As soon as Mo Qian Yu and Feng Ying Mo left the house, Zhang Shuo was left with two cure too much.

Oh, no, there’s another one lying in bed pretending to be dead at night
Actually, her chest hurts. It really hurts. Maybe it’s the toxin.
But because of the pain, she couldn’t sleep if she really wanted to sleep.
And pretending to be asleep when you can’t sleep is sad.
She felt that her face was going to cramp
And Zhang Shuo that guy didn’t want to help her get rid of the two cure too much and let the two cure too much stay in the wing to find a few herbs by themselves.
So she had to continue to pretend to sleep there.
In fact, she can pretend to wake up, but she is worried that as soon as she wakes up, the two of them will go to leave for thousands of feathers.
Suffer as much as you can
I don’t know how long I’ve been lying down until she’s really in a daze and going to sleep.
Zhang Shuocai finally came back.
On entering the room, he put two prescriptions one by one into the hands of two doctors who cure too much. "These medicines are too troublesome for the hospital, so please go and get one for me, and this other noodle, these medicines, don’t need to go to the capital drugstore to buy, so please take a trip."
It’s a little difficult for two doctors to go out together, so look at me and I’ll look at you.
Zhang Shuo was annoyed "what? You have to be in the hospital to move you, right? Didn’t the emperor tell you to stay and help when he returned to the palace? Move quickly! The main body poison of the night workshop waits for no one! "
The two doctors were very correct, and one of them suggested, "Do you want to let the guards go outside?"
"Guard understand medicine? What if there is a mistake? Run the second time? You are also doctors too much, and you know how precious it is to the owner of the night workshop now. If anything happens to the owner of the night workshop, I don’t think the emperor will punish me alone. "
Being Zhang Shuo said that two doctors cured too much and felt unreasonable, they decided to do it after a dispute.
As soon as the two cure too much left the room, Zhang Shuo was left alone.
I finally opened my eyes like I got an Amnesty when I heard the sound of Zhang Shuo closing the door at night.
Zhang Shuo turned around and saw her looking around with her eyes open. She looked so ignorant and stupid for a while. When she looked at him, he just came to his senses and smiled. "Why don’t you continue to pretend?"
I gave him a white look at night. "It’s all because you have no conscience that my face is stiff now."
"Then how can you blame me? I didn’t force you to pretend that you don’t want to see someone, okay? "
Zhang Shuo said as he walked to the bed and sat on a low stool and saw that the night was dark from his eyes. "Did I say something wrong?"
"No" night away from the vertical long cilia "none of your business"
Suddenly I remembered something and looked up at him. "By the way, what happened to your throat?"
Zhang Shuo zheng "what?"
"There seems to be something wrong with the sound and some dumb."
Zhang Shuo’s eyes flashed slightly. "Oh, it’s not because you just went to find some medicine for you. It’s strange that I’m running back and forth in the middle of the night."
Seeing his virtue again came out at night.
Smiling, I turned over and looked at him in the bedding because I was already familiar with him. I was silent for a moment. "Have you developed an antidote?"
Zhang Shuo’s face was slightly sluggish and his eyes were silent for a long time, as if he were thinking and hesitating, and then he looked up at her. "Are you going to know why?"
This time, it was the turn of the night to leave the face stiff. "What do you mean?"
Zhang Shuo bent his lips and smiled a little lonely and seemed to be laughing at himself. "Didn’t you give a bottle of medicine to Fengying Ink and threaten him to give you southern fire grass to save you?"
The night away from the cilia quivered. I didn’t expect this Zhang Shuo to know.
On second thought, it’s normal for Zhang Shuo to know how to treat phoenix, shadow and ink and let Zhang Shuo confirm what medicine is in a porcelain bottle.
It was in the central hall that she gave Feng Yingmo a small porcelain vase before she left. She said it was when she was chasing Yi Min, and he dropped it.
Actually, no, she took it from the doctor in yiguang tonight.
It contain medicine for treating leg disease.
Yi Min has leg disease.
She gave this medicine to Feng Yingmo just to wake him up. Yi Min is someone else and she knows it.
If you want her to keep a secret, he should know how to do it.
Since Yi Min is someone else, Yi Min took the south fire grass, which means he took the south fire grass.
There is a south fire grass that can cure her poison.
She had to come up with this strategy.
This is the night when she told Third Master that she had to stay to get the southern fire grass.
She has her own habit of keeping notes every day, which threatens Mo Qianyu and the medicine for leg diseases threatens Feng Yingmo.
She can live.

"Who says it’s not? One is more worried about me than one personality!" Nine heavy complaints about getting back to the point of small demon way "demon son you * * big * method is also a kind of hypnosis? !”

