Everyone will change, but she won’t.

Ji Yue is not hiding his true thoughts, and he dare not say anything.
There is a big family behind him, and his children and grandchildren are officials. He has too many scruples.
"Don’t do it or justify it. There is no third way. This is my record. You can consider it slowly."
Records of anger never imagined that she was so bold. "God has never been out of the queen for hundreds of years."
Ji Yue smiled and said, "I don’t mind breaking the unification and striving to be the first person."
She actually laughed? Records of mad "not"
Ji Yue laughs even more. "Ha ha ha, it’s strange that you keep saying that people want to ignore it at the moment." If I say that Huang naturally does better than them, why don’t you support me? "
Records was asked stupid gawk at her "it’s against the rules".
Ji Yue knows that it is difficult, but the more difficult it is, the more exciting it is.
"It’s not in your interest, isn’t it? Don’t say it’s dignified. I think if the people are holy kings, who can bring them food, clothing, worry, peace and quiet life, they will support him. To put it bluntly, they don’t care who they are, as long as they can shelter them."
She said it was reasonable, and even though she was full of poems, she couldn’t spit out a word at this time.
Ji Yue, looking at these duplicitous people, can’t respect them. "It’s the civil and military officials who care the most, but you old ministers who moved your cake. You may not understand that cake is the benefit of your mouth."
Records of great popularity and trembling are still such an unreasonable temper.
How can you be the emperor when you are happy?
"Princess, do you know what you will face?"
Ji Yue was ready and said with a straight face, "I know that the whole bureaucracy is killing me. Whoever makes me unhappy will kill me directly. I will kill all the big ones and make up a batch of illiterate people who are willing to listen."
Since she wants to say it, she has a way to deal with it
Records of adults dare not take this as a lie. Listen to her. She doesn’t act according to the cards. She acts according to her mood.
"You … aren’t you afraid that I will go out?"
Is this a threat? Ji Yue picked his eyebrows but didn’t care about "you won’t"
"No?" Records of adults face like a sink. If you can retreat, you can turn your back.
Mu Ji Yue will accept her even if she is arrogant again.
This court and this country can’t have such a ridiculous thing.
His murder made Ji Yue’s eyes cold.
"Because you certainly don’t want to die a hundred years later."
The two men turned against each other when they said they turned against each other. Just now, they laughed and the wind tore them apart.
Records of adults face big change. What did she do?
Has she already done something? Just waiting for the attack?
He felt uneasy but didn’t show his face. "Are you threatening me?"
Ji month smile meaningful "how? I’m making an analogy. "
Having said that, everything is under control, and confidence makes the records of adults feel cold.
"You can’t succeed."
Ji Yue’s eyes are shining and her fighting spirit is full. "The more you say that, the more I want to try."
第1197章 齐国将军

Chapter three hundred and ninety Scandal

It was early the next day when Xia Lu woke up from her sleep.
If you come, it must be a twin room. She glanced at the bed next door and it was already alone.
She closed her eyes and thought that they had ordered a lot on the lawn together last night. It was almost midnight when all the fairy wand in fairy wand burned out.
After returning to the hotel, To Hoai Whale knew that Shen Mu and them had left the resort, and they were not stupid enough to be trusted by lawyers.
"I’ll go to the other room. You go to bed early," To Hoai whale said to her.
I don’t know what I’m avoiding, but I always feel confused.
Can’t say for sure.
"No, it’s not lying in a bed, it’s not sleeping without sleeping, and there are not a few hours left." Xia Lu is not unreasonable
Let him go to his room again in the middle of the night
I’m leaving long ago. It’s not such a toss-up to have money.
Really let him lie down. To Hoai whale is really flattered. "Really?"
"Fake love to sleep or not" Xia Lu got into the hole and was deliberately turned away from looking at the direction of To Hoai whale.
To Hoai whale immediately jumped out of bed. "Of course we sleep. We are all diligent and frugal children."
Does Xia Lu feel condescending, thrifty and close to him?
She secretly smiled.
He looked at her and smiled when she was asleep.
I have never felt that treating a girl so seriously would be so satisfying. Xia Lu filled his heart.
This beauty lasted all night.
In the middle of the night, I don’t know if the bed is too small. She kicked the whole thing to the ground. The To Hoai whale got up and covered it for her, and then went back to his bed to sleep.
Xia Lu stretched herself out of bed and walked from the bedroom to the living room. I didn’t see the To Hoai whale figure. Where did this go?
I didn’t find anyone else. Xia Lu washed herself and went out of the room to have breakfast at the resort.
Her cell phone rang.
"Sister-in-law, I went back to the city in advance, so you went back by yourself."
To Hoai Whale sent her a WeChat.
It turned out that he sneaked away.
Why is this so like a little wife, Aiba, always sneaking around for a night and then running away? Finally, it turned into a story of running with the ball, and Xu Jinyan acted it.
How did this man and woman turn their heads when they came here?
No, nothing happened to them. It was just her brain.
"I’ll go back by myself." Xia Lu snorted for two times yesterday, but he was sincere. Today, even the man who waited for her patience has no man. That’s the stuff.
She took a bite of bread and ate it like chewing wax.
Walking out of the resort restaurant, there is already a person at the door.
"Hello, Miss Xia, do you remember me?"
Xia Lu certainly remembered it once and misunderstood that he was his fiance. To Hoai whale driver is old
"Uncle Cheng"
"Miss Xia has a good memory. I remember when I saw her once. Su Shao asked me to come from home and give your car back." Old age said.
He left by himself, but it wasn’t particularly bad to let the driver come.
"Trouble into uncle" Xia Lu moment here Panshan highway is really bad. Although she has been driving for a long time, it is only limited to the urban area, and even the expressway is not so good
"Should" age smile "Miss Xia take your time and I’ll wait for you in the parking garage"
"Ok, I’m almost done. I’ll just check out." Xia Lu didn’t bring anything. Just go now and return a room card.
And Xia Lu, a rich young master like To Hoai whale, has long expected that he has already paid the house.
If someone else were showing off, she might sigh-but To Hoai whales and summer deer are used to it.
The mature car is very stable, and I am familiar with it since I have already picked it up.
"Miss Xia is not alert to age today?" Age jokingly asked
She thought of her own indiscretion that she recognized age as her fiance. "Uncle Cheng, are you making fun of me?"
"I dare not say that our family Sue will kill me less." Age is not young when he speaks humorously, but I didn’t see him in Sue’s home the year before last. He should be a driver in the company.
"He won’t."
"Then you’re right. I gave Su Zong the car before, and then I gave Su Shao the car. Their father and son are completely different in nature, but they are all very easy to get along with."
Xia Lu and Su Tongyun used to spoil their wives. Can they be difficult to get along with? Is it easy to get along with Su Huai Whale? It’s not tiring to get along with him less.
What fun can you hear praising her to him in other people’s mouths?
"Uncle Cheng, you may not know that the To Hoai whale is my dry brother, but you misunderstood." Xia Lu cleared his voice, and the brother and sister were set to stabilize.
Old age frowned slightly embarrassed. "Then I really misunderstood!"
Do young people still play this game now?
Brother and sister came to the hot spring to spend the night together. Who believed it?
Xia Lu’s sense of self-success rose, and suddenly her mobile phone rang. Xia Lu hit the QQ group, and it turned out that the high school group was scampering again.
She didn’t want to see it, but the center of the topic was actually her.
Xiao Fang, do you still remember the post that broke the news in our former school? bar owners clarified that he was jealous of Xia Lu at that time. In fact, the limousine and elders of Xia Lu were all Xia Lu’s father and heterosexual brother. His father was a soldier and even a brother.
The literary and art Committee members watched the hot search today. Before that, we always read C Pictorial periodicals. MU, a painter, was suspected of plagiarism. I even collected his periodicals in high school.
Wang Shuai, who let you have eyes when you were young?
Who hasn’t been a literary and art committee member when he was young?
I also watched the hot search in Xiao Fang, and I also got involved in other people’s marriages, alongside rich women and widows. The children were all taken out of the rich family and directly taken away to do DNA.
It’s really miserable that the literary and art Committee members’ past events have been revealed.
Xia Lu eyes from the screen immediately hit Weibo a little hot search.

Luo Yang rushed to Jiang Ma’s grievance. "Just now, my building was brought to Jiang Rufei, and Jiang Zhiyuan went to the room to bring the child back. Xi Xi chased it out and he pulled it inside."

