Kyle sleeps in the middle of two people with a small head and a fleshy little hand grasping Jiang Xuanxuan’s shoulder strap and grasping it tightly.

Breathing smoothly, Gu Chen often sleeps for a while and opens his eyes to see this picture, and then pulls Jiang Xuanxuan and the child, and then touches the child’s forehead to confirm and continue to sleep.
Stealing for half a day is probably such a moment, right?
Wen Wen really ends soon! Bao is already preparing a new article! Another account of Xinwenhui promises to look better than this. Everyone should pay attention to it!
-Recommended Qingyin Suiqin "It’s too barbaric for a rich man to take love from her husband"
Mu Xiaoyan is a notorious woman in G city who fell in love with her best friend and then robbed her aunt and fiance. She shook her head and sighed.
Mo Shaochen reached out to "shut up after me" when she helped.
"Mo Shaochen why should I choose you?"
The man looked down at her with a commanding look. "I don’t like to hear you shout uncle."
Section 493
Mu Xiaoyan "…"
Because this man doesn’t like Mu Xiaoyan and Mo Shaochen lying together every night.
After the original marriage, they were indifferent couples, each with his own needs.
I didn’t expect this man to be such an animal that he had to live as a husband and wife every night.
22, sugar sugar coax children (now there are two more)
After a quiet afternoon in the evening, the ward became lively again.
It’s not the excitement that makes people feel bad!
After a night’s sleep, Kyle came to the ward again. He was busy as a bee. Gu Chen went back and forth to take care of the tea and water beside him. He was busy taking temperature regularly, sorting out the child’s vomit and feeding medicine.
In particular, it is particularly difficult to feed drugs.
No child likes taking medicine, especially when a sick child comes, his temper is hard to resist.
The medicine was knocked over several times, or I vomited and cried after eating it. I grabbed Jiang Xuanxuan as an umbrella, and at the same time I especially resisted Gu Chen’s naughty child, which made people feel bad.
Jiang Xuanxuan has stopped crying. She is like a qualified mother, accompanying and coaxing the child to feel safe, but she just doesn’t lose her temper.
It is Gu Chen who has a temper in front of him.
He stared at the child and almost threw something to scare him, but sometimes it’s hard to say that Kyle is so pitiful.
"Stop it, little guy, and take the medicine well, okay?" Gu Chen is also rare to talk to the little guy with a good temper.
But no one slapped him with the pills and then tilted his head. "Wow-"cried Jiang Xuanxuan’s shoulder.
Gu Chen was so angry that his face turned green that he couldn’t help but say that his voice was loud. "Do you still want it if you don’t take medicine?"
"Wow-"He shouted that Kyle would cry even more to refute that Jiang Xuanxuan’s back was going to be against Gu Chen.
The child who has a high fever doesn’t cry so much, but he cries even more when he is fed medicine and bathed.
The doctor didn’t feed much medicine.
Gu Chen had a heavy sense of frustration. He was depressed and his face was extremely ugly. At that time, he really hated Liu Bucheng, the culprit, and he couldn’t wait to cut him to pieces.
However, he doesn’t have much energy to take care of Liu Bucheng. Now Kyle’s business has become the biggest. He is too busy to even answer the words.
"Dad brought candy to the baby. Did the baby see it?" Jiang Xuanxuan coaxed her to do everything she could. "Look, dad said that if you want the baby to eat the pills, you will have sugar to eat. Baby, do you want sugar?"
Never take candy to coax children. This moment is still the case.
Jiang Xuanxuan is very nai, but there is something she can do, but when she makes this move, she has done a lot for the children.
Is almost her voice just stopped crying and hugged her Nuo Nuo soft way "to …"
"If you want candy, you have to listen to your father and take your medicine well. Dad said I’ll give you a candy after eating, right, dad?" Jiang Xuanxuan coaxed the children to cooperate with Gu Chen
Gu Chen also quickly cooperated with her to nod, saying, "I’ll give you sugar after eating, and the man will never lie if he keeps his word."
After listening to Kyle, he opened his mouth and cried for a while without tears. "Don’t take pills-wow-don’t-"
The little guy cried without tears, and no one knew at a glance that he was fooling around, deliberately trying to make candy to escape pills.
All children have the same mind and eyes. Can adults still understand his routine when they see through Jiang Xuanxuan?
She patted the child on the back and continued to seduce him. "You see, Dad is going to get candy. Dad is going now. Does the baby want to eat it?"
"Wow-"roared Kyle and nodded to express his special desire to eat.

So Ali’s mother-in-law gave herself a pill and then took Xiaowu and only four guards directly to the scenic area.

Nanyichen and early summer decided to get to the scenic zone after determining that Nanwentao’s forces had been completely driven out of Moer City, but …
"Emperor, I think it’s possible to go to the scenic area for a while?" Looking at the two warships in early summer, I suddenly felt a little tempted. It was all wet, but I didn’t test the effect. It was a bit inappropriate to go back like this.
"Queen, what do you want?" Nanyichen knew that something was going to happen in early summer, but he was not disgusted at all, but he was looking forward to it
"There are many islands in the sea near us, but they are all controlled by Japan. Now, shall we collect a wave in the past?" I’m very excited in early summer, but I suddenly feel a little sorry for Song Laoer. If this is a toss-up, they will definitely miss his marriage with Sun Xiuxiu.
But it must be more important to expand the territory than to attend the wedding.
And once those islands are collected, people can be stationed there, and it will be twice as difficult for pirates from any country to harass Nantang at will.
She has seen the map of this era, although it is not too detailed, but she can see that the shape is similar to that of later generations. So can she collect the places like Bay Island?
South escape minister looked at early summer eyes light nodded without hesitation.
Next to Nan Wenxuan, there is a black line. He is very glad that the seven emperors’ aunts are not a bad person. Otherwise, the seven emperors’ aunts must have been ruined by her for this daughter-in-law.
When Sun Qianer heard that she was going out to sea in early summer, she envied whether "Empress can’t wait until I unload the goods, and I can go with her …"
Early summer …
I didn’t expect this weak little girl to go to sea with her.
"Don’t worry, this time we used to scout first, and there will be opportunities to take you out to sea in the future. After all, there are many islands in the sea, right? It’s the main thing for you to have a healthy and beautiful doll in the future. "
Sun Qianer nodded "OK"
In the early summer, I suddenly thought of something and looked at Nan Wenxuan. "You’d better check the pharmacy that used to treat the princess, including that doctor Gu."
"Don’t worry, I have sent someone to check" Nan Wenxuan nodded.
If the emperor hadn’t followed him this time, he wouldn’t even dare to think about it. If that Ali mother-in-law approached his wife, he wouldn’t even dare to think about the result. There must be something wrong with that doctor Gu.
In early summer, I won’t say anything anymore, but I have posted two operator papers for the whole Wangfu, which is reassuring.
In this way, most people don’t know the situation, and now they have to leave quietly without knowing it.
Just after leaving the waters near Moer City, another warship stayed in Fuqing County, and then turned its bow towards the deep sea.
In the water, that’s the little turtle and the little green. Oh, my God.
So in early summer, I threw the little green into the water, and that guy instantly recovered his excitement. He turned around the warship twice and got a claw from the little turtle, and then he honestly said in front.
The little turtle jumped to the little green head to command, and once he met the undercurrent class on the reef, he woke up directly and could easily avoid it after the early summer.
Naturally, the boatmen also saw it and found that it seemed to be the dragon before. How could it follow their boat? But when I saw the Queen’s pet turtle squatting on the other side’s head, it was all calm.
After sailing for a day and a night, I vaguely saw a large island in front of me. When it got brighter, I found that there seemed to be several islands in the distance.
Chapter five hundred and seventy-five Island
However, judging from their sailing speed and time, the distance between the island and the mainland … is also true to judge whether it is a bay island or not.
As far as their sailing speed and time are concerned, this place is definitely not Japan, but it still belongs to the waters of Nantang, but I just don’t know if there are any residents here, so let’s occupy it first.
Little Green and Little Turtle took the lead in the road ahead, but before the news came.
Let the boat stop in early summer.
Soon the sea around the island became rough, and then I saw many fish jumping out of the water, and even I could see groups of fish and shrimp swimming out quickly
What happened?
The ship’s soldiers all stare big eyes.
Soon the little turtle came and the news came, but he went straight over and landed. Little Green had destroyed the reef that could touch the ship and fell into the bottom of the sea.

Jiang Ma hurriedly called the mall people to send * * to their room and carried the original * * out for help.

Mother Biejiang doesn’t know what they want. She won’t give them a chance.
Luoyang thought it was quite beautiful. How nice it is to have two * * in the room!
Not a word from Jiang Ma.
At dinner, Luoyang met the old Sanjiang Zhao.
Jiang Zhao greeted Luoyang with peach blossom eyes. Luoyang replied’ Hello’ and ran to the kitchen to help Jiang Ma’s thugs.
Although she can’t do anything
"Eldest brother, my eldest sister-in-law is really beautiful. It’s much fuller than that little girl born late in wood. No wonder eldest brother wants eldest sister-in-law not to have her."
Luo Yang’s front foot left and Jiang Zhao provoked Jiang Rufei.
Jiang Rufei’s temple ached "Don’t provoke her"
Jiang Zhao exclaimed, "Hey, big brother, have you forgotten that you warned me not to let me mess with Wood?"
Before Jiang Rufei could speak, Jiang Zhao said, "Hehe, the less you let me mess with me, the more you mess with me. Don’t you know that?"
Jiang Rufei was livid and stared at Jiang Zhao.
Sister-in-law, do you know that my brother has a lover?
"Have you had enough trouble?"
Tell Jiang Rufei unkindly that Jiang Zhao has no intention of opposing him. "This woman can’t blame me if she can’t help hooking up!"
Jiang Zhao eyes naked staring at the moving figure in the kitchen.
Jiang Rufei took a deep breath and closed his eyes, but looked at Jiang Zhao calmly. "Old three, if you love wood, you will give her a happy life. I wish you all the best."
Section 256
Jiang Zhao ha sneer at "eldest brother? Now my sister-in-law even moved out of the house? You are infatuated with your eldest sister-in-law! "
Jiang Rufei’s heart is surging, but he dare not have extra emotions. "She is already your eldest sister-in-law, not the object you can joke about casually."
Jiang Zhao is rebellious in his bones. It’s not a matter of age. He was born this way.
Jiang Zhao put his arm on the chair, crossed his legs, and a pair of peach eyes lifted Jiang Rufei’s face as usual. "Are you worried that your brother-in-law and sister-in-law will make an scandal and discredit the Jiang family?"
Jiang Rufei looked back at Jiang Zhao’s sight and said, "Be good to her if you really like her."
Jiang Zhao knew that Jiang Rufei said that he was born late in wood. Jiang Zhao was funny in his heart. It turned out that their boss always knew that he loved and cared about wood late.
Suddenly I feel like a clown, as if everything had been put into my eyes by Jiang Rufei at the theatre. "Ha ha, I don’t know what personality eldest brother is? Can a woman tie me up? "
Jiang Rufei looked up and stared at Jiang Zhao very seriously. "What is Jiang Zhao’s position in my heart? You should know that you know why I refuse her."
Jiang Zhao is funny. "What are you talking about? Let me be your spare tire receiver!"
Jiang Rufei doesn’t like Jiang Zhao’s words "Don’t provoke her if you are not responsible for her"
Jiang Rufei can accept that someone loves Mu Yuesheng for him, but he can’t accept that that person is not good to Mu Yuesheng, just like Xi Yanlie’s conversation. That time Jiang Zhao frightened Mu Yuesheng and left Mu Yuesheng in a state of being watched.
Jiang Zhao is not bad, but because of family conditions, he is the youngest in the family. * * He is spoiled, and his personality is very strange. Occasionally, extremes often do not follow common sense.
Most people can’t accept Jiang Zhao’s emotional uncertainty.
But my eldest brother Jiang Rufei knows what kind of person Jiang Zhao is.

In a few days’ time, it will be the 15th day of the winter moon, and the carving really flew back to Ningbi Cliff, and when it came back, it brought a letter from Li Ning saying that he would go to Chengdu with his grandmaster to search for a room. By the way, a survivor went to Shi Hu Mountain in Yunnan to see his brother Zhu Youmu, a monk who picked Wei, and maybe it would take two or three years to get back to Chengdu. If he could find Zhou Chun, he urged him to hurry back to the mountain and told Yingqiong not to wander about, take good care of himself, work and so on. Yingqiong felt uncomfortable for a while after reading the letter,

