"Do you think the future toffee will be beautiful?" Thomas still refuses to scratch.

In the crazy days …
Suddenly he felt that Thomas and Ollie had shut up, and the two guys looked straight behind him.
"What are you looking at?" Chen Tian asked
"Shh … there’s a beautiful woman coming!"
"Beauty?" Chen Tian turned his head a look.
"Hello, Prince Pavilion!"
"Linda …" Chen Tian’s mouth was wide open.
"I saw someone wearing a student army here. I don’t think anyone except you would come to such a grand dinner dressed like this. It was you! Hehe! " Linda looked back at Chen Tianchen’s silence.
"There was another time when you didn’t want to run away!" Linda blinked and asked, so cute that Chentian was heartbroken.
That’s how girls feel when they don’t know each other. When they get to know you, they will show their true colors.
"Er … congratulations!" Chen Tian said softly with his head down
"Our two countries should be happy about this, shouldn’t they?" Linda noticed that the two guys behind Chentian kept their eyes on themselves. "Why don’t you introduce a friend of yours?"
"oh! Fat is called Ollie and thin is called Thomas, my best friend … er, good friend! "
"It’s an honor to meet you!"
"So do we!"
"Huang Tai, he is not bad!" Chen Tian remembered today and asked with his head down. He didn’t dare to look at Linda just now.
"I think your emperor is not bad! He’s handsome and funny, and I heard he did very well in the army! "
"That’s good!"
"He’s over there. Let’s go!" Linda pulled up Chentian and walked towards the crowd.
Enemies are particularly jealous when they meet!
Chen Tian looked at Huang Tai but had to smile. He felt that his smile must be ugly.
"Cousin, congratulations!" Holding the emperor’s hand, Chen Tian said despondently
"Gigi! It’s you! I almost didn’t recognize you! " But Mrs Huang came with a bear hug.
"Let me introduce you to my fiancee Princess Josephine of Austria!" The emperor took the woman who had just walked by and said, "This is my cousin, Prince Gigi William of East Prussia!"
"Hello, Prince’s Palace!"
"About … Princess Josephine?" Chen Tian is callous
"hey!" Linda poked him aside, and it was only yesterday that he realized that Princess Josephine had put her hand in her hand and quickly bent down and kissed the back of her hand.
After many twists and turns in heaven and hell, I suddenly feel that the whole person is going to collapse.
Linda gently took Chentian and introduced him to the Austrian nobles who greeted Chentian numbly but didn’t remember anyone.
"Linda, do you know? I also want to be with you too much … "Chen Tian suddenly stopped to look at Linda and said.
The hall is still very lively. Thomas and Ollie’s main direction turned into banquet food, while Chentian took Linda to the palace garden.
"The moon is as beautiful today as when I first saw you!" Chen Tian looked up at the sky.
"Yes! As beautiful as our Austrian moon! " Linda nodded her head.
"You know what? I’ve hardly thought about it for a month because I’m going to marry Mrs. Huang! " Chen Tian is very wronged.
"Why don’t you ask me? Princess Josephine is my cousin, but you didn’t see her at the banquet and hunting. She was ill at the banquet and didn’t go hunting afterwards. "
Linda suddenly stopped to look at Chentian.
"Why do you care so much about me? We seem to have seen both sides! "
"Let me recognize you at a glance because of the past life and this life!" Chen Tian looked at her eyes and her face gradually leaned over. Just about to do something good, Linda jumped with a smile.
"Remember to write to me when I get back!"
After the banquet, I had to call a carriage to take the two guys back.
Chapter 15 Set sail
Chen Tian lived in class and training quickly, and it was the end of the century in 199.
I graduated this year.
After graduation, Ollie entered the East Prussian Legion according to their wishes, while Thomas entered the information room of the General Staff, and most of the others entered the military service. One day, they chose to sail around the world for one and a half years.
Chen Tian will take special observers on the naval training ship "Little Medusa" for this voyage. They will leave Kiel Port, Germany, pass through Africa, Asia, Oceania and America, and finally return to Germany. They will stop at German colonies in Africa, Asia and Oceania for a certain period of time.
Chentian sailed on a summer morning.
After crossing the English Channel and making a short stop in Rees, Portugal, Chentian arrived in the first Africa of this voyage. At that time, German colonies in Africa included Tukoran, Cameroon, German Southwest Africa and German East Africa.
In the next two months, Chen Tian went to these major colonies to observe them separately. In his impression, Germany lost these colonies not long after World War I, and it seems that it is a dangerous place to defend, and it is far away from German soil, and it has been replenished by the Allied blockade law, and its industrial roots, France, Britain and France compete with its strength in Africa.
Chen Tian thinks it’s better to give up here for the time being after the explosion of World War I, just like history. If the European War can win, it can be easily taken back. In fact, Chen Tian doesn’t understand the history. The German armed forces in Africa have been fighting between Britain and France until the end of World War I, but the scale is not very large
In November 1999, the famous Boer War broke out just as the "Little Medusa" bypassed the Cape of Good Hope.
Historical Boers, former Dutch farmers, first colonized the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa, but in 114, all British immigrants flocked to Britain, and they brought their own laws and lifestyles, thus weakening the Boers. In 135, the Boers migrated to Peking University and established two republics-Oran Free State and Transvaal State. Later, gold and diamonds were found in this land, so adventurers and arrogant financiers flocked to intensify the British colonization in South Africa. The contradiction between the Republic of Guruge and Transvaal President Paul finally gave an ultimatum to Britain in October 1999. On the 11th, the Boer War exploded in O2 in 1999. After the initial defeat, the British army attacked the capital of the Boer Republic on February 16th, 1900, and took Mafujing, a major town in the north, a month later.
On May 31, 1900, Lord Roberts, commander-in-chief of the British army, entered Johnsburg, and occupied Pretoria, Transvaal on June 5. In September, Britain announced the annexation of Transvaal, but the Boer War did not end there. The fierce guerrilla warfare continued until the spring of 19o2.
After the Boer army withdrew from the city, it attacked the British army in guerrilla warfare and destroyed the communication lines. The British army was forced to send more troops to encircle and destroy the Boer guerrillas. scorched earth was burned and destroyed, and Boer civilians were put into the middle camp. At the same time, a large area of barbed wire was built to reduce the activities of the Boer guerrillas. The Boer suffered heavy losses and tens of thousands of people died in the camp. On May 31, 19o2, the two sides signed the Frinihin Peace Treaty. The Boer stopped resisting Britain’s annexation of Transvaal and Orange. Britain gave the Boer economic compensation and oppressed the black people together. After
Chen Tian didn’t take this opportunity to observe the war, but he knew that from this war, many countries abandoned the uniform infantry dense formation and borrowed from the British trench barbed wire tactics. Of course, many artillery made new experiences, but these are all old things for Chen Tian, and what he hopes most now is to usher in the dawn of the new century in China.
In December, 1999, "Little Medusa" arrived at the German naval base in Asia-Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao, Shandong, China.
Finally, Chentian returned to the "homeland" in this memory
When the ship’s rail pedal just reached the dock, he jumped over "China! I am back again! "
Close your eyes and breathe deeply! It’s really angry here …
"wow! It stinks! " Chen Tian opened his eyes and saw a big scooter delivering pigs passing in front of him! It’s too back!
Then he decided to go to the street and see what China was like 1oo years ago.
Walking in the bustling crowd, people seem to have become accustomed to the appearance of foreigners and have not shown any strange expressions. People still drag a long braid behind their heads, which looks almost the same as what they see. There is a large-scale reconstruction project on the roadside. Old China buildings are demolished and Western buildings are built one by one.
"alas!" Chen Tianzheng looked up at both sides of the room and accidentally knocked down a person next to him.
He looked down and turned out to be an old lady with little feet.
"oh! I’m sorry, old woman! " Chentian reached out and prepared her to get up.
"ah! This foreign hair can speak Chinese! " Passers-by stopped to talk.
"Ah … no, it’s not that I didn’t pay attention." The old lady helped her up in Chentian and quickly turned around and left.
It seems that China people here have a bad impression of Germans.
Chen Tian wants to know what the situation is here, but China people seem reluctant to take a reason. He probably can’t ask anything. He returns to the dock angrily.

It’s an old hole that can withstand his impact, and together with the leopard, two people fall directly down more than 20 meters high.

