Luo Baguio’s beautiful face flashed a hideous color. Looking at Xuanyuan’s sinking day by day, she said, "The more days you get, the clearer your camp is! Don’t be blinded by this gentleman’s ambition! "

"Baguio princess said we duke Wolf ambition? Then Nanmou would like to ask who insisted on marrying our Lord last night. Princess Baguio was turned down by our duke and wanted to get back at him. "South sorrow suddenly said jokingly and looked at Baguio opposite.
When people came forward, they couldn’t help but look at Baguio. For Baguio’s mind, they naturally knew that this woman had both ends meet. As a result, Xuanyuan Tianyue didn’t want to marry her with Jun Yan, and finally she lost her reputation, which was regarded as stealing chickens and costly.
Luo Baguio’s face suddenly turned white and hated and said, "Is this how the Lord Jun ruined the name of the palace?" She looked at the snowy figure in a negative way, but for his hard work, how could she be like this?
Glancing at Nan You behind him, he frowned and said, "How can you disrespect Princess Baguio!"
"I speak for you, Duke. Besides, it’s also true that I said this." South sorrow looked at the front of the’ male’ and smiled. "It’s not always like this. I will be punished. This is all the duke’s hello."
Shallow eyebrow "this is a fact, but it should be euphemistic this time. Don’t hurt Princess Baguio’s self-esteem is to miss you sincerely. It’s just this time."
"Thank you, Lord!" South sorrow hurriedly thank humbly!
"…" Everyone is looking at Jun Yan Nan and worrying about two people. Who said that Jun is unsmiling, cold and rigid? It is also unambiguous to play tricks on people.
Didn’t Luo Baguio ask someone to apologize, but the only mistake she made was that she was not tactful enough. If she pursued it again, she would only invite humiliation.
The most touching thing is that Long Shaocheng saw the boy seem to have returned four years ago. Although it was a moment, it also made him more sure that this person in front of him is Jun Yan and a person who can put his emotions at ease, so he is afraid of right and wrong when he grows up.
Xuanyuan tianyue also looked at the side’ male’ corners of the mouth slightly raised like this, which added a bit of anger.
Luo Baguio took one look at this gentleman’s words and told her that she would never let him go! Thinking of this, she looked at Yunao in the field and said, "General Yun, you seem to have dragged on this competition for too long. The Lord Jun is in a hurry!"
The challenge gentleman’s mind and body are full of wounds. Although he is reluctant, anyone can see that he is approaching the limit. If he continues to fight, it will be a dead end.
Yun Ao kicked your heart out of the distance. He smiled at Luo Baguio and said, "The princess can rest assured that I will soon understand this matter, so can the younger brother of Jun Cheng, Haotiancheng!"
Your heart struggled to get up from the ground and your body was crumbling. He grabbed the hilt and stared at the opposite man. "I haven’t lost yet. I haven’t humiliated my eldest brother! Ah ….. "He roared a strike again.
Yun Ao easily dodged the attack of Jun Xin and laughed at the young man in front of him. "The general admits that you have excellent talent, but it’s a pity that you are too young." Then he looked at the snowy figure not far away. "Jun Cheng will, as always, discover genius, but it’s too short for you to find a genius to grow up."
"Is it too short? But someone, she has grown up to be an independent figure now, and it is unlikely that she will lose to General Yunao again after the First World War. "The shallow one-handed man looked at the ring with a cold face and said lightly.
"Lord Haotian is really confident as always!" A proud cloud sneer at the eyes to murder suddenly bursts with his sword sword stab your heart in the shoulder.
Your mind was in a state of "Ah …" and immediately pulled out the sword and roared, "I won’t lose to you!" Attack again, but the physical injury is heavy and the body is tired. He has already tried to fight again.
"Keng" a sword broken.
Your heart wait for a while looked at broken arrow’s broken sword in his hand. Eldest brother said that the sword is his best partner and he will never betray his sword.
Brother gave him a broken sword, and there is no need for him to continue living.
Looking at your heart and fighting spirit, look at broken arrow South, worrying about how long he will stay, and naturally understand his thoughts. He exclaimed, "Oh, no, this sword was given by the Lord. Careful people have always cherished it. This sword break has dealt him a great blow!"
Yunao looked at your heart and lost the fighting spirit. He sneered, "It’s really a young boy, so it won’t work. Then you don’t need to continue to live in this five-nation conference, whether you live or die!" He raised his sword and stabbed him directly.
Luo Baguio smiled when she saw it. Today is the first game!
Phoenix nine deep and remote twist eyebrows in the hands of a sword suddenly a tight body to prepare for the past, suddenly a snow shadow flashed through his footsteps, and his eyes looked at it deeply, and if it went away quickly, it would flash’ male’
Xuanyuan Tianyue looked at the snowy figure and couldn’t recognize the anger in the tight voice between the eyebrows. "Her skill seems to have improved a lot."
Phoenix nine deep and remote one leng eyes looked at beside XuanYuanTian he …
"Keng" swords collide with each other, and the snowy figure passes directly to take your heart away from the original place.
A proud cloud hit a robot. He looked at the challenge with a heavy eye, and the black and white figures were even more sinister.
"Jun duke what is the meaning of this? Unless you forget this competition rule? "
"is this what I usually teach you?" A clear sound comes out in a shallow way, but this light sound instantly presses the surrounding sounds.
Yunao’s face sank and he dared to look at his words. This is really hateful!
"Lord Jun, what do you mean by this? It’s breaking the rules of the game when you suddenly intervene in the competition!" Los baguio see things interrupted by your words immediately displeasure said
However, no one paid attention to Luo Baguio’s words. Just now, they didn’t see clearly that snowy figure moved his martial arts. This is really superb. Nangong Cold has a deep understanding of this. Previously, when he forced him to separate from Feng Jiu, he could want to resist, but as soon as he gave birth to this consciousness, he was forced to retreat. It’s really worthy to be the biggest enemy of Xuanyuan Tianyue, Haotian Lord!
Your heart stood looking at him with a shallow arm, and his head was suddenly low. "Eldest brother, I’m sorry I lost …"
"Know where you lost?" Shallow rhetorical question
Jun Xin bowed his head. "It’s because people are not as good at heart as people who failed to live up to the teachings of Big Brother!"
"Less competent people? He may not be older than you at your age. I don’t know if you will lose to him? " You can’t see the emotional changes in your shallow and cold face, and your bright eyes are staring at the teenager in front of you.
Your heart suddenly looked up at his eldest brother "eldest brother you mean …"
"He’s just your trial stone. Success or failure is not important. What matters is what you get." Jun Yan took a look at Yun Ao and his eyes fell to your heart. "If you are afraid of failure, you don’t have to tell me that you want to protect Haotiancheng in the future."
"The Lord knows his mistakes!" Your heart is ready and said with a salute! Because of the serious injury, his body is unstable.
"Just a broken sword will make you lose your sense of proportion. Do you know that I am disappointed in you!" Shallow look at the front disguised terms young sink said