Time flies, and it’s not far from New Year’s Eve. After all, some children moved out of Emei County to buy new year’s goods, firecrackers and so on, especially to marinate a dozen legs of wax deer for the Chinese New Year with it. Colored silk is pasted into more than ten palace lanterns and hung every day on New Year’s Eve. Although it seems very busy to be alone in the mountains, on the 27th day, the carving caught two wild boars and a sika deer, and Yingqiong still peeled the deer skin. When she ran to the cave to get salt to pickle these two kinds of game, she suddenly found that the remaining salt was only used for pickling this time, and the day after that, she hurried to the food department in Houdong to see that everything in daily life was enough for more than a year, but this salt item was too bad because she cared for the carving and liked to pickle the game. Although all kinds of meat, vegetables and so on are marinated and fully applied at present, I will call the game after three or four months, and then I will handle it by law. I looked at the salt jar for a while and couldn’t think of any good way to get rid of the remaining salt first. I started to face the carving and said, "Brother Golden Eye, I’m running out of salt. Go to town to buy salt in the next year, and then you can play the game. Now I can’t get it." Yingqiong knew that it wouldn’t go far away, and she was used to it. "The day was almost over. Play for a while and come back soon. I’ll wait for you to have lunch with me. "One of the gyrators in the carving blinked and didn’t see Ying Qiong’s hunger until the beginning. You have to get some food first and clean up the hearts of pigs and deer."
At the time of applying for the license, a black spot appeared in the distant view of Xi Jian in front of Ying Qiong’s cave, knowing that it was a god carving flying back to his face and even calling for a while to fly away from his head. The eagle’s two claws clung to one thing and shouted, "I told you that without salt, you are not willing to eat fresh meat now and hurt your life again?" Before the words were said, the carving had flown down gently. Ying Qiong saw that it didn’t like to throw the beast from the front like that. It turned out to be a big cattail bag about three feet square. I don’t know what it was. Tearing a corner and leaking many white glittering and translucent small pieces. Look carefully, it is the artesian well and other officials who have two or three hundred kilograms of salt. If there is no salt, they are so happy that they are too busy trying to transport it into the hole and come out. They said to the carving, "Brother Golden Eye, you are really miraculous and lovely! But my father once said that a gentleman should be aboveboard and not take things from others. Never do that again! " Ying Qiong will prepare it to eat and get it for her. When she was fiddling with the carving, she suddenly smelled a faint fragrance coming from behind the cliff and followed it. When she looked at it, it turned out that an old plum tree behind the cliff had been blooming, and the cold fragrance was fragrant. Ying Qiong was also happy, so she lingered for a while. Seeing that it was getting dark and she could no longer travel with the carving, she planned to go into the cave to find something to do.
Just before I got to the entrance of the cave, I suddenly saw a thin Tsing Yi man in front of a cliff separated by a hundred feet. The snow-covered rock face jumped high and walked straight to the front of the cliff. Because of the terrain, the cave where she lived was surrounded by a deep pool, and dozens of feet of walls were cut in front of it. Before the cave was erected, people could get a glimpse of more than ten miles of mountain scenery and come to this cave from Sheshen Rock. This narrow path is tortuous and rugged. In spring, summer and autumn, it is covered with shrubs and grass without knees. Walking in winter is covered with ice and snow. Since Li Ning’s father and daughter walked with Zhou Chun and Zhao Yaner, no one has ever seen this. Ying Qiong saw that Tsing Yi people flew forward without thinking, as if they were familiar with the road. She was secretly amazed. She thought, "This ice and snow is covered with rocks and slippery, and it is difficult to walk. If you are not careful, you will be afraid to walk this way. Although you have learned Kung Fu, this person has such good kung fu. It must be a sword fairy. Isn’t it this person who came to take the lead?" I was thinking that the Tsing Yi people turned a cliff corner, but I didn’t see it. I was disappointed. Suddenly, a figure was more than ten feet high from the cliff. The carving saw someone coming to a roundabout. Ling Yingqiong’s head was flying with a horizontal wing, and it didn’t come as if to protect it. Ying Qiong saw that the bearer was wearing a green head and a piece of green cloth. The figure was almost as high as her own anticline. It looked very familiar. When I was about to open my mouth, the man had said first, "I was ordered by my tutor to pick this Lingxiao cliff. I didn’t want my sister toWhen he said, he cashed out a cicada’s head in Baotou, and there was a kind of heroic bone in the beauty of a moth’s beauty. This woman was the spiritual woman Yu Yingnan Yingqiong, who came back from the city that day. First, her father was ill, then her father and daughter separated, and she was tired and depressed, and the snow-closed mountain method was added. She had already forgotten that she was now alone in the mountain. Suddenly, I saw that she was uninvited and others had this amazing love. I felt lonely, and I just added a mountain companion to meet her. After wandering around, I accompanied her to the cliff and picked some plum blossoms. Then I sat down in the cave and decided that Yingqiong was two years older than Yingqiong. They talked for a while and met each other by chance. Yingnan asked, "Where’s your honor?" Ying Qiong could not help but burst into tears when she heard this, so she did not say Li Ning’s becoming a monk again. When it came to thrilling sadness, Ying Nan also shed tears with her several times. Gradually it was getting late, Ying Qiong held up a candle and insisted on leaving Ying Nan after dinner. Ying Nan insisted on refusing to say that she was afraid that the master’s family would promise to return to the nunnery and report to her that she would come to talk for a long time before noon. Ying Qiong could not hold back and reluctantly sent her out.
At this time, it was already dusk, and the snow reflected on the four hills vaguely identified some paths. Ying Qiong said, "My sister’s coming this way is very dangerous and slippery. I’m too worried to go back when it’s dark. I’d better stay in the cave." When I heard this, Ying Qiong added, "I forgot to introduce my golden-eyed brother to my sister when I was talking to my sister." According to my recent habit, I will fly to shoot the British man with my eyes open. With this sacred guardian, it’s no wonder that my sister is alone in the ancient cave in the deep mountain. "Then she went to the front of the carving and touched its iron feather. The carving did not move. Ying Qiong suddenly exclaimed," I have an idea to send you back. "Ying Nan asked the reason? Yingqiong said, "But I don’t know if it will wait for me to discuss it with it." She said to the eagle, "Brother Jinyan, this is my new sister Yu Yingnan. It’s too late. Please see me and send her home." The eagle rang a long bell and nodded. Yingqiong was overjoyed and said to the British man, "Brother Jinyan has been willing to send you back. Is my sister afraid?" The British man said, "How can I thank you so much, Brother Golden Eye?" Ying Qiong said, "Don’t underestimate it. It has carried me twice, and now it won’t carry it again. Otherwise, it will be boring if I ride it around!" You ride quickly or it will be angry. "Yingnan saw Yingqiong’s childlike face everywhere, and she was very happy and afraid of Yingqiong’s smile. She nodded timidly and promised Yingqiong that she would happily ask for grass and carve her neck. She also taught Yingnan to ride the law, and then she rode it and sent her away. Yingqiong went back to the cave to clean up her dinner, cleaned the caves overnight, hung up the lanterns, and set up the necessities to prepare for the day. After a while, the carving flew back to Yingqiong and rested.
At first light the next day, Ying Qiong got up and cooked the rice. She knew that although Ying Nan was a vegetarian in the nunnery, she didn’t avoid meat before the Buddha. She specially cooked a few kinds of game, brought vegetables from the same city and dug up Polygonatum before the cliff. Winter bamboo shoots set a table with everything ready, and ran to the cliff and looked at the afternoon card. When the carving was about to be invited to pick it up, Yingnan had already come from the cliff. After they met each other, it was a little more intimate than yesterday. After entering the cave, Yingqiong naturally politely advised Yingnan to eat and drink. The bottle of plum blossoms in the stone room burst into flames, and the wine and flowers melted into a stone table. Sitting next to the table, these two peerless graceful chivalrous women talked and laughed. It was very interesting that Master Guanghui was also a swordsman who had been enlightened for a long time. Although Yingnan has only learned some basic skills in sword learning for self-defense, she said Yingnan is not a Buddhist brother who is going to have a career in the world in the future. Yesterday Yingnan went back and said that Yingqiong met Master Guanghui with a smile. "You will leave me to live with her soon when you meet this female demon king." Yingnan suspected that the master didn’t want her to make friends with Yingqiong, so she said that Yingqiong was generous and clever. Did the master say that she was a female demon king? Is there anything wrong with her in the future? The master said, "What’s wrong with it, but I think she is too heartless. You are a passer-by with her. It was your first day that I asked you to vote for her. You misunderstood?" The British man was relieved to hear the master’s words, but he has been educated by the teacher for many years. I asked the master to allow me to meet Ying Qiong often but not to be separated.
Forty-five Back to Li Yingqiong, Wan Li walked alone in Chicheng, and met different factions in the middle.
Saying master Guanghui laughed when he saw that the British man was inseparable. "How can a stupid child’s life come to an end? There are two reasons for everything. If I hadn’t stumbled over you, I wouldn’t have been here long ago. Now why don’t you leave when you are in such a good position? Can’t you go to the Western Heaven with me? " Yingnan is still begging the master to say with smile, "You don’t want to leave me or get together in January, so you can go back and forth between the two sides for the time being." Yingnan asked again about going everywhere after January? The master smiled and urged her to go to bed. When she got up the next day, she first came to see Ying Qiong and talked about what the master said. Ying Qiong was difficult to learn the sword by herself. Although Ying Nan is far better than herself, since the master promised her to live here, she was invited to move here on the same day. Ying Nan refused to promise to come and learn the sword together often. When it was late or the weather was bad, she stayed here for a while, but it still worked. So Ying Nan gave Ying Qiong the master’s kung fu formula with all her heart. In the evening exercise, I invited the English man to introduce Master Guanghui, but he refused to ask the English man to meet and learn swordsmanship in a different day. Since the day when the English man came, it has been New Year’s Eve, and the English man has also asked the master to spend his new year in Yingqiong Cave. It is quite lonely that the English man often goes back and forth, dancing happily every day and making swords, suffering from snow and ice, and he can’t go around.
On the fifth day of the fifth day, I got up early and suddenly heard the carving singing outside the cave. When I looked up, there was also a big carving in the sky, which was the size of a giant eagle. Take a closer look. This carving is also a golden-eyed steel beak, which is as big as a Buddha’s slave, with a perfect white belly and a black eagle’s beak. Buddha’s slave greeted me with a very intimate expression, just like an old friend reunited. When Ying Qiong saw the joy, she asked the giant eagle, "Brother Golden Eye, is this your good friend? I asked him to eat some preserved game. "Then he ran to the hole and cut a plate of game. The white eagle didn’t eat it. He nodded at Yingqiong. After eating the big plate of game, he sang three times at Yingqiong and flew with the white eagle. Yingqiong didn’t know whether the eagle was Fujian or was taken away by the white eagle, so he cried out in a hurry. The eagle smelled Yingqiong heavy and flew to Yingqiong. Seeing that the white eagle was still hovering low, it seemed that his peers couldn’t help but panic and asked," If you never come back, won’t it hurt me? " The eagle shook his head and leaned close to Yingqiong, showing an air of reluctance. Yingqiong said happily, "So you went to see the guests off?" The eagle shook his head again, and Ying Qiong said urgently, "Then you are not going back or what is it?" The eagle looked up and looked at the wings of the sky and kept flapping as if to fly up. Ying Qiong suddenly had a brainwave and said, "I think it’s because the bridled grandmaster came to call you with your companion. You still have to come back after listening to the scriptures, right?" You and I can’t speak properly. If you go for a few days, you can call me suspense. "The carved smell speech was indeed called nineteen Yingqiong’s memorization, and the carved stone in my heart was called out. In the white carving, it seemed that I was very impatient and rang for two times. The carved stone Yingqiong suddenly lowered her head from Yingqiong’s hand and held it for a long time, and went to Yingqiong to look at the two carved stones, and both of them looked at the relief slope. I couldn’t help wondering at first that it was suspicious that the carved stone was going to bring the British man back. Her companion saw the two carved stones fly up from the west of the relief slope and blinked and rose to Yun Biao for a while.
Ying Qiong’s naivety, carving Buddha and slave get along with each other for many days. Although it’s a temporary separation, I can’t help but feel very uncomfortable. It happened that Ying Nan had to wait for a day or two because of something in the nunnery. After a while, she went back to the cave and ate a lunch at random. She took out her father’s sword and went out to the cave to practice swordsmanship according to Ying Nan’s. Suddenly, she heard a cold wind behind her. When she looked back, she saw a Taoist priest Huang Guan dressed in cloth, sandals and plain socks. Ying Qiong saw that his face was very obscene. With an air of ridicule, I feel unhappy. How can I listen to Li Ning say that this cliff is isolated from the outside world? If someone comes, he will not be an equal generation, so he dare not take the trick and ask the Taoist, "Can you see that I have not practiced well when I just laughed?" When the Taoist heard this, his face looked contemptuous and laughed wildly. "But it’s not good enough!" Ying Qiong couldn’t help thinking, "My dad and Uncle Zhou were also heroes who had never met their opponents for decades, so she said that the swordsmanship taught by righteous sister Yu Yingnan was also taught by Master Guanghui personally, even if it was not good, why didn’t even enter the door?" How dare this poor old man be so polite! How can a real leader be so rude? Seeing that I was alone before, I tried to take my cave, but it’s the same as carving a statue today. I’ll take the opportunity to share a higher side with him and then observe his purpose. If God sees pity, he is really a knight errant immortal, and I will worship his teacher if he says goodbye to the bridled grandmaster. If you want to occupy my cave, if I can’t beat it, then I will flee to the British male sister and stay there for a while, and then get even with him when the statue comes back. "She is thinking that the Taoist seems to see her meaning."Little girl, don’t you dare be angry? It’s hard for you. If I really fight with you at a young age, even if I win, you will be laughed at by friends from all walks of life. Now you are a cheap one. Although you stab me with your sword, if you can touch my skin, I will be considered as poor in my studies and kowtow to you to make amends. If you can’t stab me with your sword, I’ll blow you three feet away with one breath, then you’ll have to plead guilty and lose. I’ll take you to a place to find you a female sword fairy master. Will you? " Ying Qiong listened to this person’s tone, knowing that Master Bai Mei’s words would be fulfilled, but she still suspected that people were trying to take her cave, and that it was a good idea to give it a try. After deciding, she replied, "In this case, the Taoist priest ordered me to forgive my brother." After saying that, holding the sword tactic in her right hand, she went out one by one, and it was two or three feet away, which made a Dapeng spread her wings. Suddenly, she pointed up her right hand and even stabbed the man with a sword to her chest. This turned out to be an empty one. If you don’t give way to her, you will actually stab Ying Qiong. When she sees the Taoist priest doing things, she doesn’t give way. She thinks, "This Taoist priest doesn’t hide from my sword, but he must rely on it. He doesn’t know that my father’s sword blows hair and breaks iron badly. Although he talks wildly, I have a deep hatred and hurt his life." Than point him to plead guilty and lose. "Just at that moment, Ying Qiong thought of this and scratched the tip of the sword slightly towards the left shoulder of the road flyover. It was about an inch away from the road flyover. Ying Qiong suddenly felt that the tip of the sword seemed to be blocked by something. The resistance was just soft and very strong. I was glad that I had a three-component force, otherwise I was afraid that I would lose my sword because of the impact of the enemy. Ying Qiong was shocked to know that she had met her rival’s foot. Suddenly, an oriole turned around and stabbed the road flyover’s shoulder again. Then he bumped back, saying that hurting people’s flesh and clothes couldn’t even reach Bian Yingqiong, and she had to prevent others from striking back. Every move was a blow, and she quickly flew out, as if she had stabbed twenty or thirty swords without hurting the Taoist priest.
Ying Qiong was ashamed and anxious, so she didn’t know when she came to see the Taoist priest. Every time she went to see him, Ying Qiong always looked at herself and stabbed him behind him. He turned around and didn’t strike back. Ying Qiong suddenly realized that "this Taoist priest is not an evil law, but a special qigong. When he saw where my sword stabbed, he transported the gas to where he couldn’t stab him." With a frown, she came up with an urgent trick, deliberately using a wild horse to divide her mane and hide the dragon’s claws to stab the Taoist priest’s chest. The posture of an osprey entering the water at a height of 20 feet seems to be changing in front of the Taoist priest. The Taoist priest is staring at how Ying Qiong got stabbed. Who knows that Ying Qiong is about three or four feet away from the Taoist priest’s head. Suddenly, the back of her right foot and the back of her left foot are copied by another swallow, and the feet are raised together. Xu Zhaozhong’s set of tricks makes her body lopsided, and the potential is as bad as an eagle’s head is kicked backwards, and the sword in her hand is full of energy. A weaver girl throws a shuttle to stab the Taoist priest. White light shook his ear and listened to David Tang’s sword as if it hit a weapon face. It startled me. Well, here comes another ape tree, with its hands and feet touching the ground at the same time. It’s three feet high. When you look at the sword in your hand carefully, you are happy and hurt. Just when you are trying to figure out a good way to deal with the Taoist priest, the Taoist priest has come and said, "I didn’t expect that you would have such quick wits at an early age. You can see that I tried to sneak up on your sword. If I hadn’t been firm but gentle, I would have almost fallen into your trick Bow your head and give up quickly. "At this moment, Ying Qiong knows that people will know how to fencing according to their past psychology. It’s just a pity to meet such people. I don’t know how to meet this person today. I always hate knowing that I have to be able to deal with the dark hatred of the carved Buddha slaves. Why don’t you leave early and stay late today? It’s just that I have to leave today. I can’t help but cry in my heart when I meet this Lai Laodao. "Don’t you dare to be angry?" I’ve just said that I can blow you out several feet in one breath. Do you want to go to see your master with me after the test? " At this moment, Ying Qiong became more and more aware that the Taoist priest hated it and became afraid in his heart. Where did he dare to test it? He thought for a moment and said, "My brother is willing to plead guilty and lose his studies, but he wants to worship a sword fairy master very much, but my father’s friends and relatives in the mountain have not come back yet, and he is afraid that he will not come back and see me. Doesn’t this teach his old man’s house to be sad? Second, one of my companions hasn’t come back yet. Besides, the Taoist priest’s surname went with me to worship the master’s surname Xianxiang. I don’t know where to call my father to find me. I’d like to ask Dao Changkuan to wait for my father to report back for a month, or wait for my companion to tell her that I’m going, so that she can tell my father to rest assured. What do you think? "
The Taoist heard the words and laughed. "Little girl, don’t flatter me. It will take twenty or thirty years for your father to meet you again. Do you want to wait for that flat-haired beast to come back and protect you? With it, I can’t do anything, but after listening to it for several years, the white-browed monk is still my opponent? It’s a good thing if you want it to follow you, but how can I wait for it? Don’t get me wrong. You don’t know my origin. Let me tell you now. My name is Chicheng Kunlun Jiuyouyi. I’m the last person in my life to accept an apprentice. This time, I was entrusted by my sister Yin Su Tang to visit you at her door. It’s a golden opportunity. Don’t miss the future. You are afraid that you will not find you when you feed the sculpture. You don’t know that the flat-haired beast has been ordered by the white-browed monk to be your bodyguard forever. It can fly tens of thousands of miles a day. It is deeply spiritual. If you leave an address, it will I’m trusted by people. You’d better go if you don’t want to. Anyway, you have to meet my sister. If you still don’t want to, I can still send you back. Now I want to leave with me, but it won’t work. "Ying Qiong gradually believed that she knew that she wouldn’t go with him. Although she was annoying, maybe she said that the female sword fairy was a good person, but she didn’t know that it would make sense to go with him to see the female sword fairy. Anyway, she promised herself that if she didn’t want to learn from her teacher, she would still send herself back"Since the Taoist priest insisted that I go to see the female sword fairy, I also know what the origin and residence of the female sword fairy is. You must first tell me that Brother Jinyan will come back to find me. I have a righteous sister who will live in the mountainside. You have to lead me to her first and tell her a few words in case my father comes back. Besides, if I go to the female sword fairy, if I don’t care what I want, you have to send me back, otherwise I would rather die than go." Chicheng said, "You have a reason for these things." You can’t rely on everything else to go to Jiefang Temple. The female sword fairy named Yin Sutang is a famous female sword fairy in Kunlun Sect who lives in seclusion at Zaohua Cliff in Xiuyueling, Yunnan border. Please leave a letter quickly. Ying Qiong asked, "Can that female sword fairy Yin Sutang teach me to fly in a flying sword?" Chicheng Road "Why not?" Ying Qiong said, "I remember that you are his younger brother, of course, you can fly swords. Please take it out first and let me have a look. If it is good, I will worship it step by step." Chicheng said, "Is it difficult?" Say, when the hand is raised, there will be a white light flying, the air conditioning is dense and the cold light is dazzling. Finally, the hand will be pointed to an old tree next to the cliff, and a broken branch will fly to the side of Song Mei in the future to knock down several plum blossoms, and the white light will not be seen in Chicheng. Generally, there, Ying Qiong is so happy that she will completely dispel her aversion to the other, and Li Ning and British men will happily run into the cave. Li Ning and British men will each write a letter and ask British men to tell the carved Buddha slave to go to Yunnan Xiuyueling Jujube Flower Cliff and Kunlun to send a female sword fairy Yin Sutang to
Ying Qiong was convinced that the bridled grandmaster’s words had been verified, so she changed her name and called Chicheng to be an uncle. She sealed the cave stone and asked Yunnan how many days Chicheng Road was "which how many days?" Keep your eyes closed and don’t be afraid that we’re leaving. "Then you put Ying Qiong under your arm and shouted" Get up! " Driving the sword light to fly to Yingqiong, seeing that Chicheng has such a big collar, she became more and more convinced. She has always been brave and secretly opened her eyes. When she looked at the boundary, she saw white clouds circling an Emei Mountain for hundreds of miles. It was very interesting. It took me a few hours to fly thousands of miles over the mountains and rivers, and it was getting dark, but it had not yet reached her destination. The Star Star was particularly bright and had never seen such a spectacle since she was born.
I was happy when I suddenly saw dozens of different colors flying across the cloud and shouting "No!" Hurriedly press the sword light and descend to a mountain. Ying Qiong lifted her eyes and looked around the mountain. When she saw the mountain surrounded by water and embracing the rock valley, all the mountains were folded with plum trees, green grass and fluffy kingfishers. After the battle, it was mid-spring weather in the south of the Yangtze River. There was a temple looming on the edge of the cliff corner. Looking at it, Ying Qiong hurriedly took Ying Qiong around the cliff corner and went straight to the front of the temple. Ying Qiong came near and saw that the temple wall was not very big. Two doors were left to the ground, and the top paint of the door had fallen off due to the wind and rain. There was There is a big drum hanging from the big wooden frame on the fan floor, but the red paint is bright and dazzling. There are a few coffins parked in the temple. This temple is thought to be the abbot for many years, so it has fallen into such decline. I was about to lift my foot into the temple and suddenly saw this big drum in the temple. "Hey," I was busy and shrank back. Ying Qiong was about to ask him to bring himself here, but Chicheng hurriedly stopped and said, "This is not the time to talk. When you are young, you will come to me. There are many enemies around you and me." There are two Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. You can eat it when you are hungry, but don’t be hungry for three days. Don’t leave here for three days. If you still don’t see me when I come back on the third day, when you plan to go outside the temple again, remember not to go through the building, the heart and the hall. If you want the window of the building to go to the temple wall and then go to the temple wall, it will hinder the mountain’s name. This temple is not kind enough to ignore me. If you encounter any danger, it is important to take action! " After that, I put two giant arms, Shouwu, and left without Ying Qiong’s reply.
Ying Qiong’s heart is high and bold. Seeing that the Chicheng action was indeed a flying extinct sword fairy, she wanted to ask her opponent who put herself in this ancient temple. Chicheng had already gone, but she had to wait for him to come back in the bell tower. Besides, when she watched the white light, she turned around and went to this bell tower. When she saw the spider’s dusty walls, a Buddhist shrine was also broken. Ying Qiong, a weak woman, came to this ancient temple in the mountains thousands of miles away. Her good or bad luck was uncertain, and she was sad. She thought of going outside the temple to see the mountain scenery several times, but It’s getting dark, Chicheng hasn’t turned around yet, and she feels hungry, so she takes a skill from Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. It’s full of fragrance, sweet and delicious, but she doesn’t feel hungry after eating half a branch of it. Ying Qiong is afraid Chicheng won’t be back until three or two days, but she dare not eat it, so she will still hide the remaining one and a half Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. in her arms, sweep the futon in front of the Buddha, sit down and rest, worry for a while, and then run to the window to overlook the color.
At this time, the weather is gradually getting dark. A full moon is rising from the foot of Dongshan Mountain, and thousands of plum trees in the plain in front of the temple are illuminated. The faint fragrance is always blown by the wind until you can’t help but blurt out a good one to enjoy it. After all, Ying Qiong is a child who always wants to go outside the temple to enjoy this moonlight. I forgot to leave Chicheng for a while, but I couldn’t stand the fact that the bell tower was three or four feet away from the ground. The ladder had already collapsed, and I went to Yingqiong Emei to practice mental retardation. I was highly instructed by her father and I was as light as a swallow. How can I put this Zhangxu temple wall at ease? When I boarded it, I saw the plum blossom outside the temple from the window to the temple wall and from the wall to the outside. It was really interesting to see the scenery. At this time, the moon was thousands of miles clear as day, and there were a dozen sparse stars flashing. The moonlight was particularly bright. Yingqiong came to the plum
