"Oh, there’s nothing to talk about." Yin Mo suddenly stopped. Li Re cherished his idea and obediently drove the car. Yin Mo turned black and suddenly hit the door.

"Who told you to roll for me?"
"My shoelaces" Li Rexi squatted down and then squatted there like a fool. It took a long time to get up.
Yin Mo’s patience was gradually exhausted in her deliberate act of pretending to be a snail.
Suddenly, he took Li Re’s wrist, lost her rear seat, and then slammed the door to start the engine and roared off.
"What are you doing?" Li Re precious little sat up and stared at Yin Mo angrily. He didn’t answer for a long time. Li Re precious little simply bit him on the shoulder and retaliated.
"Don’t touch here is the highway" Yin ink eats pain, wrinkles eyebrows, slender fingertips and slightly tightens the steering wheel.
Li Re precious little scolded by him some injustice darling retracted his head.
"Do you want to die?"
Yin Mo’s high-speed sound is freezing cold.
"If you want to die, roll your car when you get to the highway, and I don’t want you to leave those dirty saliva on my clothes. I hope you can wash this shirt when you get back."
"I’m your wife, not your slave. If you want me to do laundry, please ask me."
Li Rexi is not afraid to die there. Anyway, even if he really asks, it’s not the same as before. Whether it’s laundry or cooking, Zhang Ma is doing it.
Even if Zhang Ma takes a break once in a while, it’s also a matter of sending dirty clothes to the laundry. It doesn’t matter to her at all.
Yin Mo frowned and casually pulled his shirt out of the window to show his lean body.
"Then throw it away."
V Chapter two hundred and fifty-four Being teased
"You, you, you, you, you unexpectedly"
Li Re precious little wiping nosebleeds while pointing at him as if he saw an animal in front of his eyes. Bah, she took back the previous sentence and felt that this ink is more fair now. That’s being mean.
But don’t say that Yin Mo’s bust line is pretty good.
He has a beautiful figure, slender arms and narrow waist muscles, but he looks very safe.
Li Ruoxi beats his chest and feet.
There used to be such a beautiful six-pack ABS in front of her eyes, and she didn’t know how to cherish every time she made love, but she knew how to climb her shoulders.
Well, if she can have another chance, she will definitely have a good time this time.
"Yin Mo, will you just leave your clothes on the road? It won’t cause traffic accidents, for example, if your clothes are caught in the wheel?"
The more she said, the smaller Yin Mo didn’t see that she was going to park her car in the yard garage and slowly "go back to the house"
Li Re precious little hemp slipped out of the car. She looked at Yin Mo’s side face for a long time and suddenly frowned.
There is a deep scar on the left side of that strong arm.
Did you stay after the accident?
She felt a pain in her heart, and when she recovered, her fingertips had gently touched the uneven scar of the skin, adding a masculinity to this strong arm.
This is what he left and what she left.
Lip suddenly flush a little bit bitter Li Re precious little eyes hanging down the original heartache is so bitter.
She stretched out her hand and hugged him fiercely, and her red lip bit her charming body tightly, trembling.
She and he love him and pity her for leaving this scar.
"What?" Yin Mo turned around and picked up her eyes and stared at her. "What are you doing? You want me to hug you."
I know that what he said is not literal, but Li Rexi still nods with tears in her eyes.
"hug me"
She took the initiative to stand on tiptoe and offer her kiss. Yin Mo didn’t refuse, but she didn’t move her thin lips and kissed herself.
No acceptance, no rejection, and no initiative.
"You" Li Re pity surprised admitted his lip trembling "you what"
"What what" Yin ink rest looked at her.
Li Re precious little shook his head and believed that he didn’t accept his kiss and his long hands were pressed on her shoulder at will.
Even gentleness to lovers is gone.
"What are you trying to say?" Yin Mo leaned over and pinched her hand slightly, slowly trying to crush her.
My thin lips smile like a demon. Li Re cherishes her blushing face and holds her hands tightly.
He asked her to say it herself.
"You’re hurting me." Li Re precious little earned his head and ran into the house without looking back. The elegant pace of Yin Mo followed her face like a panther playing with its prey.
I tried to push the door but found that I didn’t have my key. Li Re was embarrassed. She took a step back every step she took.
"So afraid of me," he said slowly. "What do you mean by that just move?"
Li Re precious little red in the face he know perfectly well past ask
I have never longed for him as much as I did just now, except that I offered to kiss her at the airport, but Yin Mo is now playing with her like a hunter and doing nothing.
Yin ink slowly leaned over his thin lips and brushed her ear. Li Re cherished a fierce meal, and his fingertips trembled against his chest. The delicate and warm touch made her feel a shock and her legs went soft involuntarily.
"Move a little" Yin Mo’s evil spirit evoked lips and deliberately said "You are blocking the door"
Li Rexi felt embarrassed as never before.
She bowed her head and took two steps to the side. Her feet staggered and bumped into the side door frame. Li Re cherished covering her shoulders and eating pain, only to find that Yin Mo had entered the room.
The sense of loss gave her a cold shower. Li Rexi hobbled in. She stood at the door and her eyes were red.
"that’s too much."
Red lips trembled and spit out these three words. She felt that her self-esteem was almost humble to the soil, but he still lacked leisure and watched her take the initiative to post it like watching a play.

"Well, drink some juice and drink some bars to help entertain." Xu Yi tried to say that her overbearing emperor husband allowed her to drink.