"How is that possible? !” Small demon flatly way
"ah? Isn’t it? !”
"Of course not! Mere hypnosis is just a kind of nondescript insect carving skill that human beings imitate my demon clan. How can it be compared with the authentic * * Dafa of Nujia? !”
"… a false alarm!" Nine heavy way "that hurriedly demon son you cast a * * big * method to these fenglei beast to see if there is? !”
"It’s not a piece of cake for these low-level goblins!" With that, the little demon first gave a glad eye to the wind and thunder beast in front of him, "Show it to the nu house ~!"
As soon as the little demon’s words came out, he just looked around in front of everyone, and the elegant fenglei beast immediately turned around and looked at the little demon with red eyes and red heart.
"Wow, so cow said turn around and turn around? !” Nine heavy carrying a face of surprise way
"You nu house uber charm is decoration? !” Said a sentence small demon hands bent against the temple rare eyes pegged to all fenglei beast "* * big * method! !”
Forty-two rays of sunlight-like Ruicai shunt fell into the eyes of 21 fenglei beast. 21 fenglei beast immediately shook his body as if his eyes were like absence, but he soon returned to normal. The small demon’s eyes cast out Ruicai and disappeared.
"Well, they can do things now! You want them. What do you do? !” Ask Jiuzhong after the demon skill is put into use.
"Wait first, don’t worry!" Nine heavy twist a head to ask recent love "is there any other problem that needs to be solved when this one is done?" !”
"Mica Lei Jing!" Butterfly Lovers said, "On whether the wind and thunder beasts need mica Lei Jing food in the process of breeding their offspring or breeding their offspring!"
"Mica Lei Jing …!" Nine heavy chanting voice communication to find workers to see online "where is the caller?" !”
"The ethereal city! Boss, what? !”
"Specific coordinates!"
Nine-fold start-up ring fixed-point delivery function instantly disappears and suddenly flashes around in front of everyone’s eyes, and there are more personal workers.
"Who know not to know where there is producing mica Lei Jing this ore? !” Jiuchongmen saw the mountain and asked
"Mica Lei Jing … This kind of ore is produced in Jilei Mountain and Lei Yin Valley!"
"How much output? !”
"Not bad!"
"Quality, such as? !”
"The quality is just so-so. You can see some good things in luck!" The ground worker then came to ask, "Boss, why do you ask this mica Lei Jing? !”
Nine-fold pointed to the wind and thunder beast in front of him, "Give them food to eat!"
“……!” The ground worker stumbled and almost fell to the ground.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-four Cross the line
"Eldest brother, you know not to know that this mica LeiJing is the main material to build thunderbolt LeiZhu, drop the magic ofuda these advanced props? ! Old expensive! !”
"Now the market has made thunderbolt beads technology? !” I know the thunderbolt nine times well. It is definitely a necessary magic weapon for home travel and looting. The former system rewarded him with five thunderbolt thunderbolts, but he made great contributions, first defeating Chun Wu, then destroying Li Shenzhou, and then hiding the king in the underworld.
"hmm!" The ground worker nodded and said, "It’s a free player named Lei Ren who mastered the technology. At present, the thunderbolt beads and the magic charm base in the market are all from his hands!"
"Damn it, this is a talent!" Jiuzhong touched his earlobe and said, "If we can attract him to produce thunderbolt beads for us every day, we will be very rich when we have a hundred people!"
"Boss, I’m afraid you will be disappointed!" The ground worker poured cold water on Jiuchong. "Everyone knows that this shocking technology is a fragrant steamed bun workshop. There have been many forces looking for him to attract him, but for some reason, the Ministry was rejected by shocking people! I think even if we go, I am afraid it will be the same result! "
"Then leave it alone!" Nine heavy continue to ask "since this mica Lei Jing is the raw material for making thunderbolt, it must be very popular. How do you get hundreds of gold coins per kilogram? !”
"Ten times!" The digger made a cross gesture and said, "One kilogram of mica Lei Jing is 520 thousand gold coins!"
"fenglei beast a meal? !” Nine heavy twist a head to ask recent love.
"Adult individuals have a meal of five kilograms of mica Lei Jing!"
"One by one meal is hundreds of gold coins. Isn’t this 21st meal going to eat the old 2.1 million gold coins? !” Jiuzhong counted his eyes and stared.
"I think you’d better give up keeping this fenglei beast in captivity!" Die Lian Hua said, "It’s too expensive!"
"Don’t!" Jiuchong’s stubborn temper came. "I was so old that I had to dig it out of the jade emperor’s hand and put it on hold. I’m sorry I lost my brain cells!"
"But this is really burning money!" Geo-worker’s way
"Yes, if you only buy from the market, you can’t afford to burn it even if you can afford it!" Nine fold frowned meditation a long time suddenly raised his head "it seems that I have to go to heaven again! !”
"Do you busy you go! Machine you bring the wind Lei Shou back to the colorful magic capital to find a place to circle first! " Commanded all nine heavy and take recent shoulder asked "how much level are you? !”
A glimpse of the butterfly flowers, nine heavy shoulders, more and more comfortable "ninety-five!"
Jiuzhong took three gourds and picked up the elixir from his backpack and gave it to Butterfly Lovers. "Thank you for helping me with a little gift today!" "
Butterfly Love Flowers Glanced at Jiuzhong’s gourd and looked at Jiuzhong. "I’m not here for reward!"
"Of course I know you’re not here for a reward or I’ll give you the money directly!" Jiuzhong patted the shoulders of recent flowers. "Keep it. You are naturally the best leader in the league!"
"This is? !” Recent flowers smell speech a surprised.
"Hum away ~!" Interrupt the story of Butterfly Lovers, Jiuzhong directly starts the function of sending the ring at a fixed point, sends Butterfly Lovers back to the four seas, and then walks away and goes straight to heaven.
“!” I forgot Jiuchong’s distant figure for a long time, and I came to my senses and hit Jiuzhong. I poured out a pill for her golden gourd and looked at the attribute "Pick the elixir! !”
Sky Cloud Nine starts the ghost stealth function first, and then starts the ring sending function again, and then teleports directly to the outside of the worse gate.
With the flying dragon’s heavenly attribute, "exploration skills are effective", all exploration skills are shielded, and the only drawback of ghost concealment, "god-level exploration skills", disappears, which together creates a perfect stealth state
Suo Jiuzhong now swaggered through the worse gate and entered the heaven.
Go to the Lingxiao Hall and have a look. I found that the people had already gone to the building, leaving a few soldiers guarding the door.
"Well, I don’t know where this Taibai Venus lives!" Nine heavy scratched his head and wanted to think about spiritual communication with the little demon. "Demon son, you gave Taibai Venus a * * big * method. I don’t know if you can determine his exact location? !”
"Of course!"
"That can be like you and me to communicate with him from a distance? !”
"What is he? But I’m a puppet. Is I qualified to communicate with my soul? !”
"Well, then determine his location and we’ll go and find him!"
"I don’t need to send him an instruction directly to let him come and find us!" Small demon arrogant tone way "how can I condescend to find a little puppet? !”
"Then call him here quickly!" Nine focuses on talking. This girl is not small, but she always likes it ~!

"Hmm … hmm!" Miyazawa Shinji bowed her head and became shy.