Jiang Ma heart to appreciate unknowingly calm "oh? Really? "
Jiang Ma knocked on two doors: "Jiang Zhiyuan, come out. I have something to talk to you."
Jiang Zhiyuan was very obedient and knocked on the door. Before Jiang Ma could speak, Jiang Zhiyuan said, "Mom, I know what to do. Go to rest."
Luo Yang exposed his head and stared at Jiang Zhiyuan. Jiang Zhiyuan smiled at Luo Yang. "My brother has never slept on the sofa since he was so big. My brother dedicated it to you for the first time."
Luoyang was shocked.
Jiang Ma knows what his temper is and what he has done. Give Yunci peace of mind and deliberately say, "Dare to bully me and see if I can spare you!"
Section 316
Jiang Zhiyuan ha ha watched Jiang Ma and Luoyang leave the door.
Being outside the door, the two men smiled at each other and walked away from Jiang Zhi’s distant room.
"Rest assured that the second child is reliable!"
Jiang Ma nodded to Luoyang Road Luoyang. "Well, I’m just worried about him."
Jiang Ma still holding up the sound "have nothing to be afraid of! Nothing can’t eat people. "
Luo Yang Xiao Xiao has reached the door of the house. "It will be better when you get along with people for a long time."
Jiang Ma agrees to continue walking upstairs. "Go to bed early and have a good night."
Luoyang stopped at the door and said "good night, mom" to Jiang Ma.
Then Jiang Ma heard a scream from Luoyang behind her, followed by the door being forced to beat, and something slammed into the door …
Building, living room, sofa, a thin bed, lying there alone, nobody cares
Jiang Ma went back to her room contentedly and told Jiang Dad about our great achievements.
In Jiang Zhiyuan’s room, Yunci Xi did nothing with her child in her arms at the door.
Jiang Zhiyuan asked her, "Do you want me to take you back?"
Yun Cixi was in a hurry when she came out of the bathroom. She was wearing loose pajamas given to her by Luoyang. Her clothes are still in the other room, and now her hair is dripping with water.
"Can you not rob me of children?"
Yun Ci Xi Hong eyes ask expression Jiang Zhiyuan in her mind, this man should be uncompromising. If he promises her things, he will do what he can’t do, and he won’t promise.
But he didn’t lie to her, and she was too worried about losing her child.
Jiang Zhiyuan leaned forward and walked away. "I didn’t want to rob children with you."
Yun Ci Xi walked into the room. Jiang Zhiyuan lifted his back to the cloud and said, "I won’t bully you. Don’t give me this look after you don’t like to see your red eyes."
Cloud words, pupil spread, heart concussion
And then low’ oh’
She is a worried child who is strange to Jiang Zhiyuan.
"You can sleep in the bed."
Without further ado, Jiang Zhiyuan took a bed and was taken to the sofa.
I have to say that Jiang Zhiyuan and Jiang Rufei are still very similar in some places.
Jiang Zhao is such an asshole!
And let him eat his own bitter fruit.
What goes around comes around. We all have our own lives.
When Luoyang got up the next day, Yunci Xi was already eating in the restaurant with her baby in her arms.
Cloud words Xi saw eye Luo Yang eyes some dodge.
She is a bit awkward, wearing clothes that Jiang Zhiyuan prepared for her.
I didn’t know her size correctly. Jiang Zhiyuan asked the female secretary to bring a set of clothes of all sizes early in the morning and choose casual ladies’ clothes with average size.
At the age of 20, I can control the decoration, and I am thin. My figure is not as good as that of the model, but it is not bad!
Yun Cixi can’t be careless and accept everything that Jiang’s family gave her. Her clothes are still lying in Luoyang bathroom, and she feels embarrassed.
When she came to take a shower yesterday, she thought about cleaning up afterwards. Didn’t she come to clean up after a little accident?
Today, Jiang Zhiyuan got up early because of Yunci Xi and was having breakfast with Yunci Xi. He saw Luoyang say’ Sister-in-law Zao’ and continue to eat.
Last night, Jiang Rufei’ punished’ her. She was a little fierce and a little late. Luo Yang drank porridge and looked at the child next to Yun Cixi. "I haven’t asked his name yet. I haven’t played with him yet."
Yun Ci Xi hasn’t spoken yet. A bowl of porridge in Luoyang has bottomed out. "I’m going to talk to you after work."
"Mom, I’m leaving!"
Luoyang greeted Jiang Ma, the invisible man, with his car keys and bag.
Yunci was surprised by Luoyang’s lifestyle. Her rich wives should be dignified and unsmiling.
Jiang Zhiyuan suddenly said, "My mother likes my sister-in-law very much." Seeing that Yunci Xi was still stunned, Jiang Zhiyuan said, "Our family doesn’t have that many rules."
Yun Cixi’s face turned red. When he got up early, Jiang Zhiyuan told her to go through the formalities with the monitor and then register with him for the child.
She is willing to accept his child just because of his biological father. The problem is …
No, all men are Gu Jinze.
Neither of them has an emotional foundation. What’s worse, Jiang Zhiyuan himself said that he was dying because of an accident two years ago. Only people around him would …
Yunci Xi said that she would think about it for a few days, and she dared not make a decision easily.
Not everyone can be so lucky to meet their destiny! Yuncixi has never been so lucky, and she dare not expect it.
Section 317
Jiang Zhiyuan probably told her the story of Jiang Rufei and Luoyang, and Jiang Zhao and Mu Yuesheng. She felt that things were so far away from her and now they are so close.
Jiang Zhiyuan said that feelings don’t necessarily need two of a kind to look at Luoyang and Jiang Rufei.
Love sees people for a long time.
In order not to let Yunci Xi feel insecure, Jiang Zhiyuan didn’t ask her what to do when she went to work today except to send her back.
Although he knew that the child would be taken care of by an experienced old aunt.
Others have been protecting them in the dark.
In the afternoon, Luoyang class asked Jiang Zhiyuan, "Where are you?"
Jiang Zhiyuan shrugged and "went home"
Luoyang was surprised. "You didn’t keep people!"
Jiang Rufei followed Jiang Zhiyuan with a wry smile. "Not everyone is Gu Jinze."
Luoyang didn’t understand what Gu Jin did, but Jiang Zhiyuan let Yunci Xi go and she didn’t get a baby to watch!

"I heard that Suzaku people came to Shen Prime Minister today to meet him instead of the emperor."