Chu Yu looked at her deeply and said pointedly, "When you grow up, you should drink to entertain me and accompany you."
Xu Yi was not stupid, but she gave him a dirty look when she was slightly red, which meant telling him that she was still a child. Don’t talk dirty to her. If he wants to touch her, he should wait until she is ten years old. Even if she is twenty years old, she won’t let him touch her.
Chuyu didn’t know that his little queen was holding a generation and wouldn’t let him touch her.
Being rewarded with a dirty look by the little queen, he funnily played her forehead and succeeded in attracting her glare, but she was afraid to do anything to him. Whenever this time, Chu Yu was in a good mood.
"I think it’s a little hard to read recently, but I can’t remember things. It turned out that I was knocked silly by the emperor, and then I played the amount of male and female servants, so I really became stupid."
Chu Yu smiled, "How do I feel that Yi Er is getting smarter and smarter?"
Xu Yi pie pie.
At this time, Su Xinyao came in from outside the temple. She was dressed up and accompanied by two maids who waited on her. She was brought to Beijing from her family and failed to follow her into the palace in spring and summer. She was persistent in flute in her hand.
What she is good at is blow job.
When she came in, she became that eye of everyone.
She looked out of the corner of her eye at the people in the hall who wanted to find Chu Heng’s figure, but she was disappointed. In the hall, Chu Heng was again. She wondered why Prince Chu Heng didn’t enter the palace to congratulate the Queen on the New Year’s Day.
Chu Heng would have brought coloured glaze back to Nan Man. If he hadn’t traveled, he would have returned to Nan Man at this moment.
Zhou Xuelian froze at the sight of Su Xinyao. She wanted to tell her "xianggong" how this girl looks like her daughter. When she found out that she and Xianggong were not sitting together, the men and women were sitting together. The princess and the maids were sitting on one side and the princes and ministers were sitting on the other. She could keep staring at Su Xinyao. She walked past her eyes, saluted her daughter and sent blessings to her daughter.
"The elder sister of the emperor is the graceful sister, right?" Xu Yi side by side approached ChuYu asked her beautiful eyes staring at Su Xinyao and said, "Male and female servants always think she looks familiar."
ChuYu low answer her "instrument son don’t worry about her eyes are not familiar, she plays the flute very well"
"Oh" Xu Yi oh a.
Su Xin Yao’s appearance deepened Su Junfeng’s smile.
Although the emperor hasn’t been lucky and Su Xinyao hasn’t been given a princess, the emperor is still especially fond of Su Xinyao. As the emperor loves the little queen more and more, he will want Su Xinyao as a substitute one day.
When Su Junfeng plays chess, he likes to lay out slowly, even if it takes a few days to lay out. Su Xinyao is a chess game in his hand, and he is not in a hurry. If he has a place, he will have to continue to look for xinqi. Because the emperor’s favor comes quickly and goes quickly, he will slowly endure until the emperor really likes it.
He doesn’t believe that a 15-year-old girl can’t compete with a child who just turned nine. If he were the emperor, he would have asked Su Xinyao first.
Su Xinyao has been raised in the palace for a month, which is more gorgeous and more temperament than last month.
Su Junfeng smiled in his heart or the emperor would raise people. Not only did he raise the little queen to be lovely, but even Su Xinyao, the substitute, was raised noble.
Glancing at the hall, Su Junfeng, a female baby, had to praise her. I didn’t expect her to be as delicate and charming as the little queen. The pink and tender skin like snow made people want to reach out and pinch it.
It may be that Su Junfeng’s eyes on Xu Yi are gradually becoming focused. Xu Yi feels that there is an unbridled line of sight staring at herself. She looks at Su Junfeng slightly and raises a glass to her, smiling as warm as the spring breeze, but Xu Yi always feels that this man’s smile is inertia, not from the heart.
After Su Xinyao blew a song, Xu Yi took the lead in applauding her for blowing well, and then rewarded Su Xinyao. Su Xinyao thanked Chu Yu and suddenly said, "Xin Yao will sit next to Wan Di."
"I obey the decree" Su Xinyao respectfully made a ceremony and took the maid-in-waiting to Su Waner’s side. Yin Defu arranged for someone to arrange a position for Su Xinyao beside Su Waner.
Sue Wan ‘er called a younger sister with a smile. She was secretly jealous and her teeth itched. Her family sister was left in the palace by the emperor, which was very prosperous. She occasionally visited her in Yuxian Palace, and she was still grounded. She couldn’t even get out of Yuxian Palace without a festive event.
The palace banquet is still going on.
This time, Chu Yu and Xu Yi didn’t leave the temple as easily as before.
In the middle of HaiShi, Chu Yucai took Xu Yi away from the main hall, and his heart was white. He never left the ministers and even dared to eat.
Soon after, Zhou Xuelian was invited to Fengyi Palace. Because Xu Wenbin was a man, even his father-in-law did not invite his father-in-law into Fengyi Palace. It was his queen’s bedroom night, and other men were not allowed to step into Fengyi Palace except him.
Xu Yi waited in the courtyard for Zhou Xuelian to see her mother coming. She gladly greeted Zhou Xuelian and wanted to kneel and salute her. She stopped her. "Mother doesn’t have to bother in her daughter’s palace."
Xue-Lian Zhou looked at the tall and straight figure not far away, Chu Yu’s mouth was heavy. "Since Mrs. Yi doesn’t salute, Mrs. Yi doesn’t salute."
"thank the emperor"
Xu Yi twist a head to take a look at ChuYu pull mother walked into the house to see ChuYu also ready to follow into the house, she couldn’t help saying, "emperor, can you avoid an emperor here if we are uncomfortable?"
"Empress" Zhou Xuelian was scared and low.
Her daughter is too bold to talk to the emperor like that.
"Empress Huang is too young to be sensible. Don’t blame her." Xue-lian Zhou quickly explained to her daughter that she was afraid that the emperor would be angry. As a result, she was silly to see the emperor spoil her daughter and pinch her little face. She said with a smile that her daughter "heartless little thing I gave you a surprise. Is this how you repay me by kicking me out? Do you want to speak ill of me? Well, I knew that if you had a mother, you wouldn’t want me to go out and I would avoid it. "
Said ChuYu leaned over and whispered something in Xu Yi’s ear. Then he saw Xu Yi staring at him with shame and anger.
Chuyu low laugh with Yin Defu walked out of the Fengyi Palace.
Out of the Fengyi Palace, he smiled and said to Yindefu a little sadly, "Yindefu, I have done so many little things, but I still don’t like me. Is it not good enough for me?" When Mrs. Xu comes, she will drive me out. "

"That’s Jiang Xuanxuan. Didn’t you see how Chen took care of the children just now?" Refuting that South Xiao Yun Yu Xihao and Gu Chenlai acted as a shield.

