"Could it be that your other souls are sealed somewhere in Xuanyuan?" Long Qingyue asked

Qin Flame slowly shook his head "I don’t know if it is possible" and paused. His eyes lit up. "I know there is another forbidden place in Xuanyuan world where people don’t set foot. Maybe there is my lost soul, but we can’t get in there."
"Is there a strong guardian?" Long Qingyue’s eyes flashed clean.
"It’s not the strong guardian, but there is a strange enchantment. Even the chief of the fathers can easily open it." Qin Flame frowned.
"Didn’t anyone go in for ten thousand years?"
"I have heard that the enchantment will be opened automatically every five hundred years, and then the heads of families will enter it. No one knows what to do inside." Qin Flame mused.
Long Qingyue’s eyes lit up. "How long is it before the forbidden area is opened?"
"It seems that … there is still one year."
"One year ….." Long Qingyue frowned again. A year later, her nine-yin spirit was about to explode. It seems that we have to think of other ways before that.
After staying in Xuanyuan for a few days, Long Qingyue gradually found out the terrain here. Except for the forbidden area, the whole Xuanyuan community was almost visited by her.
Although she is not very popular here, no one restricts her freedom and movement
1372 Chapter 1372 Restore memory (1)
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Unconsciously, Long Qingyue came to the valley not far from the forbidden area. In front of it stood a stone tablet with the word’ forbidden area’ written on it.
The trees in the valley are lush and fragrant, and I really don’t see anything special.
But the closer we get to the valley, the more familiar and uneasy we feel.
Long Qingyue looked at the forbidden valley and narrowed her eyes gently. Is this forbidden area also for her? Otherwise, she can feel it, too? Before in the city of death, Qin Flame felt his soul calling, but he didn’t have any special induction. Instead, here, both himself and Ah Yan felt this familiar and uneasy breath, which proved that this forbidden area also had information for her.
"Don’t be naive if you are pregnant with his child. You will become the hostess of Xuanyuan." A female cold and cruel voice sounded behind you.
Just listen to Long Qingyue and you will know who the bearer is. Turn around and look at the bearer walking behind him. His lips are bent. "I never thought of being the hostess of Xuanyuan. It’s not easy for you to be alive."
"Hum!" XuanYuanRe snow face cold when I think of being killed by Qin flame and destroying her soul, XuanYuanRe snow’s eyes are full of anger.
"One day he will white me! The last person who will accompany him will definitely be me! "
Long Qingyue smiled. I really don’t know how this woman got so confident. "If you come to tell me these words, I don’t have time to listen."
XuanYuanRe snow suddenly face became ferocious, raise my hand and hit Long Qingyue with a palm. Fierce palm force and surging spiritual force turned out to be the strength of Samsung kings!
Long Qingyue’s face changed suddenly, and his eyes showed horror. I didn’t expect Xuanyuan Rexue to be so high now! She is absolutely unable to hide from this palm!
Suddenly, a red shadow swept away rapidly and crashed, and all the palm forces of XuanYuanRe Snow’s palm disappeared instantly.
"Shen Ce, what do you mean?" Xuanyuanre snow looked up at the sudden appearance of Shen Ce’s eyes. If it weren’t for Shen Ce’s appearance, this woman would have died!
Shen Ce’s eyes are cold. "She can’t die."
"Can’t die? Ah ….. "Xuanyuan Rexue sneered" Even if you and she pay more, she will never have your position in her heart. "
"Then what are you doing? Even if you kill her, Qin Flame won’t love you. "Shen Ce despised.
"It seems that we are all the same poor people, why don’t we join hands?" XuanYuanRe snow seems to have not seen Long Qingyue present, and it seems to be a one-way discussion.
"I don’t like you such a vicious woman" Shen Ce eyes slightly heavy.
Xuanyuanre snow is not angry. "If you want to be the only master in Xuanyuan world without my help, it is very difficult. I will help you defeat Qin Flame, but you can’t hurt him and Long Qingyue belongs to you." Said the eyes and glanced at Long Qingyue faintly as if everything was under her control.
Long Qingyue’s eyes flashed with cold light.
"I said I don’t like you such a vicious woman," Shen Ce said coldly again.
XuanYuanRe snow face a change finally became cruel and terrible her reddish eyes "what you are willing to protect her? Since you don’t want to marry, she can go to hell! "
1373 Chapter 1373 Restore memory (2)
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At this moment, XuanYuanRe snow body erupts with terrible momentum, which is like an ancient wild beast waking up from a deep sleep.
This terrible momentum is Shen Ce’s color change! His face suddenly became dignified and he stretched out his hand and pulled Long Qingyue to protect her behind him.
Xuanyuanre snow has become crazy and almost lost his mind.
Long Qingyue micro leng looked up to stand in front of his slender slightly thin red figure some unclear feeling in my heart.
For a moment, Shen Ce has been right. Xuanyuanre Snow attacked the road, and the spiritual force bloomed beautifully in it, but it was enough to destroy this piece of heaven and earth.
Shen Ce fingers into claws mercilessly grasp to XuanYuanRe snow abdomen to hole, but his fingers are penetrated XuanYuanRe snow body from her body in the past.
What’s going on here? Is Xuanyuan Ruoxue’s body illusory? In Shen Ce startled XuanYuanRe snow grinning with a clap to Shen Ce’s chest.
Shen Ce’s body flew upside down and slammed into the ground and suddenly spit out one mouthful blood.
"Shen Ce, how are you?" Long Qingyue ran to him.
Shen Ce looked up and squeezed out a little smile after seeing the concern in the female eyes. "So you will worry about me …"
Long Qingyue silenced her heart. He was hurt not because of love but because of himself.
She looked up and looked at the approaching ferocious XuanYuanRe snow eyebrows can’t help but wrinkle gently. Just now, she saw Shen Ce’s grasping at XuanYuanRe snow’s lower abdomen, but strangely penetrated the past, which means XuanYuanRe snow’s body is not entity!
Isn’t she reborn?
"Long Qingyue you shouldn’t have come here! Because no one can save you! Even if I kill your patriarchs and elders here, I won’t blame me! " Xuanyuanre snow grimaced with white sleeves, and the palm of your hand slowly lifted the crimson spirit force and roared out in her palm.
Long Qingyue’s heart was frightened to make no response, and then it was lifted out. The light green figure crossed an arc in the middle and fell into the forbidden area of the valley and disappeared instantly.
XuanYuanRe snow face big change, but with what I think of, I suddenly feel relieved, and my lips evoke a sneer. Long Qingyue slapped herself in the palm and died. Even if she dies, she will be killed by the enchantment force if she touches the forbidden area!
"Moon!" Shen Ce frightened hurriedly got up and ran directly to the forbidden area in the valley.
Xuanyuanre Snow’s face keeps changing. Shen Ce, a fool, actually ruined a woman’s future and rushed into the forbidden area. It’s reckless! Finally cold hum a left here.
Long Qingyue felt so painful in her chest that she almost fainted after hitting the palm of her hand that she didn’t even have the strength to open her eyes, but her thinking remained a little awake. She didn’t know where she was at the moment, and she knew that her body was falling, and she didn’t know how long it had been falling. Finally, she slammed into a hard rock wall and fainted.
It was a long time before Long Qingyue woke up slowly and opened his eyes to see that the surrounding rock wall was shining with a faint light, and he could barely see the surrounding situation as if it were a cave.
Then Long Qingyue’s eyes narrowed gently, remembering that he was hit by XuanYuanRe snow and fell into the forbidden area of the valley … Didn’t I hear that there were people in the forbidden area who couldn’t even fight the barrier?
Then how did you get in?
1374 Chapter 1374 Restore memory (3)
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"Are you awake?" Suddenly an old ethereal sound sounded in the darkness, illusory and ghostly.
Long Qingyue was surprised. Is there someone here? Looking up, I saw a shadow of an old man suspended in front of me.