Long Qingyue’s eyes squinted at the red figure in the distance. It turned out that he was the youngest prime minister Shen Ce today.
Shen Ce also has the title of the first beautiful man in Qinglong country, whose appearance is that all the emperors in the palace can’t compare with each other.
There is a faint fragrance in the air. It is the same person as Jin Xitang and the killer who sent it that night!
Fiancee (3)
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Long Qingyue squinted for several days, but there was no clue, but today I happened to meet it!
Now that we have found the person behind the scenes, Long Qingyue will definitely not let him go so easily!
Outside the city, teams of carriages are coming slowly, and all around them are soldiers with strength around the second order.
Shen Ce laughed before the carriage stopped and turned over, "Welcome to your Majesty."
"I’ve never heard of the fame of Prime Minister Shen. It’s a pleasure to meet him today." The speech was about a 20-year-old boy in a dark brocade robe. The boy had picturesque eyes and exquisite facial features, and his brow was awe-inspiring with a royal majesty.
This young man is Suzaku Guo Taiqin Yu.
Shen Ce said with a smile, "On behalf of today’s emperor, he specially went out of the city to greet you. Tonight, the emperor hosted a banquet for you to go back to the city with him to rest and attend the banquet at night."
"Then please be the Prime Minister of Shen." An old man in a blue robe behind Qin Yu said that the old man was about fifty years old and was the Prime Minister of Suzaku, Tam Zhang.
Long Qingyue sat in the restaurant and looked around and saw a young man in a white robe with a touch of sapphire and a handsome face with a hint of unruly expression. Isn’t that the Qin flame?
It turns out that he is a Suzaku!
Look at his extraordinary clothes and deep strength, he should be a noble brother. I didn’t expect him to attend the spiritual meeting this time, so I have to find a chance to settle my revenge with him!
As soon as Long Qingyue got home, she received a notice from the palace that the emperor had hosted a banquet for the emperors from all over the world, and officials from the DPRK could bring their families to the banquet.
What is the most talked about at the palace banquet? Long Qingyue is naturally not interested and does not intend to attend.
But the thought of Tianyuan’s two great enemies in mainland China makes her why not go?
The so-called know yourself and know yourself can win every battle!
In the main hall of the palace, a lot of people have gathered, and the girls are all dressed up and chatting around.
Teenagers are all handsome and extraordinary, and from time to time they will look at the girls like flowers in groups of three or five.
When Long Qingyue came to the palace with Long Li and Long Qingyu, he felt that people were dazzling everywhere, and Long Qingyue was quiet, so he found a quiet place to sit down, but someone had to disturb him.
"Hey, isn’t this our first anthomaniac in Qinglong country? Why did you come to the party today? I hope you won’t go crazy at the sight of a beautiful man later. "Zuo Dieer wore a complicated and exquisite pink dress tonight and looked at Long Qingyue with pride and disdain.
Since the second house was robbed by Long Qingyue for half, Zuo Dieer has been thinking about how to retaliate against Long Qingyue every day. Seeing Long Qingyue sitting alone at this time is naturally a sarcasm.
Aside wu jiaojiao bursts into laughter "butterfly, you will be with a silly trapped spirit?"
Long Qingyue’s heart is slightly angry. These two people really can’t get rid of flies. They really follow wherever they go.
She didn’t raise my hand with a glass in her eyes, and her fingers flicked the wine in the glass and suddenly spilled it out. Left Butterfly and Wu Jiao Jiao had a face of two people dressed up and made up immediately.
Wu Jiaojiao suddenly angered, "Long Qingyue, how dare you throw wine at me?"
Zuo Dieer’s eyes sparkled with YinZhi light. "If we don’t teach you a lesson today, you really think we are good at bullying!"
Long Qingyue depressed a smoke corners of the mouth seems to bully her is they?
"What are you doing?" Suddenly, there was an angry voice beside him. Seeing Nangong Cloud with a gloomy face, he didn’t know what it was. When he saw Wu Jiaojiao and Zuo Butterfly bullying Long Qingyue, he felt very uncomfortable in his heart.
Turning around, I saw Long Qingyue sitting quietly with her head down and her eyes down. The dazzling crystal glass lights shone on her jade nose like a touch of glow in the sky.
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Wu Jiaojiao was slightly displeased when she saw Nangong Cloud helping Long Qingyue rebuke her. "san huang, she spilled wine on me and Butterfly. People like this shouldn’t come to the party. They should get her out quickly!"
Nangong Cloud’s eyes were shallow and a trace of impatience flashed in the fundus. "If you two weren’t looking for Qingyue, how could she spill drinks on you?"
Wu jiao jiao immediately turned blue with anger and tears swirled in her eyes "san huang! You, you actually helped her say me? "
Left butterfly is also a face of unhappiness "san huang, don’t you hate Long Qingyue the most? What do you want to help her? "
The nangongshan cloud glanced at the girl gently. As soon as she saw her, she was still sitting demure, holding the glass and moving casually, but naturally with an elegant breath, it was very pleasing to the eye.
"You also said that is before! After that, don’t always find out about the moon, okay? "
Listening to the Nangong Cloud, one mouthful and one clear month cried out, it seems that there are thousands of knives in Wu Jiaojiao’s heart, which makes her feel very uncomfortable. Now she finally understands that san huang has always avoided herself in recent days because he has loved Long Qingyue!
You can see from the way he looks at Long Qingyue that his eyes are full of love and pity. Even before, he never had such gentle eyes for himself.
Jealousy grows and spreads like crazy grass in my heart … Especially when I see Long Qingyue’s simple but elegant face without makeup, I can’t wait to tear that perfect face before rushing.
"Qing Yue, are you all right?" Before Nangong Cloud left, the sound was surprisingly warm and soft.
Long Qingyue got up and didn’t look at him. He turned around and left. What a bunch of flies are so annoyed.
Looking at the nangongshan cloud touched a nose ash wu jiao jiao sneer at a way "san huang, how do you get a hot face to stick somebody else’s cold ass now? She won’t talk to you! Have you forgotten how you humiliated her? Have you forgotten your indifference when she almost died in front of Zhong Shifu? Have you forgotten that she will forgive you if you leave her a bloody letter in the restaurant and let her ruin you? "
Every word is like a knife stabbing in Nangong Yunxin Nangong Yunjue fell into the abyss like a quiver, turned around and slapped him fiercely. "Shut up!"
Long, narrow and deep eyes flashing with anger, Nangong Cloud’s chest was slightly short, which was obviously stimulated by Wu Jiaojiao’s words, but every word Wu Jiaojiao said was cut in his heart like a sharp knife, which made him beyond redemption.
Yeah, how can she forgive herself after what he did to her?
Wu Jiaojiao felt a pain in her face, and five clear fingers were printed on her face. The white face suddenly swelled up, and she couldn’t believe that he had hit her!
This is the first time he hit her, or in front of so many people!
This loud slap rang and the hall suddenly became silent. Everyone looked at the Nangong Cloud and Wu Jiaojiao and others for a while.
Long Qingyue doesn’t want to care what happened inside. He feels bored and confused. He wants to find someone who doesn’t show up. He doesn’t want to see people, but he is haunted. This life is as miserable as it is.
Just when Long Qingyue was depressed, a faint fragrance suddenly came. She suddenly looked back and saw the bright moonlight with a touch of splendor like a rosy glow floating like a beautiful blood butterfly …
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The man’s figure is natural and unrestrained, like flowing water.
It was in the daytime that I saw the Prime Minister Shen Ce.
Long Qingyue’s eyes unconsciously narrowed, and Shen Ce seemed to see Long Qingyue’s micro-lip-licking eyes coming towards her.
There is a shimmering sky in the deep pupil, like a vast blue ocean, which is bottomless, making people unconsciously attract it at first sight, and then slowly sink in …

Ignoring Yu Shao’s sad eyes, Tang Qing looked back at Tianmu and said seriously, "Now tell me, what have you mastered? Something that can give the Shangguan family a headache? "

"Don’t fool me!" Tang Qing added with a smile.
"Show off in an ostentatious manner! Really can show off in an ostentatious manner! " Yu Shao disdains.
"The boss is wise!" Stuart brothers quickly refuted.
"I didn’t understand …" Ou Yezi frowned and struggled.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-two: Don’t fool me
Chapter four hundred and ninety-two: Don’t fool me, go to the website.

