you get along with people for a long time."
Jiang Ma agrees to continue walking upstairs. "Go to bed early and have a good night."
Luoyang stopped at the door and said "good night, mom" to Jiang Ma.
Then Jiang Ma heard a scream from Luoyang behind her, followed by the door being forced to beat, and something slammed into the door …
Building, living room, sofa, a thin bed, lying there alone, nobody cares
Jiang Ma went back to her room contentedly and told Jiang Dad about our great achievements.
In Jiang Zhiyuan’s room, Yunci Xi did nothing with her child in her arms at the door.
Jiang Zhiyuan asked her, "Do you want me to take you back?"
Yun Cixi was in a hurry when she came out of the bathroom. She was wearing loose pajamas given to her by Luoyang. Her clothes are still in the other room, and now her hair is dripping with water.
"Can you not rob me of children?"
Yun Ci Xi Hong eyes ask expression Jiang Zhiyuan in her mind, this man should be uncompromising. If he promises her things, he will do what he can’t do, and he won’t promise.
But he didn’t lie to her, and she was too worried about losing her child.
Jiang Zhiyuan leaned forward and walked away. "I didn’t want to rob children with you."
Yun Ci Xi walked into the room. Jiang Zhiyuan lifted his back to the cloud and said, "I won’t bully you. Don’t give me this look after you don’t like to see your red eyes."
Cloud words, pupil spread, heart concussion
And then low’ oh’
She is a worried child who is strange to Jiang Zhiyuan.
"You can sleep in the bed."
Without further ado, Jiang Zhiyuan took a bed and was taken to the sofa.
I have to say that Jiang Zhiyuan and Jiang Rufei are still very similar in some places.
Jiang Zhao is such an asshole!
And let him eat his own bitter fruit.
What goes around comes around. We all have our own lives.
When Luoyang got up the next day, Yunci Xi was already eating in the restaurant with her baby in her arms.
Cloud words Xi saw eye Luo Yang eyes some dodge.
She is a bit awkward, wearing clothes that Jiang Zhiyuan prepared for her.
I didn’t know her size correctly. Jiang Zhiyuan asked the female secretary to bring a set of clothes of all sizes early in the morning and choose casual ladies’ clothes with average size.
At the age of 20, I can control the decoration, and I am thin. My figure is not as good as that of the model, but it is not bad!
Yun Cixi can’t be careless and accept everything that Jiang’s family gave her. Her clothes are still lying in Luoyang bathroom, and she feels embarrassed.
When she came to take a shower yesterday, she thought about cleaning up afterwards. Didn’t she come to clean up after a little accident?
Today, Jiang Zhiyuan got up early because of Yunci Xi and was having breakfast with Yunci Xi. He saw Luoyang say’ Sister-in-law Zao’ and continue to eat.
Last night, Jiang Rufei’ punished’ her. She was a little fierce and a little late. Luo Yang drank porridge and looked at the child next to Yun Cixi. "I haven’t asked his name yet. I haven’t played with him yet."
Yun Ci Xi hasn’t spoken yet. A bowl of porridge in Luoyang has bottomed out. "I’m going to talk to you after work."
"Mom, I’m leaving!"
Luoyang greeted Jiang Ma, the invisible man, with his car keys and bag.
Yunci was surprised by Luoyang’s lifestyle. Her rich wives should be dignified and unsmiling.
Jiang Zhiyuan suddenly said, "My mother likes my sister-in-law very much." Seeing that Yunci Xi was still stunned, Jiang Zhiyuan said, "Our family doesn’t have that many rules."
Yun Cixi’s face turned red. When he got up early, Jiang Zhiyuan told her to go through the formalities with the monitor and then register with him for the child.
She is willing to accept his child just because of his biological father. The problem is …
No, all men are Gu Jinze.
Neither of them has an emotional foundation. What’s worse, Jiang Zhiyuan himself said that he was dying because of an accident two years ago. Only people around him would …
Yunci Xi said that she would think about it for a few days, and she dared not make a decision easily.
Not everyone can be so lucky to meet their destiny! Yuncixi has never been so lucky, and she dare not expect it.
Section 317
Jiang Zhiyuan probably told her the story of Jiang Rufei and Luoyang, and Jiang Zhao and Mu Yuesheng. She felt that things were so far away from her and now they are so close.
Jiang Zhiyuan said that feelings don’t necessarily need two of a kind to look at Luoyang and Jiang Rufei.
Love sees people for a long time.
In order not to let Yunci Xi feel insecure, Jiang Zhiyuan didn’t ask her what to do when she went to work today except to send her back.