Come to think again, the reaction can’t come. At the last moment, he let the Buddha see the dog’s face freeze and laugh.
Leaning forward, Lin Feng suddenly felt that a gust of wind coming from the back of his head could throw him forward and force him to hit him in the back.
On the spot, a rolling military quality is fairly good. Lin Feng can lean back for a gun, but the muzzle just leaned out of his wrist and suddenly there was a sharp pain.
"You are me."
The big burly hyena looked at being kicked out with a sneer, and the pistol was a lamb to him without a weapon.
Comrade-in-arms sacrificed Lin Feng, who was already angry, and watched the hyenas there with their hips crossed. He couldn’t help but rush.
With a wave of his right fist, he took the lead in smashing the hyena’s cheek, but he didn’t want the other side to easily avoid his fist.
"I want your life."
Almost crazy come completely crazy fists like the wind swept over to hyenas smashed in the past.
Covered in blood, he is like a wild animal, but it is obvious that his fist has caused substantial damage to hyenas
Hide left and flash right. Don’t look particularly burly, but coyotes are flexible
What he likes most about a black boxer is the close combat, and the feeling of punching to the flesh makes him sexually exposed.
Face with Lin Feng, who was exhausted after a fierce battle, he played with it with a sneer like a cat and mouse.
"Why doesn’t this fist have any strength at all? It really disappoints me. I can still see China Kung Fu."
Come three punches in a row in the hyena body was a hyena kicked to the ground.
Patted the dust hyena a face of disdain said China kung fu he didn’t see.
Spit out the blood in his mouth. Come climb up again. Find out his right hand and pull out the dagger from his boots. He pounced again.
Hand dagger draw cold light this melee combat come also paid a solid foundation work.
Blossoming knife flowers around the hyena front and back constantly across the cold light with all the murder.
Comrade-in-arms’ death is painful. blood out is the only thing that Lin Feng wants now
But Nai’s physical fitness is the cornerstone of all battles. A fierce battle has left him scarred.
The wind of punching has slowed down a lot, and the hyena fighting skill is a life-and-death battle, in exchange for which he can’t take advantage.
A gust of Gangfeng hit Lin Feng’s right wrist again, and at the same time, the Chinese hyena kicked his tail directly in his chest.
More than 200 kilograms of hyenas, a powerful foot, came out with one mouthful blood, and the whole person flew out like a broken kite.
Fell to the ground with heavy pain.
"I’m so disappointed. If the boss hadn’t let you die, I would have broken your neck."
Hyenas waved the neck with a sneer and stepped towards come.
This kick definitely broke several of his ribs. For the time being, he can’t move.
Come endure pain grind teeth trying to climb up but struggle.
Seeing that his big hand has caught his eyes wide with resentment.
Suddenly a black shadow shot up from the side, and the hyena reacted quickly and waved to block it.
Then he was kicked in the right shoulder, and he even retreated three or four steps before he lived in shape.
"Who are you?"
By moonlight, hyenas looked at the bearer in amazement. I can’t believe how others appeared in this building.
"Kill you, Yamaraja."
Di Tang’s face is sneering, but I have to say that this strong man still has something to shake him with his own feet.
Come at this time is also a leng looking at Tang Yi there. Isn’t this the Asian who killed civilians at the front door of the embassy this afternoon? Why did he suddenly appear?
"Just leave this kind of person to me. Aren’t you good at fighting? If you can beat me, I’ll let you go."
Coming out from behind Tang Yi, Rose looked at the hyena with a sneer. At this time, the building has been quiet and the cannon fodder has been cleaned up.
"why should I believe what you say?"
Two people exude momentum, and their weapons let the hyenas know that they are in big trouble.
Staring like two eyes, he looked at Tang Yi and Rose and said angrily.
"Will anyone not believe me when I speak to Mrs. Rose?"
Rose smiled and hooked her finger at the hyena.
Hearing this name, hyenas suddenly felt dizzy. The famous beauty killer is cold-blooded.
"Well, I’ll learn something about a rose lady today."
The hyena threw her heart at the rose with a horizontal fist, while Tang Yi smiled at a rose, but told him not to trust women.

Niu Tai-yi doesn’t know this truth. Only when Antinghou wins will he be alive.

"It’s the imperial concubine empress. Please rest assured that I will bring your words to you even if I don’t want to die."
Cow cure too much with limp legs step by step to the door.
A flash of sword light flashed through Niu Cure too much, clutching his shoulder and screaming "Ah".
There was bright red blood between his fingers, and his shoulder was hurt.
Half autumn stared at him coldly. "Being a doctor but doing eunuch work is not as good as I help you. You are a eunuch and watch your imperial concubine day and night."
Her eyes fell on his bust.
Cow cure too much body shaking nervous toward the back several steps "don’t mess around, don’t"
His voice trembled out of shape and he was scared.
Mid-autumn really looks down on these hypocrites, but they have to pretend to be a big public-private struggle.
"Don’t be a eunuch? Still don’t listen to the imperial concubine? "
She’s staring at the cow. It’s very helpful. If you dare to go out, I’ll chop you up and feed the fish.
Doctor Niu is timid and afraid of things, and his body keeps shaking. "I’m not leaving. I don’t listen to the imperial concubine."
You have to have a life to enjoy the splendor.
He silently back to the Liu Guifei look very complicated.
Mid-autumn is very satisfied with his inside story. "My master is not a vegetarian, and countless people have fallen into her hands. If you don’t mind losing your family, just go against her."
Doctor Niu shook his head desperately and cold sweat came. "Dare?"
Liu Guifei was so angry when she saw all this that her chest almost exploded. "I’m not giving birth."
This is threatening the lives of both mothers for half an autumn.
But will Banqiu care about her life?
"Then don’t give birth. Let the midwives rest until dawn."
In fact, she doesn’t want Liu Guifei to have children at all.
She doesn’t sympathize with Liu Guifei, but she feels sorry for the koo child.
From birth, it is doomed that the father does not love the mother, and that both heaven and man despise the object.
Liu Guifei was very angry when she hoped to fall. "What on earth is Mu Jiyue doing? Isn’t she afraid of retribution if she doesn’t care about her family? "
Half autumn can’t understand her logical taiji.
"My young lady is not afraid of this. Besides, it’s your fault that you killed the child and your sin. What does it have to do with my young lady?"
Liu Guifei paused. "You …"
She’s so tired of her. "You won’t be able to have a baby, will you?" I don’t know how many children died in this palace and how many people died. "
Liu Guifei’s face changed greatly. "What do you mean?"
Mid-autumn is very disdainful. "I want to say that you don’t even love your own children and expect others to love you? Wishful thinking "
If you were in your own house, you would never do this.
The difference between people is too big.
"You hate …" Liu Guifei gave birth to a strength and a pain when she was angry. "Ah!"
"It’s almost time to see your feet …" The midwife was first surprised and then frightened. "It’s hard to give birth."
Their faces are white. Is it God’s will that the cow is too sick and the sky is spinning in front of them?
Outsiders soon learned the news, and everyone looked different, with gloating and rejoicing, but no pity.
People have no pity for that little life, but they dislike it.
I can’t help it. Who let him be here?

The little girl with tears on her face was none other than the youngest princess of the old emperor, Princess Anyang. As for why she appeared here, it was purely an accident. Princess Anyang is the most popular among all the princes. The whole imperial garden is off-limits to her. I didn’t tell anyone today. I wanted to play a trick on this father who has neglected himself recently, but I didn’t know that there would be a forced palace of Nangong Jinyu. At that time, I saw that the overall situation had been decided, and I knew that no matter what I did, it was impossible to save this situation. So the old emperor bit his finger before he was arrested, wrote a bloody book, and then stamped it with the imperial seal of the country. He stuffed this bloody book into the arms of Princess Anyang, and then said, "Don’t come out, find an opportunity to find the Ling Wang to fight in the corner and give him this bloody book!"

