The generation of elemental elves is not through the continuation of life, but through a special way to gather all kinds of elemental forces in heaven and earth. It is said that if there is no special reason, the number of elemental elves will remain stable in a fixed range forever.

Although there are not many 500-year-old young elves, there are more than a hundred of them, but they can stand out from the crowd, and a hundred-year-old "child" says this little girl is very powerful!
This girl is a Lei Jingling, facing up to meters Bi Meng soldiers without fear, but still laughing and being shrouded in a piece of light.
Although the child is an old-timer for the Bi Meng soldier who is only thirty years old, the Bi Meng soldier obviously has no respect for her. The whistle of the game. The Bi Meng soldier immediately rushed to the little girl with huge steps. A few steps away, he came to the thunder girl with sharp claws and crossed it to the thunder girl. The little girl used her small body to easily escape the attack of the Bi Meng soldier. However, there was a flash when the Bi Meng soldier’s head burst out and several sparks did not even break the skin.
This battle can be said to be two extreme typical fighting elements. The elves are spell masters and have no physical fighting ability, while the Bi Meng soldiers have no magic power at all, but their physical fighting ability is extremely strong.
However, the king of hand-to-hand combat does not mean that it must be wonderful for the king of spells.
The two of them fought like bears fighting mosquitoes, and they were not right at all. Bi Meng soldiers chased my little girl Lei’s claws and attacked desperately, while my little girl Lei didn’t dare to stop around the venue at all, so there was such a deadlock. Bi Meng soldiers couldn’t chase my little girl Lei, and my little girl couldn’t cast advanced spells because of the law. Such an attack could send out some small flashes, which was almost harmless to Bi Meng soldiers.
Faint two people won’t just waste time to see who will starve to death first, will they?
"Who do you think will win?" In the face of some boring scenes, Duanmu Ming wanted to see what several women thought. Ruer was still silent as always, waiting for others to speak. Many of them blinked at Gongsun Re and Lin Suee, knowing that their strength and knowledge were not enough. It was best to be an audience.
When Gong Sunre and Lin Su ‘e met, they gave a wry smile. Gong Sunre first said, "The strength of two people is very close, and whoever wins is likely to fight for the endurance of both sides according to the current situation."
That’s right, Lin Su ‘e went on to say, Bi Meng soldiers are full of physical strength and elemental elf magic. If they keep going like this, I’m afraid they will fight for a day. Lin Su ‘e said with a bitter face, even if they have the patience to fight, I’m afraid others won’t have the patience to look.
"Yes, proud and strong people, they won’t go on like this, and there will definitely be changes," Duanmu said confidently.
As if echoing Duanmu Ming’s speech, his voice just fell off the field and the situation changed dramatically. Bi Meng soldiers chased the elemental elves around the field for several times and were tired of this unskilled play. Suddenly, a powerful killing gas suddenly filled the whole tournament field.
Bi Meng soldiers are ferocious in nature and incredibly strong in killing gas, which can make enemies below themselves and even at their own level timid and panic.
This skill is somewhat like the dragon "Rowen", but it is actually more powerful than Rowen, but it is not usually revealed like the dragon, and it is released only when they think it is necessary.
An ordinary Beamon beast gives off a killing breath, which can be compared with Rowen, the dragon king level. The royal family of Bi Meng is not the same as the dragon king level, and so are Bi Meng soldiers and Beamon beasts.
As soon as the killing gas came out, it was not only a little girl, but also the audience who were watching the game were affected. Although the distance between the human competition field and the ring was 30 meters recently, they still felt a thrill. In the mental method, the limbs were shaking.
Now they won’t blame their elders and heads of families for blowing them far away. If they are close, they may even make a fool of themselves!
Although the thunder elf has some resistance to this kind of mental coercion, the level difference is too big, but the thunder elf still shakes for two times and almost falls from a floating.
"Hey!" With a wave of his sharp claws, the Bi Meng warrior’s huge palm once again attacked the thunder elf. Seeing that the thunder elf was about to die in the palm of the Bi Meng warrior, only to find that the thunder elf quickly took out a small staff from somewhere and drew a circle gently. At once, the thunder elf appeared in a door, stepped in and then the door suddenly closed.