"Oh, what a wise decision! Don’t worry, I will never treat you badly! " Nine-fold vowed to ensure the true snow of Miyazawa. At the same time, the true snow of Miyazawa became more and more unruly and teased the true snow trail of Miyazawa. "In that case, can we do something that should be done between men and women now? !”
"Don’t … not here!" While resisting the harassment of Jiuchong, Miyazawa Shinxue said, "It will be discovered by the big lady and make her unhappy!"
"Hey hey, don’t worry, she tossed with me all night yesterday, and now she can’t get up at all ~!" As he spoke, Jiuzhong began to land on the beach and waited on Miyazawa Shinji to undress.
"Oh, no!" Nine heavy movements are a little too neat. Miyazawa’s snow is just a stupidly kung fu, and the cut of the coat has been completely lifted, revealing a pair of jade rabbits, still hiding half her face from us behind her guitar and be vividly portrayed. To react miyazawa snow can’t help but exclaim, his hands on his chest, blocking the further invasion of nine heavy, "please, don’t be here, I’m really afraid! If you really want to … do it, let’s do it outside! "
"Oh?" Nine heavy smell speech shine at the moment, "I didn’t expect you to be so wild, actually like the field? !”
"… no!" Miyazawa really snow crush the impulse to kill Jiuchong immediately, explained, "I mean … let’s go to a hotel outside Longyu to open a room! This will satisfy you, and you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed by the big lady. Isn’t it the best of both worlds? !”
"Well …!" Jiuzhong nodded thoughtfully. "I haven’t checked into a hotel yet. It must be very exciting ~!"
"Line, then let’s go! I can’t wait! " Jiuzhong temporarily let go of Miyazawa Shinji, left the leading mansion with Miyazawa Shinji and drove out of Longyu.
On the road, the car, nine heavy hug miyazawa true snow, a face of excited talking with miyazawa true snow, "Zhao Xue, which hotel do you think we should go to? This house, this house or that house? !”
There are many hotels near Longyu, and Jiuzhong is obviously too excited. I don’t know which hotel to check in, so I keep asking for the advice of Miyazawa Shinxue.
"Not as good as … that one! It looks very classy! " Miyazawa Shinji pointed to a striking hotel building not far ahead of the window.
Chapter six hundred and twenty Check in
The driver drove away to find a parking space, and Jiuzhong took Miyazawa Shinxue and went straight into the Jin Rui Hotel and came to the front desk. "Miss, I want to check in!"
I didn’t expect someone to say such a thing as checking in, as if for fear that others didn’t know he was looking for a young lady. The waiter at the front desk looked strangely. "… what class of room do you need, sir? !”
"Whatever …!" Jiuzhong wanted to say casually, but he was interrupted by Miyazawa Shinji.
Miyazawa really snow qiao face with a shy way, "I … I think my first time as far as possible a little dream, can we go to the top of the luxury suite? !”
"Depend on you!" Jiuzhong simply agreed to Miyazawa’s request and said to the waiter, "Just one of the most luxurious suites in your hotel!"
"Ah, good!" The waiter didn’t expect that the man in front of him, although a cheap man, was quite rich and didn’t dare to neglect him. He quickly checked in with Jiuzhong and handed the room key to Jiuzhong. "Take care of the guests!"
"hmm!" Jiuchong fished for the key, couldn’t wait to take Miyazawa Shinji and walked towards the elevator, took the elevator to the top floor, found the room according to the house number on the key chain, and opened the door and entered the room.
Ho Ha Ha, Zhao Xue, hurry up! As soon as the door was closed, Jiuchong couldn’t wait to run to the bedroom with Miyazawa snow, threw it on the bed, and quickly stripped herself of clothes that were in the way. "I can’t help it ~! !”
Miyazawa really snow a stupidly kung fu, nine heavy whole person has been bright and clean walk, jump on the bed, put her on the body, while occupying her sexy red lips crazy kiss, act in collusion with each other, take off your clothes for her.
"Um … ah … wait … wait!" In the face of nine heavy so highly effective action, Miyazawa really snow obviously some does not adapt, let nine heavy caught off guard, was nine heavy strong lips along while to react, trying to break away from nine heavy jaws, gasped and begged, "you wait for me to take a bath first? !”
"Well … all right!" Nine heavy crush x fire, reluctant to take away the salty pig’s hands that fell on a pair of jade rabbits in Miyazawa Shinji, let go of Miyazawa Shinji and lie on his back, "but go back quickly!" You have five minutes. If I don’t see you coming out after five minutes, I will go in and take a bath with you. "
"… wait for me!" Miyazawa really snow smell speech scared and ran into the bathroom, followed by the sound of "Hua" in the bathroom.
"Uh-huh, uh-huh ~!" Nine heavy down from the bed, leisurely humming a ditty, naked in the living room while waiting for miyazawa really snow beauty bath.
Came to the window, nine heavy curtain, condescending, take time to enjoy the city view.
"Manager, manager, that nine-fold outcrop!" Opposite the Jin Rui Hotel, on the top floor of the building as high as the floor of Jin Rui Hotel, in the room parallel to Jiuzhong’s luxury suite, a black dress person who is monitoring the movement of Jiuzhong’s luxury suite with a telescope, sees Jiuzhong appear in front of the window, and immediately reports to Miyazawa Liangchen, who is resting on the sofa behind him.
Hearing the children’s leave of his subordinates, Miyazawa Liangchen instantly opened his eyes, two trees flashed by, got up and came to the window, and looked at the opposite situation through the telescope.
"Manager, do you want to try to snipe? !” On the left and right sides of the telescope, there is a gunman who opens the sights of their respective sniper rifles and observes Jiuzhong in the luxury suite opposite through the sights.
"no!" Miyazawa Liangchen shook his head. "According to his background information, this Jiuzhong is a top player in Gu Wu Road. With his current position and in a state of vigilance, it is easy to escape the sniper of you two! Continue to wait, when the real snow is lingering with him and his back is turned to us, it is the time for us to shoot! !”
Nine heavy and miyazawa really snow in the luxury suite.
Hearing the underwater sound of the bathroom stopped, Jiuchong’s ears pricked up at once, and his eyes were fixed on the bathroom door.
After two minutes, the bathroom door finally opened, and Miyazawa really snow around the bath towel, and his breasts were half exposed and came out of the bathroom.
Seeing the hibiscus-like Miyazawa snow at this time, Jiuzhong immediately responded.
“……!” Seeing Jiuchong’s reaction, Miyazawa really stopped at the door and ate for a long time. The most talented person bowed his head and looked very shy. He slowly moved to Jiuchong like a snail.
"Are you ready? !” Nine fingers gently picking Miyazawa really snow a stroke still hanging water hair, gently asked.
"Quasi … well! !” Miyazawa really snow just say a word, sexy lips have been occupied by nine heavy, "um … ah …! !”
In fact, Miyazawa Shinji can’t wait to unload the big color embryo’s nine major pieces now, but for the sake of planning, she can only endure it for the time being, and if she can’t bear it, she will make great plans.
Once she breaks the plan on impulse, she will not only lose the chance to kill this bastard, but also lose something more important.
A warm and affectionate, nine heavy is to x fire, immediately picked up the miyazawa snow to wushan * * in the bedroom.
Miyazawa really snow got a fright, quickly, "can … can you not so fast? ! I am not ready yet! "
"So how can you be ready? !”
"More … more X play before!"
"Ha ha, so! No problem! " Jiuzhong temporarily dispelled the urge to hold Miyazawa Shinji to bed, and in the living room, he continued to make out with Miyazawa Shinji.
In the building opposite.
"This beast! !” See nine heavy unscrupulous affectionate with miyazawa snow in the opposite room, incredibly don’t even pull the curtain, although this is what they want to see, has been monitoring the black dress person in the opposite room indignant scold a way.
"Concentrate and get ready for action!" Only Miyazawa Liangchen, leaning on a stick of civilization, didn’t see any emotional changes, just looked at the opposite situation coldly, and gave orders to these men in black very calmly.
"yes! !” The two gunmen all aimed at the true snow in Miyazawa in the opposite suite.
In the luxury suite of Jin Rui Hotel.
Nine heavy face out of the window, miyazawa really snow back to the window, nine heavy single-handedly took miyazawa really snow boneless fine waist, held miyazawa really snow in his arms, the other hand wantonly stroked miyazawa really snow charming body, to stimulate the miyazawa really snow.
"Well … um …? !” Miyazawa really snow while trying to endure the attack of nine heavy, while wondering, "what’s the matter? Why can’t you turn around? !”
Chapter six hundred and twenty-one Give your life to protect flowers

Because high-order lingshi is far from being comparable to low-order lingshi in cultivation, if it is really to be converted into proportion, it is now recognized in the cultivation world that 50 low-order lingshi can be exchanged for a middle-order lingshi and 100 middle-order lingshi can be exchanged for a high-order lingshi.