The long finger poked at Gu Chenfu, and after receiving the threat from Gu Chen’s eyes, he rustled back to Yuxi Trail. "He just took the children with him and rushed to feed a watermelon to feed the children, crying, and so many people around him were watching."
"That you see how clever Mary is with children. Isn’t Kyle very good in her arms? Can you say that Gu always has no experience with children and can’t say that it’s a child’s trouble?" South Xiao Yun also pointed to Jiang Xuanxuan to refute Yu Xi.
At that time, Gu Chen and Jiang Xuanxuan became the core of the debate in Yu Xinan and Xiao Yun.
Everyone at the table could see that South Xiao Yun was serious about Bush.
He has been in contact for more than half a year and has gradually entered a stable state. Maybe Yuxi is tired of South Xiao Yun, but he thinks that they are very suitable and should be settled.
Parents have seen it several times, and the topic of children is naturally a logical conclusion. Has South Xiao Yun not?
"It’s really not easy to imagine taking care of children. You’d better think it over before deciding." It’s Qing Xue who is talking with Yuxi. She scooped up a coffee cup and her eyes fell on South Xiao Yun. "Don’t just sell yourself with an idea."
It seems to be defending Greek words, but it is actually selfish to help South Xiao Yun
Qing Xue wanted to tell South Xiao Yun directly that Yuxi actually had no feelings for her.
When she tried her best to be jealous, Yuxi thought about how to get rid of her and break up with her.
Qing Xue is a woman who wants dignity. She doesn’t like women being bullied by men. If it weren’t for Yuxi’s being friends with her, Qing Xue would never cover for Yuxi to do such things that hurt girls.
But Qing Xue’s interruption sounded like a warning in South Xiao Yun …
Section 246
South Xiao Yun is even more hostile to Qing Xue. "I just like children and I don’t just think casually. I’m serious!"
Word for word, South Xiao Yun said firmly, but it made Yuxi more guilty and buried half his face. He just wanted to dig a hole and bury it.
Everyone in the place knows that Yuxi is eager to reject except South Xiao Yun.
When South Xiao Yun said such a thing, almost everyone was sighing, including Yu Xi.
Xue Qinnai shook his head and looked at Yu Xi with interest. "If you hear that no one is serious, you’d better preview how to take care of your children early!"
Yu Xi almost wanted to cry …
Tired from running around all day, I came leisurely and didn’t have a rest late.
Fang Jiang Xuanxuan tidied up her shopping today while watching the children. Take out the clothes and fold them up. Staring at them carefully, it’s not her style. The clothes look a little tangled.
"Oh, do these clothes suit me?"
"I think it’s suitable for you. Don’t you try them all on?" Qing Xue stayed in the same room with her, and now she also helped her watch the children choose clothes. "You are thin, and it is easy to wear any clothes. I will choose clothes that are suitable for you. You can wear them directly after you sort them out and I will match them for you."
Qing Xue came to see Jiang Xuanxuan shopping with several bags of clothes. She helped Jiang Xuanxuan carry several bags, and then she directly carried them back to her room.
Now she didn’t come back to give it to Jiang Xuanxuan until she finished sorting it out
It happened that Jiang Xuanxuan and Gu Chen were called out to play ball by Yu Xi.
The child is close at hand. Qing Xue’s mind is a little confused. She is not in a hurry to go after returning her clothes, but she sits with Jiang Xuanxuan.
"Don’t you go to play ball? Director Yu said that you like playing basketball very much. "
Jiang Xuanxuan saw that she had changed sports. She should have followed two men out to exercise, but she didn’t think she would stay here to accompany her to tidy up her clothes.
"Let’s go together when you’re ready. It’s not fun for South Xiao Yun to look at me. It’s no fun for me to go alone." Qing Xue came back like this
Jiang Xuanxuan had an epiphany on his face and then quickly tidied up his clothes. "Then wait for me for 5 minutes. I will be quick."
Picked up a stack of clothes and got up. Jiang Xuanxuan quickly ran to the bed and rummaged through the suitcase …
This angle is facing away from Qing Xue and the child is at Qing Xue’s hand. She is in a more chaotic mood …
Guess if Xue Qintian can successfully get Kyle’s hair! There is a prize in guessing!
Because she likes men, she will probably do it ~ but she is honest and I don’t know if she will do it ~
It’s always crucial!
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143, there is a place where you are home!
Kyle’s little body is facing away from Qing Xue. The little guy is playing with excavator toys. It’s a pleasure to play. His face is screaming and shaking with his body, like he is wary of Qing Xue.

The two monsters in the north and south wanted to see this "blood-writing blue spirit flower" as a miraculous effect, but the blood ancestors ordered them not to disobey the two monsters, so they went first and closed the hole again.