Although he knew that the child would be taken care of by an experienced old aunt.
Others have been protecting them in the dark.
In the afternoon, Luoyang class asked Jiang Zhiyuan, "Where are you?"
Jiang Zhiyuan shrugged and "went home"
Luoyang was surprised. "You didn’t keep people!"
Jiang Rufei followed Jiang Zhiyuan with a wry smile. "Not everyone is Gu Jinze."
Luoyang didn’t understand what Gu Jin did, but Jiang Zhiyuan let Yunci Xi go and she didn’t get a baby to watch!

Chapter three hundred and ninety Scandal

It was early the next day when Xia Lu woke up from her sleep.
If you come, it must be a twin room. She glanced at the bed next door and it was already alone.
She closed her eyes and thought that they had ordered a lot on the lawn together last night. It was almost midnight when all the fairy wand in fairy wand burned out.
After returning to the hotel, To Hoai Whale knew that Shen Mu and them had left the resort, and they were not stupid enough to be trusted by lawyers.
"I’ll go to the other room. You go to bed early," To Hoai whale said to her.
I don’t know what I’m avoiding, but I always feel confused.
Can’t say for sure.
"No, it’s not lying in a bed, it’s not sleeping without sleeping, and there are not a few hours left." Xia Lu is not unreasonable
Let him go to his room again in the middle of the night
I’m leaving long ago. It’s not such a toss-up to have money.
Really let him lie down. To Hoai whale is really flattered. "Really?"
"Fake love to sleep or not" Xia Lu got into the hole and was deliberately turned away from looking at the direction of To Hoai whale.
To Hoai whale immediately jumped out of bed. "Of course we sleep. We are all diligent and frugal children."
Does Xia Lu feel condescending, thrifty and close to him?
She secretly smiled.
He looked at her and smiled when she was asleep.
I have never felt that treating a girl so seriously would be so satisfying. Xia Lu filled his heart.
This beauty lasted all night.
In the middle of the night, I don’t know if the bed is too small. She kicked the whole thing to the ground. The To Hoai whale got up and covered it for her, and then went back to his bed to sleep.
Xia Lu stretched herself out of bed and walked from the bedroom to the living room. I didn’t see the To Hoai whale figure. Where did this go?
I didn’t find anyone else. Xia Lu washed herself and went out of the room to have breakfast at the resort.
Her cell phone rang.
"Sister-in-law, I went back to the city in advance, so you went back by yourself."
To Hoai Whale sent her a WeChat.
It turned out that he sneaked away.
Why is this so like a little wife, Aiba, always sneaking around for a night and then running away? Finally, it turned into a story of running with the ball, and Xu Jinyan acted it.
How did this man and woman turn their heads when they came here?
No, nothing happened to them. It was just her brain.
"I’ll go back by myself." Xia Lu snorted for two times yesterday, but he was sincere. Today, even the man who waited for her patience has no man. That’s the stuff.
She took a bite of bread and ate it like chewing wax.
Walking out of the resort restaurant, there is already a person at the door.
"Hello, Miss Xia, do you remember me?"
Xia Lu certainly remembered it once and misunderstood that he was his fiance. To Hoai whale driver is old
"Uncle Cheng"
"Miss Xia has a good memory. I remember when I saw her once. Su Shao asked me to come from home and give your car back." Old age said.
He left by himself, but it wasn’t particularly bad to let the driver come.
"Trouble into uncle" Xia Lu moment here Panshan highway is really bad. Although she has been driving for a long time, it is only limited to the urban area, and even the expressway is not so good
"Should" age smile "Miss Xia take your time and I’ll wait for you in the parking garage"
"Ok, I’m almost done. I’ll just check out." Xia Lu didn’t bring anything. Just go now and return a room card.
And Xia Lu, a rich young master like To Hoai whale, has long expected that he has already paid the house.
If someone else were showing off, she might sigh-but To Hoai whales and summer deer are used to it.
The mature car is very stable, and I am familiar with it since I have already picked it up.
"Miss Xia is not alert to age today?" Age jokingly asked
She thought of her own indiscretion that she recognized age as her fiance. "Uncle Cheng, are you making fun of me?"
"I dare not say that our family Sue will kill me less." Age is not young when he speaks humorously, but I didn’t see him in Sue’s home the year before last. He should be a driver in the company.
"He won’t."
"Then you’re right. I gave Su Zong the car before, and then I gave Su Shao the car. Their father and son are completely different in nature, but they are all very easy to get along with."
Xia Lu and Su Tongyun used to spoil their wives. Can they be difficult to get along with? Is it easy to get along with Su Huai Whale? It’s not tiring to get along with him less.