As soon as he stuffed Princess Anyang into the cupboard, Zhou Huo, the bodyguard of Nangong Jinyu, appeared. Fortunately, the old emperor was also a man who had experienced the wind and waves, and he didn’t show any warning until he died. So Nangong Jinyu didn’t continue to search the whole room and saw her father strangled alive. Princess Anyang put her little hand in her mouth. In order not to make any noise to prevent being discovered by Nangong Jinyu, even if she was bitten, she didn’t know anything about it. When everyone left here and there was no sound around, she carefully pushed open the cabinet door, which was a secret of herself and the old emperor, so no one knew that although there was no one in the imperial garden now, the guards around her must be very tight. It is impossible to get out from a normal place. Fortunately, Anyang knows a dog hole, which is so small that it is impossible for adults to get out, so no one will think about this place.
The mouth of the cave is a little narrow, and Princess Anyang’s clothes are worn out, but she has no time to think about it. As long as she doesn’t leave this palace, her life will not be protected. After she left the bloody imperial garden, Princess Anyang found a pair of black boots in front of her eyes before she thought of where to go.
"Your highness? !” I found that this little girl in front of me was actually the most beloved princess of Anyang in the legend, and the old eunuch in charge of the imperial kitchen said in surprise.
It’s not that he doesn’t know what happened in the palace, but the old eunuch is in charge of the imperial kitchen, so he escaped. You should know that the palace guards and eunuchs in the imperial garden are dead. Of course, the old eunuch also knows that now the new succession of the Nangong Jinyu, as long as he gives this Anyang princess to him himself, the internal manager must be his own, but he hasn’t thought much about it yet, so he is softened by the call of Princess Anyang "Father Ma".
In fact, the main manager of his own kitchens doesn’t want the main managers around the emperors or concubines to be so powerful. I can be said to be a neglected existence in the palace, but Princess Anyang is different. Although she is pampered by thousands in the palace, it may be because she is greedy. She has a very good relationship with this old father-in-law. Sometimes when the eunuchs around her father, son and concubine bully Father Ma, the younger Princess Anyang will speak out, then lick her face and ask herself if she wants to eat delicious food. She thinks of the little princess who used to eat at her side with a mouthful of sauce, and Father Ma has sat down in her heart.
"Father Ma, my father was killed by the beast Nangong Jinyu. Before he died, my father asked me to take a bloody book to find Ling Wang. Can you help me out of the city?" Arguably, Princess Anyang shouldn’t pour out everything at once, but it’s good for a little girl in her early teens to keep her head when she encounters such a tragedy.
"Don’t worry, Princess, I will escort your highness to Xiling even if I don’t want to die." Ma Gonggong’s face rarely shows a serious face. It is said that eunuchs don’t seem to be able to do anything like men without men’s parts, but there is no absolute thing in the world. At the very least, what Ma Gonggong does can’t be done by ordinary men.
Of course, even if father-in-law Ma has this determination, it is not an easy thing to take the safety princess out. After the death of the old emperor, the whole palace completely fell into the hands of Nangong Jinyu. He is so smart that he will not fail to take precautions, so it is still a very dangerous thing to muddle through the inspection at the gate of the palace.
"Your Highness, now that there are few people, you should hurry back to your room with the old slave. You have to change your clothes. Where is the old slave’s clothes, please feel wronged first, and we will leave the city at dawn tomorrow." Ma Gonggong whispered.
"Ok, Father Ma, I’ll listen to you." Princess Anyang clutched Ma Gonggong’s sleeve tightly, just as Ma Gonggong was caught stealing food at that time, and Ma Gonggong would hand her a glass of water with a big smile, so as not to choke the gorged little princess.
At the same time, Nie Yinger, who just had sex, was lying in the arms of Nangong Jinyu. Although he didn’t want to serve the old emperor who was already dying, his man had already completed the great cause, which was worth it in Nie Yinger’s view, especially when Nangong Jinyu "compensated" himself well.
"Prince, can we sit back and relax now?" Nie Ying played with Nangong Jinyu’s hair with her own jade hand.
"It’s still early. You should know that tomorrow’s court meeting is still a big trouble. Fortunately, my father has kept our army of Nanyue Wangfu at the border of Daliangzhou. As long as there is an accident, it will be under great pressure. I hope my father has the ability to suppress the remaining three kings. However, the new loss of the king of Donglu and the young prince of the North are not afraid. Only the king of Xiling is fighting in the corner, which is a worrying role." The nangongshan jinyu touching NieYing son smooth body, said.
"Well, we’ll talk about tomorrow," Nie Yinger rolled over and rode on Nangong Jinyu with a charming smile. "Don’t you think your position will be more stable if we have a prince?"
"That depends on whether you have this ability. Are you sure that the children of the old emperor have been cleaned up?" The nangongshan jinyu also want to say something, was caught by NieYing son, this topic will die.
Princess Anyang, who changed her clothes, looked like a little eunuch. In order not to let her be recognized, she specially put some ash on his face to make her skin look less smooth.
"Well, your highness. I’ll take you out of the city now. As soon as we get out of the city, we’ll go to Xiling immediately and let the king of the mausoleum give us justice. " Father-in-law Ma regained his original composure.
"Father Ma, I’m a little scared." Perhaps with the support, Princess Anyang’s child’s nature is undoubtedly revealed, and her legs are shaking. She couldn’t help shivering at the thought of her father being strangled alive.
"Don’t worry, your highness, things will soon be over, there will be no accidents. Just like the old slave took you out to buy delicious food, no one will find out. Isn’t it true that your highness can’t trust the old slave? " Ma Gonggong’s kindness gave Princess Anyang a little bit of courage.
Sure enough, when I arrived at the palace gate, I found that the people on duty were replaced by the guards of Nanyue Wangfu, whom I didn’t know. No accident, Ma Gonggong was stopped, but seeing that this man was a white-haired old eunuch, these guards relaxed their vigilance.
"Are you from the palace?" Headed by the captain is not a fool, he knows what happened in the palace yesterday, the old eunuch can live to be now, certainly has little to do with things there, or South Gong Jinyu’s character can make him live to be a ghost now.
"This general, the old slave is the manager of the imperial kitchen. He goes out to buy meals for the palace at this time every day. As you know, there is a new master in the palace, and the old slave is afraid of being served inappropriately, even the guy who eats can’t keep it." Father Ma conveniently put a heavy ingot of silver into the captain’s hand.
His orders are never to let the nobles in the palace escape from the gate, but the old eunuch doesn’t look like a rich man, what’s more, he still has a lot of money in his own hands. The captain, with a wave of his hand, said, "Well, it’s not easy for you. Go, for your money’s sake, I tell you, your new master likes to eat fish best. You can start from these places and please him well. Maybe you can keep the position of the main manager."
"Thank you, General, for your advice. I’m sure the old slave will have a generous gift in the future." Just as Ma Gonggong was pulling Princess Anyang to leave, they were stopped by the captain.
"Wait a minute, what’s the matter with this little eunuch around you?" Although the captain took the silver, he still raised a trace of doubt. Just looking at this little eunuch with a full face of putty, there was not much doubt.
Father-in-law Ma suddenly felt a sense of oppression in his hands. Needless to say, Princess Anyang was afraid, but Father-in-law Ma was not nervous at all. He said slowly, "General, forgive me, the old slave is almost seventy years old this year, and this memory is not as good as before. It is common to go out for procurement. Fortunately, the little Shunza in our kitchens is young, but his memory is good. This is not the case. Every time he goes out, the old slave will take him with him, which will save omissions.
Fortunately, the guards of the Nangong Jinyu are away all the year round, and they don’t know the famous Princess Anyang in the city. Plus, the sky is not very bright, so there is no too much consideration. Let the soldiers around get out of the way, and then touch the money and secretly giggle.
After leaving the city gate, Father Ma breathed a sigh of relief. "Your Highness, we have to hurry up next. I’m afraid you will be wronged. The road can’t compare with the palace. I hope you can be patient."
When the subordinate came to report that a dark cupboard had been found in the imperial study, it was obviously visited by someone. In addition, the guard on the other side of the city gate reported that the main manager of the imperial kitchen had never come back since he left the palace, and he was accompanied by a young eunuch. The expression on Nangong Jinyu’s face was wonderful, and Nie Ying, who had just finished washing, was also surprised. She was not unaware that the old emperor had a very loving little princess. But in that case yesterday, she really didn’t consider that Princess Anyang was able to escape. When Nie Ying was a little timid and asked the Nangong Jinyu what to do, the Nangong Jinyu waved. Now is not the time to consider this.
"An Anyang princess can’t afford to turn over any big storms, but today’s court meeting may be a problem. If those old antiques refuse to admit the imperial edict, things will be in trouble. You know, although my father’s army is under siege, I can’t kill them all, can I?" Of course, if Nangong Jinyu knew that Princess Anyang had the emperor’s bloody book in her hand, it would be another matter.
Facts have proved that although there are no loyal ministers in the imperial court, there are not many people who are hard-headed. When Lord Kong, the minister of the Ministry of Rites, angrily denounced Nangong Jinyu for conspiring against the throne, he was punished by the guards of Nanyue Wangfu on the golden throne. The rest of the ministers had no opinion on Nangong Jinyu, who was wearing a dragon robe and sitting in a dragon chair. Even Nangong Jinyu did not expect that today’s meeting would be so simple, and looked at the officials around him who were passive and kneeling by Nuo Nuo.
When the new emperor’s will to ascend the throne was sent to all parts of the country, Yuan Xu, who had become the confidant of the Nangong Jinyu, was tasting the unique tribute tea of the palace, while waiting for him in the imperial study. Although there was an appalling massacre here yesterday, those maids-in-waiting eunuchs did not know where to move out a lot of flowers to please the new emperor, but they diluted a lot of blood gas, but the dark red traces on the ground still showed the tragedy here yesterday.
From sending Nie Yinger to the bed of the old emperor, to designing the grand marshal of internal security at last, Yuan Xu fully proved himself worthy of the title of "conspiracy". Now that he has helped Nangong Jinyu ascend to the throne, then the next step is that he fulfilled his promise and helped himself to retaliate against Ling Wang’s war in the corner, pinching the news brought by homing pigeons in his arms, and Yuan Xu gained a little more confidence in successfully bringing down the war in the corner.
"Sir, I didn’t expect to spend so much time on court affairs, but fortunately, it’s finally settled down. I wonder if you have anything to discuss with me this time?" Wearing a dragon robe, Nangong Jinyu walked into the imperial study.
"It seems that the son is destined to be the person who ascended the Ninth Five-Year Plan. It should not be difficult for those ministers to be convinced." Although I say so, Yuan Xu knows all about the courtiers’ virtue. Except for a few ministers of the arm stocks, most of them are people who are good at flattery and are timid and afraid of death. Otherwise, the prairie people would not bully them and dare not reply.
"Your Majesty, our biggest problem now is not the imperial court, but the four kings, but these four kings are not at the same level, not to mention that the old prince holds the heavy forces of Nanyue Palace, and neither Beiyan nor Donglu is a threat, but as the head of the four kings, we should be cautious. We must know that the army of Lingwangfu is the strongest among the four kings." Now that Nangong Jinyu is on the throne of the Emperor, some appellations should be changed in advance, so as to save future trouble.
Hearing that Mr. Zhan changed his mind, he was no longer the "prince" of the past. Nangong Jinyu was very satisfied. Apart from fighting Yuan Xu’s resourcefulness, knowing how to advance and retreat was also an important reason why Nangong Jinyu valued him. "Sir, you don’t have to be polite to me. There are still many things unresolved at the moment, and you have to rely on Mr. Jin’s wisdom. Do you have any plans for the four kings?"
"Needless to say, the old prince here, as for Beiyan and Donglu, your majesty might as well give them a big reward. We can give them everything except substantive things, so that they won’t be too hostile to us for the time being, even the so-called British king Mu Qingfeng. We can increase the reward." Yuan Xu put forward the first step.
"MuQingFeng? It’s a mercy for me not to kill him, and you want me to reward him? !” Hearing the name Muqingfeng, Nangong Jinyu felt a burst of breath in his heart. To say the person he hated the most, Muqingfeng came second, and no one dared to recognize the first, let alone the extremely lewd one, neither Zhuo Nongyue nor Xue Lianer succeeded.
"Your Majesty, a little reluctance leads to great mischief. No matter how much hatred your Majesty and Mu Qingfeng have, now is not the best time to settle accounts. Don’t forget that he is the righteous brother of Bai Jingming, the king of Northern Yan, and in fact he is the master of half of Northern Yan. We can’t help but be cautious about him. Please think twice and don’t lose big because of small." War Yuan Xu unhurried said.
"Hum, just listen to your husband and let him live for a few more days." The Nangong Jinyu thought twice. Even with all kinds of reluctance, he still followed Yuan Xu’s advice. This quality of good advice also helped Yuan Xu decide to help him.
"Then, sir, even if we can hold on to Beiyan and Donglu, what about Xiling? I don’t think we can make him give up by rewarding such things." Nangong Jinyu thought that Mr. Zhan had never mentioned the war corner from beginning to end.
"For the king of Ling, we must get rid of it. If the king of Ling doesn’t die, your majesty’s throne will be unstable for a day. But for him, I already have a countermeasure. I just need your majesty to give me an imperial edict to take me to Xiling. I have my own way to make the war in be beheaded without a single soldier." Yuan Xu said, and took out an intelligence from his arms.
After reading the information, Nangong Jinyu laughed, but the corner of Xinjiang is dead. "It turns out that such a thing as Xiao Qiang will really completely ruin a seemingly powerful person, Mr. Zhan. I promised you that once I ascended the throne of the emperor, I will give you a chance to get revenge. Go and prepare for it. I can do anything, but after all, I want to see the head of Ling Wang in the corner of Xinjiang!"
"Please rest assured, your Majesty, that I will set off here, and the head of the Ling Wang Zhan Yu Jiang will be the best thank-you gift." Guaranteed by the Nangong Jinyu, Mr. Zhan left the imperial garden with a bow, and his long-cherished wish for many years will soon be realized. Even he is very shrewd, he can’t help but tremble.
At the same time, Ma Gonggong and Princess Anyang finally left the capital of the summer. Although Nangong Jinyu later found out that it was wrong, he ordered the city to search, but after all, Ma Gonggong was also an old Jianghu, specializing in trails. Although it was difficult to walk, he escaped from the pursuit of Nanyue Wangfu army. After repeated fruitless searches, Nangong Jinyu gave up the plan to continue the pursuit. Of course, this is something that he doesn’t know about the bloody swamp in the hands of Princess Anyang.
"Father Ma, I can’t walk. My feet hurt." Princess Anyang hasn’t had a rest since the early hours of this morning. She has been spoiled since she was a child. Not surprisingly, her white feet must be covered with blood bubbles.
"Your Highness, bear with me again. As long as I cross this mountain, I can buy a carriage from the small town in front, and then your Highness won’t have to work so hard." Father-in-law Ma, after all, is not young, and he can’t stand this kind of urgent March, but he is now the only reliance of Princess Anyang, and nothing can show weakness.
"But my feet really hurt, and I can’t walk." It’s not that Princess Anyang is effeminate, but there is blood on her dusty embroidered shoes. It seems that she has worn out the blood bubbles on her feet because of too much walking.
"In that case, your highness, come on my back. The old slave still has some strength. We must get to that town before today." Father-in-law Ma leaned down, and Princess Anyang labored to climb up. Now, with a slight activity, there will be terrible pain on her feet. If she were a normal little girl, she might have cried long ago.
Father-in-law Ma’s back is not very comfortable. Because she is older, Princess Anyang even feels a little flustered, but I don’t know why, lying on Father-in-law Ma’s back makes Anyang feel a lot more comfortable. She hasn’t closed her eyes since yesterday. Now, on Father-in-law Ma’s uncomfortable but steady back, Princess Anyang can’t help but close her eyes.
Feeling the weight on his back suddenly increased, Ma Gonggong knew that Princess Anyang was asleep. Ma Gonggong gently held some fallen Princess Anyang, lifted his heavy legs and headed for the distant town. Although it was not fast, it was very stable.