Zuo Chaoyang stood by the pool to guard The Hunger.
The Hunger reached out a hand from the water and then paddled the water towards the blue flower, so the blue flower slowly floated towards The Hunger, and The Hunger brewed it as usual, and the other two flowers floated towards The Hunger.
The Hunger said to Zuo Chaoyang, "I can see that your mind has recovered a lot now. I heard from Yu Beixue that you were not an ordinary person in the Jianghu at the beginning. Have you ever heard the story of Xue Canglan and me two hundred years ago?"
It is true that Zuo Chaoyang not only recovered his mind, but also remembered many things.
Zuo Chaoyang Road "I’ve heard of the master"
Blood magic way "Things change like clouds, rivers and lakes are constantly changing. It can be said that 20 years is a big rotation, and a new generation has changed old people. No matter how famous you were and how high your martial arts were, you will gradually decline and be forgotten. But Xue Canglan and I have been doing things for 200 years. Do you know what?"
Zuo Chaoyang Road "I don’t know"
The Hunger sound at the moment is as faint as floating from the bottom of the pool.
It feels like a dreamland person.
It’s not like a dream to resurrect The Hunger.
Blood magic way: "When I planned everything, I ordered the people in the northern and southern palaces to let The Hunger appear in the rivers and lakes after I died. First, it was a disaster. Second, I hoped that someone could practice the magic shadow of blood pupil. Another point was not to let the world forget me. The descendants in the north and south also took on the responsibility of promoting the story of Xue Canglan and me. Do you know that I did this?"
Zuo Chaoyang is not a fool, although he is still confused sometimes. He seems to understand The Hunger.
Zuo Chaoyang said, "Master doesn’t want the world to forget you."
"Yes!" The Hunger sound like some excitement "I am one in one thousand, I am immortal! How can I let the world forget me because I will come back? I can’t stand being forgotten. Even if I am resurrected, it won’t be much fun, because for them, I am a stranger, and The Hunger keeps appearing in rivers and lakes, and my stories keep flowing. "
Zuo Chaoyang sincerely admires The Hunger.
His master deserves to be alone for thousands of years.
Will be two hundred years of things should be arranged so carefully.
The Hunger now Zuo Chaoyang is like a god in his heart.
Zuo Chaoyang said, "Master is immortal! Heaven and man can compete! I am lucky to be able to follow my master in this life! "
At the moment, the three exotic flowers are still floating in The Hunger from three directions.
But very slowly.
It feels like the water is stagnant.
The Hunger added, "The battle between me and Xue Canglan is still going on today, but the decisive battle scene in those days, hehe, is not the root that ordinary people can know that the world knows everything, and some things must be different. Take this’ game-writing protocol blue spirit flower’ as an example. He knows that even if I win the first world war, it will be disastrous. He also made full preparations before the war. He got these three flowers by chance, and then he referred to the ancestors’ all spirits recorded” game-writing protocol blue’ and’ game-writing protocol blue’.
Speaking of which, The Hunger, stop
A pair of reddish eyes stared at a blue flower, lost in thought.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Restore fifty percent (4)
The Hunger stopped when he talked about the key. Although Zuo Chaoyang wanted to know the details, he didn’t bother The Hunger.
The Hunger just stare at that blue flower slowly float towards him.
At this moment, after soaking in the magical hot spring, the three flowers become more full and bright.
The Hunger seemed to see a stunning beauty in blue swimming slowly towards him in the water.
The Hunger held out a hand to "her" to catch her, but she disappeared.
The Hunger, he reached into the pool again.
Then he said to Zuo Chaoyang, "As a result, before the war, I managed to get the game-writing protocol and blue spirit, which made him lose his retreat. That is, he could crustily skin of head and fight with me. In the end, he won, but he was also hit hard by me. Without the game-writing protocol and blue spirit flower, he could hardly save himself, but now his nemesis needs him to carefully cultivate things to recover … You said that heaven is not playing tricks on people … hahaha .."
There was a burst of laughter on his back in The Hunger pool.
His magic face became even more mocking.
It seems ridiculous to mock the world.
The Hunger also did not say to Chaoyang Zuo what means to get this "game-writing protocol blue spirit flower".
But Zuo Chaoyang also knows something about the current situation.
However, Zuo Chaoyang is still puzzled. Since this "game-writing protocol and blue spirit grass" is so magical that it can heal and hurt the lives of sustainable people, didn’t The Hunger take the risk of freezing himself up until a medical madman resurrected him two hundred years later?
Although Zuo Chaoyang is confused, The Hunger slaves can’t just ask the Lord.
The three exotic flowers continued to drift slowly towards The Hunger.
It has been floating for several hours before it reaches The Hunger.
Zuo Chaoyang has been standing in the same place as a stone statue.
Three umbrella-like flowers covered The Hunger’s head when it surfaced.
The Hunger’s hand in the water holds the red flower stem first.
There is a rotating "vortex" in his palm …

NingYun smell speech a fiercely nodded "is we go home first"