When I say free, these are actually the price of ten high-grade lingshi.
And not only that, but even with such a high conversion rate, few monks exchange high-order lingshi for low-order lingshi, which is definitely not a small number.
Even if Meng Qi took it to Fangshi for auction, even though it was possible to get low-order Lingshi with more value, there was no free hand to take out these Lingshi.
So Meng Qi is very satisfied with this transaction.
Meng Qi took out a jade box and handed it to Free, saying, "This is the remnant spirit fruit. Please have a look."
Free walked over and took the jade box and looked at it with a crack. There was no problem. The jade box said, "I finally went to a worry, so Meng Xiong will leave here."
"Oh, brother, go slow and you won’t send it." Meng Qi also smiled and said.
"Leave" and set up a flying instrument to break away.
Seeing that the wandering figure has disappeared, Meng Qi returned to the small room, and Cheng Ruowei was inside at this time to see Meng Qi coming in and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Meng Qi shook his head and said, "It’s not a deal." Now he is used to Cheng Rewei. Although they didn’t happen again, Meng Qi felt that it was not bad to have her around.
Meng Qi sat in a chair and wondered when this lingshi would be enough for himself. He just wanted to get some low-order lingshi to pay for it, but now that he had a windfall, he naturally had to make other plans.
Cheng Ruowei saw that Meng Qi seemed to be thinking about something. She came behind Meng Qi and put her arms around him from behind. She said, "I’ll help you with something."
Then gently blowing air in Meng Qi’s ear, while Meng Qi felt that the two groups behind him were rich and greasy and clung to himself. Meng Qiyi was a little nervous but also enjoyed it very much.
A little calm a mood Meng Qi told Cheng Rewei about this Lingshi thing. After all, Cheng Rewei’s head is not the average person who can compare with Meng Qi who is willing to worship the wind.
After listening to this, Cheng Rewei smiled and said, "What do you want? Do you need to go to a lot of lingshi places recently? It’s good for these Lingshi to stay in practice, especially after those high-order Lingshi, but you have great achievements when you are promoted to the next position. "
Meng Qi nodded, and he actually thought so, and since Cheng Rewei also said so, there was nothing to think about.
Without those things, I felt that I stood out again. Well, it’s really comfortable. Meng Qi closed his eyes and thought.
Cheng ruowei smiled cunningly when he saw Meng Qi. He knew that if he went like this, it might not be long before Meng Qi would feel his feelings.
However, with the end of the cultivation meeting, their horses will return to the clan, and there is still a woman who is worried about Meng Qi.
Thought of here Cheng Rewei frowned.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine No mouth
Chapter one hundred and ten No mouth
Cheng Rewei also knew that Meng Qi did not force him when he needed it.
This suspicion is very correct. Sometimes it will be counterproductive if Cheng Ruowei is so smart, a woman will naturally not make such a low-level mistake.
In this way, Meng Qi really feels relaxed. Of course, it is impossible to say that Meng Qi has no impulse to be in the same roof with such a beautiful lesbian every day.
At some time, Meng Qi will think of some very impure things, such as the charming dream and the glimpse of that day, which will make Meng Qi feel poor.
Although Meng Qi was deeply influenced by various films in his previous life, it was the first time to see a real girl’s sedan chair, especially when such a touching girl told him to think about it all.
However, after much consideration, Meng Qi dared not take the initiative to ask for anything. One was his own problem, and the other was that he was still shy.
Although he is not a man, he just can’t mumble with Cheng Rewei’s eyes staring at Meng Qi, and he doesn’t know what to say. The good scene is awkward.
All this has been going on like this.
After a few days, I drifted to the ethereal Sect and found Meng Qi.
"Meng Xiong, this is a high-order LingShi two hundred middle-order LingShi in but it took some effort to raise" free walked over and took out a bag and handed it to Meng Qi.

Then Yunzui turned and walked in the other direction. Yunxi stood on the spot and asked, "Hey, where are you going?"

But Yunzui didn’t respond to her
Xiao Tianzheng is going to ask Ban Yunzui to come and let him go upstairs with Yunzui immediately.
Rummaging through a piece of information, Xiao Tian reported that "Xiangge Wuxiang Niang is probably not a mainlander."
Cloud drunk but raised his eyebrows. Looking at Wu Xiangxiang, it was time to come to the mainland, and on what day and month, he bought land and built a fragrant pavilion. Almost all the girls and men were found out.
These people are all extra, not people in the imperial city
If you explain Wu Xiangxiang, you will say that they are foreigners and come to the imperial city to do business.
"A gang member once overheard Xiangge girl’s conversation. They said that it was not the mainland language, but probably the language of other dependent countries, and it would probably be the language of the sea country." Xiao Tian also reported.
Helping friends means helping beggars! It is also a cloud drunk force!
Smell speech cloud drunk but frown.
No matter how much Wu Xiang Niang comes out, she won’t be a mainlander. If she is another dependent country, it’s a good thing that the dependent country also covers an area of the mainland, and it can be controlled. If she is a Chinese, there is a conspiracy interspersed among them.
Yunzui has been to Xiangge, but it can be sure that Wu Xiangxiang knows Yunmo’s identity.
But I still took Yunmo in. Aren’t you afraid she’ll get hurt?
Moreover, Yunmo was forced to marry Wangping, but finally Wuxiang helped Yunmo burn Wangping to death.
Wu Xiang Niang’s help to Yunmo in this way is really the face of Liyun Mo to make money?
I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Although Yunmo is beautiful, Wu Xiangxiang can also go to the slave auction venue to find slaves she likes, and it won’t cost too much to buy back, and she can make a lot of money.
But for Yunmo, you worked so hard to reach a boss and employees with Yunmo?
Yunzui feels that Wu Xiang Niang won’t suffer so much in vain. She is very clever.
And now that Yunmo has no prime minister’s strength, there is no good picture!
The only certainty is that Mu Lian is behind Yunmo!
Mu Lian admires Yun Mo, but what if Wu Xiang Niang is Li Yun Mo to contain Mu Lian?
Mu Lian is a general guarding the border. He has soldiers in his hand. If Mu Lian rebelled, it would be much easier for the sea country to attack or launch an attack on the mainland.
It seems that Wu Xiangxiang is likely to be a Chinese, and all this is a foreshadowing and foreshadowing for the grand cause of the country, but it is just a chess game.
And Yunmo will be willing to be rewarded even if she knows it. It’s good that she wants revenge, no matter whether it will destroy the country or not!
All this seems to make sense.
"From now on, pay attention to Xiangge and don’t startle Wu Xiangxiang, who is probably a Chinese!" Cloud drunk thought after mouth to say
She is not too concerned about the affairs of state, but Chi Mi, the sovereign of Mo Chi Kingdom, is also famous in mainland China. Yun Zui, his girlfriend in Chi Mi, is of course in charge of this matter!
What’s more, Li Wuxiang wants to get back at her for being drunk! How could she stand by and watch her get drunk? !
297 Chapter 297 Xu Qinger accident.
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Wu Xiang Niang’s goal is to contain Mu Lian with Li Yunmo, so that the border soldiers can defect and let the compatriots kill in the mainland.
That’s when the war started!
Xiao Tian nodded solemnly immediately after Yunzui confessed.
I have to say that when the clouds are drunk and quiet, thinking about problems is so focused and serious, and working women are very attractive, and a strong woman is generally there.
In this ancient times, when the status of women was low, it was so confusing that it stood out and made people shine!
It’s also bright and blind. Xiao Tianyan has taken away his three souls and seven spirits!
Yunzui went back to the Prime Minister’s Mansion from the polar building, but he still saw Xu Qinger’s servant magpie and Ge Guan looking for something with lanterns.