Yeah, it’s 50 thousand

There are a lot of spar in 50 thousand, but he believes that the Hong family can take it out
But master Hong must be reluctant to part with it.
If it’s against the whole Korean family, even if it means Tao Hong’s master Hong.
But here is a small part of the Korean family
It’s not worth spending so much.
As Ling Tian thought, Master Hong hesitated for a moment and bullet asked
"What if they are trapped for two hours?"
"You no longer consider …"
"Two hours is enough!"
Master Hong quickly interrupted him.
Ling Tian sighed somewhat disappointedly, although he also knew that Master Hong was unlikely to promise, but it was a little disappointed that he didn’t earn SPAR.
"One thousand spar is enough."
Master Wen Yanhong was relieved.
A quarter of an hour and a quarter of an hour have to be doubled.
He’s still seven times less than two hours, and he’ll win more than 10 thousand spar!
I didn’t expect it to be only 1000
"No problem!"
Master Hong immediately took out one thousand pieces of silver spar tickets and handed them to Ling Tian.
Ling day took the silver ticket and looked at master Hong.
Didn’t you say you didn’t bring much spar?
Master Hong turned his head to one side in embarrassment.
"I am, after all, a householder. How much shall I leave?"
make sense
Ling day nodded when admitted the excuse.
"Then I’ll arrange it for a while. You have to stay here and control the array later."
"Can’t you stay here?"
"You said that there are so many of them and the strong ones who shake the heavens. My strength is too low to trap them for so long."
Do you think I believe you?
Master Hong didn’t personally meet Ling Tian, but it is clear that Ling Tian is not an ordinary fighter.
But ling day now specific what strength he doesn’t know.
Know that this is just an excuse for Lingtian.
But he didn’t say much.
Because he knows that asking him to talk is definitely a word-add money.
Hong’s family has a lot of savings, but they can’t afford to spend so much!
See master Hong readily promised Ling Tian and sighed.
Bonus hunter is really difficult.
If I had known, I might as well have joined Han Jiahe.
Maybe the Han family is more generous?
But he heard Jiang Yu say that Zhou Zhenghao asked Han’s family to ask for 10 thousand crystals, and Han’s family didn’t knit their brows.

Xu Jinyan grimaced and "boasted"

"I went to take a shower. Did I put everything away for me?" Fu Jingxiao walked out of the kitchen.
Xu Jinyan immediately turned to "put the bedside table for you. I have to go back to my room in advance."
Say that and run.
Fu Jingxiao thought she was strange all over, but he walked into the bedroom and took a bath covered in oil and smoke.
The bathroom has changed a lot. She put all the new washings in, paid off the towels and hung them neatly. The house has been put in a fixed position to avoid another situation.
It takes a little embellishment to change from a model to a home.
Fu Jingxiao came out of the bedroom after taking a shower and saw that Xu Jinyan had also taken a shower and sat cross-legged on the sofa watching a video. This is her usual posture and she moved from the bed to the sofa.
Because I was too focused, I didn’t find that Fu Jingxiao had stood in front of her and took the potato chips out of her hand.
"Fu Jingxiao, you give it back to me"
"Can you still eat this knife video?" Fu Jingxiao can’t help but doubt her self-control.
This is Xu Jinyan used to it.
But I don’t know if it was Fu Jingxiao who said that Xu Jin inkstone suddenly felt sick. She threw away her mobile phone and ran to wash her hands.
Fu Jingxiao saw that she didn’t even wear shoes, so he immediately ran after her.
Xu Jin Yan threw up on the toilet.
Fu Jingxiao squatted beside her and patted her on the back. "I told you not to eat indiscriminately. You don’t listen. Now you know that you suffer?"
Xu Jinyan took a deep breath from the floor. Fu Jingxiao framed her and took her to the sink. She washed her mouth with water and then rinsed her mouth with water. She took a deep breath. "Don’t blame you for disgusting me?"
"It’s your poor psychological endurance." Fu Jingxiao argued that it’s not that eating pig’s belly, pig’s liver and pig’s large intestine has no conditioned reflex. How can food stimulate so much?
"It’s your fault anyway," said Xu Jinyan in anger.
Fu Jingxiao helped her up. She leaned against the sink and breathed a sigh of relief. Fu Jingxiao nodded "Blame me me".
I don’t know if I threw up on my chest and felt a chill. She looked at her feet, which turned out to be bare feet and just jumped out of the sofa without shoes.
Fu Jingxiao around handfuls of tasikmalaya picked her up.
She is still dizzy. He asked, "To the living room or to the room?"
"I haven’t finished reading the living room yet." The principle of Xu Jin’s inkstone is to have an end. Of course, you can’t give up halfway
Fu Jingxiao carried her all the way to the living room sofa to let her do well. She got up and went to the kitchen and poured a cup of warm water to "warm her stomach."
"I don’t want to drink." Xu Jin inkstone just vomited, and now he doesn’t want to drink anything.
"Just one bite" Fu Jingxiao coaxed her, and she really took a sip of lukewarm taste, which made her feel better in her throat.
She leaned back on the sofa and picked up her mobile phone to continue watching the video.
Fu Jingxiao put away all her food. "These are not allowed to be eaten."
"I can eat it tomorrow for the time being."
"I threw it away for you."
"Throw it away and I’ll fight for it."
"Then I really want to see you try very hard." Fu Jingxiao looked down like a flower.
Suddenly, Xu Jinyan reached out and buckled Fu Jingxiao’s wrist. "Don’t throw it, please."
Her faint whisper melted Fu Jingxiao’s heart.
Just tough and weakened.
This is desperate.
Special spell
It’s no good for Xu Jinyan to be so hard now. Her potato chips and chocolates are calling her. Can she be spineless?
"You can’t eat today and every day." Fu Jingxiao took a step back.
Xu Jinyan knew him, and he decided that things would be done.
Her hand grabbed his wrist and pulled him forward. If he hadn’t rested his hand on the sofa with the load of eyes, he might have been pressed. Her eyes were full of water vapor. "Will you give in if you don’t work hard, Fu Jingxiao? So much for you."
"It’s not good at all." His palm fell on her head and patted her.
Xu Jin inkstone raised her mouth. "I was not good before, but you thought I was good." I don’t know where it came from. Fu Jingxiao likes clever girls.
She tried to be good.
In retrospect, it comes down to being young and not sensible.
Now it doesn’t matter whether you are good or not, but the means are important.
He reached out and pinched her face. "Anyway, it’s my girlfriend who is good or not."
Xu Jinyan handfuls of him. "You are quite good at taking advantage."
She pouted and he smiled.
Two people sat on the sofa and just vomited. Xu Jinyan felt a little uncomfortable, with a mobile phone in his hand, but he had no strength at all.
Fu Jingxiao saw that she looked pale. "Do you want to take you to the hospital?"
"What do you think? I’m a gastroenterologist myself, but I just vomit and have a rest." Xu Jinyan said to him.
He took her mobile phone. "Then take a break and don’t watch it."
"I can’t finish watching the last point of resection, and I can’t sleep tonight," said Xu Jinyan.
Fu Jingxiao put her head on his shoulder and he helped her hold the video. It was an artificial support.
Xu Jinyan can’t make her own efforts. From this angle, her neck doesn’t hurt. She muttered, "I can’t see the position clearly."
He adjusted one
Xu Jinyan finally finished watching this video "This technique is really good"
"You will also go to shine on you in a few years."
"Thank you for your compliment. Of course I will." Xu Jinyan was not modest. Before that, she thought that many things could not be done, but later she thought that if she worked hard, she would definitely achieve the adult she wanted.
Fu Jingxiao took the mobile phone, held her hand and rubbed the back of her hand one after another.
"In fact, I really have to thank you for abandoning me at that time before I could turn my anger into motivation. I wanted to be a little doctor, but now I want more in clinic. Isn’t it quite insatiable?" Xu Jinyan wanted to treat patients in the first line of clinic, do academic research with Zhou Shiyu and help those in need to volunteer.