Chapter four hundred and ninety-three: Is the Tao merciless?
The second volume Father and son travel] Chapter 493: Is the Tao ruthless?
Chapter four hundred and ninety-three: Is the Tao merciless?
For Tang Qing, the drama of dying is not new. The story of murder after death has long been written into articles and even put on the screen by countless people. The only difference is that it used to be viewing, but now it is living experience.
Even if these are removed, the change of Tianmu’s attitude is so obvious that it is impossible not to arouse his doubts. Presumably, the old thing’s resentment was deep, and he was dying to miss it, and suddenly found that Tang Qing was interested in dealing with the Shangguan family. Under such repeated agitation, it is difficult to maintain peace of mind, so that there are traces.
In any case, this is a windfall. Tang Qing is in a good mood and speaks much more kindly. Staring at Tianmu calmly, waiting for him to give an answer.
"Don’t you ask me what hatred I have with the butler?" . Tianmu’s old man’s face is pale and his tone is dull, with almost no fluctuation, as if he were asking Tang Qing, and as if he were talking to himself, desolate and desperate.
"Why?" . Tang Qing asked strangely, "Tang Ye didn’t accept your favor again. You don’t want me to avenge you, do you?"
"Then what do you want with what the old master has?" Tianmu was so mad that he almost roared.
"Deal with the Shangguan family!" Tang Qing is even more strange, thinking that this old goods should not be really crazy. If you want to be crazy, you have to hand over the things first.
Looking at Tianmu’s confused and angry expression, Tang Qing seriously explained: "Tang Ye dealt with Shangguan, but not for your revenge. You don’t understand, old man. This is called cause and effect in Buddhism. Tang Ye doesn’t want to be associated with your evil cause. Do you understand? " .
"Buddha is merciful!"
Emptiness and chanting Buddha, roughly lamenting Tang Qing’s reluctance to be born, is a great loss for Buddhism. People around you are slandering in their hearts. If you want to kill people, you don’t want to be contaminated with cause and effect. It’s just bullshit.
With hope in his eyes, Tianmu tentatively said, "You mean, no matter what, you will still plan to deal with Shangguan? Old know a lot about them … "
"Stop!" Tang Qing shook his head impatiently and waved flatly: "You are dead! Don’t hold any hope. "
"Yes, Tang Ye likes to attract people. Your strength and ingenuity are good, and your experience is far beyond Tang Ye’s. Being a slave or something is very useful. "
Looking back at Maggie, Tang Qing sighed and said, "No way, everything always comes first." Tang Ye doesn’t look at strength here, what matters is qualifications. Don’t blame Maggie either. If you do, blame your hard life. "
Think about yourself feel inexplicable, Tang Qing can’t help but sigh: "seniority kills people!" Tang Ye is too poisoned to change. "
"Master, if he (non-life-a rookie programmer’s five-year career path …"
Meggie couldn’t help but want to talk, but was also stopped by Tang Qing. "You don’t interrupt, it is for you, but also for myself. This old guy is not a good thing, he will ruin my conscience. "
"Not afraid to tell you temmoku, you want to let tang ye fall demons is hopeless. Tang Ye even knows the magic of mind, the magic of heart? It’s raining in Mao Mao! "
I’m at a loss, thinking about what is Italian magic. Be hysterical. Next to it, there was a loud exclamation. Yu Shao was pale, suddenly grabbed Tang Qing’s shoulder and said, "What did you say? Have you met a demon? Why don’t I know? "
Do you want to know? "Tang Qing was startled by him, have never seen less so, why is this?
At the beginning, when I met the demon, because the cause was related to Bao Puzi, Tang Qinglian was vague about Yungu, not to mention Yu. Later, he didn’t get the answer from the empty cloud aunt, so he didn’t put it in his heart, and he wouldn’t think of him. Now, it seems that Shao Shao actually knows Italian magic, which really surprised Tang Qing.
You, alas! You didn’t tie the knot again, how could you meet the demon! "Yu less a little nasty, the heart says this guy is too heartless, don’t know how serious things are.
People around you are also puzzling, looking at the less anxious expression, can not help but feel a little uneasy. Don’t this head back to hear of the magic, is really something amazing.
"Tang Ye is awesome!" In a word, Tang Qing almost didn’t make Yu less crazy. What drives him crazy is what Tang Qing said next.
"That chick said that she came when I first married Dan (the pink pig and the black wolf came, but they were born."
"Is the chick still talking to her?" Yu less staring eyes, as if watching aliens. People around you look at them together, as if they were watching aliens. Even the emptiness and Yungu are condensed, and they are slightly curious about the reaction of the less.
"Yes, I didn’t talk."
Tang Qing thought about it for a moment, and she felt frustrated herself. She said bitterly, "She said it was a little obsession of mine, and then when I was strong, she would go to sleep, and when she woke up, she would eat me. Inexplicably, she disappeared before I understood it. "
Crashed with a clash, Yu Shao sat down on the ground, which has no elegance. I saw Shao Shao’s eyes glazed over, looking at Tang Qing’s eyes with sympathy and helplessness, muttering to himself, "It’s over, it’s really a magic, it’s really a magic!"
"My day! What the hell is going on? I think that chick is not bad, and she is very sincere. " Tang Qingxin thought what this was called! Don’t delay Tang Ye’s plan.
Yu Shao looked at Tang Qing with wait for a while, her voice was like a wild duck holding her throat, and she said hoarsely and hard, "Well, Yi Mo won’t die at all, so she is naturally not afraid to tell the truth. You are finished, you are finished! "
"You are finished!"
Tang Qing was angry, thinking that he had something to say, so why curse me? Simply ignore him, turn around and say to Tianmu in a daze, "Don’t talk nonsense, hand over the things quickly, Tang Ye is in a hurry."
Tianmu woke up from the sluggishness, realized that he had no hope of survival, and finally let go of his mind (the return of the magic emperor). After thinking about it, I mumbled something and said, "What you just said is still counted?"
Judging from his appearance, he seems to be a little ashamed and uneasy, and it is difficult to say anything. People see in the eye, unprovoked rises a desolate. Tianmu is a vicious person, but he was forced to do this by Tang Qing. It’s really amazing that the wicked have their own grinding, everything has its vanquisher.
"Tang Ye said a lot, which one?" Be less upset by Yu, Tang Qing’s tone is not good.
"Buddha is merciful!" Emptiness feels sad for Tianmu in my heart. This guy doesn’t even remember what he said, and how reliable his promise is is really worrying.
Tianmu doesn’t care about these things, and his eyes remind Tang Qing with hope: "You said just now that you can satisfy my wish. Do you still count now? "
"Under what circumstances! And it won’t be done deliberately, and it will be pulled down if it can’t catch up. " Tang Qing didn’t good the spirit replied.

"My Lord, you can’t do this to us."

"My Lord …"
These Han slaves immediately fried the pot and cried earth-shattering
Li Yuanqing vomited a long mouthful of polluted air and forced himself not to watch or listen to this scene. I’m afraid that Luo always blamed himself for this scene that day in Xiping Castle.
Love for the people has always been the core of Confucianism, especially a veteran like him …
But Li Yuanqing was not soft-hearted. At this time, the Han slaves had already crossed the five-step sandbag defense line and were driven by the late Jin soldiers to accelerate towards the wall
"Throw the sandbags at the bottom of the wall."
"Come on, old thing, you don’t want to live ~ ~ ~"
An elderly and strong man was severely chopped over by a Han flag soldier.
The Han flag soldier hid behind the crowd and shouted, "Who dares to stand back? This is the field."
The crowd was crying and wailing, but what could they do at this level?
"Shoot, shoot, suppress them, don’t let them come over" Li Yuanqing shouted.
ChengTou army dare not neglect birds’ spears and bows and arrows.
At this time, the catapult crossbow was also ready, and the stinking crocks and pots had been pulled behind the rubber bands.
With Chen Changyou shouting six catapults and a simple slingshot, a row of dark crocks and pottery pots flew over the city wall and landed in the crowd.
"Ah, kill a thousand knives dog!"
A Han flag soldier was hit by a black crock, and the crock burst instantly, and the dark black thick liquid instantly covered his body and smelled foul.
"What is this? What the hell is this?"
The soldier of the Han flag suddenly broke his head, and these foul-smelling liquids instantly penetrated into his head wound and gradually spread to him. He rolled around in pain and wailed desperately, but he could not live.
After all, catapults and slingshots are more powerful. These crocks and clay pots directly passed through the front, and Han slaves fried the pot in the main force of the post-8 Jin Army.
However, it is very rare for soldiers with the flag of the Han Dynasty to be so unlucky, but even if others are not directly hit by these clay pots and crocks, it is enough for them to splash these liquids on them casually.
This sticky smell can’t be wiped off. If it splashes in your eyes, even the horse will go blind.
"Go to the top of your head and hurry up."
The Han flag soldier had to fight for his life. At this moment, a swinging steel knife was inserted into the middle of his back, and a soldier dressed in silver armor marched forward, yelling and moving forward.
It is A Min’s confidant Fuchatai
After seeing the big Lord coming over, 8 Jin J dare not neglect it, so he crustily skin of head and rushed forward a lot faster.
"Whoosh … whoosh …"
Another row of crocks and clay pots flew by, but they smashed themselves in these latter Jin armies, and several unlucky ghosts became tragic sacrifices.
The ground is full of all kinds of debris, sticky and smelly.
If you accidentally step on these things and slip, your skin is cut and stuck by debris, even if you don’t die, your half-life will be gone.
Before Canada, the Han slaves left sandbags, corpses, arrows of Chengtou Army, and projectiles outside Lushun North City. This vast land was like a hell.
But with Fuchatai, A Min is not far behind, and the old slave is in Zhongjun. None of these late soldiers dare to neglect the army’s various firepower and rush toward the city like crazy.
The long-range firepower on this side of the offensive army has almost reached the gap, and it needs to be rested temporarily, which can also cause a fatal blow to the post-8 Jin Army, allowing them to rush to the bottom of the city wall and set up a ladder.
Han slaves have been dispersed, and soon more than 100 late Jin soldiers are covering the archers on both sides, climbing towards the ladder and rushing to Chengtou.
"The rolling stone and gold juice are all his mother’s greetings to the old man."
Li Yuanqing Changsheng Battalion is in charge of the long-range firepower of Chengtou, while Chen Zhonghe is in charge of the close-range melee protection.
This situation two people who also dare not neglect quickly called ministries all kinds of defensive weapons desperately thrown at the city in the past.
Although there is not enough time for the defenders in Lushun City, all three of them have done enough preparations. Lushun City is close to the north gate, and the residential foundations in this area have been demolished. All the energy has been used as weapons
At this time, in the face of the post-8 Jin J offensive army, there is not much to keep here, and it is a dry word to spare weapons.
A white armor with a blue flag with a single knife in its mouth, a left hand holding a shield and a right hand holding a ladder, like a sensitive ape, quickly climbed towards the ladder.
"Beat you to death, you dog." An army soldier held up a big stone with a head and smashed it toward the white armor head.
This white-clad ferocious smile revealed a mouthful of yellow teeth, but it evaded the big stone with a fierce sideways.
However, his skill is sensitive, but a soldier with the flag of the Han army was in great trouble. The huge impact of this stone in the middle of his other life made his brains burst and he fell from the ladder without any movement.
"Yo-ho, how dare this dog jump?"
The soldiers were furious when they saw that the blow missed, and quickly picked up a stone and smashed it toward the white armor.
But this white armor is extremely sensitive and dodged again. At the same time, his right hand suddenly raised the swinging steel knife and quickly threw it at the soldiers.
This soldier is seventeen years old. He was so bold just now. Was the crisis so close?
I can wait for death when I’m at a loss
Just then, a broadsword slammed in front of him, and "clanked" to resist the fatal blow of this white armor.
The soldiers were pleasantly surprised for a moment before they saw the busy face in front of them and kowtowed.
Li Yuanqing smiled and grabbed him. "It’s not good to see things every time. Don’t be silly and hide behind the wall. It’s not good for this beast stone."
Li Yuanqing said and pointed to the next one, which was standing in a broken fire basin and full of thick stench.