In the middle of the night, I gradually feel a little cold. I plan to go back to the bell tower and add a little package to wear, and then I will care about it. At the same time, I will raise my foot and walk to the temple. At present, I have forgotten the danger. I entered the temple by the way and went to the bell tower. I saw the side of the frame with a large number of drums and drums, as if it were pasted with words and paper. I thought, "This ruined temple is full of dust. This big drum and red paint is like a new face, and even a star is dusty." It seems strange to see that the drumstick Big and heavy, I wanted to go and get it. I heard two strange names of Ying Qiong chirping in the temple. The night was quieter and deeper. The ancient temple in barren hills could not help but hear this kind of strange hair. I suddenly remembered that when I first entered the temple, I saw several coffins parked in the temple. When Chicheng left, he said that he had rushed to change his clothes with him. The more he thought about it, the more he felt afraid. When he couldn’t help stealing a look at the temple, there were indeed four coffins in the moonlight. Ying Qiong felt relieved when she saw what happened. When the drumstick was about to return to the bell tower, it was strange and chirped again. Then a black thing flew out and Ying Qiong shouted, "No!" Regardless of the willy-nilly, when I looked intently at the wall, it turned out that a big bat flew out, which startled me and could not help but "bah"With one heart, the priest decided, and then there was a strange smell blowing to his ears with the wind, and he smelled a breath of howls. Ying Qiong was already in full swing at this time, watching and moving, knowing that she was going from the wall to the bell tower, and suddenly listening to the other kind of breath, the more she listened to it, the closer she looked back, the more frightened she was. It turned out that behind her was a grown-up skeleton with red eyes, green hair and bony bones, and stretched out her hands as long as two bird’s claws. Just as the monster’s chest, Yingqiong was going to the building vertically. This crisis happened all the time, and she was happy or not. A few times, Yingqiong was frightened by the monster and fell. Fortunately, her body was in a hurry, and she had a quick wit in her panic. Before her feet touched the ground, she took advantage of her left foot to put on her right foot and tried hard to reach the bell tower as early as possible. As soon as her feet were steady, she heard the coffin of the temple creak for a while, then it slammed a few times, and then it was obvious that the coffin was landing. Then she saw the green one just now. The monster with red-eye hair has gone around the front door and entered the courtyard and walked straight to the bell tower. In a few minutes, the temple also jumped out with three same monsters, all of which were green hair and red-eye bones. One by one, they stretched out their bird claws and screamed at Ying Qiong, and they wanted to be proud. Ying Qiong, although brave, couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, the bell tower was very high from the ground. Although the four monsters were ferocious, their legs were stiff and they couldn’t turn straight. Although they jumped straight away from the bell tower and made promises, Ying Qiong could not go high in the future
After the shock, I wanted to find something for self-defense. In case the bell tower was looking everywhere, I suddenly saw a shrine Buddha’s belly was broken with a faint green light. I was surprised to reach out and touch it in the Buddha’s belly. It was like a sword handle, and there was a symbol on the east and west. It was quaint and green, and it was dark blue, and it was less than seven inches long. I couldn’t find anything for self-defense in my busy schedule, so I took it in my hand and looked back at the building. When the four monsters jumped higher and higher, they jumped several times to a distance of three or four feet from the These few feet are always vertical, and the birds’ claws have smashed the wooden board of the clock tower. Four monsters have jumped like this for a while, and the first one seems to be very angry and abrupt. One of them rushed to the clock tower to push the wooden pillars, which meant to push the clock tower down and let the people fall to chew it again. The other three monsters saw this and helped the same clock tower to fall into disrepair. Those four monsters are all poor, and they can’t stand it. They pushed the wooden pillars of the clock tower a few times earlier and pushed them east and west. That small one. The bell tower seems to be in a storm, and the monster bird’s paw can’t shake the doors and windows of the building, and the wooden boards along with the top bricks fall down one after another. Ying Qiong sees the potential crisis and prepares to stand on the windowsill and fly to the vertical wall to escape when the bell tower falls down. Only then can she make up her mind that the tower will fall down one by one, and Ying Qiong knows that the building will collapse, not to neglect her feet. As soon as she gets on the temple wall, she knows that the monster can’t jump high and see that the roof of the hall is also three feet high. Then she goes vertically from the wall to quietly lie on the ridge of the templeWhen a monster first pushed the building, he devoted himself to doing the sabotage. He didn’t pay attention to Ying Qiong’s escape and pushed the building down, so he went to the rubble pile to find someone. The monster turned around for a while and couldn’t find Ying Qiong. He took the drum to vent his anger and tore it up. At the same time, he screamed like he was looking for it all around. Suddenly, he saw Ying Qiong’s figure at the bottom of the moon and looked up and found Ying Qiong’s hiding place. These four monsters squeaked at each other and surrounded the hall on all sides, scrambling to grab it from the ridge of the temple. A monster was standing in front of the pile of broken drums, and he probably got impatient and tripped over the broken drum chamber. It turned out that these four monsters were made by ancient zombies. Although they walked as fast as flying because of stiff bones, the rest of them were not flexible except their hands, and they were eager to climb up. Two monsters had seized the tile ridge in front of the temple and wanted to go to Yingqiong’s ridge. They couldn’t figure out a way to resist it, so they uncovered the roof tile of the temple and hit the top of the two monsters that climbed first.
Step 46 Back to Yuegu Temple, fighting zombies and playing the sword of plum blossom to catch dragons.
It is said that Li Yingqiong was in a hurry to listen to the monster, and even the monster screamed twice, showing an increasingly angry air as if he had not hurt anything. Fortunately, the temple was in disrepair, and the rafters were all rotted. The monster grabbed the tile ridge and hung on it, but he didn’t try to worry. The whole roof was torn off by it, and even the monster fell to the ground together. Ying Qiong was frightened and looked around, listening to all directions. This side was just about to find a way to escape. Suddenly, the monster fell from the broken drum rack and picked up a three-foot long one. Four-or five-inch square white wooden boxes are faintly visible on their faces. This kind of zombie is the most cruel and cruel. When he wants to eat a stranger, he can’t get it, and he stumbles over the wooden box. The more angry he is, the more he grabs the wooden box and pulls it, and it will be divided into two parts. When the wooden box is broken and smashed, a purple light rushes up and screams around the monster’s waist, and it is divided into two parts. When the two monsters fall from the eaves, they just have to climb up and look back together, they will see them. A companion has been halved to reveal something like a dragon flying in a blue purple fog at the bottom of the moonlight, and the three monsters want to know that they can’t afford to find someone to eat, so they started to flee together. The Zi Long rolled like a flash and came to the side of the three monsters, and they all turned into a pile of bones and skeletons.
In addition to the four monsters, the dragon looked up at the roof and saw Yingqiong’s arrow. When Yingqiong looked at the monster dragon’s struggle, he forgot the danger. At this moment, he remembered that "those monsters are just a few dead bones. Although they have become fine for years, they can’t jump high and fall vertically. They can also avoid this demon dragon. It will be even worse to remove those four monsters in the blink of an eye. Don’t you escape until then?" When I thought of this, I would jump on the temple wall and then go. At this time, the dragon was not far from her, but I felt a strange cold coming through my body. I knew that the dragon was not far from behind, and I didn’t dare to neglect the desperate and fled to the front of the temple. The dragon in Meilin was about seven feet behind her, and I chased Ying Qiong fiercely. When I turned around, I saw that the dragon was about three feet long, with a long nose and purple light and blue smoke. I couldn’t see that Ying Qiong was eager to escape, so I dared to look closely because the dragon grew up and looked for the branch. The secret place flies away. At this time, it’s already midnight. The mountains are high and the moon is low. This piece of Meilin is about three miles in front of the temple. At the bottom of the moonlight, the breeze in Fiona Fang bursts with jade chips, hazy colored calyx and sunny snow. This one in Zi Long, a red dress girl flies and dances in this crystal palace and Xiang Xue. The kingfisher is surprised that the plum rains are flying around, and the plum branches in the dragon and purple light are falling.
Ying Qiong saw the dragon running after her, and she was so scared that she couldn’t stop cursing, "It’s so hard for me to leave me here alone!" When I was laying down my life to escape, I suddenly saw that Merlin was denser, and a large number of plum trees were in front of me. I ran vertically from the branches in the middle of the night, full of panic and fatigue. When I landed, I accidentally tripped over a rock, and I fell down, tired and afraid that my hands and feet would be paralyzed. I couldn’t help but sigh, "My life is over!" At this time, Ying Qiong was exhausted and slow to say that she couldn’t even close her eyes and listen to the dragon to enjoy it. Ying Qiong consciously turned around and saw a foreign body. But for a long time, she didn’t see the dragon moving, listening to the wind and whistling, and the fragrance of cold plums penetrated into her nose with the wind. When she saw it, she saw the moonlight everywhere, and the plum trees in front of her were swaying like snow. When she looked at the trees intently, the dragon thought that it was jumping too fast and caught the numerous plum trees, and she couldn’t move back and forth and was eager to get out.
Ying Qiong finally realized that this was a godsend. She got up and wanted to find a big stone to kill the dragon for a while. The smallest stone in this mountain was four or five feet high and weighed thousands of kilograms. Ying Yingqiong saw that the dragon was shaking more and more, and that strain of Gummegan was gradually loosening. At this time, she was eager to get the hilt by a big stone and hit it with it. I heard that the five or six-foot Fiona Fang boulder was accidentally cracked. At first, Ying Qiong suspected that it was accidental and took the hilt to try another big stone. I didn’t know that I had got a wonderful treasure until I broke my hand. I was glad that the dragon swayed more and more. Nearly a hundred plum trees rose and fell with the dragon’s head and tail, like clouds and waves raging with color. Suddenly, the head and tail landed on one arch, and this one could be counted. The shade was taken up by an acre of plum trees for thousands of years. One of the Gao Long hovered and dropped the plum trees that had caught it. How could the plum trees that were first released stand such a huge shock? They all broke away from the branches, whirled around in the wind, and fell in colorful colors, just like sprinkling a day’s rain. The moonlight looked particularly colorful until the tree was dressed in half a cup of tea. From then on, the rain was over. Although Ying Qiong was panicked, she couldn’t help but be dazzled. At that time, the dragon got rid of the tree and seemed to be dragged by something. As soon as the flower heads fell off this month, Ying Qiong flew straight to Ying Qiong’s side. She suddenly saw that the purple light shining dragon had flown to her side and knew that her life was in a hurry. She took the hilt in her hand and mistook it for the golden dart. At ordinary times, she went to the faucet regardless of the willy-nilly, and vaguely saw a fire. When she heard that the purple light flashed, Ying Qiong knew that this demon dragon was not a dart, but she had another instrument in her hand. She was in a hurry and saw that there were two huge stones next to her, which were as high as holes.Whether the dragon is injured or not, I quickly put my head down and just went in. When I saw a white monster across the street, I couldn’t hold my feet because I stepped back too hard. Then I felt a strange pain in my head and fainted in my ear. I suddenly heard the carving singing in my heart. I hurried out of the hole to see that the white monster had been pecked to death by a carved stone. Yi Long was fighting hard in the middle, and the scales and feathers were flying everywhere. Ying Qiong saw that the carved stone was injured, and it would be painful to take it out and shoot it at the dragon. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of it. Ying Qiong put an arrow in her face, gave up a giant eagle, stretched out two dragon claws and rushed at Ying Qiong. Ying Qiong’s heart panicked. "Ouch!" She fell into a big pool beside her, where she was unfamiliar with water. She felt very cold for a moment, and the water poured into her mouth in a hurry. "Alas!" When she woke up, she looked at the sunlight. Where were there any dragons carved? I slept next to the water, and the shadow of a flower was shining from the cracks in the stone. It turned out that the area before and after this cave was only measured, and it suddenly occurred to me that I was brought to this mountain by Chicheng yesterday. I fought with monsters and dragons all night and remembered that I finally fled to this cave and met a white monster to knock myself down. Isn’t it a dream? Thought of here, I’m still afraid that the demon dragon is waiting outside. I dare not go out quietly from the front. I feel pain all over. I’ve been soaked in water for a while, and my arm has been wet. I haven’t seen anything. I secretly looked out to see the sun. It’s already noon. The plum trees, kingfishers and mountains are silent. Besides the spring birds, don’t make any movement. Hold your breath and gently run out of the hole. When I see the mountain plum blossoms, they are full of warmth and fragrance. Sometimes the branches are slightly shaken, and there are three or two plum blossoms
Ying Qiong, in this panic, is also interested in watching it. She plans to explore from behind the hole whether the battlefield was really illusory yesterday. Not far away, she saw a large pit rising from the mud grave. There were two or three feet of fallen flowers around it. I vaguely remember that there was a huge plum tree here last night, and the dragon was caught in it. Later, it was pulled out of the plum tree before it came back to chase itself. Sure enough, there were a large number of Gu Mei flowers lying on the ground, not separated from the flowers and bones, and some morning dew. Chaoyang seemed to have lost its roots and withered its skin. But still there, with a smile and a smile, people know that it’s not necessary to care about it. Let’s say that Ying Qiong’s journey is full of broken branches and fallen flowers all over the ground. Yesterday, the dangerous war traces are still vivid. At present, I know that the first half of last night was not a dream. I walked in front of the temple yesterday and looked in fear. Before the bell tower collapsed in front of the hospital, there were a pile of bones left. It was so scary that I couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat and didn’t dare to look back. I thought to myself, "There are so many monsters here tonight The more I thought about it, the sadder I became. I ran into Merlin and cried for a while. I felt a little hungry in my stomach. I wanted to take out the remaining Polygonum multiflorum and chew it to satisfy my hunger. I reached out and touched it in my arms. I suddenly remembered that a hilt was found in the belly of the Bell Tower Buddha last night. It was a treasure that I mistakenly used as a golden dart to hit the demon dragon in my busy schedule last night. Now I can’t see the demon dragon. Isn’t it a pity that it must have been beaten back by the hilt?When I was hungry, I ran to the front of the two big stones just now to look for them. There was a flash of purple light at the bottom of the sun. It was suspected that the demon dragon had not escaped yet, so I turned around and ran away. There was still no movement in my heart, and I was still reluctant to leave. When I came to see it, the purple light was still reflected in the sun, and my father dared to look at it. It turned out to be a long sword. Take a look at it in your hand and see that the hilt was actually engraved with the word "purple" yesterday. How could this hilt become one? It’s very strange to try it in your hand. It’s very strange to say that with a wave of your hand, there is a ten-foot-long purple light that scares Ying Qiong and almost throws it away. When she sees that this sword is so miraculous, she tries it. Sure enough, there are more than ten-foot-long purple light reflecting the dazzling sunlight. When you look closely, you can’t help but be ecstatic. It’s a pity that such a lieutenant and a treasure like Mo Xie have a sword box without defects.
Ying Qiong was worried that she didn’t have a weapon. Suddenly, she found such a magical thing in her mind. She couldn’t help but get up and thought, "Don’t you have a box with a sword?" No, this mountain is looking everywhere, okay Maybe it’s not clear that it’s good to have a sword body, and it’s right in the sky, and I’m not afraid of monsters coming out. "When I still searched yesterday, I found the fallen plum tree. I suddenly felt that the sword in my hand kept shaking. Looking back, I saw something shining in the gap between trees. When I looked near, I saw a sword box in the gap between trees. It suddenly dawned on me that the dragon in the drum last night was transformed by this sword, and I liked it and was afraid of it. From then on, I learned the sword in the mountains and I was not afraid of tigers and demons. I’m afraid that if this sword comes late, won’t it be resisted? Look at the hilt carefully, but what was lost yesterday is generally remembered. Last night, I used this hilt to fight the demon dragon. I felt that there was a fire when I sent my hand. Is this treasure to subdue the dragon? Thought for a moment, after all, I was reluctant to give up my heart, so I went near to take the sword box. Ying Qiong cut off the tree and dropped the sword box with a wave of his hand. It was just right to insert the sword into the box, but my heart was so happy that I was so happy that I was left with Polygonum multiflorum and ate half of the mountain spring in the stream, and I pulled out my sword to practice swordsmanship. Seeing the purple light shining with the sunlight and shining brilliantly all over my bones and muscles, I felt no pain, so I found a stone in Meilin and sat down to rest. I wanted to find another cave to rest from the temple, but II want to stay here, but I’m afraid I’ll meet the ghost again later. I thought about it for a while, but I remembered my package, sword, Now that the bell tower has collapsed, the bell tower must be among the rubble. Take it out first in broad daylight, and then decide what to do. First, put the purple sword in your hand, put it in the sword pocket, and go forward with courage. Go near to find two stones and hit the pile of skeletons. Only then can you relax and go near to the pile of skeletons. When the sun shines, a lot of yellow water will flow out. Ying Qiong walks to the rubble of the bell tower with one hand and one hand holding her nose. She looks at it and likes to wrap it. Before the sword was torn by the monster, I took it to her side and didn’t dare to jump out of the wall again. Then I took out my clothes from the package and changed my wet clothes. I waited for a while. It was not the end of Shenchu, and Chicheng still didn’t turn around. I remembered the distress situation last night, and I still didn’t dare to make up my mind to stay here. I thought, "Chicheng and the female sword fairy want to take me back from this mountain. I will definitely come to Emei to find me again. I am forced by the real monster from here. I think they can’t blame me for the package with silver and finding
After making up my mind, I looked at the shadow of the sun and went to the mountain by the path. Where did she know that this vast Cangshan mountain stretches for hundreds of miles? She didn’t take the path from one mountain to another. Sometimes she took the wrong path and had to distinguish the wind direction. It seemed that she climbed the mountain and climbed the mountain. Although she was as light as a swallow, she walked all over in sweat and went straight to the night. She just went out and found a shelter at night. It seemed that she had not gone out of the mountain for more than ten days and was happy. The obtained purple sword didn’t meet any ghosts, jackals and tigers along the way, and the scenery of this mountain was beautiful. Except Merlin, many unknown and delicious exotic fruits such as Polygonatum sibiricum, Polygonum multiflorum Thunb., Pine nut and hazelnut were everywhere. Yingqiong always packed a big bag of these yellow fruits as food every time she found them, and then she ate them in large quantities. When she met something new, she discarded the old ones and packed them with fireworks. It was this kind of fitness, benefiting qi and prolonging life.Thinking of this day, I walked dozens of miles more, and as usual, I had to settle down before it got dark. Who knows that the top of the mountain was actually a bald mountain and my ideal hiding place? When I saw the top of the mountain, I suddenly saw a peak on the opposite side, and I vaguely saw a ravine just hiding and not far away, so I even took it to the surface. The strangest thing is that there is a road about one foot wide in the Maolin, and nothing grows in the road. There are hundreds of ancient trees near the roadside, and scratches are everywhere in Zhang Xu’s place. Ying Qiong is young and ignorant. This road has never seen the courage of tigers and leopards, and it is getting bigger and bigger. Seeing that this road is about a hundred feet long, there is a small mountain wall at the end. Without thinking, I approached it and took a look at the original isolated wall. A big stone screen with a height of about three feet bypassed the stone, and then I saw a Zhang Xu Fiona Fang cave. I was overjoyed because I slept for days. It was either a rock valley or a tree belly that was often bullied by the wind. It was easy to meet such a shelter.
After a while, a full moon hung on the treetops, and the moonlight shone obliquely into the hole. I vaguely saw a pile of black velvet things in the depths of the hole. My heart gradually recalled the danger a few days ago. I couldn’t help but feel guilty and afraid. I first took a stone and hit it at the pile of black things. Poof, as if I had hit something soft, it was a pile of mud that relaxed my heart. Then I put the parcel as a pillow, pressed my sword and lay there looking at the moon, thinking about my heart. Young people were sleepy, and they had to go to the mountains for days, so they fell asleep until midnight. I heard that when I woke up, I saw that the weather was dark, so I loved my sword. The purple light was shining, and half of it was drawn. I thought that I accidentally touched it in my sleep when I turned over. Ying Qiong loved the sword more than her life for days, and she put it back in her arms. It was still dark and fell asleep again. I don’t know how to sleep. I barely closed my eyes and felt restless. I thought to myself, "How can the moonlight be so good these days that I can’t even see the stars?" How can it be said that the weather is changing and you can’t hear the wind and rain? " The stone where she slept was not far from the mouth of the cave, so she wanted to reach out and try it. When she was about to touch the mouth of the cave from the darkness, she knew that the stone put the sword and a purple light flashed out. Zhang Xu startled Ying Qiong, and she suspected that the sword had to be turned into a dragonfly without looking at the sky again. When the sword was rushed to come over and grab it, it jumped out of the middle. Ying Qiong was amazed and suddenly remembered, "I used to hear my father say that every rare sword must report to the police in advance when something dangerous happened. This sword has been deeply connected with spirituality just now." Then he said to the sword in his hand"If you really have a spirit, if something bad happens to me tonight, you will ring again." Before the words were said, the sword really came out of the box again, and half of the purple light reflected in it. Ying Qiong, the stone face in front of her, was surprised and thought, "I remember that this was yesterday. Where did the stone come from?" It would be amazing to touch it near. It was a big stone industry that closed the cave door. I’m afraid it weighed as much as 10,000 Jin, just like a dragonfly shaking a stone pillar. I couldn’t help but rush out in a cold sweat. I was anxious when I looked back and saw a white light. When I saw it, it turned out that the sun was slanting in, but it was not early. The cave door was closed by stones, which made it look dark. It was not before dawn. I could vaguely distinguish the scenery in the cave. Last night, I thought it was a mound. That black thing turned out to be a corner of the cave
Ying Qiong saw that the cave entrance was blocked by a stone, so she wanted to find another way out. First, she released the purple sword and danced all the way to the cave to find a way out. She circled the cave once and couldn’t help but be greatly disappointed. It turned out that this hole was a dead hole, and Ying Qiong was anxious to go like a fly drilling a window paper. The more she thought about it, the more afraid she was to sit on that stone and shoot in the crevice. The sun thought for a while and suddenly scolded herself. "Stupid thing, I’m not afraid to climb high and short and climb from that crevice." From this gloomy and sad face, I suddenly found that this chance of life was multiplied. It happened that there were many places where the stone stood. Ying Qiong tried to climb the gap one by one, which was less than four inches wider than that caliber. I could see it outside, but it was harder than going to heaven. My heart was heavy and anxious. Unconsciously, when I looked out from the gap, I suddenly saw a giant coming from the opposite hill with half-naked hands to see its footsteps. The wind was coming to this hill. Ying Qiong was overjoyed and was about to call for help. I thought, "I have been walking in this mountain for many days and I haven’t met anyone And the man didn’t wear clothes, not a monster, but also a savage. "Thought of here, I dare not be frightened."
Just as the man was walking towards this side of the mountain, it was really tall, and the tree was about ten feet high. Ying Qiong couldn’t help but shout "Oh!"Scared, I almost fell by accident. When I went to see the giant again, I was walking towards the cave. There were many towering old trees along the road, which hindered some steps, so I was uprooted by it. Yingqiong was white by the roadside yesterday. Those big trees were uprooted by the roadside. Although the heart became more and more scared, I couldn’t help but look carefully. At this time, the giant was getting closer and closer. Yingqiong also looked more carefully and saw that the monster was as tall as a human being. A big head was about the size of a big water tank, and a pair of large bowls were big. Eyes glistening with green light, concave nose with two feet of blood pool in the sky, and a big mouth showing four twisted teeth, two blue hair, two horse ears about feet long, several feet thick and round, and hands as big as a screen, all covered with yellow hair, several inches long from head to toe, afraid of not more than ten feet long. Ying Qiong could see that God almost forgot to be afraid, and suddenly his eyes were dark and a strange smell was pungent. It turned out that the monster had approached the hole in front of the cave, and the light outside his knees was covered by it, so Ying Qiong suddenly felt that the stone was in danger. Forced to dare not neglect just now, I suddenly heard a loud crash in my ear. I knew that the stone at the mouth of the cave had been moved by a monster. I hurried to the hidden place and looked out secretly. When I saw the mouth of the cave, I saw that the monster’s head just now gave off green light, and her eyes gave Yingqiong a grin. Yingqiong was so scared that she lay aside that she didn’t even dare to breathe out of the atmosphere. The monster’s head and body were too big to drill in, and then she retreated for a moment. Another arm as big as a screen, two or three feet long, stretched out horizontally.One of them fished his hands around and arrested Ying Qiong. At this moment, she did not have to be afraid. Fortunately, she was thin and flexible. The big hand got into the fingers and fished out the monster for a long time. Suddenly, the hairy hand quit. Please look back.