And Sunday’s words; Under the condition of receiving the information from the willow demon in the heart of Hu, he smiled bitterly at the same time, and at the same time, he hurriedly informed his other disciples of the information, while at the same time, he was constantly thinking about ways to deal with this crisis.

On Sunday, they did pack up an approval saint, but at that time, on Sunday, they not only had mental arithmetic but also laid an ambush unintentionally, and finally won the other side in order to succeed; On Sunday, they bully more and bully less, with absolute superiority; This will be able to win each other in one fell swoop.
But now it is obvious; In the case of knowing their strength on Sunday, it is naturally impossible for the other party to fight an uncertain war. Now that it is already sent out to deal with their team on Sunday, it is naturally with absolute certainty. When they are dealing with Sunday, they will definitely take them down on Sunday.
In terms of quantity; Under the condition of the other party’s all-out attack, the number of their quasi-holy members is more than ten times that of them on Sunday, in terms of strength; Although there are strong and weak points between the quasi-saints, they are all quasi-saints. Even if there is some strength difference between the two sides, it is absolutely impossible to estimate how big the gap will be.
That is, in such a case, no matter from which aspect, it is impossible for them to have a chance to win on Sunday and fall into such a situation; What they can do on Sunday; Originally, I should have to find a way to escape.
And Sunday is indeed ready to do that, after all, knowing that the other party is menacing; One’s own side does not have the strength to confront the other side, in such a case; Retreat is the most correct behavior at all, and Sunday doesn’t feel anything shameful.

Chapter three hundred and three Dead meat
Chapter three hundred and three Dead meat
Information is very important; Before, because I knew that a group of quasi-saints were eyeing him, I was able to ambush him on Sunday and win each other with the help of my brothers.
And right now; It is also because of knowing the behavior of those quasi-saints in advance that Sunday can know their arrival before the other party acts, so as to make preparations in advance.
But; Intelligence is not everything. The most important function of intelligence is to let Sunday take the lead. It is not impossible to rely on the situation to defeat the strong with the weak. However, if the strength between the two sides is ten times different, then even if the information is useful again, it is impossible to help Sunday at this time.
As far as the current situation is concerned, the possibility that Sunday will eventually suffer is quite large, unless Sunday gets the information before the other party starts work, otherwise; According to Sunday’s strength, even if you get more information, at this time; It is impossible to play a big role.
So; Even if it is clearly once again found those quasi-holy movements in advance; But Sunday did not dare to design them as before, instead; In the first time I learned the information; On Sunday, without thinking, he immediately turned and fled.
Those who reacted the same way as Sunday were the brothers on Sunday. No matter how powerful it is to explain, at present, in the absence of the Buddha at the beginning, in the face of ten times more quasi-saints than them, all the disciples have to retreat.
In the face of absolute power, all schemes are useless. Although this sentence cannot be said to be universal under any circumstances, it can be at least at this time; That sentence is quite correct.
In such a case; On Sunday, they don’t say what they are doing to resist, actually; Even if they want to escape, the difficulty they face on Sunday is not generally large. Under the containment of a large number of quasi-saints, they are surrounded by those quasi-saints after trying to escape a few times on Sunday.
To be honest; When things came to this, they were already desperate on Sunday, although the two sides had not formally handed in their hands. However, according to the strength comparison between the two sides at present, it is impossible for them to resist the encirclement and suppression of the quasi-saints on Sunday, without any movement of the quasi-saints on their own side; According to their strength, if they really struggle with each other; Finally, it is estimated that only the life of being adowa.
But no matter how much you don’t want to accept such a result, it’s useless, in fact; They are surrounded by the quasi-saints, if nothing unexpected; Estimate the Sunday they this time is really dangerous.
But fortunately; Just when they are in danger on Sunday; Things finally changed at that time.
Sunday can find each other’s actions because of the help of the willow demon, but this does not mean that no one can find those quasi-holy actions without the willow demon.
If it hadn’t happened before the ambush, it is estimated that the other party’s current action is really likely to succeed. After all, in the case of Hun war between the two sides, the battlefield is quite húnluàn; If you really want to organize an action; Although Lu is more likely to be violent, it is not to say that there is no hope of success at all.
But now after the previous events, even a pig should be able to tell at this time. It is impossible for the other party not to retaliate against them on Sunday. Now it depends on when the other party’s revenge will be carried out.
Originally, in the view of the quasi-saints on Sunday, even if the other party wants to act, it should be a while before finding such an opportunity. Can actually be above; Those quasi-saints’ actions make the quasi-saints of Pangu universe feel unreasonable for a while, but no matter how difficult the other party’s behavior is, when they see the other party’s reaction; Those quasi-saints on Sunday still know how to react.
There is almost no hesitation at all; Just when the quasi-saints were surrounded by them on Sunday, the second-generation disciples who explained the teachings did not receive any notice, but one side; Other quasi-saints in Pangu universe acted at that time, but when they let each other act quasi-saints, they followed each other. Surrounded by those quasi-saints on the periphery.
Obviously; Just as the other party is calculating Sunday; Those quasi-saints on Sunday side also calculated each other in the same way. According to the situation at that time; Wait until the other side’s quasi-saints really take action; They estimate that they will also find it at that time, unconsciously; They have already fallen into the encirclement of the quasi-saint of Pangu universe. It will only be a matter of time before the other side finally loses when Sunday side occupies the absolute advantage.
The question now is; At present, if this plan is really fully implemented, although Pangu universe will win the final victory, it is the second generation disciple of elucidation; When the time comes, in the face of so many quasi-holy attacks, even if we have discovered each other’s actions; It is estimated that there will not be many people who can survive in the end.
If it is a general quasi-saint; Then for the sake of the overall situation, it is estimated that at this time, if you sacrifice, you will sacrifice, even if there are more people who sacrifice; As long as we can win the final victory; It is estimated that the quasi-saints on the Pangu side of the universe will definitely act like that.
But now that the party concerned is a second-generation disciple; Then it is true that no quasi-saint dares to really act like that.
What is the character of the original Buddha; Almost all the creatures in the celestial world are clear. If you wait until the Buddha returns in the future and find that all your disciples have been killed, then according to the Buddha’s character, you won’t care about the overall situation, and those quasi-saints who are presiding over this matter now; At that time, it will be a question whether you can leave a life in the hands of the original Buddha.
Considering the overall interests of Pangu universe, it is actually the best choice to sacrifice them on Sunday, but it is really about your own interests and even your life; How many quasi-saints can adhere to the original decision? There is no doubt that even if there is such a quasi-saint, their plans have to be changed because they can’t reach a consensus. What’s more; According to the situation at that time; Even if we act in advance, those quasi-saints on Pangu’s side of the universe will have the same high probability of destroying each other, so that there will be no trouble afterwards, and now we will act in advance; It can also be regarded as a wise choice.
Undoubtedly; They can never die on Sunday, and when they die on Sunday; Then it also represents the anger of the Buddha at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, and it will come to their heads one day. In such a case; Even if their preparations are not fully done, when they are surrounded by those quasi-saints on Sunday and are already under the attack of the other party, they are secretly preparing to put those quasi-saints into a net, in that case; But it’s time to have to do it in advance.
Because of the sudden incident, even on Sunday, they, members of the Pangu universe, didn’t think that their allies would make such a plan. According to each other’s quasi-holy character, it is even more impossible for them to think of such a situation.
So from the beginning; Those quasi-saints didn’t take too much precautions against their own rear areas. Even if they thought that their rear areas would encounter some attacks, they wouldn’t have expected it. Since they would be surrounded by the quasi-saints on the Pangu side of the universe, they were completely unprepared. Those quasi-holy toilets also ushered in an attack.
When there is not too much defense against the rear; When you meet an opponent of the same level, you may be lucky enough to get away with a serious injury. But if the luck is not good enough, it’s a pity to say; In such a case, it is not impossible to end up in the end.
That is, in such a case, the two sides just put their actions on the table, and the Pangu universe side immediately achieved great results at that time.
Almost instantly; Those who ambushed their quasi-saints on Sunday directly lost about 30%, and as for the other 70% quasi-saints, although they did not die under the attack of those quasi-saints in Pangu universe, they all ended up with injuries.
It’s just a moment’s effort. I don’t know if there are ten minutes after the time has passed, but the development of the war situation is immediately changed.
According to the current situation; Obviously; It is natural to say that Sunday’s disciples, who are trying to explain their teachings, have not suffered any substantial damage except being scared. So; Although my heart may be a little angry, these are things that have nothing to do with the overall situation, just the fighting power of Pangu universe; There is no possibility that it will be affected in any way.