He changed from a prominent Hou Fu Gong to a bastard, and everyone spurned and despised him, pointing fingers wherever he went.

He was born in Chenfu but not Chen Jiaer. Is there anything more ironic than that?
Everyone stared at him strangely as soon as they saw him, and no one could see him.
Who can know what he suffered?
Du Gufeng stayed for a while, and her eyes were reddish.
Chen Lian couldn’t help screaming like crazy when she got a head start.
"Do you know how much I have been humiliated over the years? No one here can afford me. Even these people laugh at me from the bottom of their hearts. Who makes me master Chen Jia? Why are you doing this to me? What? "
Chapter four hundred and forty-two The queen mother’s message
Update the latest chapter of the evil king’s favorite imperial doctor’s concubine!
The backlog of grievances for many years is like a flood, and my heart hates my eyes.
What’s his mother’s fault for all this?
Even if you want to borrow it to enter the Chen family, you should talk to Chen Pingsheng and don’t make so many tricks.
Du Gufeng is bitter in her heart. Does she want that?
At that time, Chen Ping was a little injured, and her health was not so good.
If she hadn’t played that trick, the emperor wouldn’t have given it to her.
After all, it’s not that easy for Sue to rob someone’s husband.
She looked at the son eyes full of disappointment "you blame me? I gave you life, wealth and status. "
He’s got everything. What’s she got to complain about?
Chen Lian sneered at "but didn’t give me a decent identity. Everyone called me illegitimate father in their hearts."
His excited voice became extremely sharp.
DuGuFeng proud upturned Ba Gen don’t feel anything wrong.
"What about that? Just ignore it and care what others think. Who dares to say that face to face, you can call back directly. "
That’s what makes her a princess. She hits others.
Full of beautiful things look on coldly and silently watching the mother tearing, and I can’t say what it feels like.
Du Gufeng single-handedly caused the tragedy of the Su family and the Su family, and she still does not repent.
In her heart, she is the most noble, and she must get whatever she wants, even by hook or by crook.
But she probably didn’t expect to pay for everything.
Even your princess can’t be lucky
It’s not that we don’t report it, but it’s not time.
It’s time to go up in smoke.
She clear cough a attention to come over "you discuss? Who dies and who lives? "
This a Chen Lian face more white.
Du Gufeng is angry and wants to kill someone. "You can’t succeed in your plot, and none of us will die."
She said she was indignant, but she didn’t show it.
To put it bluntly, she just doesn’t want to die, even if it’s her baby.
Full of beautiful things have long expected that Du Gufeng’s cold nature has long been exposed.
"Don’t procrastinate. Your son is bleeding to death."
Du Gufeng couldn’t help but look at her son. Chen Lian looked as white as paper and twitched all over. He was covered in blood and made a roll of his eyes in the river of blood.
She turned her head slightly to avoid looking for help. "Okay, if he dies, none of you can run away."
Seeing the situation is explosive, a sharp voice suddenly sounded "the queen mother’s message"
It’s a eunuch. His face is pale and his eyes are frightened.
This bloody scene is terrible, and the blood is so bloody that I want to vomit.
What the hell happened?
He managed to calm down and try to pretend that he didn’t see anything. "The Queen Mother ordered the Nanhou House of Wang Shifei Town in Jin Dynasty to enter the palace."

I devoted myself to the army. Logan really didn’t put my perspective on a higher level before this … I quickly forgot that there was another ally in the Far East who was bound by this clause. What he didn’t know was that on the day when the Soviet Union attacked Germany, German diplomats stationed in Japan informed the Tokyo government about the war and reminded them of their responsibilities.