Because the devil is smiling.

The devil is saying, "She has a strong personality and won’t make a sound … Who can let her make a sound and reward gold and two hundred …"
This demon is still saying, "Her feelings are late and she is not enthusiastic, but she doesn’t say a word …"
Because of this demon’s voice, the soldiers are crazy to bet on who can make her sing … but they don’t know that she has lost her voice.
I have been poisoned for a long time.
With his last breath, the demon was still saying, "I heard that the Lord of the city is brave and even your soldiers don’t seem to be able to do it. Do you want to try?"
Her last breath was ruined by her father …
Fall asleep forever …
* * wild she finally died in the lover died in the man’s body … For her, this is the most ironic and suitable way to die.
Tragedy is like an angel of suffering …
He cleared his lips and smiled deeper, and his blood in his eyes rose …
"How does the Lord taste?"
Distorted expression in the fact that can’t say LengRui Long Ze looked at so she didn’t out for a long time …
Xiaoqinger, she …
There is probably no bottom line.
Too cruel … Instead, it made him feel palpitations.
In his world, there are only a few ways to kill people … No matter how painful it is, there is a snake cave that makes life worse than death … But Xiao Qing has distorted everything …
Let him have a chilling cold feeling instead.
Guilt flooded my heart … This is his original sin!
As if feeling his emotions, NaLanQing looked back at him with a little smile, and the cold chill made people feel numb.
She casually looked at Jingguchun with a satisfied look. Suddenly, with a wave of her long sleeves, she took the black cloth from Yunjingyun’s face … She stared at Jingguchun’s eyes and died unsatisfied … He stared at them and his face froze …
White …
"Female … daughter?"
I just fought hard to kill a woman. Is it the cloud?
He couldn’t believe that he turned back to Nalan Qingxian, cracked his lips and smiled at her faintly. Every word was extremely cold. "Is your daughter delicious?"
Qi and blood surged in his chest and he vomited one mouthful blood.
No matter how lewd he is, he won’t do anything to his daughter …
He was so angry that he spit out one mouthful blood and his body was crumbling.
Everyone gathered around, and one of them held Jing Guchun. He pointed to Nalanqing and shouted angrily, "Let them live or die!"
Na Lanqing Long Ze got up and Long Ze took her in his arms and yelled, "No survivors!"
Xiaoqinger wants to make Ziyun City chaotic, so be chaotic!
Leave no survivors, and this will make the whole city chaotic.
Long Ze made those lurking shadows flash out with shiny silver blades in their hands and took away one head after another without mercy …
Blood … Screaming … Screaming …
One after another, the noise made a wonderful note, which made her happy.
"The pig screams before he dies … How nice?"
Put your hand over her ear. "Don’t listen and don’t look!"
"Ah …"
Long Ze held her tightly in her arms and treated her biting feelings with care like a treasure.
Because she doesn’t intend to leave anyone alive.
Including those present in poor girl …
No one!
Those women may be sorry, but to keep them is to keep them as a threat … How many times have they suffered a dark loss because they are soft-hearted?
She’s tired …
Others live or die!
There’s blood in front of her eyes, and she’s got a face …
Countless bodies fell to the head of Ziyun City, the Ministry of Land, and more than half of the generals died after getting rid of Lin Zhi’s hand.
Na Lanqing protected himself in Long Ze without any blood. They went out together. There, Jing Ji looked at Long Zeshen with a calm face and his blood eyes sank. "My father, he …"

"It’s not difficult!" Glasses man also threw a gourd ladle, but compared with the powerful shelling of these grenades by former British warships, the explosion was simply called "soft"