After Gu Lingfeng left, Su Jiner and Mei Mei left the carriage and a group of people took advantage of the night to leave "Yancheng"

Lin Yi woke up and Mei Mei was also very pleased.
Mei Mei also introduced Lin Yi and Su Jiner and told Lin Yi that Su Jiner helped him turn the corner this time.
Lin Yi and Su Jiner pretended to be like getting to know each other for the first time. Lin Yi also specially thanked Su Jiner for his help, but their hearts were tacit. Su Jiner almost laughed.
Mei Mei leaned against the head of the carriage and shook her slightly with the bump of the carriage. She looked at Lin Yi with a kind of hard-to-read eyes. This time, Xiao Lin was really guilty. A lung was cut off, but he was alive. She could also take Lin Yi back to the empress for a job.
Mei Mei thought that she did her best to save Lin Yi. Is it simply a matter of paying the empress? If it weren’t for a job, would it really be from ruin who watched Xiao Lin die?
Mei Mei thought about these and couldn’t find the answer at the moment. He was also upset and simply stopped thinking about it.
She saw Lin Yi stroking his sword and became more and more curious about Lin Yi’s sword.
"Xiao Lin, is there anything strange about your sword?"
Su Jiner also said, "Xiao Lin, I see you are still clutching this sword when you are unconscious. Is there a treasure map in the sword? Or is it a lover’s gift? "
Lin Yi, who remembered the treasure map, remembered Su Jiner’s deception of returning with "Grass Songs".
Lin Yi said with a smile, "There is no treasure map in this sword, and it is not a gift from my lover. This sword was given to me by my master. Although the sword is common, my heart is more precious than gold."
Su Jiner and Mei Mei heard this before Bai Linyi regarded this sword as a treasure.
After Lin Yi finished speaking, he was silent. Speaking of the master, he couldn’t help but think of looking back.
Looking back is crazy, but it’s wonderful for him.
However, he lied about coming back. He left the basement and hoped to come back. He was still suffering from loneliness and mental torture like a prisoner, and he didn’t know when he would be free.
Lin Yi was suddenly filled with guilt.
He decided to find his father and sister and then go back to "Wangren Mountain" to see if he could come back.
Lin Yi’s mind suddenly burst into an idea that made him very excited.
If you return from the mountain, let him, such as men in black, Su Qinghou, Lin Tianshu and Cui Longxiang, fight against each other, and I don’t know if they will return. Can you defeat them one by one? !
That scene must be shocking! Looking back into the rivers and lakes is even more shocking!
Lin Yi is worried that he can’t control his mental changes and often looks forward to returning. If things go the other way, he will really become a sinner.
Lin Yi thinking also slowly went to sleep.
Su Jiner and Mei Mei have already fallen asleep together.
Su Jiner will reveal a sweet smile from time to time in her sleep.
Did she have a good dream? Finally found Lin Yi …
Near noon the next day, Luo Guxie reported to Mei Mei in the carriage.
"There are many people like us in the southeast of Ludao."
Mei Mei listened out of the carriage and stood on the shaft and looked southeast.
See dozens of fast horses roaring towards this side, rolling up dust and flying Yang.
They are wearing white cloaks and bulging with the wind, such as white sails. They are indeed "floating island" people. As they get closer, Mei Mei sees the leader.
Her beautiful eyebrows wrinkled up.
Chapter 9 Gone with the Wind Island (3)
Dozens of fast horses soon approached, and the first one was a man in his mid-twenties.
His face is pale, his forehead is wide, his veins are bulging, his nose and cheekbones are high, his lips are thin and slightly upturned, showing pride.
He wore a robe with half white and one side black, which also looked neither fish nor fowl.
He wore a sword on his left waist and a shiny steel hand model engraved with a black ghost pattern on his right waist.

Feng Lisu felt a faint pain in his head. Did he really do so many stupid things?