However, after a long time, the Japanese government was still studying and considering it. By the time they made a serious decision, the Soviet-German war had caused more than 300,000 soldiers and civilians to die. The Germans withdrew their knives from the main battlefield for O kilometers, while the Soviet army correspondingly advanced more than 200 kilometers, leaving more than 100 kilometers from Pailin!
The meta-voice covered up everything around him. Haye continued his novel "Japanese government recognizes the treaty". Military assistance does not mean declaring war! They can send a military technical team to Germany to help us fight or a fleet to protect our shipping lines! "
Logan didn’t study these diplomatic rhetoric carefully, but just after Germany officially attacked Su Xuan at noon on April, the Italian government also declared war on the Soviet Union. Considering the world situation in autumn, didn’t countries sign such a military treaty in addition to recognizing each other’s spheres of influence in order to form strategic cooperation and suppress the common enemy?
It was hard to wait until Xiao Hu stopped and gasped. At this time, keitel said, "In view of the disappointment of the Japanese government, can we decide whether the three-nation alliance treaty has lost its effect?"
Ribbentrop’s face looks very bad, confusing the Soviet Union instead of being confused by the other side. Now he has been drilled by the Japanese. It is lucky that he signed it on behalf of the German government at first, but he himself was not sent to the gallows by Yuan.
"I think it should be invalid!" Yuan waved his clenched fist, and just as everyone was uneasy, he wanted to make a long speech. The first six sergeants reached out and gathered up, soaked in sweat and hanging freely on their foreheads, and turned to look at the Foreign Minister.
"Strictly speaking, the abrogation of a treaty should be that one party really violates the agreement or one party declares the abrogation for some reason!" Ribbentrop went around a circle, meaning that the Japanese did drill into this.
"Now that we have taken control of Britain and Tokyo is unwilling to fight against the Soviet Union, I think this alliance treaty has lost its original meaning! If it is easily abolished, "then what should Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia do?" Re-sign the new alliance agreement? The issue of Brausic, commander-in-chief of the Sixth Army, is very pertinent. This Axis Agreement is not only binding on Germany, Italy and Japan, Bulgaria and other countries, but also a supplement to the Treaty and its subsequent entry into the Axis camp.
Mussolini fought with him in Italy, but his alliance attitude was still very firm, and his strategic subordination also determined their treaty position. However, Bulgaria and other countries were different. One exception was that they tied the chariot in Germany by inducement and coercion, and faced with the surge of powerful Soviet troops. If the old treaty was abolished, it would not be impossible for these countries to defect quickly!
"There is actually a solution to this problem!"
Logan hesitated about what to say when Admiral of the fleet Lei Deer, who was in the front row, robbed the German navy of its liberation from the cage after defeating Britain, the number one maritime enemy. Because "Barbarossa" needed to invest in some of the main forces of the navy, Yuan finally felt that the Mediterranean should be given to Italian allies, which saved the German navy from staying in a small place. "The trouble directly focused on the more distant goal of the vast Atlantic Ocean-that is to say, only the German navy raised its strategy to the height of the ball when the German Sixth Army was still preoccupied with the enemy on the eastern front.
Everyone is not surprised to see the spirit of the wind, the commander-in-chief of the navy, and the commander-in-chief of the navy, said unhurriedly, "Japan’s strategic situation, its powerful navy will certainly not wander around the China waters. If it wants to attack the British colony in the south, the Philippines is a barrier that they can’t cross!" Since the Tokyo government can interpret the military meaning in the treaty in this way, we can give the same treatment in the corresponding situation! If possible, "we’d better be able to forward this diplomatic letter to the Japanese government!" "
Understand or not understand the presence of generals and officials are thinking for a long time, little huyuan high-five, "that’s right, we should do this to those dirty monkeys! The Soviets look very strong now, but their efforts to attack have been blocked by one-third of our troops. With the existing strength of Germany, we can beat the Soviets! "
Chapter 45 Variable strain
I was afraid of the soldiers’ tiredness and didn’t care much about eating a few bites of bread. Even the uneven rubble piles could be used as beds. However, the battle gap didn’t last for an hour, and the Soviet heavy artillery shells hit again. Seriously, the ruined city was reorganized until there were no signs of life in sight. Red Army tanks and infantry emerged like a rising tide, and their momentum was as fierce as the waves washing the beach forever!
Exhausted physically and mentally and lacking ammunition, the German officers and men had to enter the defensive position in spirit. This arduous battle was unprecedented, and every professional soldier had tried his best, but after all, this is not Moscow or Lunjiao. It’s no small miracle that the commanders of the Soviet Union and Germany held on for two days and two nights. With the distance between the two sides getting closer, the fierce guns finally exploded in the dark. Although the German infantry and paratroopers anti-tank weapons can resist the impact of the Soviet liver-fast tanks and light tanks, with the appearance of heavy tanks, the Germans may have to pay double the casualties. Even so, they still have to face such a cruel reality that the area of the German-controlled urban area is shrinking. If they can’t hold on, there is almost no hope of breaking through. If they release their weapons, it will be the largest-scale surrender of the Germans since the war
In Warsaw, in the fortress area in the southeast of East Prussia, the German officers and men are also tired to varying degrees, facing the same problem. The troops isolated in the front line are eager for their own main counterattack, but where is the counterattack horn? "Take a break from one company to another!"
In the old border town of Lenkster, Germany and Poland, young men belonging to the 32nd Infantry Division of the German Defence Force are sweating profusely to build fortifications. Because of the extreme lack of physical strength due to continuous labor, it is also possible to replace the officers with automatic machinery so that the companies in their hands can take turns to rest and ensure that the whole project can advance according to the requirements of the grade. With the trenches, The barbed wire area of bunkers has been gradually formed and built in a hill town. Dozens of buildings have actually been well protected by layered fortifications on one side of the German border. The artillery position has been cleverly facilitated. The terrain here makes the road crossing the two countries directly bombarded by the enemy from the east still open, and a large number of trucks transport troops and materials into Poland every hour, but those steel-framed roadblocks placed on the roadside can cut it off at any time.
"This will be to stop the Soviets from entering the last line of defense in Germany!"
The soldiers got such information from their own officers. At this time, the most advanced position is still more than 100 kilometers away, but it seems to be far away, but there are only two "defense lines" left. First, the Germans have held on to the Calix line near the edge for an hour, but in the daytime, the Soviet army took turns to attack this defense line, which was not strengthened by the increase of German defense forces. In some areas lacking terrain conditions, the fortifications were completely destroyed. If it were not for the Germans, armored troops were mobilized to reinforce the Soviet army. Vivas River Tour has made a breakthrough-German generals who are proficient in blitzkrieg will not be unaware that once the Soviet armored forces tear a hole in the German defense line and the profit advantage is quick to detour, the infantry with slow mobility in Germany may become the dumpling stuffing of the other side!
This second line of defense is the defense line prepared by the Germans in Poland. Its width is the same as that of the first line of defense, but the depth of defense is mostly 3 to 4 kilometers. Trenches and barbed wire are obviously not enough to withstand the impact of Soviet tanks. It looks more like the German troops who suffered heavy losses withdrew from the first line of positions and took turns to make a standby transfer!
"We will turn this place into an unbreakable barrier and let the Russians break their heads!" The officers are constantly encouraging the soldiers to come from the rear. The first batch of artillery has arrived at the scheduled position, and some extra assault guns for the grass-roots infantry division will arrive tonight. From the deployment of the high command, it seems that the top management is readjusting its strategy. After all, they are faced with the power to move. If the Soviet troops are at the top of the front line, if the attack is unfavorable, the horse will be replaced by the rear troops to rest. Only when the Germans observe the division number, they have already passed the help, and the Soviets have contacted the German division. This number is half!
Not long after, the anti-alarm alarm placed in the commanding heights of villages and towns suddenly sounded, and the searchlight position deployed near the German border re-lit, and the night minister soup cannon broke the black spots in people’s hearts that were only colorful and colorful, and they were flying from east to west!
Although a number of fighter planes have been temporarily incorporated, there are still three wings in the night fighter unit of the German army. After removing the losses in the first two nights, the remaining planes are no longer enough. What they have to face is the total number of Soviet double bombers, which is suitable for escorting Soviet fighters in the middle and long range. This seems desperate, but the contrast is hopeful because of the technical superiority of the German army in night fighting.