But it’s not that easy to go back!
When I first chose the place, I chose it specially. It was not only a dead end, but also difficult for horses to get around. I also tried to avoid the patrol soldiers, just trying to fight without being disturbed.
Now I’m shooting myself in the foot.
They didn’t go far, and Wei Tietou quickly came over. "My Lord, those men in black fought with the Xue family, and now they have rushed out. The Xue family failed to stop them, and now they are almost at the door of the lane!"
Chapter 564 564 Surging tide 3
I didn’t expect there to be one!
And those who Wei yi department leng one quickly reacted and made a gesture to signal that others were surrounded and ready to start work.
Just then NingYun suddenly heard a voice telling her that crash and burn were killing him!
This is the first time I’ve seen a white-haired man. Ning Yun hasn’t responded yet, but his body naturally moves!
The man stabbed Wei Yi after avoiding the attack of the Sword, while Wei Yi’s attack style had been accepted by the old farmer!
This posture is menacing, but Wei Yi can avoid abruptly preparing to fight this sword!
At this time, Ningyun just came to solve the problem!
Crash and burn is a life-saving move of Ningjia. Although limited by Ningyun’s low force, both moves and momentum have the right time to make up for Wei Yi’s lack.
Just as she hit the other weapon, the sound rang again in her ear. Let go!
The two weapons hit each other. Ningyun had already been awakened and prepared. As soon as the two weapons touched, they quickly let go of their weapons!
Even so, the surging force along the weapon will push her back several steps!
Accompanied by her, she was a weapon fragment, and the fine iron sword was abruptly broken into several pieces by force and came towards Ningyunfei.
Ningyun can’t avoid the past, but she can protect her face and side with her hands, hoping to minimize the damage!
As soon as she interrupted, she was ready for injury, so Wei Yi had a chance to fight back.
Not only is it to fight back against those fragments that have been recovered, Wei Yi raised his hand and hit them!
By NingYun such a step in weiyi crisis relief command ministries toward each other to kill the past two people fight into a ball again!
Ningyun stopped castration until she retreated to the wall. Her face turned white and blue, and she felt glad that she had given up. Otherwise, she had been holding a weapon and was broken. It was difficult to get a minor injury!
Knowing that Wei Yi had to take care of his own injury while facing the enemy, Ning Yun quickly said, "I’m fine and didn’t hurt me!" "
Wei Yi’s heart was set to fight against the enemy with Si Jian.
At this moment, suddenly, several figures came over the wall. Wei Yi’s department was surprised and immediately attacked those people, but the sword shouted, "One of our own! Don’t do it! "
These men joined the show and changed the situation!
Wei Yi is worried that NingYun doesn’t want to continue fighting. As soon as he sees someone who can stop him, he will withdraw and pull NingYun out!
Ning Yun took him by the hand and didn’t want to go. "We can’t go back now, and the troops are coming!"
Just out of the corner WeiTieTou hurried to see WeiYi and NingYun torn his face towel "adults on both sides of the team is coming here, I’m afraid it will attract their attention!
I feel that they have heard the noise, and the horse is coming. Adults must make a decision at once! "
Ningyun can’t see anything clearly in the dark.
"Those people are Su Qiyi. What now? !” NingYun pulling wei yi stamp said!
I came to lead the enemy to them, but now it’s great, but it’s a disaster for myself!
While they were talking, the white-haired man and others also captured the man!
A few people tied him up and tied him very firmly. Even at night, Ningyun recognized it at a glance as Zijin Suo. It seems that he attaches great importance to this man!
It seems that the acupuncture points were ordered and dragged around like a dead dog. As soon as a few people came over, Ning Yun and Wei Yi suddenly became nervous!
Wei Yima pulled Ningyun to his full-back steel-toed, and also reached the other side of Ningyun, showing off his weapon and posing as an alert attitude.

"I’m that mean in your heart?" Feng Li Su asked, "It’s better to let you go back to the palace and I can send you out of the palace, but you have to come to the palace and you are very happy."

However, seeing that Feng Li Su is also a person who keeps his promise, he is only slightly relieved that "if the emperor wants chess, he can find my dad. My dad is naturally better than me in chess. After all, he learned it."
"I’m really surprised that I miss you often. I’ve lost to you for so many years. I only learned this for a few days. If it didn’t really happen, I really don’t believe it! It’s really rare for you to have this accomplishment in chess! "
I played a game of chess, but look at her wonderful layout. There are traps everywhere, each with its own.
"Thank you for your praise!"
Chang Xiangsi smiled slowly. "It’s getting late. I’ll go to rest first. Let’s rest early if the emperor is unwell!"
"I’ll take you back to your room!"
Feng Li Su arranged a room for Chang Acacia in Weiyang Palace, not far from his bedroom, and let people rearrange it before dark, and all the bedding in it was replaced with new ones.
Send Chang Acacia back to the room and look at that door. Slowly Feng Li Su sighs outside-she is the first woman to live in Weiyang Palace!
He was anxious to get closer to her, but she seemed as lukewarm as ever.
When should I let her go and see you again?
Besides, Chang Xiangsi is a smart woman. Today, he used some means to see her and was afraid that she would be more alert in the future.
Take a deep look at the door Feng Li Su just turned away.
Feng Jiang Yi didn’t eat in the back all day, so he was so hungry that he drank some water and asked Yi Lee to feed him a few mouthfuls of porridge, but he had no appetite. After drinking the medicine, he let Yi Lee leave.
While he was lying on the bed, his eyes couldn’t help glancing at the outer room and remembering that his happiness had fallen last night, and he felt like a dissatisfied housewife when his mood changed.
At the thought of the emperor’s refusal to see anyone, the company commander princess rarely went to the palace and didn’t want to see her. Instead, she met Chang Acacia and left her in Weiyang Palace, and he was furious.
I wonder what they did and talked about in Weiyang Palace today.
Think of this phoenix red dress and sleep all night.
I often miss you every other morning. After washing and grooming, I had breakfast alone and my father-in-law came over.
Seeing that breakfast has been finished, I often miss you and your father-in-law immediately smiled. "Huei-fang’s slave has come to take Huei-fang out of the palace!"
"It’s so kind of you!" I often get up.
Lu and your father-in-law are anxious when they see Chang Xiangsi and don’t ask about Yu Huang’s words.
"Huei-fang, why don’t you ask the emperor if he didn’t come to see you off?"
"The emperor’s status is noble. I just have a father-in-law when I leave the palace. Where do you dare to let the emperor come?"
"The emperor didn’t feel well this morning, so he treated the doctor too much. Although there was no big problem, he needed to take good care of himself. The emperor didn’t come to see Huei-fang off."
And your father-in-law looked at Chang Xiangsi’s soft side face and added, "Yesterday the emperor was very happy. I haven’t seen the emperor so happy for a long time."
Acacia is when you smile and stop talking.
See acacia don’t talk and your father-in-law lightly sighed "old slave really hope Huei-fang can enter the palace to serve the emperor in the future! Although there are many concubines in the palace, none of them are really liked by the emperor. "
Even when she was slow, she knew that Feng Lisu intended Feng Lisu to look at her.
Let her share a man with so many women is something that will neve happen!
There is already a queen in this palace. If Feng Li Su wants her to enter the palace, I don’t know what identity she will be given. Even if she is given the status of imperial concubine, it is just a concubine room!
The queen is not rare, will she be rare for a princess?
Just out of Weiyang Palace, I often miss each other, and I saw that I was kneeling at the gate of Weiyang Palace. At this time, a group of ministers in the DPRK had left and often knelt there alone.
Chang Xiangsi immediately greeted the past, "Dad, why are you here?"
I often hear the sound and look up. It’s lovesickness coming, followed by your father-in-law
Seeing each other often makes him feel homesick, but he is relieved when he comes out safely. He got up but has been kneeling for too long and staggered backward. Fortunately, he only held him before he was homesick.
I often miss Chang Xiang’s face a little bad, and those clear eyes are even more red at this time. It won’t be from yesterday that I knelt here early in the morning!
And your father-in-law said, "Master Xiang, this is bitter! The emperor said he didn’t see you, but he didn’t want to see you after kneeling here all night. "
Chang Xiang said, "Nothing! If acacia comes out, my father-in-law will leave! "
"This …"
Seeing your father-in-law often makes you miss each other, so you have to take the sidewalk. "The emperor said that the slave should personally escort Huei-fang back to Xiangfu. Why don’t you go back with Huei-fang?"
Chang Xiangsi saw Chang Xiang kneeling and numb his legs. "Dad, you have a rest here and wait for your legs to get numb before we go!" "
Then he said to your father-in-law, "Don’t bother my father-in-law. My father will go back to Xiangfu together. If the emperor asks, just say it was my idea."
"That’s fine!"
It’s reassuring to talk to your father-in-law when you see Chang Xiangsi. Besides, there is also a civil-military double-phase, and nothing can happen. So they left and hurried back to inform the emperor.