Cloud and gas floating fast knot in the horizon

A monster with a lion’s head and a lion’s body and a pair of huge wings on the back of a fox’s tail hovers in a virtual shadow, half dignified and intimidating, and comes out with a little cold as hell.
Ghost owl? Looking at the virtual shadow in Yanglingtian, a noun that I don’t know where I have seen suddenly emerged in my mind.
The ghost owl was born in the extremely cold world, and the ominous fierce beast passed by, and the disaster was like thunder and trance.
When I was young, my blue body gradually turned black in my semi-adult state. A cannibal soul can promote its own growth by devouring the remnants of the soul. This kind of monster has the wind and thunder force, and its wings vibrate quickly. The flying speed of lightning is faster than that of heaven and earth, and Dapeng Golden Wings are not so fast. After entering the semi-adult state, besides the peak of soul-eating talent, it will slowly absorb the wind and thunder force of heaven and earth and gradually turn golden.
"So you are a ghost owl." Yanglingtian gently shook his head and remembered that the other party mistook himself for a demon race and wanted to devour things. He couldn’t help but smile.
"There is still some knowledge!" Master Kun nodded proudly. "Hehe, I still want to thank you. The demon race in your body has helped me a lot. If my ancient demon race adds another bodhi old zu, you should remember the first achievement!"
"Are you so sure you can swallow it?" Yanglingtian’s face smile is more intense.
"That’s natural!" Master Kun is full of pride. "I know that your body is very powerful, but it’s a pity that you are a human body and my demon spirit are extremely difficult to blend. It’s only the tip of the iceberg that can exert its power at most, but having my talent as a ghost owl is easy for me to grasp how powerful he is for this unconscious spirit, but it takes a while to refine."
The illusory animal shadow fluttered gently around, and the wind blew like a cold air knife, and it was already a pain in Yangling’s face that had not yet started.
The dark phantom gradually narrowed and finally became a mini ghost owl with a length of one or three inches, which entered from the eyebrows of Yangling day without hindrance. At the same time, Master Kun’s body became sluggish due to his spiritual separation.
However, the silver-haired youth still quietly smiled, as if the root was aware of the other person’s life, and even didn’t even fight back.
"There are times when you cry when you pretend!" Master Kun scolded him. Although he was fascinated by the body, there was still a connection between the body and the soul. Naturally, he could "see" Yanglingtian’s facial expression.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ Lao will soon be the bodhi old zu ~ ~ ~" Master Kun shouted as he walked through.
"Hey ~ ~ ~ What is this?" When I arrived at the time when the silver-haired youth knew the sea, Master Kun finally recovered from the excitement and replaced it with a full face of shock!
In Yanglingtian, the sea of insight is surrounded by nine colors of brilliance, and a nine-colored cloud group floats quietly.
The clouds are clear and natural as if they were not bound by heaven and earth.
No, it’s not unconstrained by heaven and earth
But the constraint of heaven and earth law
Although the cloud is soft, it contains an unyielding momentum besides the natural noble dust, which makes heaven and earth not only restrain his freedom, but also make the lonely days tremble
"Is this what he got?" Master Kun muttered in absentia.
But in an instant, he shook his head again and waved away this unrealistic idea.
Because of his talent, the body-ghost owl family naturally has a thorough study of the spirit of time creatures
Although there is a certain spirit in the misty clouds.
But ~ ~ ~ Since the beginning of time, let alone the monster beast clan, I have never heard of anyone who once had such a nine-color fascination.
And this is not a key world wonder. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it means you have to hide your knowledge of the sea.
The reason why Master Kun really denied that he was looking for the demon race was that he felt a kind of indestructible atmosphere from that cloud.
Although I don’t know the feeling, Master Kun knows very well that it is true and believes that this thing is really difficult to bury, because it is a gift of the Ghost Owl clan, and he feels that he has never missed it.
Heaven and earth are hard to bury? Just kidding! Even if the creator of the universe is not lost in the boundless stars.
If this gives him the feeling that heaven and earth are difficult to bury, is his master more powerful than the ancestor god?

Xiao Yong even understood it.