The forty-seventh time, Ma Xiong, the giant, returned the favor and picked the Zhu Guo orangutan and died
The monster looked down again and put the heavy hair into the hole just like a child fishing for goldfish in a goldfish bowl. When he saw it, he slipped out of the hand seam. His anger was very earth-shattering. The hairy hand was getting more and more intense. Ying Qiong’s crisis became more and more afraid to neglect this cave. The hairy hand jumped over and jumped over, and he was so tired that he was sweating all over. Suddenly, a long sword was in the way. Suddenly, Ying Qiong’s right wall corner was stretched out and Ying Qiong was about to get up by the handle. The sword tripped in his legs and almost fell down. Seeing that the hairy hand was a foot away from his side, Xu was a little afraid of not being crushed by it after a delay. Ying Qiong was born brave and used his quick wits. Seeing that the hairy hand came, he turned back and let the giant hairy hand land with his right hand. A golden carp jumped to the mouth of the cave in a crevice, lurking in shock. It suddenly occurred to me that he was carrying this sword, which was cumbersome and delayed. "This sword was not effective at first, but it was scattered into a pile of bones in a flash, and it could change again." I thought I was so scared that I forgot such treasures. "I can’t help but scold myself for being an" idiot "Thinking of this place, I have put my sword out of the box. I think that the sword in my hand is because I know that today’s hero has been armed, and the purple light from the ground shines all over the hole. At first, the monster’s heavy-haired hand didn’t know that Ying Qiong was hiding in the crevices of the cave, but he couldn’t catch it for a while. It was urgent that Ying Qiong had made a good idea before the sword came out of the box. The monster seemed to have realized that he was just about to withdraw his hand from the hole to Ying Qiong, and the sword light was not automatically rolled up by Ying Qiong. In the purple light shadow, the monster The monster was badly hit and roared-the hairy hand quickly backed out. Ying Qiong saw the light coming out of the hole, so she didn’t think quickly. "This hole is boring and there is a way out. The monster is afraid that this sword will not go outside when its big hand withdraws. Will it live or die?" If you are lucky enough to remove it, it will be a great harm to the creatures in the hundreds of miles around here. "When you think of this, you will be afraid of sorrow and turn it into nothing. Ying Qiong has an extraordinary mind. She is very keen on this kind of longing. The monster used to squat down and put his hand into the hole to catch it. When Ying Qiong’s purple sword cut his two fingers, he knew that it was not good. He quickly withdrew his hand from the seam between her legs and went out.
After talking for a long time, did Chicheng not only lead Ying Qiong to the apprentice halfway, but also leave her in the fierce temple of Cangshan Mountain for good? Except that Ying Qiong Doulong finally escaped into the cave and was knocked down by a white monster (the white monster was mistaken for Ying Qiong’s dazzling stone face by moonlight), she couldn’t hold her head and fell down and was mistaken for being hit by a monster. Besides, four of the dragon purple swords hidden in the red drum of zombies in Hiderigami were left by people? Is the weather so warm in this mountain? Later, Ying Qiong went to Mangcang Mountain to steal Wen Yuma. Xiong Er reported that the real person with long eyebrows had left a stone tablet. At that time, he had his own account, and he didn’t have to say anything about it. First, I would like to make up the history of this giant for readers.
Since ancient times, there have been many dragons and snakes in osawa; There are often many mandrills in ancient caves with people in deep valleys. This giant is a kind of mandrill, which has a long spirit and is stronger than Yingqiong’s. That cave is where it hides food, and the wild animals in the mountain are taken to hide in the cave. The three-foot-high stone screen wind is used to seal the escape. Last night, Yingqiong passed by the cave this morning and found that it was because she was not hungry to prevent the little girl from escaping. The stone screen wind was too heavy to stop ten thousand pounds. Slow down, Yingqiong’s theory about how powerful the wild animals could not push the points. Jie Yingqiong’s purple sword turned out to be a sacred object. Suddenly, it came out of the box and screamed as a warning to wake Yingqiong from her dream. When Yingqiong found that the cave entrance was blocked by stones, the mandrill had already turned around. According to the past habit, she bowed her head and looked at it first, and then reached into the hole to get food. I didn’t want to be cut off by Yingqiong’s purple sword. My fingers were very angry. Two big hairy feet climbed to the ground and the tree was uprooted. I was pulling up a big tree with my left hand and trying to plug it into the hole.
When the monster looked down, his hair was as big as a screen, and he came to catch Ying Qiong. After she came out, she first counted her body several times, and she was dozens of feet away from the mountain. Looking back, she saw that the monster was really ferocious and tall. Her head was just flush with her ankles, her eyes were green, her mouth was open, and her hands were waving. Although Ying Qiong knew with a sword that the monster was tall, strong and poor, she would be killed if she missed a point, so she dared not expect to pick it with her body. The dense forest is full of trees, and the mandrill can’t be touched when it sees Yingqiong jumping vertically, even screaming and chasing banging and shaking the mountain. Although Yingqiong is smart in body and spirit, she is exhausted when she runs from early morning to noon. The last time, the mandrill seems to be a little weak, and the chase is getting slower and slower. Yingqiong just hides behind a big tree and hides in the dense branches and leaves. It seems that she has never seen her back facing Yingqiong looking for Yingqiong everywhere. The monster never saw that she was about to take a breath. First of all, I knew that the mandrill was more cunning than her. Ying Qiong’s sword and purple light was a special symbol. Wherever people went, it was not easy to get it. When she saw Ying Qiong’s vertical tree, she deliberately turned her back to Ying Qiong to look forward, but she gradually retreated to Ying Qiong’s side. Although the tree was tall and neat, Ying Qiong gasped at the monster’s neck and just saw that the monster retreated from the tree, but she reached out a few feet. Although she didn’t see herself, she didn’t dare to neglect it. Who knew that the monster was close to the tree, turned around and roared andI was surprised when I saw the monster spinning like a fly, even bringing people and trees. I knew that I had been caught in the monster’s trap. A harrier quickly rolled over and jumped off the ground. I promised to put my feet across the tree and put a cushion on it. The original preparation was going to jump to another tree again. I was tired for half a day. I just couldn’t stop my feet and just landed. I saw that the monster had hugged the tree tightly. My two fingers were bleeding and my left hand was groping around Yingqiong’s hiding place.
At first, Ying Qiong didn’t want to kill the monster with a sword, because the mandrill hand was too long and the body was too high. If she wanted to stab it, she would have been injured by her hands before the sword arrived. Even if she killed it, she would not be able to escape life. Because she didn’t know the mystery of the purple sword at first, she was also influenced by Li Ning’s true martial arts skills. I arrived at the victory first, and then I was tired for half a day. At this moment, I saw that the monster was hugging the tree and looking for it. I didn’t realize that I was an excellent player in the future. The opportunity was fleeting. How dare I neglect my feet? Just touching the ground, I put a cushion and a swallow through the clouds, and I stood up with all my strength. The purple sword in my hand stood up with great power, and I took it to the middle behind the mandrill. It took me ten feet to get rid of it. Even the mandrill flew away. I suddenly saw that my sword flew out of my hand by selling it, and I was surprised that I had missed it for a while. "Oh," a wind-blown remnant flower was about to fall to the ground to find a way to escape. I heard the monster roar in my ear, and I was so scared that Ying Qiong was heartbroken. Then I heard a few loud bangs, and the tree was broken. The dust soared with two or three feet, which made Ying Qiong dizzy and dizzy. When she landed, she was stunned and fainted for a while before she woke up. Wet and suspicious, I fell into the hands of a monster and stole a look at the other person. The monster was waist-high and turned into two half-dead monsters. The blood flowed straight to low-lying places like a mountain spring.
Ying Qiong was lying in a pool of blood, knowing that the monster had been beheaded by her purple sword. She was so happy that she didn’t care about her whole body pain. She was about to stand up and see what was going on. She suddenly turned around and looked out. There were hundreds of big and small Malaysian bears lying five or six feet away from her, except for the side where the monster died. There were horses everywhere behind her. The long hair of the bear was fluttering, and her body was huge. Her head was fierce with a single horn, and her hind feet were slightly bent, and her front feet were arched. She also stared at Ying Qiong with a pair of red eyes. This kind of horse and bear is born by the mating of an elder sister-in-law’s mother-in-law. The elder sister-in-law is full of flowers and scales that roar like drums. The bear can eat tigers and leopards most violently. The bear is also a powerful beast in the mountains. These two fierce beasts are born together. Ma Xiong is fierce. Ying Qiong has been pampered since childhood and has seen such fierce things, and there are too many of them surrounded on three sides. It is difficult for you to escape from great events. I am tired and sore all over this day. I have just had a sword. I wanted to kill a rock, and I was badly eaten by those wild animals before my death. I just got so weak that I couldn’t use myself. One of them was unstable and sat and looked around. Ma Xiong didn’t move. Seeing Ying Qiong sitting backwards, she folded her front paws and arched her head towards Ying Qiong again and again.
Ying Qiong secretly looked around and saw that hundreds of Ma Xiong were all so arched and strange. Suddenly, she had a brainwave and scolded me, "I, Li Yingqiong, was given a purple sword by a fairy, so that the world could get rid of the monster and cut it into two parts. How dare these evil-knowing animals surround me? Isn’t it bad to bully the sword in my box?" Speaking of this place, I touched it behind me and suddenly felt my hand touching the hilt, thinking, "Didn’t I just get scared and lose my sword?" Although I don’t dare to look at it suddenly, I feel more and more like holding a sword in my hand and gently pulling it out of the box. The purple light is still shining in the heart of the sword, and I can’t count how the sword can barely raise my sword in the box and point it at the group of horses and bears. "Wait for this group of evil animals to retreat rapidly! Otherwise, I can’t live if my sword flies! " Sure enough, those Ma Xiong were very afraid of this sword before it came out of the box, and they all flew back more than ten feet, but they still didn’t get separated. One by one, they still knelt on their forefeet and couldn’t bow their heads. Yingqiong became more and more strange. I don’t know what these beasts mean, but they don’t look like hurting people. They asked, "Do you want something from me if you kneel at me and don’t look like invading me?" When Ma Xiong heard this, he even pointed his head and pointed his front paws at Ying Qiong behind him. Looking back, Ying Qiong suddenly remembered the pile of animal bones he saw in the cave last night. He couldn’t help but suddenly realize that he was a little relieved and drank again and asked, "When you see me killing that big monster for you, you are grateful, so you kneel down at me, aren’t you?" The horses and bears bowed again and again, and two of the biggest ones actually took a few steps in front of Ying Qiong. When Ying Qiong moved and moved forward, they gradually knelt there and bowed their front paws three or five feet apart.
Ying Qiong estimated that the two big bears must be the leaders of Ma Xiong. Seeing that they were very afraid of the sword, she returned it to them and said; "I was a heart for you in addition to this great harm, although you are grateful to me? Now that the monster has changed my place, don’t go and wait? " The two big bears shook their heads and pointed two fingers towards the back. They sounded like drums from their mouths, and a dozen bigger ones flew around behind Yingqiong. After a while, the Ma Xiong suddenly burst into chaos and scattered on both sides of Yingqiong. They all knelt behind Yingqiong and knelt down and pointed their front paws at Yingqiong. They turned around and looked at the dusty hillside opposite to the monster’s death. More than ten big bears sounded drums, such as flying to Yingqiong. There were dozens of feet behind them. People die. The monster looks like a dead monster. The same monster roars and strides like flies to chase Ying Qiong. This is the only white horse. Because of his exhausted energy, he dare not go to meet the enemy easily. He hides his body behind a big stone and takes out his sword and camera to act.
The mandrill used to be a male and a female living in a cave. At most, the Ma Xiong of this mountain is the mandrill’s special food. Today, the male mandrill came out to feed, and the female was impatient. Suddenly, she heard the roar of Ma Xiong outside the cave. It was different in the past. It didn’t know that it was a decoy, so she chased it out. There was a Ma Xiong who ran a little slower and was chased by the mandrill. He grabbed his neck, opened his mouth, bit his neck, sucked it, and threw it to chase after the horse Xiong Yingqiong in front. The mandrill corpse lay on the ground, and the bear didn’t chase the half-body of the male mandrill, jumping and screaming. Tears in the green eyes were as big as fists. The expression was very funny. The female mandrill pottery went to look at the male wound again for a while, as if to study it as if it were dead, and bowed its head and thought for a while. Suddenly, it became furious and approached it. The tree was pulled out by it and the sand fell like rain and hail, which made people see it thrilling. The mandrill was screaming and was seen by it.
Ying Qiong was so engrossed that she suddenly felt black at the moment. The female raccoon rushed to the side and immediately panicked. She knew that the monster’s hand was exhausted if it didn’t make the sword meet the sword, and she couldn’t jump vertically and use her quick wits as before. She put all her eggs in one basket while the monster’s hand didn’t reach the purple sword in her hand and threw it at the monster’s neck. She struggled to draw out Zhang Xu. When she got up and fled, she saw that ten zhangs of purple light had passed by and turned around the monster’s neck. About ten feet long, the corpse attached to the big head plopped flat and fell to the tree near the dust, and the dust flew around. It was only when there was a light of tea that it was quiet. The purple sword killed the monster, and a circle in the purple light like Changhong automatically returned to the sword box beside Ying Qiong, which startled Ying Qiong. I didn’t expect this sword to be so miraculous, and I was so glad to hold the sword box and thanked her again and again.
Those Ma Xiong saw the monsters being punished by Ying Qiong, and they jumped for a while one by one towards the two dead mandrills. It seemed that there were still some fears that they could not suddenly approach the last two big paws, and they caught a glimpse of the last one. They roared a thousand horses and bears together for a while, and the two mandrills were left with a pile of yellow bones. Ying Qiong was so excited that she suddenly felt hungry and went to the previous cave. Fortunately, food and clothing were not damaged. After two paragraphs, I quickly changed my bloodstained clothes in the dark in the cave and walked out of the cave to see that this group of Ma Xiong was three feet away from the cave. Kneeling into a circle, I stopped Yingqiong’s way and held a Polygonatum in one hand. I pressed my sword and said, "You have already avenged your great hatred, so don’t you let me go?" All Ma Xiong shook their heads together, and the two paws were compared with each other. It seemed that Ying Qiong was told not to eat Polygonatum from her hands, and then she made a drum sound from her mouth. Then a dozen Ma Xiong walked separately. Another two Ma Xiong walked to a tree and held a shake and an arch to uproot the claws. Qi Shi broke the branches completely. A Ma Xiong lifted a head and stood up and carried it to the front of the hole. Another one rode it to carry it away for a few steps, and then put it back to Ying Qiong. It was estimated that it was called to ride it and carried it away by them, although it was white and malicious. I don’t know if they are a little uneasy about lifting themselves to the other side. It’s still early in the day, and the weather is still exhausted. It’s also interesting for them to carry a ride. I thought to myself, "How many times did I call the police in advance about this sword?" Then he asked, "Purple Sword, these beasts are going to carry me across the mountain. If you can get there, you will ring twice."If you can’t go, you’ll give me a long cry. "The sword is still outstanding. Indeed as expected, I was so happy that I approached Ma Xiong and sat in the tree."
The group of horses and bears seemed very happy to see Ying Qiong willing to let them carry away the leaping arches one by one. The two horses and bears were one after the other, and the drums rang in their mouths. The hundreds of horses and bears actually carried Ying Qiong straight to the mountain as if in a queue. They walked very quickly, even after crossing several hills, they reached a mountain full of strange flowers and plants. Just near the mountain, hundreds of Ma Xiong arranged one by one, kneeling on their knees, and people stood on the arches. Then they saw a few paces ahead. Guide followed by a large group of orangutans. Each orangutan flew to Ying Qiong with many unknown famous fruits in his hands, and presented Ying Qiong with fruits in his hands. On the one hand, two Ma Xiong carried her to walk forward for a while and went to the front of the cave to see that the cave was unusually tall. A group of Ma Xiong and orangutans rushed to carry Ying Qiong into the cave and put her tree in it. Ying Qiong lifted her eyes and looked around. The hole was unusually spacious, with a height of about two feet. The boulder with a width of more than ten feet is covered with many skins. When two orangutans go to the economist to sit and jump, they will pull Yingqiong’s sleeve in the future, but they can’t help calling Yingqiong white. It means that they will sit and see the face again. Thousands of Ma Xiong are connected with many orangutans, and they are divided into dozens of rows from the hole to the outside, and a dozen orangutans are kneeling all over the floor instead of offering fruit.
Ying Qiong was eating at random when she suddenly saw a kind of fruit that was as red as blood and as big as longan. In the future, Bai Ren was green and bright, and her mouth was full of sweetness. Unfortunately, not a dozen of them ate it at once and felt full of refreshing spirit. They swept away the fatigue in the first place and knew that it was a rare treasure in the mountain. So she took the peel in her hand and said to the eating orangutan, "Is this fruit very good? Could you take me to pick some and take it away?" The orangutan standing next to him seemed to be reluctant when he heard the news. He turned around and shouted at his companions, and then a dozen orangutans walked out of the hole and walked straight for more than half an hour before coming back. Five or six orangutans each got a Zhu Guo offer in their hands and gave orders to the orangutan to wail for a few times. When the orangutans in the hole wailed.
Ying Qiong doesn’t know if they are greedy to see these Ma Xiong, The orangutan was considerate and waited for the orangutan to pick Zhu Guo for a long time. It was very bright in the cave until the sun was flat outside. I didn’t know that this cave was facing the west. Yingqiong was there to command the animals. Suddenly, I saw a round of red sun outside the cave, and Xu Hongguang shot into the cave to make it red. I realized that it was getting late. I couldn’t help but panic and look at the outside of the cave. It was still as bright as day, reflecting the setting sun and shining with extraordinary splendour. I thought that I would stay in this cave for the time being tonight, but I couldn’t go to a lonely The barren hills and these tall orangutans, who are fierce over butch and leopard in Ma Xiong, can’t help but bow their heads and meditate for a while and say to those Ma Xiong and orangutans, "I can’t wait for you to spend the night in the cave when it’s dark today. If you want to leave me here, you will all quickly withdraw from the cave and come out with a sword in my box, which will accidentally hurt your life." After all, the hundreds of horses and the orangutans roared a few times and really quit the cave to leave a gorilla hole to stand.
Ying Qiong was very happy to see that these wild animals could talk in an orderly way. Because it was still early, she planned to stay for a while and then jump out of the cave. She saw that the mountains and the wild places were full of Ma Xiong, but more than a hundred orangutans gathered in a cliff corner, whispering and screaming. Although Ying Qiong didn’t talk in animal language, it seemed that there was an old orangutan who was just commanding the group of orangutans. Suddenly she turned around and saw Ying Qiong coming, and she called a group of orangutans to turn around and kneel down and kowtow to Ying Qiong. The old orangutan approached Ying Qiong’s side and knelt down to pull Ying Qiong’s sleeve in the future. Ying Qiong followed it to the group of orangutans. When the old orangutan pointed to the dead orangutan’s head with his front palm, the five orangutans actually died in a common way. The head of the orangutan looked as if it had been scratched by something, and one hand was still clutching a Zhu Guo. She remembered that "the other greedy red fruit had been picked by a dozen orangutans again, and half of it was picked back and forth." I had planned to ask the orangutans to lead the way before looking for them because it was near dusk. I didn’t rest assured that these orangutans wanted to pick red fruits and died. I was so sad that my appetite hurt several lives. Besides, these orangutans died by no means because they fell off a cliff because of picking fruits. What other monsters and animals are there in this mountain? They are good at tasting orangutans, but here orangutans can’t make sense. Why don’t you ask me half to ask these orangutans? Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a sword beside them to remove them? " Thinking of this question, he asked the old orangutan"Look at the way your five companions died, as if they were injured by some monster for picking that red fruit. Why don’t you take me to kill you?" Words outstanding these orangutans at the same time, Qi Changming nodded Yingqiong, and when he saw that the bright moon was clear and bright as day, his sword was able to receive and send magical things. He immediately raised his ambition and called the old orangutan to lead the way. The old orangutan shook his head and pointed his palm towards the moon. Yingqiong estimated that it was inconvenient to go at night and asked again, "You mean that monsters at night are not easy to find?" Then I will go again tomorrow? " The orangutan nodded, cheered and jumped for a while, and then a dozen orangutans carried the bodies of five dead orangutans to the back of the mountain.
Ying Qiong wandered in the moonlight for a while and went back to the cave to see that the light was still close to the cave. It was amazing as the day was, and the treasures were full of surprises. After searching for more than an hour, I didn’t find them. I rested at night and slept very steadily. The climate in the cave was warmer than in early summer, and I slept until the sun rose. Some of them were different. When I woke up, the stone sat up next to the cave and stood by the orangutans. When I saw Ying Qiong get up and roared, the orangutans and Ma Xiong jumped in like a tidal wave. Ying Qiong was almost startled. These Ma Xiong were still on duty
Ying Qiong looked at the red fruit one by one carefully and remembered that she had promised those orangutans to eat a fruit for them today. She first ran outside the cave to find the secluded place for a while and then went into the cave again. She said, "I’m going to get up today and wait for yesterday to pick the red fruit. Five similar people were killed and could quickly lead me to get rid of the evil creatures after I left." Ma Xiong and Ying Qiong packed the parcel and wrapped the remaining Zhu Guo with many delicious fruits. Ma Xiong immediately gave way to a road. The old orangutan stood up and sang to Ying Qiong twice, leading the way. The two sides were about a distance apart. The old orangutan walked all the way and looked back from time to time.
When the orangutan, the horse and the bear all bowed their heads and walked slowly, they didn’t make any noise. In this lonely mountain, they heard the footsteps and the dust was flying. Ying Qiong followed the old orangutan over a hill, and all the Ma Xiong stopped. The old orangutan led Ying Qiong to turn behind a cliff. Suddenly, there was a solitary peak protruding with a hundred feet, and the top of the mountain was full of many unknown exotic flowers and fruits. A long and deep stream and flowing water filled the ears. Ying Qiong felt that the scenery here was beautiful and that she was walking before. Ying Qiong was just about to speak when the old orangutan suddenly pointed his front paws at a hole near the stream. Ying Qiong looked intently at the hole, which was six or seven feet long. Fiona Fang was black, and it looked as if it was deep. Next to the hole, there was a grotesque stone face, which was only a height high and red as a coral tree. The leaves of Zhu Gancui were very clean, and the tree face was covered with hundreds of red fruits that were eaten last night.
Ying Qiong is wondering that the tree has never seen a face like a stone in its life. Suddenly, I listened to the ear and looked back at the guide. The old orangutan had retreated a hundred feet away from the road and thought, "Is this where the monster is hiding?" After a while, nothing happened, so I wanted to jump into the stone face to pick up Zhu Guo. As soon as I stepped in my ear, I suddenly stopped the sword in the box. When I knew that there were signs, I couldn’t help but be taken aback. When I looked at the hole, I saw two green lights flashing, and a monkey-like monster was born with a yellow hair and five or six feet in length, but my arms were longer than that monster’s body. My hands were as thin as a bird’s paw, and I was covered with blond hair and two green lights, and my round eyes were as big as an arrow. A wolf howls like a wolf, and two bird’s claws are stretched out vertically, with a height of three or five feet. Ying Qiong’s head is more flexible than a disease. Ying Qiong saw that the monster was coming too fast and didn’t resist. The monster caught a stone claw that was catching Ying Qiong, and the rubble was flying everywhere and roared at Ying Qiong again. At this time, Ying Qiong had drawn his sword, and when he came out of the box, there was a purple light. It was a coincidence that Ying Qiong’s heart was blocking its way to the cave and had to turn back.
In a short time, the old orangutan led many similar people to howl all the way to see Ying Qiong, bent down and worshipped, and saw that there were many broken arms and broken shares among the apes. Broken brain and broken belly orangutans think that when the monster escaped, Lu Yu’s hiding group was caught by its sexuality. Therefore, many orangutans were injured. Ying Qiong regretted seeing the monster escape. Where did he go to find the trace of the monster in advance? He wanted to stay idle and pity the lives of these orangutans. The old orangutan thought that he was also afraid of Ying Qiong’s going to kneel and hold on to Ying Qiong’s sleeves. The injured and undead orangutan was even more sorrowful and could not help but evoke Ying Qiong’s heart and courage. He said to the old orangutan, "Although I am in anxious to return, it is a pity that I was I want to stay here for 10 days to find the trace of the monster, and if we can’t find it after 10 days, that is, we should be devastated by the monster, and I can’t stay long. "Say, the old orangutan seems to understand people’s words and lead Yingqiong back to the peak, and first he jumped to the top and called for a few times. Then a dozen orangutans climbed to the top and looked around. The old orangutan seemed to be still worried and jumped to look at it before he went to the cave and picked the noodles and sent them to Yingqiong several times.
Back to the 40th time, the purple flying mountain is over the wood and the green hills are enjoying the rain and thinking about it.