I woke up again in the middle of the night and lay on my side, but I touched the familiar temperature. Lingsi slept beside me at night.

Only then did I feel that my stomach was growling and protesting against the pain in my lower abdomen, and it finally subsided, but there was a little pain.
I got up carefully and was about to go to bed, but I was pulled back by the powerful arm behind me and actually hit his chest. It was another pain that made her pale little face tangled.
"Do what?" Lingsi night calm eyes see no smile.
"Hungry to find food" Tang Meng is also stubborn and cold.
"Come on! Send LingFei empress snack "LingSi night is toward the door shouted to the door immediately to the respectful response.
"I can’t go to the palace myself." Tang Meng also pushed Ling Si’s night hand without a trace.
Lingsi looked at her at night, but it was not difficult for her. After she collapsed, she turned to stop looking at her.
As soon as Tang Meng went out, he hurried to hold the wall, and some unstable feet were unwilling to see it outside. He was about to help, but she glared at him mercilessly.
I’m hungry, but suddenly I have no appetite and go to the room alone. I still want to sleep. I have no strength to stay with him for too long, so I can’t help but want to quarrel. At present, she doesn’t have the strength to quarrel and she doesn’t have the mood, and she won’t ask him with jealousy. This is not what she will do.
Looking back at the closed door, I muttered, "Since you care so much, take care of it. I will never talk to you again. I won’t quarrel with you!"
I finally got to the room, and when I saw the warmth, I got a slight pain in my lower abdomen. I couldn’t help but curl up and sniff all the time, but I didn’t cry.
Even if she thinks that her miscarriage is fake, Mammy Gui must have told him that the abortive drug is very harmful. Will he say a greeting? !
What a pledge of eternal love, what a moment with him, what a generation is all rhetoric!
Has been avoiding the clouds, and now it really directly involves him, that is, he immediately turned his face.
Tang Meng thought bitterly, but suddenly he pulled out the golden step and shot it hard at the roof. The golden step was straight into the beam.
So hard and dizzy, curled up and rolled the wide purple fox fur robe, and it took too much physical strength to close your eyes. It seems that you can’t get to the misty valley, but you can make do here.
After a while, she fell asleep again. In a daze, it seems that someone hugged her as if she were dreaming. She habitually rubbed a comfortable position in his arms and fell asleep completely.
When I woke up the next day, Tang Mengcai found that I was still in my bedroom. I can’t remember whether I dreamed last night or gave it back by myself.
Ling Si’s night is missing. Mammy Gui sent breakfast to the house and stayed up. Her favorite preserved egg lean porridge tastes a little different. It seems that some medicines have been added.
Hungry for so long, I drank a bowl of porridge and ate some cakes, which was finally enough.
"What does the emperor do with clouds?" Tang Meng gently wiped the corners of the mouth light asked
"It seems that I took the wrong medicine to protect the temple. I sent it to the palace overnight yesterday and I don’t know what to do." Mammy Gui answered truthfully.
"Oh" Tang Meng is still as low as yesterday, so he stopped talking.
"Empress Yun is the temple’s right-hand man. It’s difficult to be nervous with the temple since childhood. It’s really troublesome to do many things without Yun." Sister Gui persuaded them to make a scene again when they saw the temple yesterday, but they didn’t expect it to be a cold war.
"Right-hand man? Hehe, I really have fun when he doesn’t settle accounts with me! " Tang Meng laughed coldly. He said he wanted her to help, but now he doesn’t need her to intervene in anything? He also needs a right-hand man! ?
Sister Gui, after serving for a long time, naturally felt clearly that the master sighed and advised, "Empress, why don’t you tell the temple, this child …"
"Shut up, this matter will never happen again!" Tang Meng is suddenly cold.
"Yes" has an appointment. Mammy Gui didn’t say anything more and nodded.
At this time, the emperor came to visit the door willingly.
"On the contrary, the emperor has some affection!" Tang Meng mouth self-mockery in the heart is also want to know now children didn’t day frame emperor will be what kind of attitude.
"Empress, where is your golden step?" Mammy Gui combed her hair, but she couldn’t find it. Isn’t it important to wear it herself on weekdays?
"Lost it, don’t wear anything, it’s good." Tang Meng glanced at himself in the mirror and got up.
A simple but elegant moss casually tied into a flying fairy bun without any accessories, together with the heavy fake belly on weekdays, the whole person suddenly relaxed. Although a lot of bones recovered slightly, after all, they were martial arts people who still held up.
It was not until I got to the door that I was in a fragile state and went in with the help of Mammy Gui.
Emperor Wu Tian Frame was sitting in the theme, and there was a big map beside him at night. The father and the son didn’t know what they were studying.
"Male and female servants see the emperor see the hall" Tang Meng made a big gift.
Day frame emperor this just looked up but didn’t let her up, but looked up. Tang Meng leaned over for a long time, and finally he couldn’t stand it, but he still insisted on it.
Ling Si night frowned and gave her a look, but Tang Meng escaped looking at him with his head down.
For a long time, the emperor finally said "stand up"
"Thank you, Emperor" Tang Meng felt that it was suddenly dark in front of him, but he still tried to close his eyes. Fortunately, he was dizzy for a while, and his heart secretly laughed at himself. This is to pretend that the abortion result was really miscarried. This is to pretend to be fragile, but in front of this emperor, he wants a pair of ordinary miscarriages of martial arts people. Of course, it is not too weak.
If the case of Jade Evil is the first fall, then this time it is the biggest fall.
Both with this father and son!
"Lord Tang will take you to the embassy at night. Can you stand this bone?" Day frame emperor eyebrow see her light asked
Lord Tang? !
Zheng in Tang Meng’s heart immediately slowed down and the long-lost smile appeared on his lips. "I obey the emperor’s arrangement."
As soon as this voice fell, Lingsi night came with sharp and unhappy eyes, but Tang Meng still turned a blind eye.
"That’s good" day frame emperor said lightly and looked at the case a few times. At first glance, the map got up and I didn’t know what was confessed in Ling Si’s ear at night, but I left without looking at Tang Meng again.