What fun can you hear praising her to him in other people’s mouths?
"Uncle Cheng, you may not know that the To Hoai whale is my dry brother, but you misunderstood." Xia Lu cleared his voice, and the brother and sister were set to stabilize.
Old age frowned slightly embarrassed. "Then I really misunderstood!"
Do young people still play this game now?
Brother and sister came to the hot spring to spend the night together. Who believed it?
Xia Lu’s sense of self-success rose, and suddenly her mobile phone rang. Xia Lu hit the QQ group, and it turned out that the high school group was scampering again.
She didn’t want to see it, but the center of the topic was actually her.
Xiao Fang, do you still remember the post that broke the news in our former school? bar owners clarified that he was jealous of Xia Lu at that time. In fact, the limousine and elders of Xia Lu were all Xia Lu’s father and heterosexual brother. His father was a soldier and even a brother.
The literary and art Committee members watched the hot search today. Before that, we always read C Pictorial periodicals. MU, a painter, was suspected of plagiarism. I even collected his periodicals in high school.
Wang Shuai, who let you have eyes when you were young?
Who hasn’t been a literary and art committee member when he was young?
I also watched the hot search in Xiao Fang, and I also got involved in other people’s marriages, alongside rich women and widows. The children were all taken out of the rich family and directly taken away to do DNA.
It’s really miserable that the literary and art Committee members’ past events have been revealed.
Xia Lu eyes from the screen immediately hit Weibo a little hot search.

Niu Tai-yi doesn’t know this truth. Only when Antinghou wins will he be alive.

"It’s the imperial concubine empress. Please rest assured that I will bring your words to you even if I don’t want to die."
Cow cure too much with limp legs step by step to the door.
A flash of sword light flashed through Niu Cure too much, clutching his shoulder and screaming "Ah".
There was bright red blood between his fingers, and his shoulder was hurt.
Half autumn stared at him coldly. "Being a doctor but doing eunuch work is not as good as I help you. You are a eunuch and watch your imperial concubine day and night."
Her eyes fell on his bust.
Cow cure too much body shaking nervous toward the back several steps "don’t mess around, don’t"
His voice trembled out of shape and he was scared.
Mid-autumn really looks down on these hypocrites, but they have to pretend to be a big public-private struggle.
"Don’t be a eunuch? Still don’t listen to the imperial concubine? "
She’s staring at the cow. It’s very helpful. If you dare to go out, I’ll chop you up and feed the fish.
Doctor Niu is timid and afraid of things, and his body keeps shaking. "I’m not leaving. I don’t listen to the imperial concubine."
You have to have a life to enjoy the splendor.
He silently back to the Liu Guifei look very complicated.
Mid-autumn is very satisfied with his inside story. "My master is not a vegetarian, and countless people have fallen into her hands. If you don’t mind losing your family, just go against her."
Doctor Niu shook his head desperately and cold sweat came. "Dare?"
Liu Guifei was so angry when she saw all this that her chest almost exploded. "I’m not giving birth."
This is threatening the lives of both mothers for half an autumn.
But will Banqiu care about her life?
"Then don’t give birth. Let the midwives rest until dawn."
In fact, she doesn’t want Liu Guifei to have children at all.
She doesn’t sympathize with Liu Guifei, but she feels sorry for the koo child.
From birth, it is doomed that the father does not love the mother, and that both heaven and man despise the object.
Liu Guifei was very angry when she hoped to fall. "What on earth is Mu Jiyue doing? Isn’t she afraid of retribution if she doesn’t care about her family? "
Half autumn can’t understand her logical taiji.
"My young lady is not afraid of this. Besides, it’s your fault that you killed the child and your sin. What does it have to do with my young lady?"
Liu Guifei paused. "You …"
She’s so tired of her. "You won’t be able to have a baby, will you?" I don’t know how many children died in this palace and how many people died. "
Liu Guifei’s face changed greatly. "What do you mean?"
Mid-autumn is very disdainful. "I want to say that you don’t even love your own children and expect others to love you? Wishful thinking "
If you were in your own house, you would never do this.
The difference between people is too big.
"You hate …" Liu Guifei gave birth to a strength and a pain when she was angry. "Ah!"
"It’s almost time to see your feet …" The midwife was first surprised and then frightened. "It’s hard to give birth."
Their faces are white. Is it God’s will that the cow is too sick and the sky is spinning in front of them?
Outsiders soon learned the news, and everyone looked different, with gloating and rejoicing, but no pity.
People have no pity for that little life, but they dislike it.
I can’t help it. Who let him be here?