And I’m still lovesick!
He likes that woman? I saved her even if I bumped my head like this!
However, Chang Xiangsi cheated her with Feng Jiang Yi, and even he was in cahoots!
He’s going to kill them both!
How big a green hat is it for him to think of their intimate gesture and a fiancee and a princess eleven?
Just because he lost part of his memory, they dare to lie like this?
"Chang Xiangsi is really the fiancee of eleven princes?"
Chicken one leng immediately shook his head.
"Naturally, the emperor doesn’t like the empress, but the empress’s favorite person is eleven princes, and the eleven princes are all fighting for the empress!"
"So that’s it! I am white! You go! "
He looked gloomy and then evoked a sneer. When he can get into bed, we must take good care of these two people.
Brother, friend and brother, I’m afraid this day will never come!
Feng nodded and then got up. "Excuse me!"
When Feng Yi came to the door, Feng Lisu asked, "So who is in charge of the abbot’s overall situation in the DPRK now?"
He even has some confusion in his memory here. I can’t remember that he chose to leave Fenglin at such a time. So who handed over everything to the DPRK?
Phoenix stopped and turned around. "Back to the emperor’s words, now everything in the DPRK is handed over to the nine princes and the emperor is in Weiyang Palace for illness. Chapter 36, Do you know that Acacia is the queen of me?
But he forgot that Feng Qinglan had come back before Qing Mu Gong rebelled!
Weiyang Palace is heavily guarded and has a lot of dark guards. The ministers in Weiyang Palace have no courage to break in and find out.
Thought of here, he was slightly relieved. It seems that he is not confused yet.
It is the thought that the harem brought the situation in the Hengchao and the woman herself conferred the title of a crazy and silly woman for many years, and after adding acacia, she smashed her head into such a phoenix, Li Su, and she couldn’t wait to kill herself with one hand.
He actually killed a woman. What a fool!
After returning to the room, I often miss sitting on the bed and seeing Feng Lisu cleaning her hands by the door. Then she wiped his hands carefully.
He has beautiful hands, slender and well-proportioned joints, well-manicured nails, and it’s like art
"You said that we pulled such a lie. Sooner or later, the emperor will know that there are dark guards around him who are loyal to the emperor! If the emperor knows that you and I have cheated him at present, it is estimated that we will kill us! "
It’s not a good-natured person to be fooled by a woman.
Feng Jiang clothes put Pa away and walked towards her.
"The emperor even knows that now he has lost part of his memory and forgotten what you and I said. He will never believe that he will get news from Feng Yi or Feng Er. As you said, Feng Yi Feng Er is loyal to the emperor and will never hide anything. He already knows what happened after he sealed you!"
I often miss a moment. "The emperor has been kind to me, and now he is so hurt because of saving me, but he has forgotten that it is better for everyone … Why don’t we leave here and ask Xuanwu to stay here and look after him? After some time, the emperor will be well, and he should go back. Now that he has been here for a long time and lost some memories on the road, he must be at ease!"
Staying here will get her into trouble. At this time, I already know that Feng Lisu is seriously injured. It is better to leave.
Save her kindness this time and she will try to pay it back!
I am naturally willing to hear that Chang Acacia wants to leave here.
He wanted to leave a long time ago, but Feng Lisu has been in a coma and often feels sorry for him, which didn’t happen.
Nowadays, Feng Li Su is in a good condition. Although she has lost some memories, she must know that lovesickness is the woman he likes.
Don’t go at this time, do you have to wait until Feng Li Su banned them?
"good! I, Zhao Xuanwu, talk about this matter. You have arranged everything. Since we are leaving today, we will leave! "
There are many inns near the imperial city, so we can find a place to stay tonight and wait for other plans. Besides, now that Nanqing Pei has moved in, they should leave.
When I arrived, Chang Xiangsi nodded and promised that Feng Jiang’s clothes didn’t delay much. I got up and walked out and pushed open the door, only to see that Feng San Feng Si kept outside.
When Feng San Feng Si saw it, Feng San opened his mouth first. "Where does the eleventh prince want to go?"
Feng Li Su is really fast!
I didn’t expect to be ordered to stay here so soon. Is this going to imprison him and often miss him?
Seeing that you came as he expected, Feng Lisu didn’t believe him at first. He glanced at Feng San coldly.
"Where is the king going? Do you still need to leave? Is the identity and status of the Dark Guard higher than that of Wang, a sovereign with pure royal blood? "
Chicken three immediately shook his head "back to eleven report words chicken three dare not! It was the emperor who ordered the Empress Eleven to live in the house for the next few days. If the Empress Eleven needs anything, including three meals a day, she will definitely serve! "
"That is to say … so you are going to imprison the king?"
Feng San said nothing, and Feng Si still kept her posture just now.
"What if the king wants to see the emperor?" Phoenix crimson clothes asked eyes flashed a disdain.
Feng Sandao said, "If you go back to the eleventh report, the emperor is in poor health. You should go to bed at this time. If the eleventh report wants to see the emperor, then wait for the emperor to wake up. The eleventh report also knows that the emperor is seriously injured and now he needs to rest."

But he looks like a parent.

It suddenly occurred to her that "you may be able to set up a marriage agency when you retire"
"Mrs. Zhou, you are a little scary. You want to enslave your husband until I retire. Shouldn’t I be a grandchild after retirement?" Zhou Shiyu retorted.
"You don’t even have children. It’s really long before you have grandchildren."
"Soon" Zhou Shiyu had plans for having children. They had been together for a long time. They didn’t want to get pregnant because he didn’t want outsiders. They got married because they were pregnant, but he had already planned the children after their wedding.
When is the best time for Fu Jingyun to have children? He knows better than others that he is a doctor.
"You weren’t born" Fu Jingyun teased. In fact, she knew that she was too old to have children after marriage. It would be fine if Zhou Shiyu was a few years old, but she would become an elderly woman. It is not a suitable choice for children or herself.
But she didn’t want it to be a requirement for him to obey her and live a life with children.
I didn’t expect that he had already planned it.
There is a joy in her heart.
"I didn’t tell you before because I was afraid you were anxious. My plan is to have children one year after marriage. I want to be a father and a father of our children, and my parents especially like children. If you think that after having a good child, they will help us or have ourselves. I won’t be less worried about you because of the children. You or your children can’t take it away." Zhou Shiyu told her all about her plans.
Is he the man who is seven years younger than her? Everything will be so thoughtful.
Fu Jingyun’s heart trembled and a warm current fell from her eyes. Warm water droplets fell on the back of her hand and she felt the heat.
"Why are you crying about my car? Do you want me to stop?" When Zhou Shiyu saw that she didn’t speak, she turned to see her. I didn’t expect her to wipe away tears.
"No, I’m happy. Today, my parents gave me a great shock, and you gave me more. You made me plan all my doubts and uncertainties about the future."
"I don’t need you to be a powerful person when I am here. I will protect you." When the car stopped at the red light, Zhou Shiyu took her hand.
He came to be her knight. She has always been a princess. She has been a princess since he first met her.
"I know," Fu Jingyun believed and always believed.
"But you still have to work hard to plan smoothly." Zhou Shiyu looked at her. "It’s better to go back and practice one."
She dumped his hand in distress situation. "You are bad at school, too."
"Is it bad?" He tilted his mouth. "I’m trying to push forward the plan and prepare for work. Isn’t that how Yun always arranges work?"
He’s actually imitating her.
Fu Jingyun chuckled, "Well, are you going to be the chief secret of Yun? This little secret is too handsome to be around."
"What a spirit?" He raised his eyebrows and reflected light in the night. His eyes were bright and clear, but what he said really made people fill out a picture.
Oh man!
"Hurry up!" Fu Jingyun didn’t want to talk to him because it would get further and further.
Zhou Shiyu will drive into the apartment community.
Tonight, they all breathed a sigh of relief, because the parents on both sides agreed to make them feel less guilty. China’s unified marriage still needs to seek parents’ approval and be blessed by their parents.
Of course, they also expect
And all the gifts written by Zhou Jia’s bride price were sent to Fu Jiafu every other day, including the phoenix hairpin and the phoenix gold bracelet, the wishful gold lock wedding dress, and a set of crested chaplet and a pair of jade bracelets, all of which were left by Zhou Jiazu. Every daughter-in-law of Zhou Jia accepted the table generation by generation, which is now a priceless good object.
In addition to the gold, the gift money was given to the wedding dowry of the Beijing Municipal Government, including tea, which was originally for the bride’s clothes. This crested official gown was used for the dessert box, so the Zhou family paid attention to playing it safe. According to the rules, the woman needs to return it with two snack boxes, and you should return two accordingly. When you go home, you should put six kinds of snacks to make tea.
The Fu family smiled when they saw the dowry. "I didn’t expect my in-laws to be professors, but they were still very unified."
"If the ancestors stay, they can’t neglect our daughter-in-law," Zhou Jia responded.
This dowry was also paid for by the family for a week, and it was a good day to get married on October 10 th, and the marriage was written and sent to the Fu family
There is still one month to prepare for the divorce.
The betrothal party thinks it’s getting married.
The Fu family is going to hold a wedding ceremony, and it has also been heard in the circle that the bride price of Miss Fu Da is an antique rockhopper and a Xiabi is becoming more and more novel to the original rumor doctor.
Other people’s betrothal gifts are all about choosing good diamonds. This antique of others is valuable.
This word reached the ear of To Hoai whale, and he said, "Lao Zhou, is your family still an invisible rich man?"
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-nine Enthusiastic parenting programs
"Ordinary doctor’s family" He likes Fang’s general description of him. He has always known that his grandmother gave it to his mother, and now he has given it to Fu Jingyun. To outsiders, it is equivalent to money, but to them it is inheritance.
"Ah Xiao, look at him." To Hoai Whale pointed. "One of you proposed romantically, and one of you hired everyone to know that my wife will be sad again. It’s really bad to be the first to get married."
"there must be a place where you can beat us!" Zhou Shiyu nodded.
To Hoai whale looked up curiously. "What is handsome? No, you don’t think so?"
Zhou Shiyu is very serious about giving birth to a child.
Fu Jingxiao has a deep face.
Is it slow after all?