One resists, one hugs, one tears, one smiles.

He thinks this woman also has a certain position in Xi Yunzheng’s heart. I’m afraid it’s deeper than what Xi Yunzheng knows, otherwise how could he save her with his own life?
Zheng Heng stood behind the middle of the road, and several cars were eager to go over and honked a few horns. He didn’t go over to ask questions and took the initiative to step back and leave that side to them.
Xia Xue also didn’t know how she stepped out of the car and saw that Xi Yunzheng was desperate to save Blue Song. At that moment, her face was as white as ashes, and she felt a sense of disintegration.
She couldn’t help thinking that if something happened today, would Xi Yunzheng risk his life to save her like a blue song?
☆, Chapter 257 A poor life is worth dying for.
Tian Cheng is gawk at the side of the road setting the double on the other side of the road.
She just patted her ass. When she turned around, she saw a big yellow van that almost hit them.
She was so scared that she couldn’t feel anything. Her hands trembled and she touched her face, and tears were everywhere.
I’m not afraid of shame if I say it. That’s really scary.
The taxi driver was so scared that he lost his soul and tried to call it a day for lunch, but he witnessed a tragedy that almost happened.
At the thought of the bloody scene where blood might be spilled on the spot, his stomach suddenly became full and he smacked his tongue and looked at the woman who was hugged. "Hey, girl, don’t you drive?"
Blue song is still nervous and wants to talk, but he can’t make a sound with his mouth open.
Xi Yunzheng grabbed the blue song dialogue and said, "Please take your car away!"
Glared at the blue song Xi Yunzheng Xi Yunzheng slowly got up like an innocent person, as if he had just been almost killed by the root without him.
Blue song’s legs are soft and weak.
The faint tears at the end of the woman’s eyes suddenly bumped into his eyes and he hooked his lips. "So you are afraid sometimes!"
The sound fell and the thin woman was picked up and walked across the street.
"Blue Song, are you okay?" As soon as I saw Xi Yunzheng holding the blue song and coming to Tian Cheng, I quickly stepped forward with a face of sorry indignation and choked up and said, "It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t let you go, I wouldn’t have been almost hit by a truck. It’s all my fault …"
Looking at Tian Cheng’s guilty blue song, he gently shook his head. "I don’t blame you for the accident."
Zheng Heng glanced at the direction of the big truck and couldn’t help but twist his hale eyebrows. It wasn’t as simple as an accident
Xia Xue’s eyes have been crying red and swollen. Looking at Xiyunzheng through the fog in his eyes, he just holds the blue song.
This man has such scruples in front of her, which teaches her how to feel?
She bit her lip with tears in her eyes and cried, "Zheng, your hand … has shed a lot of blood. Let’s put the blue song first."
After Xia Xue woke up like this, he realized that his eyes were heavy and he glanced at the woman in his arms and then slowly let her go
Tian Cheng saw Lan Ge fall to the ground and support each other.
Blue song in shock, his legs are still weak and he leans on a handful of Tian Cheng’s sight but he can’t help looking at Xiyunzheng’s hand.
Her heart jumped at the moment when she gave him a bloody hand.
Just now, he saved her. His body protected her.
She was not hurt at all, but he rubbed the skin of the back of his hand next to the concrete floor when he was rolling on the ground. The wound was deep and large, and the flesh was faintly visible inside.
Blue song eyebrow frowning slightly heard Xiyunzheng lightly swept his disfigured hands and smiled "out of the way".
Blue song would rather get hurt today than owe him anything.
At that time, her mood was complicated, and she didn’t know its taste. She said that Xie Shaocai’s statecraft was consistent
"I thank you no matter what reason you saved me today, but if you ask me once, you must save Blue Song’s life. It is not worth cherishing to die."
Some dare not go to see Xi Yunzheng’s face full of laughter. Before Xi Yunzheng remembered that she spilled Xia Xue’s red wine, she took Tian Cheng away quickly.

At six o’clock in the evening, I went to the supermarket. Jiang Xuanxuan rushed to Kyoto Central Hospital.