Chapter 442 Kill two birds with one stone (2)

This night, the whole city was stunned by him. Jun Yujue didn’t let it go. The whole city was sweating like rain in the sight before coma. I remember that his temples slipped and hot sweat dripped on his skin.
After Yan had eaten enough, Jun Yujue pitied and kissed every inch of the whole body, and hugged the sleepy whole body for a good night’s sleep.
The next day, Jun Yujue didn’t wake up when the whole city was away. When she woke up, where was Jun Yujue?
Having sex overnight consumed the whole city too much energy. She turned over a body and made a terrible sound, which made the whole city almost feel that it was a broken bone and reconnected.
Raise my hand and touched the position next to it. There is no temperature. Obviously, people around me have been gone for a long time.
Autumn frost came in to serve the whole dress and noticed that the whole body showed a hickey and couldn’t help blushing. "When the emperor left this morning, his lips smiled. I think the empress must have served the emperor particularly comfortably last night." Then she pointed at the purple hickey on the whole chest.
The whole city stared at her with shame and annoyance, raised my hand and pinched her arm. "Little girl, even I dare to laugh at whether I have had a too comfortable life recently, and I am all carried away." Then I jumped up and tickled the autumn frost.
Autumn frost immediately burst out laughing and kept dodging and shouting, "Handmaiden is wrong, handmaiden is wrong, empress, please bypass handmaiden."
They are all begging for mercy, but the tone is really different. Everyone can’t help but sigh that it is still good to be on duty in the glass palace. At least, it is not used as a punching bag all day.
The whole city deliberately chose a dress with a high collar to cover the chest hickey. She walked out of the temple and her legs were weak, which made her angry and cursed Jun Yujue.
At brunch, she found Xiujie at the door.
Although the former Jun Yujue said to let Xiujie stay and stay in the city, he said to let Jun Yujue take Xiujie away, only to find that Xiujie was at the door and didn’t want to know that Jun Yujue had specially ordered him to do so.
"Why didn’t you go with him?" She doesn’t like Hugh Jie at all. First, Hugh Jie is too loyal to Jun Yujue, and everything is reported to Jun Yujue in detail, which makes him have no little secrets in front of Jun Yujue.
"The Lord doesn’t trust the imperial concubine to protect her safety in the palace." Hugh Jie narrated Jun Yujue’s speech before he left to the whole city.
Everyone knows that the emperor’s favorite person is Shu Guifei. Although the emperor was not here some time ago, the maids in the glass palace felt that the emperor’s heart had always stayed in the glass palace.
Xiujie’s bodyguard is a personal bodyguard around the emperor. When the emperor went out, Xiujie’s bodyguard was not with him, but this time the emperor was able to leave Xiujie’s bodyguard in the palace, which shows how much the emperor values Shu Guifei Empress.
The whole city couldn’t help but smile when hearing Hugh Jie’s words. "If you really want someone to hurt me, don’t say that you can’t protect me even if you are a Hugh Jie."
The whole city still knows that the means in this palace can never be separated from the darkness. It is difficult for a monarch to protect her. What’s more, Zhou Jie is a little bodyguard.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 443 Kill two birds with one stone (3)
Of course, he didn’t laugh at Hugh Jie, and he didn’t blame Jun Yujue. What he meant was that he thought Jun Yujue was doing this in vain. If he really wanted to protect her, he might as well come back earlier.
During the period of emperor’s departure, the court affairs were proudly represented by the three princes and the left prime minister Zhang Yi, which also made the right prime minister do what he wanted sometimes.
The former right prime minister has been looking for an opportunity to deal with the whole city, but he has never had such an opportunity. How can he give up easily when the opportunity comes?
Zhenfei was seriously ill, and Prime Minister Right found a reason to stay in the palace, but in order not to arouse suspicion, he had already explained everything and waited for the eyeliner to come to Yuhua Palace.
On this day, a maid hurried into the Yuhua Palace Coral from a secluded path. When she saw the maid in front of her, she couldn’t help frowning. "Who are you?"
"The handmaiden has something important to see Empress Zhen Fei." The maid said this and looked around nervously from time to time for fear that others would find her figure.
And this maid happened to be the maid who heard the whole city say that day,’ It’s not certain whether the baby in her belly can be guaranteed’.
"Wait a minute," Coral said and walked into the room.
After a period of self-cultivation, Zhenfei’s face is much redder than before, which may be the reason why she has been in bed for many days and lacks sunshine. She is still slightly pale.
"The empress has an audience outside."
Zhen Fei relied on hearing coral words on the bed and looked a little refreshed. "Let her in quickly."
"It’s the Empress"
Maid followed Coral into the temple, trembling and kneeling on the ground. "Handmaiden, see Empress Zhen Fei."
"Get up."
"Xie Zhenfei Empress" maid got up and looked at Zhenfei carefully.
Zhen Fei looked at the maid in front of her. "What’s your name?"