By this time, he will be a fool and can see clearly. These bastards are trying to treat their fierce enemy, the Smecta Warriors, as cannon fodder!

"Bei Ye Bei Ye, you see that the military firepower is so fierce that we are facing ~ fresh warriors have already paid a lot of casualties. Do you think it is necessary to slow down the pace of a warrior? Let’s take a rest for the warriors. "
Master Joe looked at Jin Zi coldly like an alien. "What do you mean, Kim’s adult? Don’t you advance toward the fresh army? Do you want us Daikin warriors to advance? "
"This …"
Jin Zi wanted to refute anything, but when he saw Shuo Tuo’s face as if he were going to eat people, he couldn’t help but swallow it back into his stomach.
What the fuck is this ~ this?
Instead of touching the beauty’s ass, she touched a coquettish body!
But at this time, Kim has no choice since he was white! Can recruit a few North Korean ~ fresh generals to tell them to try their best to avoid casualties.
After hearing this, these North Korean generals can’t wait to dig the gold from the mud for ten generations and whip the bodies.
circumstances are more powerful than people—one has to change due to the change of circumstances
These dogs are eyeing them one by one, and they can survive by crustily skin of head.
It soon came to noon, and such a slow-paced war did not consume much effort for the army
Especially after the military industry is very stable, the arrows and rains of 8 Jin Army can hardly cause too much real harm to them.
Not far behind the first trench, thick broth was rolling in a cauldron.
This is not old and astringent horse meat, but fresh and delicious pork and mutton, which are all shipped from Changsheng Island and Pidao by fleet. The firemen have been carefully feeding and waiting for this moment.
Next to it is a big basket, a big basket of steamed bread with coarse flour and white flour, all of which are bigger than milk
Soon, the officers in the ministries led the men to come to the back in an orderly manner to replenish.
Everyone is a big bowl with two meat gravy, a stack of salted fish and fried cabbage, a boiled egg and two solid steamed buns.
Everyone’s meals are packed in a wooden tray and taken away directly, and then they can go back to the trenches. When the soldiers finish eating, they will come to the trenches to clean up, which can maximize the physical strength of the soldiers.
Of course, this is naturally the longevity camp Li Yuanqing’ hair’
Soon, the thick aroma of paella was scattered in the whole military industry.
At this time, it was the north wind, not too strong, and the rich aroma of paella soon drifted into the nose of these miserable Smectas.
"What are these dogs eating? Why is it so fragrant? " A greedy toward ~ fresh handyman swallowed and asked a few companions carrying stakes together.
"This should be mutton soup? No, there seems to be fish smell! It’s hateful that these humble dogs should learn from our fresh cooking methods! "
"These dog day dog treatment is too good? Why didn’t I listen to them eat so well before! "
"Yes! Didn’t those officials always call Mao Wenlong flowers? "
Everything around me is a little complicated for a while.
Next to a ~ fresh officer face is also very ugly cold drink a way "what do dogs eat? Do you have a share? Get to work! We are ready for lunch later! "
Chapter 7 Smecta’s elite!
At this time, both sides did not have much desire to kill the enemy, and both the military birds and the post-8 Jin Army arrows and rains were a lot of sleepy.
These Korean ~ fresh troops successfully pushed the stake to the front of the army, and fortunately returned without being too hurt.
Sure enough, behind the war, there have been dozens of cauldrons with firewood at the bottom, and the attractive meat aroma is emitted from the flourishing pot.
At this time, even though there are still a large number of companion bodies in the front battlefield that have not converged, these Korean ~ fresh troops have been doing physical work for an afternoon. Where do you care about others?
Crowded around to prepare meals.
But they haven’t come close to the cauldron that exudes a strong meat aroma. A few real slaves and white armor with a dozen tough armored soldiers cried and pulled out a waist steel knife.
Leading a real slave, Bai Jia, looked at these fresh troops and said in Chinese, "Go there!"
These toward ~ fresh army cried froze.
But this true slave has spoken, and they dare not resist. They can go to the real slave’s finger direction and the cauldron behind them.
But as soon as I got near the crowd, the fresh army cried some dumbfounded.
It’s going to blow up in a moment!
These cauldrons are indeed cooking food, but where is the meat in them? His mother is a vegetable!
What’s more, these bastards are not willing to let go of beans and rice!
"These dog tartar is really cruel! Brothers are fighting to the death in front of these dogs to pave the way! They did this to us. Are they feeding rabbits? "
A slightly stronger body toward ~ fresh army could not help but twist the neck toward ~ fresh language in low anger.
"Yes, these dog tartars simply don’t treat us like people! In this afternoon, we lost six or seven hundred people to play around. They do this to us? "
"Don’t choke to death when dogs eat meat!"
"Fuck them, they all eat us ~ fresh people, cattle, sheep, pigs and dogs!"

I syle=’lor476ff’ This is a gorgeous division I.