On the ground, the radar base and searchlights guided the German fighter group to quickly find the attacker’s position, but it was a big loss for two nights. The Soviet bomber group was never prepared to attack again.
"Damn these Russian fighters were hidden in their bomber formation! Too embarrassing! "
Lieutenant Cloodt, a stone-year-old skilled pilot in the cockpit with dark gray paint on his whole body, woke up his crew through the communication line. Because of the greatly enhanced hemispheric firepower, this night fighter, which was transformed from bombers from both sides, is best at "breaking the belly" of enemy bombers, but if it touches a real fighter, its maneuverability and self-defense shortcomings are still fatal!
Outside the cockpit, the silvery moonlight from the sky and the searchlight from the ground shared an ideal sight, but it happened that it was also a two-way street. The Soviet Union and some German pilots were still unfamiliar with the aircraft model, and the dark red bullets flew over the huge bomber group to the German army interception line, which was like fireflies flying in droves at night.
The tension spread rapidly in the cabin. At this time, a young and confident voice came from the earphone. "Relax, boss! You’d better lower the altitude gently and try to attract them! "
Lieutenant Cloodt knew that the sound came from the machine gun tower at the back of the machine, which was equipped with Krupp company to research the double-bladed mm machine guns according to the special requirements of the technical department of the German army. In terms of appearance, they did not meet the comfort requirements at all, because once the semi-circular machine gun tower was stuffed into such a big thing, the gunners would have no cone at all-there were two final solutions. One was to imitate the Italians and adopt the remote control machine gun tower at the mouth, and the other was to equip the machine gun tower with tank periscope, that is to say, the whole operator was located in the machine gun tower. In view of the different types of
"Good boy, but you have to aim at the Russians. They’re not stupid. It’s hard for them to be fooled again!" Lieutenant Cloodt responded by gently pressing the wheel.
In the early night battle, because it is difficult to maintain the coordination in height, once the units get close to the target, they will attack different targets in a scattered way. "Oh, there seems to be another one behind! Look out, everyone! It’s four one old! "
At the beginning of the war explosion, the Soviet army’s main force, Yi Yi Zhan, had a very recognizable appearance, a round fuselage, a thick short wing and a peculiar fan-shaped tail with a strange back. When it caught fire, the machine gun was in the position of the aircraft, and the flame was sprayed outwards.
Lieutenant Cloodt’s reaction was to let the plane pull up when he saw a string of bullets flying over the left wing, but this time he held back and shouted through the com, "Come on, Lunk, or we’ll all be here!"
I heard the sound of fried beans coming from the back of the engine room. It was a very excellent medium weapon, Jiang Yin. Its biggest drawback was that the bullet was too heavy, which restricted the continuity of fire. Usually, a small murderer can carry a blade, but in the night battle type, the turret is used to collect two ammunition boxes with different blades. In the engine room, several such ammunition boxes can be added. The operator can replace them manually in the battle. Although it is time-consuming, it can maintain the fighting ability of the university, high school and high school!
"Hey kill a plane! Steady … The one behind is chasing after me! "
The sound in the earphone is still full of youth and self-confidence, and the rest of the crew members are not greatly relieved. After all this tossing, the Soviet bomber group crossed the border area with almost no interception. I’m afraid it’s a way to stop them from going to Pailin only by ground anti-aircraft fire. Is the grand city about to experience a rebirth in the cruel war?
Chapter 46 Way out
"Our ultimate plan is when the Wutong drop tank is equipped with this kind of gun, which makes the explosive charge armor-piercing." The distance of four meters can penetrate the homogeneous armor less than four millimeters, and the distance of four meters can be as high as o millimeters to deal with a Soviet tank we have encountered at present! "
This is the first time that the general of the army, Logan, introduced a weapon actually developed in six wars in a professional tone in front of many marshals and generals of the six armies. He also felt a sense of pride. It was not until the Soviet invasion that the German high command learned from the feedback information of the front-line troops that the comprehensive performance of his opponent, Bihe Zeyi, greatly exceeded that of a type of tank currently in service in Germany, which is the main reason why the German army lost two small-scale tank battles the day after the war explosion. However, at present, Germany * * The workers are still working hard to produce tanks No.3 and No.4, which can’t meet the needs of the Soviet-German battlefield. German generals immediately turned into ants in the hot pot mountain, and even ordered the technical department of the 6 th Army to develop a new tank-standard weapon capable of Soviet tanks against heavy tanks in the shortest time, and named the powerful mm gun!
When Logan first heard the news, it was a mighty image. However, it is usually a long time from design to combat effectiveness for a new tank. According to Marshal William Liszt, who is commanding the battle at the front line in Poland, it is estimated that because the Soviet army will soon be able to complete the new offensive deployment in Poland, the German team may hold the current line of defense for a long time. It is natural that Yuan is very annoyed at this situation and stay in the filming these days. The generals of Lin Dejun are not afraid of accidentally hitting the dictator’s gun.
Although the army’s "Wutong drop tank" can’t reach the standard of Yuan Geding in terms of artillery and armor, the victory is that it has already entered the prototype stage. So Logan took the initiative to attack and sought the support of keitel and Brausic, and proposed to Yuan that on the one hand, he should speed up the development of "Yutong drop tank" and strive to equip the sixth army with this weapon that can be on an equal footing with Soviet tanks before the end of the year, on the other hand, he should continue to follow the route estimation of conventional research and test equipment according to the idea of "four heavy North grams".
Trying to examine the war situation from a higher angle, Luo Gen also realized that the Soviet active attack did put Germany in a rather bad situation. On the one hand, the Japanese government categorically refused to participate in the war, which was attributed to its words and beliefs. On the other hand, their strategic analysts may not be very optimistic about Germany’s victory. Several Balkan partners who have recently joined the Axis camp are not as firm as Mussolini’s government. Once the eastern part of Germany falls, the main link between Germany and the Balkans will be cut off by the Soviet Union. At that time, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia are likely to defect for their own interests. In addition, the British troops trapped in Scotland and Iceland are still a sword behind the German front, and Norwegian and French resistance organizations have also restrained many German troops. These unfavorable factors have made the German army finally turn its attention to the eastern front!
Although it is not the ideal "life-saving straw", I immediately agreed to put the "witch tons to drop tanks" plan to a high-level military meeting for discussion.
"On the whole, the improvement schemes of Krupp, Daimler-Benz and henschel are satisfactory, but we have to wait another two months to see the new prototype. Please allow me to introduce the performance and characteristics of these three tanks to you.
Rogan explained the design drawings hanging on the drawing board with a thin and long pointer. Adolf Hitler, the dictator of this huge empire, bowed with his hands behind his back, and his eyes seemed to appreciate art, including Marshal William von Loeb, Marshal Dole von Bok and elwin? Feng? Marshal Paul von Kleister of Wuertzler will be in the Sixth Army, and the generals are obviously interested in this "half-success"-although the generals are mostly at the layman’s level for the development of chariots as the generals of the Sixth Army know about fighters, the specific design scheme is still Krupp and Deleuil-Benz, such powerful arms dealers, which have sufficient feasibility in overall design and details.
Finally, the problem of gasoline engine and diesel engine is that Logan is the simplest sentence. By the way, Su Junfeng and Yi Shi are both diesel engines, and their chances of explosion are obviously lower than those of keeping gasoline engines on tanks.
It’s not the first time that the problem of diesel engine and gasoline engine has been discussed at the top of the 6 th Army. Rogan’s voice just fell and Marshal Loeb, who is old in the west, said airily
"If the Sixth Army is equipped with diesel tanks in large quantities, it means that the logistics department will lose and cope with both fuels at the same time, but the logistical difficulties are still the most superficial." If we adopt a large number of diesel engines in tanks in the future, we will certainly have these advantages mentioned by General Logan, but if we adopt synthetic fuel refining technology to produce gasoline at present, if the diesel output is greatly increased, not only the gasoline output will be seriously affected, but also the associated heavy diesel oil will be far beyond the current consumption of the navy. The whole industrial body in Germany will face a reorganization, which will lead to a great fluctuation in our output during the war! "
Behind the bland tone is a sharp point of view. The technology of liquefied synthesis of German media raw materials has been very skilled, but the gasoline yield obtained by dry distillation is still four times that of ordinary oil. If it is beneficial to synthesize fuel, the achievement of obtaining a large amount of diesel oil is even higher (to correct the technical mistakes here, in fact, German synthetic fuel can produce diesel oil as well as petroleum, and every ton of diesel oil produced is suitable for vehicles, which makes light diesel oil have a high cost)
When Logan went to see Xiao Hu’s expression again, the dictator bowed his head slightly and closed his eyes. The lights were black and there were many spots and white silk.