When the door just closed the gap for the last time, the giant hand of Bi Meng soldier just scratched from the place where it disappeared.
"disadvantages!" Bi Meng soldiers are not stupid. They immediately shouted to the Taiwan supervisors to choose a supervisor and shook their heads. Obviously, Lei Elf is her weapon, and the staff is not a foul, just because she has never taken it out, it seems a little abrupt.
"Wow, what’s that wand! So much that you can make people disappear. "When I haven’t seen many people around me, I immediately yelled and made me feel very faceless."
There’s nothing wrong with this. Lin Na next to her can’t hide that her good friend is fascinated by this thunder elf. She said angrily, "It’s just that she has a good staff." I didn’t expect this sentence to be heard by Bess, who is not far away, and immediately warned Lin Na severely.
Don’t underestimate the enemy’s equipment is also one of the other’s strengths.
Ray elf didn’t hide much, only three seconds later, he appeared from the venue again. The actual door control should also be based on the messenger’s spirit. Ray elf’s strength of three seconds is her limit. Fortunately, she still has the ability to move coordinates, otherwise she will be shot into patties Lvses by Bi Meng soldiers immediately.
Chapter 29 Hope &#B7; long-time enemy
When he came out, the thunder elf waved a small staff less than a foot in his hand and cast a long spell. You know, elemental elves are born wizards, and the roots of low-level or intermediate spells don’t recite spells, so they can instantly find out that the thunder elf waving a staff and chanting spells is definitely a powerful advanced spell.
Bi Meng soldiers, though thick-skinned, dare not meet the thunder elves’ advanced spells. They immediately roared and jumped at them. You know, thunder spells are the most powerful spells and have unparalleled instantaneous lethality!
The distance of 100 meters is only a few seconds, but it is this few seconds that determines the outcome. Bi Meng soldiers roared and rushed to a distance of 10 meters from the thunder elf. Suddenly, it seemed that the sky was torn open, and a huge thunder with the thickness of a fist fell to the head of Bi Meng soldiers. Although Bi Meng soldiers had strong defense, they could not help but roar. A body was actually split and flew, and even more importantly, the second flash fell immediately.
"pa!" Deafening sound Bi Meng soldiers completely lost consciousness and fell violently from the platform, firmly falling off the platform, and plumes of black smoke were rising all over the body.
However, after the supervisors have been checking that the Bi Meng soldier is just a skin injury, there will be no problem after a day’s rest. However, he really does not dispute the facts when he falls from the tournament. Even the Bi Meng tribe itself can say nothing at most, but he whispers secretly for a while.
However, a dramatic scene happened. Although the Bi Meng soldier fell from the platform, it was never imagined that his falling direction was directed at the thunder elf. The thunder elf used all his spirit and magic power to dodge, and he was crushed to death by the Bi Meng soldier. If she hadn’t turned into an adult and barely supported the Bi Meng soldier, she would have become the first elf crushed to death in the history of elemental elves.
According to the rules of the game, if both sides land at the same time, the first landing party is judged to lose, and the result is of course that the thunder elf lost the game. It is a game that is close to winning, but it is given to the other party’s elements. Of course, the elves are very depressed. It can be said that they are unlucky, while Bi Meng is smiling from ear to ear.
Dozens of hills are like Bi Meng soldiers laughing, and the scene is horrible!
Ray elf was depressed to vomit blood and lost the game inexplicably. Even if she was finally crushed by a hill, Bi Meng soldier also hurt her a lot. It was heavier than the other side, but she did her best and finally got nothing. No wonder she didn’t smile with a sullen face for several days.
After the dramatic first game, everyone’s expectations for the second game are even stronger. Maybe it will be more exciting, and the second game will really not let everyone down, because this is an old enemy battle.
Before the establishment of the Demon-Ghost Empire, it was absolutely an immortal battle. When the Demon-Ghost Empire met, one of them might be able to come out alive. Since the separation of the Night Elf and the Holy Elf five thousand years ago, the law has not changed. It was not until the establishment of the Demon-Ghost Empire that the Holy Elf and the Night Elf released their mutual hatred and temporarily United, but the estrangement and hostility between them remained unchanged.