Look, but dare to be angry and dare not speak. This makes Mu Qingyu depressed at this time …
You know, Muqingyu is in the palace, but no one dares to offend the position. Today people are shaken, and there are officials and emperors who are protected by Taibao. Who dares to offend …
I didn’t expect that today I was offended by this Muqingxue, but when I knew Muqingxue’s identity, everyone in the heart looked up. It turned out that this was the two sisters. It was too much to calculate the emotional debt. At this time, everyone dared to be busy and left here for fear of being affected by the disaster …
Mu Qingyu looked at Mu Qingyu’s mouth and said, "Don’t scare people here by yourself. I’m a toffee today to catch you people back to the palace for the emperor!"
"Oh toffee that I ask you what I have committed? Don’t you know that we are half-sisters? Besides, have you offended you by coming to arrest this stranger? " Wood shine snow stare at this time wood shine rain accused.
"Then I’ll tell you that he doesn’t know the etiquette to me, and that he will be treated like this by deliberately shielding you! And you just don’t know your identity and provoke me! " Wood sunny rain very calm mouth and said
You know, you’ve done enough work before you come, and you’ve already thought of a few reasons to find fault, which won’t beat her …
For Mu Qingyu’s strong words to seize the gift, Mu Qingxue has long known that he wants to dare to stay away from here and stare at Han Xin. "Don’t we dare to stay away from this mad dog on a strange day, can’t we wait for the dog to bite?"
I heard what Mu Qingxue said, but I was so angry that the veins stood out in front of me. I looked at the two of them and stopped them. They looked at Mu Qingxue and said, "He can leave, but you can’t!"
“?” Wood shine snow displeasure asks.
"Because you killed the ambassador of a neighboring country, the emperor asked me to investigate this matter!" Wood shine at this time very proud mouth way
But when’ tis once spoken, it makes the onlookers talk in utter amazement …
I didn’t expect to see a face of innocent little girl in front of me so much that even this foreign ambassador dared to kill her. It’s really a shame to know who she is.
Besides, if she is convicted, Mu Qingxue will be beheaded in public, and other small countries will also come to this Suzaku country for this matter …
On the other hand, Mu Qingxue’s smell speech almost forgot about it. Fortunately, he had already told it to this XuanYuanFeng, and XuanYuanFeng took the blame when he knew about it. At this time, he was full of confidence and looked at Mu Qingyu’s face. "Look into this matter yourself. Come to me. I don’t care about you now!"
Mu Qingxue said that he was going to leave here with Han Xin, but he was stopped by his hands by Mu Qingyu. He said, "What are people still doing there? Don’t dare to take them quickly!" He took the waist tag that the emperor gave himself in his hand …
At the sight of this identity waist tag, these palace guards dare to take out their swords at the side of Muqingyu, although their faces are showing signs of being reluctant, but they dare not follow …
Several people quickly formed a circle and surrounded Mu Qingxue and Han Xin in Zhongmu Qingyu. At this time, they took the initiative to say, "Come on, are you conscious or let us take the initiative to arrest you!"
Smell speech wood sunny snow is stubborn to look at the sight of wood sunny rain way "I didn’t catch me by mistake? Isn’t this palace reasonable? "
"Come on! !” Wood rain or shine at this time also lost patience to the palace guards is this sentence …
Wood shine snow gave Han Xin a wink, deliberately this Han Xin both give in easily …
Looking at the long sword standing in front of your face, Mu Qingyu proudly came to the front of the two men and said, "How about this?" Still not truthfully recruited! "
Wood sunny snow smell speech is some abandon saw eyes before wood sunny rain closed his eyes, that is to tell a few people to kill to cut …
"If you don’t say no, I’ll see if your mouth is hard or my whip is hard!" Mu Qingyu said and took out a whip from his bag …
And this whip is a spirit weapon at first glance, but it’s made of a spirit beast snake whip. To say that there are quite a few wooden treasures …
See wood shine at this time deliberately force the whip to the ground "snapped" ring to scare them …
It’s a pity that Mu Qingyu underestimated the compressive capacity of Mu Qingyu in the snow …
221 XuanYuanChen shots!
See two people didn’t become panic because of her own actions sample is very calm let always conceited wood sunny rain suddenly had a sense of frustration …
As soon as a don, Mu Qingyu was ready to beat the whip at two people. Mu Qingyu was already conditioned to close his eyes when he was in the snow …
However, the expected pain did not occur. When they opened their eyes, Mu Qingyu hit them and the whip was actually held in the hands by the XuanYuanchen, which made them dare not believe it …
"XuanYuanChen!" Mu Qing Xue kou Dao
This eye when they heard this sentence all listen to the wrong face to face can’t believe each other mouth tongue-tied …
And from the strong body coercion let eye all frighten knelt on the ground …
XuanYuanChen also didn’t think he would see this scene here. It really made him very angry. It’s a bully to bully home …
At this time, XuanYuanChen was livid with anger, and his hair trembled and looked at Muqing Snow Road. "You are going to piss me off, won’t you?"
Smell speech MuQingXue looked at this XuanYuanChen when he said that he couldn’t beat her for a while. What do you think this XuanYuanChen is more angry than the two of them!
At this time, XuanYuanChen looked at the stranger’s mouth and said, "Can’t you even protect your own master?"
Smell speech devoted to the day but turned pale with fear and bowed his head.
When everyone turned pale with fear, it was even more confirmed that XuanYuanChen’s wooden clear snow was extraordinary. You should know that they knew about this report, and others didn’t have any money with him. It was really enviable, jealous and hateful …
Mo Tian Wen-wen looked up at XuanYuanChen in front of him and said, "Lord Chen told me to do this, so I didn’t do it!"
XuanYuanChen although angry, but after hearing the stranger’s answer, he looked at this stranger’s day and thought that others were really a kind-hearted person, but if stranger’s day was benefited by others, it is estimated that he would really be beyond redemption …
Looking at the two people’s faces, XuanYuanChen’s expression was not as strict as before, and his tone eased a lot. But now XuanYuanChen turned back to the cold eyes when he looked at the eyelids, rain or shine, and asked, "Are you going to hit me?"

"What’s the matter? Why didn’t the Kitty Hawk inform you in advance when she stopped!" Steady TianJun some angry stare at the eagle asked.