"Throw as far forward as possible!" Logan estimated that there should be quite a few British infantry running to the position 30 or 40 meters away. They are not worried about accidentally injuring their own people, and killing one less is also a follow-up force to relieve pressure.
"good!" Brother Glasses does what he says, without ambiguity. Although it is not standard, it is not enough to hit a Grenade on his foot.
Selfish and glasses man struggled to shake their arms. Garogan was in a fun competition in three people.
Boom Boom Boom
The successive explosions gradually covered up the fact that the soldiers of both sides were fighting for small stones, but the number of small ripples thrown into the pond was much higher, which could also disturb the whole pond. Two young men happily threw one German-made long-handled Grenade after another. If these explosive weapons could be exchanged for the same amount of gold, I’m afraid they would have already smashed several trucks of beautiful women!
Whew … Boom!
At the last moment before fainting, Logan felt like riding a roller coaster, and a Buddhist saying came out of his head, saying that life is also sad and death is also zai.
Come on, smash the tickets. You’re welcome!
Chapter 39 I missed the wonderful plot?
I finally opened my eyes and was run over by a truck. Logan saw an angelic face. Er … Is it dawn?
"Hey, Lieutenant, this French chick seems to care about you!" Mark Ella, a former goalkeeper, sat casually with a bandage on her head and a cigarette in her mouth, and a child, "Little Sophie Marceau", was crouched on both sides.
"I don’t understand what she’s saying, but … the old French man and the old French woman seem to be burping!" Renxin Fritz has a large aquiline nose, and the left arm of the first class soldier is hung with a bandage. He said with some pity
"Ah?" Logan asked in French, "What happened to your grandparents?"
"Dead!" The girl whispered, "They may be too tired and want to have a good rest in heaven!" "
Logan sighed. If it weren’t for his own fate, he should be waiting in line at the gate of heaven at this time!
"I have been very obedient!" The girl said with tears
"I know yee li! In fact, death is a relief for them, and living is the real pain! " Logan felt from his heart that although he was alive, his head was not normal, and his bones seemed to be scattered, and he didn’t know whether he still belonged to himself. In retrospect, the former battle was so cruel and tragic.
The girl lowered her head and seemed to be thinking about what Logan had just said.
Logan wanted to think and said, "Hey yee li! Heaven is a happy place where the dead will bless us and all the living! And your grandparents, they must hope that you and your brother and sister will live, be healthy and be safe! "
The girl turned to look at the immature face of her younger sister-in-law, showing a very complicated expression: sadness, love, help, bewilderment and a little responsibility.
There is a saying that the poor children have been in charge for a long time, and Logan can’t help feeling in his heart that his childhood was not so happy.
"well! And menstruation will live well! Right? " "Little Sophie Marceau" turned her head blankly, pure and melancholy, and there was a firmness in her eyes, just like Princess Isabella in Braveheart
"I promise …"
"Dandelion name!" The girl said this sentence with him.
"What is dandelion?" She asked softly
"Have you ever seen a paratrooper parachuting? When the parachute hits in the air, it looks like dandelions fluttering in the wind! " Logan pointed to his own paratrooper logo "I am a paratrooper!" "
"oh! I saw them two months ago. They are so beautiful, just like angels from heaven! " The girl stared at the logo carefully. The three black doorways seemed nothing like parachutes, but it was indeed the logo of the 7 th German Parachute Division.
"Angel? Uh … angels can get hurt! " Logan said wryly that he turned his head vigorously. "Mark, is the battle outside over? What about the others? "
"You finally remembered this important question!" The former goalkeeper seems to be very dissatisfied with Logan’s childish conversation with a French girl, he muttered
"The battle ended two hours ago, and the coalition forces withdrew, bypassing the monk and fled towards Dunkirk! They must be afraid of our bombers! Lieutenant Stephenberg woke up before you but just fell asleep again! Oh, and the reporter with the army, you guys were buckled upside down on the armored car and all suffered some skin injuries. It’s a miracle! "
"oh? Reverse it? " Logan, it’s hard to imagine how much force it would take to reverse the heavy semi-tracked armored vehicle! Can that be caused by ordinary shells? Could it be that the British infantry stuffed a zha medicine bag under the car?
Thinking about this complicated problem, my head is torn and it hurts. Let’s rest honestly!
The former goalkeeper continued, "I was not so lucky when I was grazed by a stray bullet at the end of the battle. It took two or three months for the bullet to break his hand bone!"
"What is this injury?" Big aquiline nose is so-called said
After lying for a few minutes, Logan finally felt that his head was not so painful, so he sat up with his hands supporting him. "Did the military doctor really say that I had a skin injury?"
"Yes!" The former goalkeeper answered, "There is also the possibility that the head may have been hit. The previous wound has been broken and several stitches have been given!"
Hearing this, Logan was so depressed that God took the wrong medicine? Looking for your own head to fight against the steel plate, want to make a vegetable to play or something?
Well, you don’t have to look in the mirror to know what you look like! Make sure that his health is all right, Logan got out of bed and trudged out of this makeshift field tent. The sky was already bright outside, but the thick clouds made the whole world look gray. Craters, blood and all kinds of debris were everywhere in the line of sight. Traces left by the battle were far away. He found an armored car with a belly facing the semi-crawler.
"Aha lieutenant, you wake up! Feeling okay? " Glasses man looks happy with a piece of tampon on his face, and his neck is light. He still hangs that square old camera ―― but it may be very advanced in this era!
"Well, not so good! How are you? " I have fought side by side, and Logan’s tone has eased a lot. This ya looks wretched and weak, but I didn’t expect it to be brave.
Glasses man stretched out his arms "even if you fight with the British guy again, it’s no problem! By the way, lieutenant, I still want to continue the interview if I can! "
"Interview the hero? Hehe, aren’t you a hero now? " Logan laughed
"Hey hey, I just lost a few grenades. Besides, when the armored vehicle was blown over, I was going to die myself. I desperately called for help! In this way, where do you dare to be a hero! " The glasses man held up the camera in his hand and said, "The most important thing is that my baby didn’t break the photos inside, but they are valuable!" Shall I give you another group photo? "
Logan hurriedly gave a "forget it! What photos I take like this are simply detrimental to the image of the army! "
Just then, a few people heard a buzz, from which they all looked up and watched a large group of German bombers fly from east to northwest Dunkirk.
"Give me a good beating for those Englishmen!" Former goalkeeper Mark Ella shook his fist angrily.
Boom … Boom …
The howitzer deployed near the town is also powerful. Although increasing the amount of fire yao to achieve high range will greatly increase the wear and tear of the barrel, compared with its tactics and strategies, these losses are worth it!
Perhaps I heard them say that the voice was also wrapped in dumplings. Lieutenant Stephenberg came out of a small tent next to him. "Lieutenant, you are awake! Uh … My head hurts! "
"Like being bored with another stick?" Logan quipped.
"Almost!" Lieutenant a face of wry smile.
A few people were talking about life and death while breathing the fresh air of the town in the morning. It was not long before they heard a clanging track coming from the town.
Logan turned around and looked at it. It was a team of tanks!

Jing Su Qin secretly sighed, "This Ni’s flying skill and hidden weapons are really nice! I’m no match! Let her escape … "