Long Qiyou laughed at "chasing ridiculous. There are so many beautiful women waiting for my luck here. You asked me to chase a woman who is so natural. I’m not fucking sick."

Qin Muwei narrowed his eyes. He had long known that Long Qiyou was very interested in Xi. He was afraid that if he didn’t chase him out today, he would suffer the same damage as Xue Jiner. He was still here.
"Long Qiyou, I told you long ago that if you want to play, don’t look for a serious girl. If you want to fall in love, be kind to others’ girls. Don’t be hurt by your feelings and hide your cowardice. You’ve been lovelorn for fucking days. You’ve been a gamer all day. Who are you showing to?"
Long Qiyou pulled a corner of his mouth, but his mouth was hard and he said casually
"Qin Mu, you fucking made me look down on you. A woman tried her best to lose face. Do you want me to lose a leaf and the whole vegetable garden like you?"
Qin Mu also knew that Long Qiyou felt uncomfortable and wanted to find someone to quarrel and vent. Before he reached out and grabbed his collar.
"At the very least, I like it. I dare to admit that I dare to pursue it. It’s not like some people are just a little puss-head. You don’t have to chase me. Tell me, it’s easy for a drunken woman to pick up a body at the entrance of a hotel."
Long Qiyou’s look suddenly became dignified. Xing Le fell back as if nothing had happened. He comforted a few words because he knew that if he comforted them, they would point their finger at him directly.
Several beautiful women in the bag felt the murderous look in the room, fearing that the two men would fight and hurriedly comforted "Qin Shaolong has little to say."
The two men almost said "get out" at the same time.
Several beautiful women hurriedly stopped and looked at each other awkwardly.
Qin Musong let go and helped him caress the folds at the neckline. In fact, they can’t fight. Their identity is there. They won’t do such a savage thing.
"It’s up to you to do it yourself."
With that, he turned and left the box. Long Qiyou’s expression was very dignified and ugly. He breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t disguise himself any more. He made a dash for the door with long legs.
Three people left, and two Xing Le shrugged. This is the rhythm of abusing single dog. It seems that we have to hurry and find a girlfriend. He can leave when he is gone.
Summer orange is looking at the video door alone. It’s called "noting" to see Yao Shu in a good mood. It’s not good to see him immediately. After she glanced at him sideways, her eyes fell on the video and she never wanted to look at him again.
Qin Mu sighed when she saw how emotional she was, and came over and sat next to her, trying to control her temper.
"Can’t you just listen to something and make me angry?"
Summer orange black eyes become more emotional, thinking about this period when Qin Mu dotes on her so much, what is the fear of talking? Her tone sounds a little got to Qin Mu.
"Who dares to make you angry? Why didn’t you bring your boobs when you came back?"
Qin Mu frowned very carefully to identify what a big weapon.
"I don’t know what the big murder weapon you mentioned is or what it is. Anyway, don’t let me see you being so intimate with other men again."
I don’t know what to pack. A 30-year-old man doesn’t know whether the devil believes it or not. He doesn’t know how to unbutton his clothes so skillfully. He just finds these chest devices to practice.
She consciously felt that he was pretending to be koo again. Yes, President Qin’s acting skills are so high.
"I want you to take care of your boobs as much as I like, and leave me alone. It looks great every day."
Xia orange continues to focus on whether to see him or not. In fact, her temper is not too bad. Whether she treats people or objects is very decent, and she rarely brings negative emotions to others. In front of him, all emotions are magnified several times.
Qin Mu squinted. What the hell kind of murder weapon is the big murder weapon? He picked up the remote control and slammed his hands, pulled her body over and skipped her question directly.
"What do you want to do at the door of the guest room with a small white face so late?"
When he spoke, his tone was not very good and a little harsh, but after he said it, he regretted it. Knowing that she was a girl who loved herself very much, it was a bit excessive to say such a thing, but he was just angry.
Summer orange suddenly felt very wronged and even more angry when he saw Yao Shu. He didn’t go to see himself and the two friends in this sister for so many days. The woman didn’t feel sick and questioned herself in this tone, and her eyes turned red.
"Qin Mu, what qualifications do you have to care about me? What do I do have to do with you? I like coming out so late. I like being with a gigolo. Do you care?"
Qin Mu immediately relented when she saw that her eyes were red. He was reluctant to say harsh words to her and knew that his words were heavy. He naturally guessed that it was other because of his own words.
"Well, I shouldn’t have said that, but you should be good, even if it’s not allowed this time, you know?"
Just saying that you want to do something with another man so late makes her feel wronged. What do you want to do when you are so close to another woman or a woman with so much material so late? What do you want to do now? It is naturally magnified several times. Although his tone is soft, she just doesn’t want to forget it. She is even more angry when she knows that she is a little obsessed with him.
"Why don’t you talk about you bastard? I hate you and don’t want to see your door. I’ll take care of your waves when I get back."
The word "surge" was left behind by Qin Mu before he could say the word "surge", and the words remained in their lips and teeth. The girl still didn’t cooperate with his arm very much, and she didn’t know what to do. Now the anger should not be her own. What, she was so excited, and when she hugged her soft body, he felt limp and numb all over, and the kissing strength also increased his thirst.
Summer orange just kept pushing him away, but her strength was wide. Her root was to struggle in vain, but she was not his opponent. He still did what he wanted to do, which made her feel very wronged. Her eyelashes trembled and her tears fell.
The salty taste fell into the mouth, and Qin Mu felt a tight heart. All her desires were doused by half, and she gasped against her forehead. There was still a feeling in her voice that she would not withdraw.
"Can I apologize and stop crying?"
He sat up straight and let his back rest on the sofa with a sigh.
"I really miss you when I haven’t seen you these days, but when I see you, you are so brazen that individual men are so affectionate and hand in hand in front of me. I am very angry, but I can’t bear to treat you like this. I don’t understand why you are so emotional to me. I apologize to you very seriously."
He leaned over again, put his hands on her shoulder blades and stared at her. "Will you stop crying? I apologize for what I said just now."
Who cares if you apologize? She just feels angry and can’t send it out. She has been sour and straight, and her eyes are red and delicate. She thinks that she must be flirting in the box. It’s a room when she can’t stand it. How convenient it is to go out. These days, she may be so merry and happy. She also called to tell herself that she is very busy. Of course, she is busy. Can she work day and night?
I stopped my mobile phone to revise the manuscript, and I was blind. Whoops!
162 the king needs it.
Although he has said something soft to himself, she has always been stubborn in her heart, just trying to make a noise, but not wanting to give him steps. Tears are pouring in more and more, and she feels weak in front of him like she is out of control. Because of his words, she feels even more wronged, and she doesn’t speak freely. She feels that she can’t breathe even after biting him a few times, and she wants to catch him and give him a good beating.
"Who wants you to apologize? I want to apologize for the choppy waves. I want you to apologize for the big breasts. Qin is always so busy every day. I am busy making money during the day and I don’t work hard at night. Who dares to ask you to apologize? It’s hard to keep a big wave dangling in front of me. Hurry to the door. I have to go back and delay your good things. Call and let people come. Don’t let people wait."
Qin Mu hesitated for a long time. She said so much angrily. He was really thinking about what a choppy weapon was. He was really not white.
However, the latter words made something slowly overflow in his heart, permeating all the time to every cell, and the blood rolled uncontrollably all over his body. The sweet and greasy warm feeling flooded in his body, and his heart trembled uncontrollably for so long. It turned out that he was jealous.