"Boss, I’m sorry, the five black spots in front are five of the ten men in black just now." Kitty hawk said some injustice.
"How is that possible? Aren’t they in the back? How can you suddenly run in front of us? Oh, shit. What now? Kitty Hawk, Jin Peng, take everyone to the right quickly! " Tianjun once again jumped on the back of Mercedes-Benz and greeted everyone to run to the right. The strength of this black dress person is so terrible that they can only temporarily avoid its front.
"eh? Boss, how do I feel like I’m in an endless sea? " The eagle just flying to the right asked with a puzzled face.
"No, I’m looking at an endless desert, and there’s yellow sand blowing all over the sky." The groundhog said in some horror.
"How can I see the forest?"
"The sea? Desert? Forest? My eyes are still a sky. Are we in a formation now? " Tianjun shouted some indecision.
Tianjun’s natural array of five elements is useless to him, even if he accidentally strays into the array, it will have no influence on him.
So at this time, Kitty Hawks all feel that they have entered a different world, but they have no feeling at all. I saw Tianjun’s eyes closed slightly, as if he were thinking about something. Suddenly, he saw the golden light in his eyes, which was like a golden eye. He paused and said with some emotion: "Be careful, everyone, we are now in the trap of Binghong, here is a five-element array!"
The formation of the Five-element Array turns round and muddy, without revealing the slightest flaw, which contains the principle of the change of the Five Elements. One person also attacked, causing the other side to attack. Since the weakness point, the other four people immediately continued to attack the weakness of the opponent, and they never stopped until they reached the enemy. Five people’s tricks are defensive to each other, and their footwork is complementary. When facing the enemy, five people are still like one person, and the seamless change is endless.
So what Tianjun sees now is a five-element array. Although he can ignore it himself, it can’t make others get rid of it.
The five elements, as the name implies, are five kinds of fire, water and soil in Jin Mu, each according to one side. According to the memory of Xuanzizi to Tianjun, there are two ways to crack the five elements, one is to break through the law directly, and to break through the law with strong power at one stroke. However, the strength of those who need to crack is far more than the sum of the strength of five people in the disposal.
And the people who set this array in front of them are five masters whose strength has reached the peak of the late Emperor of Heaven. If you want to surpass the five of them on your own, I’m afraid such people can only be found in the celestial world!
The second method is intellectual breakthrough, that is, to find out the weaknesses or loopholes of the five-element array and seize the opportunity to break it at one fell swoop.
However, in the memory of Xuanzizi to Tianjun, there is no method about how to break the array. Although Xuanzizi was also trapped in the five-element array, he broke it directly, so there is no record of the method of breaking the array.
"eh? Boss, where is the second brother? How do I feel that I want to be in the ground, and my eyes are dark? " Farah shouted helplessly, just now he remembered that he was still on the back of the second child, but at this time he was only himself and the old man.
"Tao zu? Kitty hawk and Farah, where did they go? How did we get into the bottom of the sea? " Jin Peng is also a face of doubt looking at Tianjun, curious and asked.
"How did that happen? When we are all together, they can’t feel each other, but it’s strange that they can feel me. Is it because I didn’t get into the array? No, this five-line array is no longer an ordinary array, and it has the function of confusing people’s mood. We must find a way to break the array as soon as possible! " Tianjun exclaimed in his mind, but his knowledge is not too shallow after all. He has been practicing for less than fifty years, and his understanding of law is limited. What the grandmaster told himself at the beginning is not enough here.
"eh? It turned out to be an armless ape, and you unexpectedly attacked me. Hum, I want to die! " Jin Peng suddenly became furious, desperate to attack the unconscious brachiopod ape next to him. At the same time, Kitty Hawk and Farah were furious, and they all attacked the people around them like they lost their minds, and every move was a dead hand!
"How did that happen? This law can even control people’s hearts xìng! No, I have to break the array quickly, but how can I break it? " Tianjun looked at the people who were completely crazy in front of him and seemed helpless. This is your own brother. No matter which one is injured, it will be bad for you.
"Kitty hawk? Yes, Kitty Hawk should know, and he must know now. " As he spoke, Tianjun looked at Kitty Hawk. At this point, Kitty Hawk and the nine-tailed fox were both guilty and guilty, and their bodies were covered with bloodshot. Obviously, they were all injured to varying degrees.
"Kitty hawk, nine-tailed fox, you two stop fighting!" Tianjun gave a loud shock, while Mercedes-Benz and Nine-tailed Fox looked at Tianjun blankly, and asked some incomprehensibly, "He’s not a Kitty Hawk!" "
Said, and the baby eagle rushed to the nine-tailed fox again, and the nine-tailed fox also you’re welcome, directly spread out Kyubi no Youko, like a mirror toward the baby eagle she. Seeing this scene, Tianjun was shocked. Tianjun knew that the nine-tailed fox was endowed with stunts on this day. Even the master of the late Emperor of Heaven dared not take the blow hard. If it was really her, she would be seriously injured if she did not die.
The present situation will not tolerate the slightest hesitation of Tianjun, and he grabbed the eagle’s shoulder fiercely, and an idea took him into the dragon realm.
"eh? Boss, what’s wrong? How do I feel like I’m dreaming? " Rubbed his blurred eyes, the baby eagle seemed to have just woken up, but Tianjun couldn’t wait for him to finish, and asked eagerly, "Don’t talk nonsense first, maybe it will kill you!" Kitty, look quickly and see if you can find a way to crack the five-line array. Hurry up! "
Looking at Tianjun, who was sweating profusely, Kitty knew that Tianjun didn’t seem to be joking, so she quickly closed her eyes and thought.
"Gold, fire, wood, earth and water. As long as you attack in this direction, you can easily break it! " For a long time, Kitty Hawk opened her eyes slowly, and whispered like a saint telling the mystery.
"Gold, fire, wood, soil and water? Golden water, aquatic wood, wood fire, fire earth, earth gold; Such a reciprocating cycle is born. Jin Kemu, Mu Ketu, Tu Keshui, Water Kehuo, Fire Kejin; This is a reciprocal cycle. Haha, I was so stupid that I didn’t think of such a simple arrangement for a while! Kitty hawk, hurry up and follow me out to break the array! "
The five-line array turns round and muddy, without showing any flaw, and it contains the principle of five elements of change. If it is not cracked in a proper direction, it will be like fighting against the five people in the array on their own. On the contrary, if it is broken in the correct direction, it will be one-on-one. As long as one of the directions can be broken, the other four directions will be like a flood that breaks its banks, leaving only a shelf.
"Kitty Hawk, unite your mind and stop being influenced by the dreamland. This bird five-line array is really not an ordinary pervert." Looking at the baby eagle whose eyes are blurred again, Tianjun is helpless and has a fierce drink.
Outside the five-line array, at this time, Binghong cooperated with five men in black around him and arrived at the place where Tianjun entered the array.
"Unique soul, tianjun that boy? Should you be sure this time? " As soon as Binghong got his feet up, he looked at what was a chaotic law like smoke, and asked eagerly.
"Ice king, don’t worry this time, this five-line array is a joint effort of our senior five people. If you don’t know how to break the array, I’m afraid no one can break it in this whole chaotic world! Don’t worry, it’s estimated that there’s a lot of fighting going on inside now. If we wait for half a column of incense, everything will be done! Our task is finished! " Men in black named Juehun were shrouded in the smoke of jet-black Se, even their faces could not be seen clearly, and they exuded horrible black Se energy, giving people a feeling like ghosts in hell.

Chapter three hundred and forty-seven For the first time
"Well, unique soul your strength, I believe, if this is really the day you that boy caught, you five is one of the contributions! At that time, I will report to the patriarch to record your merits! " Binghong took a admiring look at Juehun, while proudly stroking his white beard.
In the five-line array, Tianjun first pulled out the purple wind Excalibur by himself and chopped it hard in the direction of Jin Zi, but it was just a full-scale chopping. Tianjun felt that his purple wind Excalibur was like a soft cotton wadding, and he couldn’t lift his strength at all, but shook his head helplessly. After all, it was equivalent to fighting men in black. www.ttzw.com
Although with the help of purple wind Excalibur, Tianjun still feels no match for men in black, otherwise, the sword just now should break the golden position.
"Kitty hawk, the strength of the man in charge is too strong. Let’s try it together?" Said the kitty hawk is also took out his top grade artifact plank brick, a face of anger toward the golden azimuth smashed in the past. At the same time, Tianjun was also armed with the purple wind Excalibur, and once again condensed his own efforts to stab the past.
"eh? Actually in the broken array? Hey, but the strength is still not enough! " Juehun closed in the golden position, and when the first sword of Jun came, Juehun was ridiculed with some sarcasm. However, when the second Tianjun broke the array, the original relaxed Juehun suddenly became cautious and cried out, "Come here quickly, everyone. This boy has a lot of strength, and I can’t keep it alone. Come on, all of you, as long as you hold the gold position, you can guarantee that the five-line array will not be broken! "
Unique soul is shocked, and no one knows his own strength better than him. At this time, even the patriarch of Tianfengmen has no way. He feels that he is full of absolute confidence, but the golden position he is guarding at present actually makes him feel that he is unable to do so. How can this not surprise him?
But to his greater surprise, this five-line array will be influenced by the dreamland even if he strays into it himself, but it can also be attacked very strongly, which is enough to show that some people inside are not disturbed by the dreamland in the five-line array. This extremely strong heart xìng cultivation is enough to make the soul look up.
However, he can’t think that Tianjun has ignored this stunt, and he can’t guess that he has all five elements.
"Kitty Hawk, I feel that this golden position is almost broken. Come on, let’s work harder and break him!" In the five-line array, after a joint blow, Tianjun looked confident. However, several attacks did not have any effect at all, and the golden position of the five-line array seemed to become more and more stable.