"Ah?" After hearing this, everyone couldn’t help but be shocked. I didn’t expect that there were people who were more powerful than ghosts and gods.
This is normal. Su Qin is not a natural enemy, and there are also people who can’t beat him. Besides, it’s hard to say who wins and who loses if it’s light achievement and hidden weapons!
"But I stayed in Mo Bao!" Jing Su Qin smiled and showed a line of white teeth, and then took out the emperor’s royal gift to Mo Bao in his arms …
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Chapter 13 Buy a mansion
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"It’s okay, it’s okay. Mo Bao finally hugged the * pop-up? @++www * c "Zhu Rougui saw that Mo Bao had lost his heart, and it didn’t matter who the thief was. The most important thing was that things could be found.
Zhu Rougui’s passion for the scenery of Su Qin has increased a lot, and then a line of literati led by Zhu Rougui continued to visit the treasures
While Jing Su Qin stayed alone, his feet were scattered in the corner, and the white powder erased his heart. He couldn’t help thinking of something. By just playing against him, he could conclude that the thief painter could slip away from his own hands with his superb flying skill, but he deliberately left Mo Bao, which made people confused.
A treasure hunt is finally thrilling. After the crowd dispersed, Su Qin declined Zhu Rougui’s invitation and wanted to leave here alone.
"Good brother!" Just as Jing Su Qin was about to leave the world, he stopped him calmly. "Where are you going, dear brother?"
"Things done was about to return to the college of burning ice" Jing Su Qin smiled.
Tairan nodded. "Xiandi will be a dragon among people in the future!"
Jing Su Qin ha ha a smile farewell two people ride a sped away …
"The shopkeeper, you said …" When Jing Su Qin left, Zhu Rougui was replaced by a very respectful sample, and he said calmly.
"You need to say more to thank General Xu Xuelin." Tairan is not a poor man, but a magnificent style. "Help my good brother secretly!"
It’s getting late and passers-by are sparse.
Jing Su Qin rode at Qingzhou Road, which is adjacent to Jindu County. He planned to go home first without going back to college.
Rein in the reins and rein in the steeds. Scene Su Qin sat on horseback and slowly stared at the sign’ Cover up’. I couldn’t help feeling deeply in my heart. I thought that I had been in this world for several months, and today I have achieved a lot. Thousands of thoughts can’t help but cage my heart.
"Big Brother!" In the shop, Sun Xiaoxiao suddenly let out a cry, and suddenly a sour tear came to his heart, and the basin in his hand fell to the ground.
Jing Su Qin hey hey smile hurriedly fly horse two people tightly embrace together, regardless of other people’s eyes, each other’s eyes is the most important thing in lovers!
"Eldest brother, you have lost weight." Sun Xiaoxiao nestled in Jing Su Qin’s arms and couldn’t help but feel distressed. He said that college life can be compared with home. Although it was just two months, it seemed like a long day for Sun Xiaoxiao.
"Are you too tired from business?" Jing Su Qin heart some couldn’t bear to look at the sun raining thin sample more guilty.
People have followed them since they were worthless, and now they have made a small fortune, but they don’t want much. Where can such a girl look for it? Can’t help hugging her.
"Hey, isn’t this our ghosts and gods? Come back? "
Is two people touching behind there was a female voice Sun Xiaoxiao heard this immediately make a big blush and Jing Su Qin divided the trail "Ginger girl is coming".
I don’t know that Jiang Youmeng saw some sadness in their hearts when they were affectionate.
"Jiang adult right this compartment polite" Jing Su Qin hey hey smiled and said also make a gesture of worship.
Jiang Youmeng gave him a white look and said with a smile, "Cut the crap and go in."
Now that Jiang Youmeng has’ concurrently’ held the post of county government in Jindu County, it’s not too busy. When he has a lot of time, he will come here every day to talk to Sun Xiaoxiao and them for a while, which is also considered as a passing time.
In the long run, two Ni have improved a lot. At the moment, two girls are pointing at Jing Su Qin while Jing Su Qin is quietly sitting in a chair and drinking hot tea.
"He niang! These little guys are so stupid! " Speaking leaf crisp wind angrily came in from the backyard and then see sitting there JingSu Qin Li rubbed his eyes "big ye, I said the left eye always jumps today? Su Qin is back! Ha ha ha … "
There was a bear hug in front of the two brothers, and then Ye Sufeng laughed, "When I moved, Sun went out to carry out it, or our brothers and sisters got together again!"
"How are things at home?" Jing Su Qin also laughed.
"Everything is well-trained, and everything is in perfect order, but the fisherman’s predecessors don’t know where they have gone." Ye Sufeng truthfully said.
Jing Su Qin didn’t take it to heart when he heard the news that the old fisherman had disappeared. He knew that the master was a shadowy person, and it was difficult to determine his whereabouts. He would naturally come back when he wanted to come back.
Then I continued to listen to Ye Sufeng and slowly introduced the situation at home. Now everything at home is in good order. Brothers go out to perform security, but they train at home. Those soldiers from the South have also fully integrated into this life. They are very honest.
It’s no problem to cover up the store, not to mention that it’s hard to feed everyone for a few years. In Taimei Academy of Fine Arts, Gu Zhiqing regularly gives Sun Xiaoxiao his due share profits.
The two brothers were sitting in the chair, drinking and chatting. Soon both of them were drunk. Ye Sufeng was sleepy and said, "Brother, why do you think that woman has four feet?"
Jing Su Qin is also a drunkard. "There are monsters with feet in the world!" Said to see unexpectedly slowly walked into a woman from outside the shop.
Gu Zhiqing saw Jing Su Qin coming back, and he was just thinking about talking when he heard that he actually said he was a monster. Suddenly, his face was on fire, and a chill came along.
"Ouch, isn’t this the ancient shopkeeper? Come on! Have a drink together! " Jing Su Qin looked intently at Gu Zhiqing and immediately called out enthusiastically.
Gu Zhiqing sighed in his heart and immediately chatted with Sun Xiaoxiao and Jiang Youmeng’s two sisters.
Although drunk, Jing Su Qin will wake up drunk and see Gu Zhiqing coming soon, so he told her about the recent situation of Gu Zhanzheng.
I heard Gu Zhanzheng’s outstanding performance in the college. Gu Zhiqing nodded with relief. Finally, he didn’t live up to his father’s spirit.
"It’s getting late when it’s raining. Let’s go home." Gu Zhiqing said slowly.
Looking at Jing Su Qin’s face full of doubts, Sun Xiaoxiao explained, "Eldest brother, since you left, the ancient lady has asked me to go to her house to live in the shop, and those soldiers have also lived here by the crisp wind."
Looking at Sun Xiaoxiao’s face full of joy, Su Qin was in a sour heart. This Ni has never wanted anything from herself, and now she has money to stay in someone else’s house. Of course, he is grateful to Gu Zhiqing, but his heart is secretly determined to buy a big room for Sun Xiaoxiao!
"Ha ha good you go home, I make do here for one night and there are some things" Although the heart is sour, Jing Su Qin’s surface still laughs.
Sun Xiaoxiao still wants to insist, but Jiang Youmeng and Gu Zhiqing can see that the three women who are clues are going back together. Since Sun Xiaoxiao has lived here, Jiang Youmeng has naturally been’ received’ by Gu Zhiqing.
Everyone left the background. Su Qin took Ye Sufeng back to the house to rest, while he went to the place where his brothers lived. The main capable people in those shops usually lived in the shop, while the rest of the brothers lived in a factory that Jingsu Qin bought when he went to college.
It used to be a brewery, and Ye Sufeng renovated it into a place similar to a grand inn according to Jing Su Qin’s meaning, otherwise it would be difficult to resettle thousands of people.
Sirs brothers saw the eldest brother came back and said nothing to let Jing Su Qin leave Nai and lived with these brothers for one night …
One night, the next day
After breakfast, I found a nice mansion in Su Qin and Yuzryha, and then I took care of things in the store as usual.
"Big Brother, someone is looking outside!"
At about noon, Yan Yihong ran in from the outside, sweating all over his face, and said that it was still urgent to see something.
"who?" See him in such a hurry immediately hold the bosom dagger way
"I said I was talking about business and asked you to go out by name!" Yan yihong wiped the sweat way
Scene Su Qin this just secretly grow a sigh of relief, this little is really scary, then self-deprecating smile motioned for himself is really too sensitive to get up and said, "go! Go and see! "
I came to the living room to see an old man dressed in sapphire satin sitting there and saw Jing Su Qin get up quickly. "Jing shopkeeper, nice to meet you. I’m Xu Zhu, the housekeeper of General Xu Xuelin’s home."

Bohr took the words "of course! Six squadrons in Dornier dd, I think the whole Norfolk military port will be woken up! Now that our bombers have not dropped bombs, I think they should try to figure out something! "