Feng Lisu felt a faint pain in his head. Did he really do so many stupid things?

And I’m still lovesick!
He likes that woman? I saved her even if I bumped my head like this!
However, Chang Xiangsi cheated her with Feng Jiang Yi, and even he was in cahoots!
He’s going to kill them both!
How big a green hat is it for him to think of their intimate gesture and a fiancee and a princess eleven?
Just because he lost part of his memory, they dare to lie like this?
"Chang Xiangsi is really the fiancee of eleven princes?"
Chicken one leng immediately shook his head.
"Naturally, the emperor doesn’t like the empress, but the empress’s favorite person is eleven princes, and the eleven princes are all fighting for the empress!"
"So that’s it! I am white! You go! "
He looked gloomy and then evoked a sneer. When he can get into bed, we must take good care of these two people.
Brother, friend and brother, I’m afraid this day will never come!
Feng nodded and then got up. "Excuse me!"
When Feng Yi came to the door, Feng Lisu asked, "So who is in charge of the abbot’s overall situation in the DPRK now?"
He even has some confusion in his memory here. I can’t remember that he chose to leave Fenglin at such a time. So who handed over everything to the DPRK?
Phoenix stopped and turned around. "Back to the emperor’s words, now everything in the DPRK is handed over to the nine princes and the emperor is in Weiyang Palace for illness. Chapter 36, Do you know that Acacia is the queen of me?
But he forgot that Feng Qinglan had come back before Qing Mu Gong rebelled!
Weiyang Palace is heavily guarded and has a lot of dark guards. The ministers in Weiyang Palace have no courage to break in and find out.
Thought of here, he was slightly relieved. It seems that he is not confused yet.
It is the thought that the harem brought the situation in the Hengchao and the woman herself conferred the title of a crazy and silly woman for many years, and after adding acacia, she smashed her head into such a phoenix, Li Su, and she couldn’t wait to kill herself with one hand.
He actually killed a woman. What a fool!
After returning to the room, I often miss sitting on the bed and seeing Feng Lisu cleaning her hands by the door. Then she wiped his hands carefully.
He has beautiful hands, slender and well-proportioned joints, well-manicured nails, and it’s like art
"You said that we pulled such a lie. Sooner or later, the emperor will know that there are dark guards around him who are loyal to the emperor! If the emperor knows that you and I have cheated him at present, it is estimated that we will kill us! "
It’s not a good-natured person to be fooled by a woman.
Feng Jiang clothes put Pa away and walked towards her.
"The emperor even knows that now he has lost part of his memory and forgotten what you and I said. He will never believe that he will get news from Feng Yi or Feng Er. As you said, Feng Yi Feng Er is loyal to the emperor and will never hide anything. He already knows what happened after he sealed you!"
I often miss a moment. "The emperor has been kind to me, and now he is so hurt because of saving me, but he has forgotten that it is better for everyone … Why don’t we leave here and ask Xuanwu to stay here and look after him? After some time, the emperor will be well, and he should go back. Now that he has been here for a long time and lost some memories on the road, he must be at ease!"
Staying here will get her into trouble. At this time, I already know that Feng Lisu is seriously injured. It is better to leave.
Save her kindness this time and she will try to pay it back!
I am naturally willing to hear that Chang Acacia wants to leave here.
He wanted to leave a long time ago, but Feng Lisu has been in a coma and often feels sorry for him, which didn’t happen.
Nowadays, Feng Li Su is in a good condition. Although she has lost some memories, she must know that lovesickness is the woman he likes.
Don’t go at this time, do you have to wait until Feng Li Su banned them?
"good! I, Zhao Xuanwu, talk about this matter. You have arranged everything. Since we are leaving today, we will leave! "
There are many inns near the imperial city, so we can find a place to stay tonight and wait for other plans. Besides, now that Nanqing Pei has moved in, they should leave.
When I arrived, Chang Xiangsi nodded and promised that Feng Jiang’s clothes didn’t delay much. I got up and walked out and pushed open the door, only to see that Feng San Feng Si kept outside.
When Feng San Feng Si saw it, Feng San opened his mouth first. "Where does the eleventh prince want to go?"
Feng Li Su is really fast!
I didn’t expect to be ordered to stay here so soon. Is this going to imprison him and often miss him?
Seeing that you came as he expected, Feng Lisu didn’t believe him at first. He glanced at Feng San coldly.
"Where is the king going? Do you still need to leave? Is the identity and status of the Dark Guard higher than that of Wang, a sovereign with pure royal blood? "
Chicken three immediately shook his head "back to eleven report words chicken three dare not! It was the emperor who ordered the Empress Eleven to live in the house for the next few days. If the Empress Eleven needs anything, including three meals a day, she will definitely serve! "
"That is to say … so you are going to imprison the king?"
Feng San said nothing, and Feng Si still kept her posture just now.
"What if the king wants to see the emperor?" Phoenix crimson clothes asked eyes flashed a disdain.
Feng Sandao said, "If you go back to the eleventh report, the emperor is in poor health. You should go to bed at this time. If the eleventh report wants to see the emperor, then wait for the emperor to wake up. The eleventh report also knows that the emperor is seriously injured and now he needs to rest."

"Eldest brother, who did you find?" In the sky, Bao asked while flying at the bottom of the evil smile.

"Who can there be, Ao Tianqi, Di Yue and Ao Xuelong?" Responded, and Tianjun was extremely calm and said.
"Hey, I don’t know how the three of them will react when they see us again." Kitty Hawk is also evil, but suddenly, Kitty Hawk seems to be aware of something, and sharply scolds: "This proud snow dragon Yin thief is doing something immoral again!"
Hearing what the baby eagle said, Tianjun and Baoshi both looked at the baby eagle in consternation, but then Tianjun and Baoshi seemed to notice everything that happened in a room not far away, and they were all angry.
"Hum. Aojia seems to be really over today! " Bao Shi said angrily.
Indeed, in a room of Aojia, Aoxuelong is bullying a good girl, only to see this girl with delicate eyes. Dignified appearance, beautiful figure, but her eyes are full of tears, and her hands keep resisting, but how can an ordinary man of God beat the powerful proud Snow Dragon? I can only bend under him.
Outside the proud Snow Dragon’s house, there stood a group of slaves who bullied the good and feared the evil, clutching broadswords in their hands, but all of them were attached to the window. Seems to be listening to what was born inside, but jiānyín’s smile is hanging on his face.
"This is really the best girl, the voice is so sweet, it is estimated that the boss is cool!"
"Hey hey. Needless to say, this beautiful girl is the one I picked out in the coastal area of Fangshan Island. I think I have been read by countless people in my second life, and I have seen so many beautiful women that it goes without saying that this little girl is at least ranked. Hey, you guys talk about whether the boss will give her to me when he is tired. After all, I took it back. "
"That maybe, ah black two. If the boss really rewards her to you later, don’t forget you guys. Let’s have one together, shall we? "
However, the voice declined. Above the sky suddenly dropped a lightning like thunder, directly to the three people who just spoke.
There was an explosion, and the three of them didn’t have the slightest resistance. They didn’t even blink their eyes, so they died in ignorance.
Se face was horrified, and the rest of the people didn’t understand what was born. They hurriedly stepped back one by one, crossed their broadswords, looked up and searched around, as if to see who had such a big dare to kill the proud family.
"Who is making such a big noise outside? Get out! Get out of here and don’t disturb Lao Tzu’s pleasure! "
There was a disgruntled thunder in the room, but the next moment, a black Se energy sword came down from the sky and broke through the window. Then, a sad cry sounded and the whole proud family got up.
"Who dares to make trouble in my proud family? Come out now!" With such an energy of the earth, although we couldn’t see the bearer with the strength of Proud Tianqi and Di Yue, we still knew that there was a superior arrival. Di Yue was in a hurry and ran to the proud Snow Dragon’s room, killing the woman directly, and was full of urgency to help up the naked proud Snow Dragon. Worried, he asked, "Dragon, are you okay?" Where did it hurt? "
"Me, my penis, ah, ah, pain!" With his hands clasped to his lower body, the proud Snow Dragon’s face was covered with bean-sized sweat, and the whole person was in pain.
"What? God damn it, who dares to do this to my son? Come out to me quickly! " With a sudden wave of his hand, the roof of Aoxuelong’s room was directly torn off, which shows how angry this month is.
But the next moment, three figures flashed in the sky, all of which were charming, and their faces were full of mocking expressions, looking at a face of embarrassed proud snow dragon and proud Diyue and Tianqi.
"Ao Tianqi, do you know me?" Tianjun looked down at the proud Tianqi and asked calmly.
The face of Se changed greatly. When he saw Tianjun, Ao Tianqi immediately thought of Tianjun, full of disbelief, and said, "You, you are Tianjun, you, you are not dead?"
"death? Haha, my eldest brother lives much better than you. At least now he doesn’t have to fight for his own life, but some people are different. " Kitty hawk stared at the proud snow dragon with an evil face.
"What do you want? To tell you the truth, my Fangshan Island is protected by Lord Ye Jiantian. All three island owners on our island are in the capital of kings. As long as you dare to kill anyone on my Fangshan Island, you will all die! " Sweat has seeped from his forehead. In fact, he understands that since Tianjun three people dare to come, he never put the sword day in his eyes that night. He said these words, but it’s just a fight between trapped animals and children.
"oh? Ao Tianqi, if I want to tell you, I’ll clean up overnight, too, okay? Hum, Ao Tianqi, do you remember what I told you at the beginning? The next time I see you, my heavenly king will definitely kill you. It’s not that you don’t report it. It’s not time yet. You connive at your son Ao Xuelong’s evil deeds. Today, my heavenly king will do justice for heaven! " Tianjun’s eyes are full of anger and he looks at the proud Tianqi Road. "Tianjun, as long as you dare to touch my proud family, my husband will not let you go!"
Hysterical, proud Tianqi felt that he was cornered. He knew that Ye Jiantian would not avenge his little proud family, but his father-in-law, Di Fang, begged that it was different. After all, his daughter was his wife, and he had no reason not to kill Tianjun.
However, the proud Tian Qi was wrong after all. He didn’t understand Tianjun’s strength now, thinking that he was still the original A Man under Wu, and threatening two sentences would curb him.
"DiFang beg? Sooner or later, I’m going to clean up that old thing, but now I have to deal with your proud family. You should know how many evil things your proud family has done for hundreds of millions of years. As far as I know about Tianjun for nearly a thousand years, it’s too numerous to count, especially your son, Aoxuelong, who is already full of evil. Your parents have connived at his behavior without any education. Hum, I Tianjun said that today I will do it for Tianxing. Knife-shaped eyebrows cross-legged, Tianjun Shuang Hu was bulging, bold and looked at the proud Tianqi three people, and he exuded a murderous look.
"Well, with the three of you, I want to see how you can win me. Don’t forget, this is our mountain island, and you can’t be presumptuous!"