But empress Cao is not white.
Xiao Yong looked at her coldly as if she were a dead man.
Finally, I said, "Cao Shi buried the princess’s tomb after her death."
The queen mother Cao was probably shocked by this. Looking at Xiao Yong for a long time, she didn’t come back during the meeting.
While Xiao Yong got up and left the main hall with the support of the official.
Empress Cao’s face changed a little and she looked at Li Lingyu gnashing her teeth. "He … unexpectedly … you are in a big position!"
Li Lingyu saw her kneeling there without saying a word.
Since Xiao Yong refused to bury her with the Mausoleum, it would be disowning this successor.
She felt funny again. After Yuan, both of them were young. Xiao Yong and Yuan were buried together. Don’t you think Yuan can’t explain it?
She is also not good at breaking off with an old lady, so she went out of Suzaku Temple and Xiao Yong said, "I should ask Chen to stay for a few days and make sure he doesn’t spoil it. I will never move him."
Xiao Yong probably knew that she wanted to do things openly and said, "His life expectancy is detrimental, that is his life."
Li Lingyu doesn’t like to hear this. If Xiao Yong didn’t commit crimes, it might not be this field.
In the evening, when she finally finished her work, Yan Bainian came back. Li Lingyu asked, "Is your brother gone?"
"Leave at noon"
Neither of them stopped to have a rest after the wedding.
At this time, the two of them were sitting on the couch in the back hall, and Li Lingyu leaned against Yan Bainian.
Yan Bainian discussed with her, "I’ll go back to the northern border of Sizhou first, and now it’s different from other places. Sizhou can cultivate refugees in the north and return to the north to appease them …"
Li Lingyu listened to his careful arrangement and suddenly asked, "Have you ever heard of military exploits?"
Yan Bainian has never heard of it.
"Too close to the northern fields, the people dare not live, but the military field does less work and taxes or taxes belong to the army, so the northern army can be self-sufficient …" She was not sure about the specific regulations on military reclamation, but she still gave Yan Bainian a sentence.
But this is enough for Yan Bainian to be happy. He directly held her head and kissed her, boasting, "Why are you so clever?"
The northern territory has been restricted by grain and grass for so many years, and my father has imposed taxes on a small scale, which is not in line with the law, but there is nothing I can do to remove grain and grass
It would be different if the land was reclaimed by the army.
Late at night, he got up barefoot with a candlestick and went to the front hall to get a pen and paper. He and Li Lingyu were on the couch and began to draft the specific articles of association for conceiving military exploits and wasteland reclamation.
Li Lingyu didn’t expect him to react so much to the personnel changes in the DPRK and the official disputes. She told him, and he listened to it. He occasionally discussed with her, but he was far less excited than the military reclamation.
At the end of March, Li Lingyu changed the title of Taihe, which was the first year of Taihe.
Since then, the turmoil has been too long and it has been busy with innovation.
At the end of June of the first year of Taihe, the Qingzhou Hong Kong merchant team returned
Xue Yang led the accounts and entered the palace with a dignified look to reimburse Li Lingyu.
When he met Li Lingyu, he said, "The Hong Kong merchant team in Qingzhou is back."
Li Lingyu looked at it before he took over less than four hundred and two thousand entries in the books.
It’s not very different from what she expected, and the second merchant ship has already set off
Li Lingyu asked Xue Yang, "What about Master Xue?"
Xue Yang has been digesting the news today and has been busy with accounting these days.
"This income is indeed considerable."
Li Lingyu said; "At the latest, Guangzhou Port will be opened at the end of the year. You don’t have to go far to the west to pay for it. You can also practice navy with money."
When Xue Yang saw that she didn’t care, she knew that she expected more, which was not up to the requirements.
"In this, Li Chen is probably clear and knows the meaning of the temple."
Li Lingyu said, "Mr. Xue will show me that the purse is under construction in the north and the canal is under construction in the south. No one will bite his teeth easily this year. It is better to turn over the annual meeting."
Xue Yang believed her this time.
"This summer harvest …"
"Now that we have the input, we will reduce the tax and let the people relax. The war in the north has repeatedly increased taxes, and even going to Jiangnan like this will be really against it." Li Lingyu joked.
Xue Yang is more stingy than she is. "I went back to think about how to reduce this tax. First, I made a charter. Now the north road has been repaired to Yuzhou Luyang and Wang Ren is still in the Huaihe River area."
Li Lingyu was teased by his meanness and said, "According to Lord Xue."
Later, Cao Yin went on business and talked about the Tangut people in Qinzhou’s westernization. It has been several months since Yan Bainian returned to the north. Cao Yin also felt unreasonable. Less than a month after the wedding, Wang Fubei returned to Li Lingyu without touching the ground.
Occasionally, the small collectors of Yushitai will talk about her, but it is just a successor of yin and yang.

"Xi Yanxiu was really able to separate the spiritual body from the spiritual body of a practitioner, but since it was the leader of the celestial skeleton who caused this ending, how can you order the celestial skeleton to ally with other killers?"