"By the way, I still have one thing that is not very white!" Seeckt wiped her lips with a napkin and said, "If Japanese officers are allowed to board our flagship to watch the war, then I think Japan will shift its focus to the aircraft carrier and the army after the war. This seems to be not good news for us Germans!"
Chen Tian nodded this question and he knew that sooner or later he would explain it to the generals.
"What expression do you think people will have on their faces when they wake up and suddenly find themselves spending huge sums of money to build battleships and patrol fleets?"
This interesting field made marshals and generals stop their knives and forks and wait for the text one by one.
"Tell you a story! On a planet like our earth, there are two great powers and many small countries. These two great powers span Europe and Asia and dominate North America, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. They are all first-class military powers. Even if all the small countries add up, they can’t fight them. In their eyes, there is an enemy!
As the saying goes, two tigers on the same hill always try their best to make the other side collapse, but the military strength of the two sides is too close to the battle, and the result will be mutual loss. The two countries have fallen into a long period of confrontation. The economy and industry of that big country in North America are far beyond Europe and Asia, so the government and army of this country have resorted to various means to induce another economically backward big country to have a fierce arms race with themselves. As a result, the high-intensity arms race for many years has dragged down the big country that straddles Europe and Asia, and the only big country in the world is the only one that dominates the world! "
After that, I saw a pair of contemplative eyes. Perhaps these outstanding military strategists can’t fully understand this kind of thing that belongs to politicians and economists. They need to do one thing. Doing so will do more good than harm to Germany.
The relaxed atmosphere in Berlin did not affect the officers and men of the German and American navies in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean. Although they won a victory that went down in history, there was no wanton celebration in the German aircraft carrier formation. On the contrary, many pilots stayed awake at night, while others cried in their sleep. The reason is very simple. Many comrades who were laughing and laughing not long ago were either heroically martyred or alive and dead. The tragic scene during the day was not expected by many people.
The officers on duty in the command room of the German heavy-duty "Ernst" carry out their duties. Except for the main carriers "Joachim" and "Sekendorf" and some cruisers and destroyers, the rest of the aircraft carrier formation are sailing north quickly-the remaining ships of the US Pacific Fleet can be cleared by the "Joachim" and "Sekendorf", and the rest are headed back to Cuban waters as soon as possible under the leadership of Prince Heinrich.
"Do you think the US Atlantic Fleet will turn around and run away?"
The discussion of the high command generals is also a hot topic in this aircraft carrier, and it is a young navigation officer who speaks.
"Running away is the same as not running away. It is better to die in a glorious battle if you are defeated!" During Prince Heinrich’s rest, he acted as the temporary commander, Brigadier General Vondifeld, to express his opinions.
"What if they flee back to Norfolk?" Another officer on duty asked
Duffield shrugged. "Stay in the fleet until the end of the war, and then as soon as the armistice negotiation conditions are handed over to us, Germany or choose to sink itself!" "
"Well said, if I were the commander of the American Atlantic fleet, I would make a death decision! Therefore, Marshal Schell’s battle there will be extremely fierce and cruel! "
Everyone looked around and it turned out to be Prince Heinrich, who was wearing a light coat and entering the operation room.
"The Prince’s Temple …" They were surprised to know that he didn’t go to rest until three hours ago.
"I can’t sleep, come out and walk!" Heinrich’s tone was very calm. As usual, he went to the porthole to look at the dotted sea surface, and then went to the nautical chart to see the latest position of the fleet. Everything was normal.
Von Diefeld followed him closely. "Do you think the American Atlantic Fleet will fight to the death regardless of everything?"
"neve underestimate that determination of a country to fight in a dangerous situation!" Heinrich looked up. "Everything will be revealed in the sky!"
The calm night passed, as the orange sun first appeared at sea level in the north sea of Cuba, two powerful fleets finally met Schell’s old battleship, 16 battleships, Edward Abele’s 10 battleships, 2 battleships, Americans and 3 main aircraft carriers. The Germans had wrinkled escort aircraft carriers and a large number of six-class fighters stationed in Cuba. The German fleet was dominant, but no one knew how much strength the Americans could explode when they were in last stand.
"The fleet will turn right for 15 degrees to maintain a voyage!"
When Shelda gave this order, a large group of warships just flew over the fleet. Fighters and dive bombers flew from Cuban airports. Their arrival made the battle between the two battleships no longer a simple confrontation between surface ships. Because three American aircraft carriers "Brave", "Franklin" and "Wasp" boarded the best warships of the US Navy, the decisive battle of the fleet in the 1920s was endowed with a strong modern atmosphere.
Fierce battle immediately followed by 75 German X-henkel D-fighters, 5o Messerschmidt D-fighters and 1o2 American f4a, f4b fighter jets, which courageously attacked each other like ancient heavy riders. The formation battle gradually evolved into a small team, a two-machine formation and a single-machine confrontation against more than 200 fighters, which made the vast territory seem to expand further than the crowded battlefield. Every minute, white or silver-gray fighters fell, and every minute, people died. Every minute, a new trump card was born.
Taking advantage of the fierce battle between the fighters of both sides, the German 6-base dive bomber quietly crossed the defense line of the US military and appeared in the US fleet, while the American aircraft carrier sent bombers and torpedo planes to approach the German fleet rapidly. Three German escort aircraft carriers and two take-off ship fighters were waiting in the square fleet, and the battle gradually became hot!
Tu Mei Chapter ninety-nine Final showdown
The heat in summer is a kind of torture for the gunners who are struggling in the main turret of the battleship. Although they are shirtless and despite the exhaust fan, it is already sweaty to move half a ton of multiple shells and more than 100 kilograms of guns together. The situation is that the shells remain in the high temperature of the gun bore after shooting.
With the distance between the two battleships getting closer to the gun range, 406mm, 30MM and 356mm giant guns roared in front of them. In the last World War, 305mm naval guns were popular, both in range and power. Although the number of German battleships was as high as 16, the King-class and Kai-2-class were all 50X diameter 305mm guns, while the Americans insisted on the principle that everything should be big, and the new york-class guns were 14 inches, that is, 356mm guns were fired at the New Mexico-class. Tennessee-class, Colorado-class and South Dakota-class equipment are even more powerful 4o6 mm guns. The only battle cruiser Lexington-class installation of the US Navy is actually this 45-times diameter 4o6 mm gun. In terms of caliber, the German fleet can compete with four Bavarian-class battleships equipped with 3omm guns, three mackensen-class patrol equipment 4o6 mm guns and five Graff-class guns.
If that main gun caliber difference between the two battleships can be balan by quantity, German sailors will have to take out the skill of accuracy in artillery to deal with the thick armor of American battleships! American ship designers seem to be naturally fond of some extreme actions. Their patrols have high navigation and strong fire defense, but they can be ugly. Their battleships can move slowly, but their fire and defense are very good. After reaching the Hua Da level, the maximum thickness of waterline armor of American battleships at all levels has reached 135 inches, that is, 343 mm turret front armor has reached an astonishing 1 inch, that is, 45 mm, and even the commander tower armor has 16 inches! Compared with even Germany’s best Graf-class armor, these three important parts have a slight difference in armor quality of 145 inches, 15 inches and 15 inches, not to mention that only from these data, the German fleet is unprecedentedly powerful this time.
In the eyes of Americans, the advantage of the Germans in China is that their own method has not achieved any success compared with the artillery of the two fleets. The German six-base fighter plane that took off from Cuba won the battlefield system as scheduled after a hard struggle, and then the German dive bombers and torpedo planes flew in to attack the American battleships and battle cruiser without any worries. It seems that the fighting situation has once again returned to the battle of Laura in South America.
When overreached American bombers and torpedo planes were waiting in the fleet, Scheer and his fleet failed to live up to expectations after a blow from the fighter plane of dd-type ship in henkel. With the shooting data returned by the school shooting machine, the artillery shells of the German fleet hit the target, while the heavy artillery shells of the Americans were still bombarding the wide and swinging on the sea in luxury.
"A single hit on the enemy Delaware-class battleship caught fire on the front deck of an opponent!"
"Single hit the enemy Delaware class battleship again, and an opposing ship is descending!"
Two pieces of good news in succession made nervous officers feel a little relieved. Only General Schell still frowned. The Delaware class is the oldest battleship in the American Atlantic fleet, and it dates back to 191o. If it was not for the 21-day voyage, the American commander might choose to leave this antique battleship with a displacement of 220,000 tons and equipment of 35mm naval guns in Hong Kong.
Scheer is worried about whether his armor-piercing projectile can successfully penetrate the thick armor of the latest battleships in the United States.
"The damage caused by the explosion in the middle of an enemy Tennessee-class battleship has not been reduced for the time being!"
"Two hits on the enemy Colorado-class battleship, one of the other’s foredecks was shot and exploded, and no fire was seen!"
"A single hit on the enemy South Dakota-class battleship, and the fire of an explosion hull in the middle of the other side has not decreased!"
With the reports of hits again and again, the bad premonition in Scheer’s heart unfortunately became a reality. When he was thinking about countermeasures, the pilot in charge of school shooting suddenly shouted with excitement.
"An enemy Tennessee-class battleship with a violent explosion is tilting!"
There was just a burst of joy in the command room, but the pilot added, "The ship was hit by a square torpedo!" "
Including Scheer, in the hearts of many officers, is it that the era of battleships has passed?
"Single hit the enemy …"
Scheer has been reluctant to listen to more. He went to a corner of the command room and silently looked at the sea outside the porthole. The American large-caliber artillery shells were constantly stirring up dozens of meters of water column, and the top of the water column passed the masts of some warships. As a result, the sea became choppy and the water column fell to form waves, constantly pouncing on nearby warships and being smashed by solid steel.
"The left side of the fleet body is increased by 20 knots at 10 degrees!"
Scheer’s indifference reached the order.
At this time, many officers and staff officers in the command room were puzzled to see that the marshal had a good hit rate from the shells of the German fleet at present. Turning left meant that the other side was getting closer. Once both sides were within the visual range of each other, the hit rate of German warships would rise, but the Americans would no longer be their achilles heel if they didn’t have a school shooting machine.
"Marshal von Hartmann, commander of the Cuban army, reported that the follow-up torpedo plane and dive bomber had taken off!" Chief of Staff Lei Deer woke up.
"I know, execute the order!" Schell closed his eyes lightly.
Lei Deer did not hesitate to see Schell’s expression of such refusal. He speculated that Marshal’s intention was probably to increase the power of armor-piercing projectiles by narrowing the distance, but that would also mean that his own risk was greatly high. After the order was delivered, Lei Deer turned around and Schell remained motionless.
Schell’s real intention is that there may be a person in this fleet who can understand that when Schell’s flagship turned the signal, a Schell veteran of the same age was gearing up on the battle cruiser "mackensen", said an opponent officer.
Boys, it’s our turn to show our horse. Get ready to move on! "
"Yes, hippel will!"
In another great naval battle in Jutland, Hippel Scheer was a partner. At that time, hippel led a patrol team to carry out a "death shock" to save the whole fleet. Only when the German high seas fleet got rid of the British fleet to intercept hippel did it stand out not only because of its bravery, but also because he fought Betty twice and won the battle in the early stage of Dogg sandbar and Jutland naval battle, which showed his witty command ability.
Before this world affected the German navy, Schell and hippel had been working together for many years. Without the glory of Jutland naval battle, they were still the controversial fleet commander of the German navy. After the Schell Atlantic Fleet met, hippel started his old business-from the position of captain of a warship, he had an indissoluble bond with the armored cruiser/battle cruiser, and by 1912, he had become the main patrol force. The commander of the reconnaissance sub-fleet of the German high seas fleet had been fighting side by side with Schell, the deputy of the German Mediterranean Fleet.
Just two minutes after the fleet completed its turn, Schell’s flagship "Graff" really sent a signal to the right wing of the US fleet!
According to the reconnaissance report, the rightmost wing of the US fleet is two patrol ships, while the three main aircraft carriers are more than 20 nautical miles behind the right wing.
"Brave hussars attack!"
Hippel always likes to call himself battle cruiser. Compared with German patrol at all levels, American patrol has a higher defense, which is much higher than that of many American generals. For example, the mackensen-class 350 mm main armor belt is even thicker than the Queen’s class battleship. Some people joke that battle cruiser is a German fad and the main armor belt with a thickness of 203 mm is a Japanese King Kong class or a 177 mm American Lexington class. The result is obvious that the Germans are in armor and a gun battle field.
The command of mackensen, Count Speer, Prince Fiedler, Devlinger, Luzo and Hindenburg of the German fleet in hippel was quickly increased to 265 knots ―― having two mackensen-class ships, the highest class, must take care of one 265 Devlinger-class ships, while two Lexington-class ships in the opposite American fleet were able to patrol these German wars.

"Can you get a good look at those two women in white?" Yang Muyu asked frowning.