Li Feiyang doesn’t care. Feet toward the city guard house. People coming along the road are greeting each other. Listen to them. Most of them are centurions. There are also one or two who look superior. It’s a condemned man.

It’s just that none of these people know Li Yang. Plus he’s small. It’s very different from barbarians. Everyone’s eyes are even weirder.
Just looking at the concierge didn’t stop him. And they stopped talking. It’s all in my mind. Probably some relative of the city guard.
"East brother. I heard that tonight is the appointment of the collar. This position is naturally yours. At that time, you can pull your brother well. "
Remember this position. "
"He? His strength is far worse than yours. What’s the use of remembering? If he can be commander in chief. Brother, I am the first to refuse! "
"Hey hey. You little boy! Don’t worry. If I were my brother, I would be in charge. Can’t forget your benefits … "
Li Feiyang stopped in astonishment. Listen to the two people around you. There was a weak smile on his face. Shook his head and walked on.
After entering the banquet hall. People in charge naturally.
Show everyone to sit down. Left position. The highest nature is Du Wanshan. Of course, it is a commander. Centurion Corporal. And the right seat is empty. Everyone is whispering. I wonder who it is for.
"Li’s adult. There you are. Please come with me. " A servant respectfully took Li Feiyang. Cross the banquet hall avenue. Go straight to the right first position. Li Feiyang can feel the people’s surprised and confused eyes. But he didn’t think much in his heart. I sat down calmly.
At that time the atmosphere in the hall became a little weird. The original noisy voice gradually died down. Many people seem to be talking to people around them. Eyes are always unconsciously floating to Li Feiyang. Everyone is guessing. Who the hell is this man? Why are you sitting in this position?
Li Feiyang looks at his eyes, nose and heart. Just look ahead and say no. I didn’t care about the mood of people around me at all. Du Shan is sitting opposite him. I greeted him actively: "Haha. Brother Li. From now on, we will work together. You should pay more attention to your brother and me. "
Li Feiyang hand laughed: "Brother Du is welcome. Feiyang is new here. There are many things I don’t understand. I still hope that my brother will give me more advice. "
Du Wanshan smiled heartily: "Look. A stranger, isn’t it? Let me know if you don’t understand anything. I must know everything! Brother Li, you are so strong. The achievements in the future are bound to be limitless. Don’t forget my brother then. "
Li Feiyang smiled faintly: "Brother is joking."
"Du. Who is this man? The new bodyguard of the city guard? " A commander around Du Wanshan asked quietly. In my opinion. That is to say, only the guards with high martial arts around the city guard. It is possible to sit in the first place. Otherwise. On such an occasion. In front of so many people in the army. There is no way to let an outsider sit in that position.
Du Wanshan hey hey smile. Didn’t answer the commander’s words.
"Your Excellency is here ~!" Just at this moment. Wish the fan finally.
As soon as he arrived. All the people present stood up. They said in unison, "See Lord Cheng Shou."
I wish the fan a hand in return. Please sit down. Make yourself at home tonight. Exempt from many etiquette. Everybody have a good drink! "
Boom ~ ~ There was a burst of laughter in the hall. The noise was restored in a blink of an eye.
Li Feiyang heart secretly know. It seems that this fan is good at dealing with people. Know these men’s bright and clear character. Just right for their temper.
I wish the fan picked up a glass of wine. All of a sudden silence. Also picked up the glass in his hand.
"Call everyone here today. One is to get together. Happy, happy. Two? Yes, I have an important announcement. Everybody knows that. Sun Tongling has been driving Wanliu City for so long. This commanding position has also been vacant. Wanshan has been really tired recently. So … I intend to appoint the head of the second town today. Take this opportunity to announce it to everyone. "
Wanliu City is governed by two towns. Take five thousand men with you. It adds up to ten thousand people. Some time ago, the head of the second town left. This commanding position has been vacant. I wish the fan has always been a little upset. Because he really can’t find a suitable person. The arrival of Li Feiyang. You did him a big favor.
I heard Zhu Fan say so. Whether it’s a commander or a centurion. There is a glimmer of hope in my eyes. They held their breath for a moment. The atmosphere has become somewhat dignified.
After drinking this glass of wine. I wish the fan a second cup. Holding it up, he said, "After my consultation with Commander Du. The new head of the second town is … "
Everyone’s heart almost jumped to the chest. Several of the most powerful commanders are flashing on their faces. Just wait for Zhu Fan to read his name. You have to stand up and thank.
"Li Feiyang! That is, this brother on my left. " I wish the fan turned the glass to Li Feiyang. Li Feiyang also didn’t answer. Raise your wine and signal to the fan. And then drink it off.
~ ~ I don’t know whose glass fell on the table. They just slowly return to absolute being from consternation. Slowly end up in front of the glass. With all kinds of complicated expressions on his face. I drank it in a fog.
"Li brothers martial arts high strength. It can be called an enemy of ten thousand people. In the future, his orders will be my orders. If someone refuses. Dispose of it by law! "
They kept silent. Suddenly a sudden voice said, "I’m not satisfied!"
I wish you a round eye. Look where the sound comes from. At the same time, shout loudly: "Donglu! How dare you disobey military orders? "
Li Feiyang silently took the wine and took a sip. Concentrate on eating vegetables. Silently admire in my heart. These exotic dishes are really good.
The commander named Dong Lu stood up slowly. Looking at Li Feiyang bowed their heads and said nothing. His face showed a look of great publicity. Asked loudly: "this little brother. Dare you compete with me? !”

Chapter 124 War!

Zhou Shiyu was a little uncomfortable. "Don’t mind if you don’t know what he said."

"He likes to joke with him." Fu Jingyun smiled as if he didn’t care.
Zhou Shiyu drooped his eyes and felt a little uncomfortable.
"Good afternoon Dean" broke into a girl in a white coat and made Zhou Shiyu look back. He nodded.
Zhou Xin entered the ward for routine examination. "Does it hurt here?"
Fu Jingyun shook his head.
"Today, there are still a few checklists that have been sent to the nursing union to take you there for recovery. It’s good, but don’t worry about having Dean at the root?" Zhou Xin smiled and looked at Zhouyu again.
Although I know that he has a crush on someone, it doesn’t affect her eyes.
When talent is linked to face value, he feels as if he is shining.
"Good thank you." Fu Jingyun looked down at Zhou Xin and she could see the expression on the little girl’s face.
When she is checking, Zhou Shiyu will go to the windowsill to make her feel more comfortable, from knowing that he is the same age as his brother, but he feels mature beyond his age.
I wish you a lovely day.
Happy Children’s Day, Xiaoqiu cuties.
Remember to eat lollipops!
Chapter seventy Afraid she’s not happy to know
Zhou Xin didn’t leave the ward until he finished recording.
This department is talking about this handsome escort. Later, I heard that it was the head of the digestive department. Who can not pay more attention?
Xu Jin inkstone just came out from Aunt Shen’s ward.
"How about it?" Zhou Xin hit her.
"The situation is not optimistic, that is, what happened during this period?" Xu today inkstone asked 1
Zhou Xin shook his head and said, "Still don’t answer the phone, but if the phone is connected, it won’t answer."
"Give me the words and I’ll try." Xu Jinyan asked Zhou Xin to take the words. He always called the landline. Maybe the other party didn’t answer it properly.
Xu Jin inkstone took the words and made several calls, and no one answered.
Both of them are like frustrated balls.
"Unless Aunt Shen calls herself, the other party probably won’t pick it up." Zhou Xin analyzed.
Aunt Shen has a strong personality, even if she knows that her condition is getting worse, she will not tell her family.
Or maybe there’s something to hide.
Xu Jinyan turned around and walked towards the office with some sadness.
Just entering the office, I saw li ke drinking milk. Zhou Xin wondered, "li ke, did you order milk, too?"
"No, put it on my desk. I was given to me by you. Can’t I drink it when I happen to be thirsty?" Li ke asked with half the milk he had already drunk.
"This is not a doctor xu …"
"It is estimated that the nurse brought it to li ke. Last night, Li Keda had a hard day shift today." Xu Jinyan intercepted Zhou Xin’s words.
Zhou Xinxu today inkstone has already drunk the milk, so I won’t talk about it any more.
Xu Jinyan didn’t think much.
He has got back together with Xie Zhihan. Why did he come to deliver milk to her affectedly? He hasn’t stepped on both sides yet.
"Stay close to Dr. Xu" Li Kexiao
Xu Jinyan twisted the position between the eyebrows. "Zhou Xin, I want you to go to bed 4 and bed 1 alone, and pay attention to the preoperative follow-up for one afternoon. Prepare for my building first."
Taking a taxi from the hotel to the hospital early in the morning temporarily paralyzed her thinking, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t remember.
She remembered Xie Zhihan naturally from his room.
She remembers that they spent the night together last night.
She remembers being like a clown in front of Xie Zhihan, and she was fooled by Fu Jingxiao.
"Give her a hazelnut latte." Xu Jinyan was immersed in her own thoughts, which caused her to have no response for a long time before ordering a menu in the coffee shop.
Until that glass knock appeared.
Wei Yunqi pursed his lips and said "another cup of American style"
This just react Xu Jin inkstone has taken out a mobile phone.
"No, I paid for it together. Go sit over there and I’ll bring the coffee." Wei Yunqi patted her arm.
Xu Jin inkstone just walked past.
Wei Yunqi put coffee in front of her eyes.
Yuncheng has officially entered the winter. Although it is a southern city, it is particularly cold here without heating in winter, especially Xu Jinyan, who is used to heating in the north, has not been used to it for several years in Yuncheng.
It will be better to drink more hot drinks when it is cold.
"What’s the matter? Worry a lot. "Wei Yunqi heard Song Yi say that she was in a bad mood early in the morning and now she went to buy coffee.
He died, but what he was doing rushed upstairs.
Xu Jinyan took a sip of hazelnut latte. The taste of hazelnut was sweet, bitter and special.
Sure enough, winter is suitable for hazelnut flavor.
"I just feel that people become very timid in the face of life and death." Xu Jinyan thought that Aunt Shen had been treated for so long and suffered so much pain, but she finally suffered from illness.
"Let’s study medicine. Many people become indifferent, not because they want to be like that, but because they have seen too much. If we all accept that patients and their families should face this inkstone in France, you have never changed since you entered the hospital. You still remember that the patient had no breath when you came to the external rotation, but you kept rescuing him. I have never seen a rotation doctor work so hard …" Wei Yunqi felt as if everything was still in sight.
She lit up her dark world like a fire.
"It’s too difficult for Lao Wei to be a doctor who can output data and judge without thinking. It’s too difficult for me to do well." She bowed her head for the first time in such a long time