"That’s because I was injured by the princess when I killed you, and I have since disappeared from the princess to vent my anger and secretly take people to the lair of the Heavenly Skeleton League to force us to obey the command of foreign countries in the West, so we can order them around at will."
"Brother Dongfang said that it should be the method of recreating the flesh. Wouldn’t it be so much trouble for the whole Longyuan continent to go around if you wanted to find the Dongsheng medical star?"
"Ah, my body is damaged beyond human power, and I was sealed as soon as I was injured. Unless I find an immediate remodeling method, even if I can remove the seal, my body will instantly melt the dust."
Zhao Lanxin said, let the wind slave take out a round bead like skin color from the close-fitting luggage, and be stunned by the palm of his hand like a pill.
"This … this is your body?"
"It’s true that even Princess Xuanshuang herself can lift the seal of this corpse. I expected the treasure of God to help me recover my body, but I didn’t expect it to fall short. Now I hope it is where Oriental Excellence said. I hope he didn’t lie to me."
"Don’t worry, Brother Dongfang is proficient in Yi Shu. He said that things must be close to each other. If we explore carefully, we will naturally gain something. Rou Er and I will help you, right?" The wind Xiang turned to ask to fly beside Rou Er.
Rou Er listened to Fengxiang talking with Zhao Lanxin all the way, and an inexplicable jealousy rose in his heart. Although he lost his past memory, he still vaguely paid attention to the feeling of love for Fengxiang, so he didn’t feel upset when he saw his daughter so close.
On hearing Fengxiang ask himself, Rou Er turned his head and replied, "Yes, Sister Zhao, we will help you. I don’t know what that place is …"
"There will be an answer soon!"
Zhao Lanxin followed the wind and pointed out that there was a dark cloud in the jungle ahead. In that cloud stood a towering column with ten people around it, and the whole column was carved with several grotesque patterns on its rough surface. At first glance, it went straight into the sky and I didn’t know where it led.
Everyone looked at each other and flew towards Fang’s dark clouds, only to find that at the first touch, they suddenly felt that their strength was lost, especially when the unlucky wind Xiang escaped from the shackles of colorful clouds, and he could also escape and avoid watching himself hang a towering tree and looked at the people on the ground with a sad face.
Although the local people wanted to save Fengxiang, they saved him because of the lost method. They shouted in the swing, "Help me quickly!" "
"good! The wind, flowers, snow and moon will take back the colorful ropes and let us come! " Zhao Lanxin bad smile to say
"Don’t don’t …"
Before Fengxiang could stop him, he saw that the four slaves had taken back four colorful ropes with a charming smile, which suddenly made Fengxiang fall from it, but it happened that Zhao Lanxin fell on his face.
Fengxiang felt a tender look in his hand and gasped at the sight. It turned out that his palm pressed Zhao Lanxin’s chest like a second, and the other arm was hugging the slender waist branch. The soft and warm feeling made the original impulse in his heart detain the bud. I didn’t expect the mental body to have such a real feeling.
Thinking about the wind in my head, Xiang couldn’t help but swell up, which just arrived at Zhao Lanxin’s flat abdomen. She was so ashamed that she blushed and forgot to push it aside, and she was constantly jealous.
"When do you still want to be lingering? Get up and see what’s going on. We are all lucky."
Rou Er was extremely dissatisfied with the fact that Feng Xiang and Zhao Lanxin both woke up suddenly after drinking. This just hurriedly pushed each other’s bodies and adjusted their clothes and blushed. This just looked at the surrounding environment.
Zhao Lanxin’s mood at this time is like a deer running and jumping, but she can’t figure out that she has always been indifferent. Did she really like this glib little ruffian with the wind flying just now …
And the wind Xiang heart is another idea finally succeeded, this time not only touched her but also hugged her step should be … Hey hey, but it seems a little sorry that Rou Er and Yuenu don’t care if I am so handsome now, I think they should not mind!
They found that there was a strong black fog around the tower, which made people feel weak and weak. Even the wind, the monty, the Yuan God and Rou Er’s real dragon force were hard to destroy, and they immediately guessed that the black fog was strange, but it was already possible to crustily skin of head and look for it.
Chapter 27 The Lord God’s Sky
"If the Oriental Excellence said that the method was just a cylinder, we wouldn’t have to climb like this, would we?" The moon slave looked at the stone pillars that were too high to see the top, and said that if you really want to climb the top by human resources, it is indeed unthinkable.
"If the real face is ok, the most terrible thing is to climb to the top only to find that it is not depressed to the extreme …" When Feng Xiang spoke, he deliberately avoided Rou Er and the moon slaves staring at him, and his eyes seemed to hide his guilt.
"Feng Gong said it makes sense. Since you have said so, why not let you climb?" Zhao Lanxin looked at the wind and was distracted. She couldn’t help but deliberately make a bad move.
"I a person? That one thousand is really the East Brother said that the method of restoring the body is right. Even if I urge you to call that high place again, you can’t hear it … "
"Are you a man here? You don’t always have to ask us girls to climb with you. What if there is no face? Well, if you don’t refuse much, you will be the representative when we pass! " Zhao Lanxin said to the daughters with a wink, and she saw Rou Er and Yue Nu repeatedly applauding, as if struggling to vent the vinegar accumulated in her heart just now.
"You women who eat and crawl outside …"
Whispering in Fengxiang’s mouth, he was reluctant to think about the direction of the tower column and walked slowly. What did you say? He jumped to the top of the column in a hurry.
During the crawling process, Feng Xiang tried several times to gather the magic gas, but it didn’t work out, so he was able to grab the cylinder and slowly climb to the top of his mouth. He still muttered, "Mom, I haven’t heard of Longyuan mainland for so many years. Is it really killing me to suddenly grow up?"
Seeing Fengxiang shouting and cursing, he tried to climb to the top and soon disappeared. Now he is in a dilemma. If he falls carelessly, he will fall to pieces and continue to face such a boring action at the end, which is not only a physical test but also a mental test.
"Do you think Feng Gong can climb to the top?" Tower column square month slave slightly regret asked.
"Why? Do you care about him so much? "
"Not miss … I’m worried about him falling …"
"Ever since you came back from the ghost cave, I think you’re strange. Is there something happening in that cave?"
"No … nothing happened!" The moon slave panicked and argued that the thought of the scene in the ghost cave at that time made her feel hot and flushed.

"Hey, no, no"

Suluo "I’m sorry to bother you, but I’ll sing you a song."
The crowd suddenly boiled, thunderous hands suddenly sounded, and the village chief was dumbfounded. This boastful young man is really awesome. No wonder a song can get a primary school.
"Then I’ll come."
"Xishan grey vast east China sea.
Our school is solemn and lonely in the center.
Eastern and Western cultures come together.
Datong Ji Zu Guoguang
Shenxin learns from afar.
Shenxin learns from afar.
Spring breeze brings rain and joy to Weiyang.
If you are healthy, you must be self-reliant
If you are healthy, you must be self-reliant
A great god is a great god.
With that solemn feeling, the song made everyone burst into tears and solemn.
"Know the first literature and art from it.
Lide made a point to ask West and East.
Which introduction is our school merit?
Colleagues regard the great wind as nothing.
Shui Mu Tsinghua Zhongxiuzhong
Shui Mu Tsinghua Zhongxiuzhong
Ten thousand people are as loyal as one arrow
Hehewu is poor in school name.
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa"
"Hehe, my school name is poor"
"Pit Lord, I love you"
"Ah ah ah"
So Shui Mu Tsinghua of Beijing Wudaokou Technical College added a school song, the old school song in the past, er, now it’s a new school song.
"I want to take an examination of Tsinghua University later."
Wu Pu’s eyes are glowing after coming out.
"Tell you that all students in China want to take the exam."
"I’m sure I can take the exam."
"haha, of course I believe it."
"What does it mean to ask West East?"
"Ask freedom, ask affection, ask prosperity, ask initial heart, dare to love what you love, do what you do and listen to your heart"
Suluo stopped smiling at Wu Pu once again rubbed his little head and said softly.
"what the heart wants to ask the west and the east"
I don’t know if the little guy understands. After Tsinghua University came out, Wu Pu has been very excited. Before the mood was high, the words became a lot.
The teacher elder sister is also very excited tearing suluo clothes coquetry way.
"Master, master, I will also take the Tsinghua University exam later."

They have no second possibility except to leave Zhao Rujun’s house despondently.