"Look at it clearly …" Hao Nan swallowed a mouthful of saliva and nodded. "One of them is the Lan girl we met yesterday … I have never seen it again except once here."
Yang Muyu nodded: "Then why do you want to rely on us desperately?" This problem is beyond his comprehension.
Hao Nan bowed his head and said nothing. Yang Muyu sneered, "I said you’d better speak honestly yourself, or I’ll have the same way to know."
"I said you can’t kill me!" Hao nan sad face way.
"You said-I’m going to kill you. I’ve already killed you and waited until now?" Yang Muyu shook his head a little impatiently.
"It’s … that girl Lan asked me to find you!" Hao nan whispered.
"What?" Yang Muyu hardly jumped up.
The knife in the ghost servant’s hand pressed against his neck again, and the cold blade pressed against his neck, which had a tender pain.
Hao Nan said with a sad face, "I didn’t give up after seeing that girl Lan here, but she finally caught me, and then she stopped me, but she didn’t embarrass me, so she kept me in a secret room here, and I don’t know how long it took. Just last night, she suddenly came to me, asked me to find you, and then tried to follow you …"
"What are you doing with me?" Yang Muyu face a dark heart is more uncomfortable.
"She didn’t say she said-she would contact me when something happened …" Hao Nan shrank her neck and reluctantly accompanied him with a smile.
The ghost servant asked coldly, "How do you explain yesterday’s dice?"
"That’s-Miss Lan arranged in advance for Bao Guan to control points according to the size I said in order to cheat you …" Hao Nan’s eyes are going round and round. Although this explanation is a bit far-fetched, I hope I can fool them.
"Son!" Ghost servant looked at Yang Muyu frowning slightly.
"Let’s go back!" Yang Muyu talking at the same time has been holding the pearl turned and walked toward the outside.
The ghost servant was a little unexpected, but he still followed him with Hao Nan. Unexpectedly, there was no one guarding the secret passage of this orchid girl, and three people appeared on the reef again soon.
Standing on the reef, Yang Muyu looked at the sky and sky in the distance, and the blue color made people feel relaxed. There were seagulls spinning low on the shore, but deep down in his heart, he felt particularly uncomfortable as if he were holding up a huge stone.
"Let him go!" Yang Muyu ordered.
"Childe let him go?" Ghost servant asked incredulously.
"Yes, let him go!" Yang Muyu sneers at people-it’s just one use. How can it be used again and again? What do you want to do with 6 Jinghong? At the beginning, I bought her an ice swallow with the tips of Xuanji Liuxia Dance, which led to a misunderstanding. Don’t say that now she has openly got someone to monitor him?
"Get out of here and don’t let Lao tze see you again!" Ghost servant loosen hao male hard to throw him on the ground to ruthlessly say.
Hao nan hesitated for a moment and ran away. Yang Muyu stood on the reef and the ghost servant came up to him and frowned. "Son, why did you let that wretched guy go?"
"Because he is lying!" Did Yang Muyu take him for a fool when he smiled gently?
"Is he lying?" The ghost servant didn’t understand why he was released when he knew he was lying.
Yang Muyu looked at the sea in the distance and smiled faintly: "Do you remember that after we left the casino yesterday, you told me that someone in the casino was eyeing us?"
"Yes!" Hao nan remembered that there really was such a thing.
"If he really colluded with the casino long ago, is it worthwhile for the casino to do so?" Yang Muyu sneered, "Is he smart because he thinks others are fools?"
"But what is the purpose of his doing this?" Ghost servant still doesn’t understand.
Yang Muyu took a deep breath and recalled what the ghost servant told him about the five great families this morning. He immediately smiled and said, "He and that girl Lan may both belong to Tianyimen. We are really in big trouble this time."
"Why are you so suspicious?" Ghost servant didn’t understand that it was the first time he saw 6 Jinghong yesterday. Naturally, he didn’t know that Yang Muyu had been with her for a few days.
Yang Muyu said with a wry smile, "Let’s go back and talk while walking."
"good!" The ghost servant promised Yang Muyu that he seemed to be absent-minded and bowed his head and knew what he was thinking about. The reef was washed by the sea water so smooth that he almost fell off the reef when he stumbled carelessly.
"Be careful, son!" The ghost servant instinctively gave Yang Muyu a hand, but instead of standing up, he sat on the reef for a long time before saying, "Be careful. I have been careful since I was seven or eight years old, and I have known how to deceive people. Even my father has been cheated by me in these years, but I didn’t expect that it would be so easy to show traces when I was obsessed with ghosts."
The ghost servant can’t help but be surprised that he has never seen Yang Muyu like this. At ordinary times, the two people get along with each other. This man has always been smart and sophisticated, and he really doesn’t look like a 15-year-old child. He always thought that it was inevitable that he and Chen Ye had traveled from childhood and matured earlier than ordinary children. But today, it seems that he has always hidden his own nature. I really don’t understand how the master has trained this child in recent years. A 15-year-old child has such a heavy calculation.
"The old man of Erpang’s family is right. Women are like poisonous mushrooms in the mountains these days. The more beautiful they are, the more dangerous they are!" Yang Muyu jumped up as he spoke, patted the dust on his ass and pointed to the ghost servant’s nose and shouted, "I’ll tell you how far you must hide if you see a beautiful woman in the future, okay?"

Chapter 23 East Flower City and Tianyi Gate (1)

The day after the timeline was restarted, Goofy took Carrie to Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four. Now the haunters Registration Act has been passed, which means that Goofy and Carrie need to be registered here.

Due to the background difference, Reed Richards wrote the haunters Registration Act, and the Sokovia Agreement during the Ultron period was actually very different. Although both of them can outline the social restrictions on haunters, the general direction and details are very different.
First of all, the haunters Registration Act gives priority to the protection of haunters’s privacy. haunters’s registered information is disclosed to three independent responsible departments, but not to other institutions and individuals. At the same time, one department of the three responsible departments needs to be supervised by two other departments when it needs to obtain haunters information.
Although the tripartite supervision situation, haunters information may still be infiltrated and obtained by organizations with ulterior motives, Reid believes that he can’t give up the implementation of laws and regulations because of the risk of the relevant institutions.
The haunters Registration Act does not restrict haunters from passing the test to ensure that he can master his superpowers skillfully after haunters Action is registered, so he can make his superpowers at will.
However, haunters has to bear the corresponding consequences of all his actions, which means that he can earn profits by relying on his superpowers, but if his or her superpowers cause damage to society, he or she must also pay corresponding compensation.
Third, the haunters Registration Act came into effect in New York State, which is different from the Socovia Agreement.
Generally speaking, the Sokovia Agreement emphasizes that it is "restriction" that restricts superheroes’ abilities and greatly restricts their personal freedom.
However, Reid’s haunters Registration Act emphasizes "order" for a special group to formulate a special law to help this special group and the general group better integrate.
In this respect, Goofy totally agrees with Reid. He thinks that haunters’s super power is more like a weapon.
We don’t restrict you from using weapons, but we must know the information of these weapons, just as the gun control law does not prohibit guns, but it requires that every legal gun must be registered for the record.
This can ensure that law enforcers can find out the weapon of the case at the first time after the shooting, which is convenient for better restoring the truth and can also avoid the gunman’s fear of abusing his own interests.
As soon as the promoter of this law flew high, he not only went to Reid to register for the first time, but also pulled Carrie, the magical girl he had planned to hide around him.
It’s nothing to register yourself, but it’s hard to beat the drums at the thought that Carrie will be examined, too
At this time, he felt as uneasy as when he sent Carrie to school.
Cong Jiali really felt the tension of Goofy’s face and asked curiously, "Why are you sweating, Goofy Dad?"
"I’m a little nervous …" Goofy said bluntly.
"Because I want a medical examination?" Carrie is calm. "It’s just a medical examination. What’s there to be nervous about? Don’t … Am I sick? "
"But I don’t feel ill …" Carrie asked, blinking her big eyes. "Besides, Dad, didn’t you say that the physical examination was mainly to check my ability?"
"It’s your ability that makes me nervous …" Goofy said uneasily. "Your ability is so powerful that I’m afraid of scaring others."
"Well …" Carrie smiled cleverly. "Why don’t I just keep a low profile later?"
However, Carrie’s strength should be known. The organization already knows that the agents of the Bureau of God (jiu), Shield (U) and Bureau (she) have packed up a lot, so she is not so nervous when she thinks about flying high here.
So Goofy smiled and turned to his little girl and said, "It’s not too low-key. You can rest assured that Uncle Reed will help you."
Reed and Susan, who came to the lab on the top floor of Baxter Building, were busy and strode to meet Goofy and Carrie, and now they were in a better mood.
"Welcome officer goofy. Welcome to register …"
Goofy nodded at the big guy and then asked, "Where’s Johnny? Why didn’t he? "
Dislike pie pie "that little guy was under house arrest for half a month and his whole spirit collapsed. Now he is finally released and goes to bars immediately …"
Susan quickly came over to apologize for her brother. "I’m sorry, officer Goofy, Johnny is a hot-blooded guy who doesn’t want to be lonely, but I promise you that he will control his superpowers and won’t get into trouble again."
"I believe him" Goofy smiled.
Anyway, even if Johnny gets into trouble, there will naturally be laws to punish him after the bill is passed
"Then let’s do it?" At this time, Reid emerged from the experimental cabin and said that Mr. Magic’s special ability allowed him to directly stretch his body to a strange length and looked disgusting and uncomfortable.
"Gee … like a gumball," Carrie muttered. Snack food can associate strange things with food noodles.
Susan liked the lovely Carrie very much. She squatted down to look at the little girl and asked softly, "Little one, are you here to check with your father?"