Chapter five hundred and seventy-eight
Proud Tianqi is gifted, and all the way is smooth. Ever kneel under others, seeing Tianjun is so aggressive at this time, the pride in my heart can’t help but be aroused, and my sleeves are thrown away, and I will fight with Tianjun for life and death.
At this time, Proud Tianqi’s strength has just broken through and reached the initial stage of God Emperor, and Di Yue lingers in the late stage of God Emperor, while Proud Snow Dragon is the late stage of ancient God. In Proud Tianqi’s view, Tianjun was still a man who didn’t even reach the realm of God King a thousand years ago, but at this time, he could be severe enough, so the impulse aroused his blood xìng, but he didn’t know that this was the beginning of his death.
"Hum, I don’t bother to start a fight with such a heartless person as you. I’ll give it to you, Lao Liu, and I’ll deal with that woman. As for this proud snow dragon, I’ll give it to Yan Ran!" Say that finish, Tianjun’s mind moved, and he spread it directly to Yan ran.
Some consternation at Tianjun, Yan ran don’t know why Tianjun gave her out, but when he saw the proud Snow Dragon, Yan ran the whole person’s body kept shaking, as if remembering how his loved ones died in his hands.
I have been with Xuanji for a long time, and I don’t know how many hundred million years I have been practicing. At this time, my strength has reached the early stage of the King of God. Therefore, Tianjun is full of confidence in winning the battle between Yan Ran and the proud Snow Dragon.
"Yan ran, your enemy is just around the corner. Do you want to avenge yourself or do you want me to avenge you?" Tianjun smiled and looked at Yan ran and asked, for this miserable woman, Tianjun has always regarded her as his sister.
"Thank you, brother. This beast has a mortal enemy with me. For hundreds of millions of years, I even wanted to kill him in my dream. I didn’t think it was really here now. Brother, leave it to me. I will personally kill this beast and avenge my dad!" There is a strong murderous look on her brow. At this time, her smile is totally different from usual. At this time, she is like a cold-blooded killer.
"Well, go ahead and be careful!" Proud home is already in full swing, proud Tianqi is on the right side of Bao Shi, Diyue is on the right side of Kitty Hawk, and Yan Ran is on the proud Snow Dragon that is missing something.
"What a proud Tianjun! I’ll kill you after I kill this dragon!" Seeing that Tianjun didn’t do it himself, he said coldly, but in spite of this, he knew that Baoshi was a difficult thing for the gods. After all, even the deputy island owner of Fangshan Island felt a headache for Baoshi unless it was empty.
"What are you calling me? Looking for death! " Seeing that Proud Tianqi called himself a dragon, he was furious and attacked the past with his fists willy-nilly.
"What’s wrong with you?" Proud Tianqi showed no weakness, but he was also greeted with momentum, but he didn’t dare to engage in a head-on battle with Bao Shi, just an attack that hit the needle.
"What’s the matter? Hum, always let you taste the braised human flesh! " Say, Bao Shi didn’t spit out the fireworks of purple and black Se, and swallowed it directly at the proud Tianqi.
At the same time, Kitty Hawk and Di Yue, Yan Ran and the proud Snow Dragon were also close friends, but anyway, all three people on Tianjun’s side had the upper hand firmly, and it was only a matter of time before they won, and they seemed to be playing with each other more.
A lot of dinks gathered around the corner of the proud family compound. When they saw that the proud Tianqi and others were defeated, they all cringed, just like mice. At this time, Tianjun was idle and idle. When he saw those dinks who took the opportunity to slip away, Tianjun did not hesitate to directly reach out and fight with an energy, which instantly made those who looked fierce die.
"Hum, it’s just some minions. Seeing that the master is in trouble, they will be scattered!" Tianjun said contemptuously.
The battle has reached the state of incandescence, but Yan Ran laid hands on him more maliciously, and all the tricks were killed with one blow. The proud Snow Dragon simply couldn’t cope. Suddenly, I saw a horizontal angry sword, and Yue Bai Excalibur given to her by Xuanji directly crossed the neck of the proud Snow Dragon, and the proud Snow Dragon’s head was bloody cut down without any delay. At the same time, a red light escaped from the proud Snow Dragon’s head.
"Where to go! Leave it for me! " Everything is within the calculation of Yan ran, and he will let the proud Snow Dragon’s soul escape. wildfire never quite consumes them and chūn are born again when the wind blows. I still understand this truth. With a leap, I immediately caught up with the escaped soul of the proud Snow Dragon by using teleport, and my right hand was tightly held, without any defense. The proud Snow Dragon’s soul was so tightly held in my hand.
"Hum, you should have thought of today when you did evil!" Eyes red, smile is full of hatred staring at the hands of the soul, seems to be very anxious to swallow him.
"Let me go, please, let me go, I was wrong, I was wrong …" When facing death, Ao Xuelong felt infinite fear, and her voice was full of intense anxiety.
"No chance, give you a break. Can my dad be resurrected? Die, I will let you never be reincarnated! " Suddenly, Se Yan ran with a malicious face, and the flame of black Se appeared on her right hand. At the same time, she held her right hand tightly, and a brilliance flashed, and the proud snow dragon with a lot of evil disappeared in heaven, never to be reincarnated.
"Dragon!" Seems to feel the breath of the proud snow dragon dissipates, and both the proud Tianqi and Diyue are indignant screams and shouted.
"You must all die one by one!" The corners of the mouth overflowed with a trace of blood, and the proud man was completely angry. He directly took out his own soul. Suddenly, two identical proud men appeared beside Bao Shi and surrounded him now.
"eh? Seriously? Hum, you feel bad when someone else kills your son. Did you take other people’s thoughts into consideration when you killed their son? I won’t play with you, die! " With a cruel look in his eyes, Bao Shi is no longer dragging his feet like playing Tai Chi, and his attack power suddenly becomes sharp.
Suddenly, Bao Shi only felt a cold light flashing behind him. At the same time, his fist was only a fraction away from hitting the proud Tianqi.
Without defense, Bao Shi had enough confidence in his own body. Suddenly, an unusually loud explosion sounded, exploding directly behind Bao Shi. But at this moment, Bao Shi’s fist was severely hit on the proud body like a mountain, and a glare burst. The proud body standing in front of Bao Shi was directly blasted away, and Bao Shi’s body was also unable to restrain itself, and suddenly it took more than a hundred steps forward.
However, when this insurance was changed, it was a sure bet. After all, Ao Tianqi paid the price of a busy person, and he just took a hundred steps forward.
"I didn’t expect your physical defense to be so strong. He Ri I will get it back one by one!" Immediately, I heard Ao Tianqi yelling loudly at Di Yue: "Go, madam!" Say that finish, a proud day qi body gradually disappeared, then turned into a lotus flower, jumped straight into the sky.
Realizing that it was not good, Bao Shi shouted loudly with some regrets: "No, this fellow is going to use blood to escape!" "
However, after all, it was too late, and when it was discovered, Proud Tianqi had turned into a lotus flower and jumped into the sky. However, after mantis catching cicadas and yellowbirds, Tianjun had long expected that Proud Tianqi would not give in like this, so Tianjun had already arranged a big law on the whole combat area just as he beheaded Proud Who, to prevent everything inside from escaping. Naturally, Proud Tianqi could not escape by destroying the flesh and carrying out blood escape.
As if he had hit a transparent wall, Proud Tianqi shouted angrily, but the next moment, Bao Shi had gone to meet him, and his right hand was suddenly pinched. Proud Tianqi, who had no defense, died in Bao Shi’s hands so humbled. At the same time, the sacred artifact plank brick of Kitty Hawk also fell from the sky, and it was smashed to Diyue with the pledge, without any resistance.

"Good Yun Jie, my name is Mo Zihan. You can call me Zi Han."

Hearing Mo Zihan introduce himself, St. Yun Jie turned around in some surprise. "Your name is Mo Zihan?"
"What’s wrong?"
"Is it the Empress of the North Vietnamese Emperor?"
When I heard Mo Zihan hesitate to answer for sure, there was a trace of disappointment in St. Yun Jie’s eyes, but it soon returned to normal
I thought she might have a heart, but I didn’t think she was married.
My Fair Lady is a gentleman. Since this fair lady is someone else’s wife, he will never be contaminated.
"Yun Jie, you are the master of this Tianshan Mountain?"
Saint Yun Jie chuckled "what master? We are just living on the back of the mountain. "
"You … what did you choose to live in the Tianshan Mountains?"
Mo Zihan looked at this clean and refreshing man and thought that he might kill him. His blood came to save him, and there was a trace of guilt in his heart.
"I didn’t choose to live here, but my master."
"Your master?" When I heard it, it wasn’t him. Mo Zihan felt a little less guilty about the savior killer. It didn’t seem to be her wind.
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671 Chapter 671 Asgard of the Holy Spirit [5]
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But she doesn’t care about anything.
"Yes, it’s my master. I’m just the adopted brother of the master."
"Just now, I saw that your flying skill is very good and your martial arts must be first-class. Your master must have higher martial arts, right?"
When she was looking for clothes just now, she found that her previous equipment was gone, without grenades and smoke bombs, even the ice blade was gone.
This St. Yun Jie is amazing. If you add his master’s cousin, I don’t know if there is any chance of winning …
Mo Zihan condescended to spy on the enemy casually.
St. Yun Jie nodded his head in honest and frank and affirmed that "Master is a god-like man in my heart. I think there should be no one more powerful than him."
The words of St. Yun Jie made Mo Zihan’s heart sink to the bottom. This St. Yun Jie knew that it was worse than her brother in the ghost hall just by looking at the flying skill, including Yi Chen and the cold wind.
And he said god is generally male … That should be almost really god?
She won’t be so unlucky to meet someone as good as the evil spirit leader, will she?
"Little Martial Uncle!"
Call like a bell will MoZiHan mind back.
Mo Zihan looked up at the sound to see a woman in white like St. Yun Jie coming in the wind for more than 100 meters, and she didn’t even need bearing capacity.
Mo Zihan looked at her coolly, and her lovely round face with a silvery sound made the whole person more lovely.
Are all the people here immortal?
Everyone is so powerful. How can she kill them and take everyone away from Tianshan Mountain safely?
"Are you the one who was rescued by Uncle Xiaoshi?"
The white woman looked at Mo Zihan with round eyes and faint dissatisfaction and excitement.
"Sunny is not polite. She is the queen of North Vietnam, Mo Zihan. You should call her Sister Mo." St. Yun Jie taught her severely with some elders
Then he said to Mo Zihan, "This is my master’s little disciple named Shengqing. You can call her Sunny after me."
"Hello, Sunny" Mo Zihan smiled mechanically because her mind has been running fast. How can we knock down these "immortals"!
"All right, Sister Mo," Sheng Qingman asked rudely just now. "Sister Mo, are all those people who dress strangely yours?"
"Good" MoZiHan nodded and admitted.
"So … there’s a cold guy who’s one of you?"
Cold guy? Mo Zihan looked at Shengqing. She said it wouldn’t be her family style, would it?
"I said it was that guy named cold wind!" It’s stuffy when it’s cold and sunny
"Did he offend you?"
MoZiHan ask SAN qing immediately mouth accused "is to offend me? He has greatly offended me! "
"I took good care of him and asked him if he wanted porridge when he woke up, but he ignored me and walked outside. I stopped him and he hit people!"
"That … he now …"
"dizzy!" Sheng Qing answered without care.
"Faint? You … knocked him out? "
"Hum! He’s so bad at martial arts and smelly in temper. Isn’t it cheaper to knock him out? I tortured him and fainted! "
"You to him? !”
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Chapter 672 672 Fairy Palace of the Holy Spirit [6]
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Thinking loudly, two sentences finally loosened, "Okay, I’ll watch the play first."

"When you are optimistic, contact me and we will make an appointment to talk about it these days."
Hang up and sing loudly to print out the information of "Escaper"
After binding, I turned over two pages, but I was a little overwhelmed
She can’t concentrate now, and her whole brain is so noisy.
The news in the left corner of her brain kept beating, and she was upset but not careful.
In the news, it was said that a pregnant girl saved her leukemia, and her younger brother gave up the baby and donated bone marrow. In the news, the greatness of this sister was hyped up.
Sing, clench your fist, brush your head and pull out the bolt.
She got up and left the room.
Anxiety paced back and forth in the living room.
If that sister didn’t save her brother, would she have to bear the blame? Is it a sin to choose one’s own flesh and blood?
Singing loudly and burying her face in the palm of her hand, I wish she were as cold-blooded as she said.
She sat on the sofa for a long time, and when she looked up, her eyes were red. She picked up her mobile phone and dialed Muyunze’s words after all.
MuYunZe that word "hello" come over when singing a little mood.
"When will you come back?"
MuYunZe dazed tone couldn’t help but nervous "what’s the matter?"
Sitting on the sofa with your knees in your arms, singing loudly and saying "I miss you"
MuYunZe heart soft voice is not mild "two days in two days, I will definitely go"
Singing without talking but holding the phone.
Mu Yunze is not clear about singing habits. She has something to say, but she doesn’t know how to say it. If he doesn’t get up first, she can simply not say it.
"What happened? Work is not smooth? "
"No" sang and clutched the mobile phone.
"What’s the matter with that?" Mu Yunze rarely showed great patience.
"… you know all about it, don’t you?" Sing softly. "You know that I am elegy with Qu, don’t you?"
MuYunZe silence.
Gao Song stretched out his hand and covered half his eyes for a long time before saying, "You know that Xiao Yin and I are suitable for bone marrow matching, right?"
"Yes, I know."
"That you what-"
"Then I won’t say anything?" Mu Yunze asked, "I know this is a difficult choice for you. What do I have to say?"
She didn’t want to question Mu Yunze when she was silent. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t do it whether she donated or looked on coldly. But it happened that there was no two ways to force you to make a cruel choice.
For the first time, Mu Yunze called her "no one is a saint, and no one can make everyone satisfied. Even if there is a balance point, it is only temporary. If you want to ask for ideas, I can honestly tell you that I will not agree to your donation of bone marrow. I am also the father of the child besides your husband, and I am more eager for his arrival than anyone else."
"I saw your online records at home the other day and saw you checking those things."
Gao Ge Zheng explained in a panic, "I saw Xiao Yin’s father that day and came back with a confused mind. I didn’t really want to abort my child and donate bone marrow. That’s why my child was so cruel …"
Singing loudly and closing your eyes, your voice is tired. "Today Su Jinghuan came to question me again. I really don’t understand. I want to protect my child. What’s wrong with me? What are you accusing me of? Besides giving birth to me, what did she do to me, and now she wants me to change my life for what? But I really can’t do it. I don’t care if I don’t listen, no matter how I hate myself. "
"Good boy, I know," Mu Yunze interrupted her. "I know your kindness better than anyone else, but can I talk about donating bone marrow when I get back? Maybe there will be a better solution then."
"Maybe," sang the absent-minded Mu Yunze and warmly comforted him. "I want to consult a doctor to see if pregnant women really can’t donate bone marrow."
Mu Yunze was silent for a while before saying, "If it can make you feel at ease, go."
They all know the answer, but doing nothing is obviously not in line with singing personality, and it is good to die. Anyway, he will go back soon.
"I won’t have children," she sang softly. "I look forward to it as much as you do."
MuYunZe lip corner bent "I know"
Hanging up and singing is much better than just now.
This world knows her best or Mu Yunze. It’s one thing to do something or not, and it’s another thing to try your best to ask for a clear conscience and peace of mind.
She spent one night watching The Escaper, which is a shocking story about the case of trafficking in women and children. The heroine resisted the escape clue and led the whole transnational trafficking in human beings.