What is even more commendable is that after such a bleak ending, no one resented Zhao Rujun’s father and daughter. On the contrary, many people became sworn enemies and hated each other for tearing themselves down and exposing themselves.
After Zhao Rujun’s death, his father asked the patriarch to make decision together. Zhao Rujun’s son-in-law adopted his son in law, and all his future possessions were given to her children and grandchildren. Of course, the patriarch did not contribute in vain.
When all the uncles and cousins saw this result, they accepted it calmly, and no one ever played the idea of Zhao’s family property again
Everyone is the same. I’m hopeless and I can’t take advantage of you for nothing!
Zhao Rujun was fifteen years old when this matter was finalized.
If from the beginning, she gave birth to an adopted family, people would definitely disagree. They have already taken Master Zhao’s property for granted, so how can they be cheap to outsiders? But after all this trouble, people don’t agree! It can be seen that Zhao Rujun has a deep mind
Before they put their ideas to Zhao Rujun’s adopted husband, Master Zhao and Zhao Rujun have made public the criteria for choosing a husband, that is, pushing those uncles away.
You want to be adopted by wife? According to the standard! If you don’t meet the standard, you are not good enough to blame others!
Of course, if she likes it, she naturally has a law that the person meets the standard.
The problem is that after all these years, no one has ever entered her eyes.
But she is not in a hurry to ask her to nod. Are you worried that you can’t get a husband?
After listening to the magpie, Zhao Rujun didn’t speak, slender and white, holding a tea bowl in one hand and gently fiddling with the tea leaves on the other hand, hanging down the rice beads and tassels, gently shaking his mind and being idle, but the momentum that emanates from the outside is not dare to stare.
There is a cause called "tension" flowing in the air.
Magpie consciously licked his lips and throat as if he had been gripped by a hand, and his breathing was not smooth.
"Tell the truth!" Half ring Zhao Rujun Fang said lightly with a somewhat lazy and lazy tone, but with people dare to resist Ling 57. Chapter 57 On getting him.
"Miss!" Magpie "flop" knelt down and trembled. "That Jane, he, he is so ungrateful that he refused to come! His main family also said something that was not obedient and incited! Handmaiden shouldn’t cheat miss handmaiden damn it! "
Zhao Rujun glanced at her and said lightly, "Damn it, it’s too serious. It’s true that it should be brought down! You’ve been with me for so many years. Don’t you know my sex? I hate it when people cheat me! Wait for yourself to get punished and slap ten! And "
Zhao Rujun briefly thought for a moment and said, "What’s that called Jane’s skill is really good? It’s been practiced at first sight! Since you praised Haikou at the beginning, you still have to do it, such as bringing him to our house! "
Although the man was dressed in a white-washed coarse cloth and short brown, his eyes, as bright as paint and as deep as pool, were very unusual.
At that time, he pulled the reins to control the crazy horse. It was impossible for others to see it in one go. It was too easy for him. I don’t know how many people will be compared with this casual show.
Zhao Rujun had a hunch that he would not lose if he could accept this person.
"You listen to the wages casually he spoke" Zhao Rujun added during the.
Magpie has promised to be surprised to hear this sentence, and can’t help but "ah". She looked up and saw Zhao Rujun staring at her coldly, knowing that she was rude, and hurriedly bowed her head and said, "It’s the handmaiden who knows!"
Magpie can’t understand Zhao Rujun’s way of thinking, is Miss Zhao going to repay her kindness? I didn’t repay you like this! This theory is who has such an opportunity and can’t open his mouth …
She didn’t know that Zhao Rujun knew that Jane was not like this. People with that skill and tolerance were definitely not like this.
Even Fang Zhou and Jane came home, and when they saw that they had bought so many things and heard that they had made so much money, the whole family was very happy, talking and laughing.
Even Fang Zhou laughed, "I bought a lot of flour today and cut the meat. Let’s make dumplings tonight! Later, I will go to the vegetable garden to cut some leeks, pull out some celery and pick some cabbage to make stuffing with meat! "
It’s rare to eat dumplings twice a year in the village, let alone meat stuffing. Even Fang Qing and Lian Che are very happy, and Third Aunt is also happy and busy. "Get more food and more packages! It’s cold, too. I can stay for another meal early! Hey, I’d better go to the vegetable garden! "
"That’s all right, third aunt. Go!" Even fangzhou smiled and didn’t stop her.
Even Fang Zhou called Jane again and counted six hundred articles to give Jane. Before she could speak, Jane had pushed back. "What did you give me this for?" I don’t take these! "
"How can I get by without giving you? You have made great efforts to burn charcoal! " Even fangzhou laughed
A simple way: "I live here, eat, wear and live everything. If you take the money again, I will feel uneasy!" You can keep it! Just give me some more travelling expenses when I remember who I am and leave one day! "
Even Fang Zhou can’t help him if he has to promise, so it’s the same. I’m wondering if I should give my three aunts twenty or thirty articles later. Thanks to my three aunts’ help in doing some housework and guarding my two children.
Three aunts picked vegetables back even fangzhou saw that a lot of Chinese cabbage, leeks and celery could not help laughing. "Three aunts can’t eat so many dishes! It’s hard for us to make dumplings once, order less and get more meat to eat! "
"You said it backwards!" Third aunt busy way "more food that is really real! Can eat two meals! "
If in the past, even Fangzhou would rather eat vegetarian stuffing, but after this oil-poor day, when it comes to eating meat, she really has the feeling that her eyes shine
I’ve long wanted to have a good meat dumpling. Where will I listen to my third aunt? Just think about the stocky dumplings, which are full of meat, take a bite of gravy, full of fragrant meat and coriander, and the taste is very good. They are so fragrant that they are comfortable at heart!
Even Fangzhou said that if she wanted to eat, she could also pack eggs and cabbage stuffing. After working hard these days, she had a good meal, which she reluctantly agreed.
Suddenly, the whole family was busy. Three aunts kneaded the dough, and even Fangzhou cut about two kilograms of meat, washed it and cut it into pieces, and then chopped it into minced meat. Even Ze and three brothers and sisters went to wash vegetables, and Jane was chopping wood in the yard.
Chopped the meat for a while and put it in a bowl like a basin. Then, cut a part of Chinese cabbage, leek and celery into cubes, put it in a big bowl, and cut a small handful of chopped green onion. Sprinkle a layer of salt evenly, and then stir the bamboo chopsticks back and forth. Soon, the vegetables and meat will be mixed evenly.
Aunt San had already made up her face and put it aside. She was awake and called Lian Ze for water. Carefully clean the square table and dustpan, and then roll the dough and dustpan to put the dumplings.
Everything is ready here. Even Fangzhou came in with a big bowl of dumplings and asked with a smile, "Are you awake?" These trapped energy packages are quite a lot! "
The third aunt couldn’t help hissing when she saw the mixed stuffing. "Oh, why did you add such a dish? It’s so extravagant!"
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "I’ve added a lot. That’s it! It tastes delicious like this! "
"That said? So much meat can’t smell good … "It’s good for three aunts to see that even Fangzhou is not willing to listen to her toothache for a while.
When I woke up for a while, my third aunt sprinkled two dry powders on the desktop and spread them evenly. She kneaded the noodles into several long strips and pinched a pimple the size of a small glutinous rice ball. Even Fang Zhou took a rolling pin and rolled the noodles.
Even ze brothers and sisters sit there and want to help, but even Fang Qing’s heart itches from his hand and asks, "Sister, what are we doing?" What are we doing! "
"You?" Third aunt smiled and said, "Wait for it!"
"Don’t! We also want to help! " Even Fang Qing is still looking at Lian Fangzhou.