It’s already dark outside, and she’s holding a bag full of food and fruit and walking slowly in the hospital. The petite figure in the corridor is pulled by the street lamp in the corridor, and her long and small body gives a strong and independent taste.
Turning a corner, Jiang Xuanxuan skillfully walked to the ward. She looked down at a bag of food in her arms and the corners of her mouth curved to evoke a good mood. "Brother Hua likes apples and oranges and can make him a salad! Is salad nutritious enough? Chemotherapy can also be eaten by others! "
She said to herself, with a pink and tender mouth and a slight pout. The beauty test revealed exquisite beauty.
After six o’clock, the hospital is no longer lively, the outpatient crowd is dispersed, and the inpatient ward is quiet. There are not many people coming and going in the corridor, and all the steps can still be easily heard.
Jiang Xuanxuan is waiting for the ladder to go shopping from the floor. His legs are a little sore, and he is changing left and right on the blue Shi Zhuan ground.
When chatting in every way, I saw that the ladder was about to end. At the moment of reaching the third floor, Jiang Xuanxuan suddenly entered a conversation with a man and a woman.
"You often go to the hospital recently, and I’m still a little man in poor health. I’m going to come and see you." This sound Jiang Xuanxuan swore that she would never forget it. Just two days ago, the owner of this sound still held her and apologized in her ear with tears.
Qing Xue!
"Recently, the child has been in a better health and is not in a good mood. I’ll come and see as much as I can." This sound Jiang Xuanxuan can swear even more that she can recognize even if she is deaf!
Only at noon today did she talk to this man!
Lu Chengyi!
Followed by the dialogue, Qing Xue’s silver broken diamonds adorned the decoration, and the high heels rang’ dadada’, which was neither fast nor slow, and was coming towards the ladder.
With his mouth wide open, Jiang Xuanxuan panicked and looked around, and he couldn’t stand on tiptoe and dive into the stairs.
"Bang" to a staircase exit door by her every move Jiang Xuanxuan stare big pupil back pressure in the staircase exit door guard against wolves generally tightly guard this door.
Panic and fear invade the body in an instant, even though Jiang Xuanxuan is nervous through a layer of door panels, her legs are trembling as if she were pinned down by a powerful momentum and she was out of breath.
It’s about this time that the way to go is narrow.
Jiang Xuanxuan seldom comes to the hospital, but every time he comes to the hospital, he can meet the Lu family!
What’s wrong with this Lu family? Why do you run to the hospital every day? Is anyone hospitalized every day? Rotation hospitalization? A family is sick …
Jiang Xuanxuan scolded her in her heart, cursing those friends who made her feel bad.
Ladder dialogue continues to talk. Landing into one doesn’t seem to notice the strange stairs with Qing Xue.
"Did you eat dinner? If you don’t eat, let’s go eat together after watching Xiaoman? "
Qing Xue is inviting Lu Chengyi, Jiang Xuanxuan to stick a wooden door with vertical ears and swallow saliva nervously …
"You should have work later? I heard from your family that I arranged a blind date for you? "
Is Suo Lu Chengyi refusing or deliberately looking for reasons?
Eavesdropping Jiang Xuanxuan has unconsciously made up the scene of their conversation in his mind.
Why does it sound like you have feelings about cheating men and women?
Lu Chengyi has a wife, right?
Even afraid of Liu Chengyi, Jiang Xuanxuan knows about it.
"This kind of blind date has a few pushes at both ends for three days. It’s not a common thing. The summer vacation is coming and the World Cup is coming. You have to be ready to keep it for me this summer vacation." Xue Qin smiled at Liu Chengyi with an intellectual smile.
Jiang Xuanxuan can recognize that Qing Xue and Lu Cheng are not bad at all in such a sentence.
Section 34
Jiang Xuanxuan shrugged her eyebrows and couldn’t help thinking. She couldn’t figure out what Qing Xue and Liu Chengyi had.
Will it be better than Gu Chen?
But when I think about it, when I was in England before, Qing Xue was so good when he played with Gu Chen and Yu Xi.
So she and Liu Chengyi have speculation again.
Jiang Xuanxuan sighed slightly and said, "It’s really not that she can sort out these bad things."
She’s not one of these young people. How can she possibly know how they get along?
But it’s really possible to be sure that Qing Xue is keeping a good relationship with Liu Chengyi, and that Qing Xue is a united front with Liu Chengyi!
In the stairs, Jiang Xuanxuan heard the ladder make a "ding", and then the chat gradually faded and disappeared. The ladder was as quiet as ever.
"Cheep!" Jiang Xuanxuan secretly pushed the wooden door of the stairs. She poked around and drilled a small head with alert eyes. After repeatedly confirming one person, she strode out with a bag of food.
Jiang Xuanxuan pressed the ladder button and looked at the ascending ladder, which showed a 5-9 floor jump. She pursed her lips and took it seriously.
But on second thought, I suddenly stared at the number of the ascending floors and stopped at the last 12 floors. At the same time, the stairs on the other side had reached the first floor.
It can be concluded that Liu Chengyi and Qing Xue went to the 12th floor!
Jiang Xuanxuan looked up at the wall and posted signs. The 12th floor is the hematology ward.
I don’t know whether it is curiosity or adventure spirit. At this moment, Jiang Xuanxuan made a big splash. After entering the ladder, he hesitated and finally pressed the’ 12′ button.
Floor by floor, Jiang Xuanxuan’s nervous heart also rises with the rising of her small heart. She swallowed and heaved a deep breath. "Calm Jiang Xuanxuan, you have to calm down! Just go and see if the two of them are working together to prove it. Just sneak a look at it if it’s not causing trouble! Take a peek! Hmm! "
Jiang Xuanxuan constantly cheered herself up and repeated the words. When she came out of the avenue and re-entered her ears, it seemed to really inspire her.
At that moment, Jiang Xuanxuan’s confidence and courage were hammered out by herself, as if she were invincible in the battle field wearing armor.
"Ding" rang and the ladder reached the escalator door on the 12th floor. Jiang Xuanxuan nervously pinched her two rosy lips and feet and stepped out of the ladder carefully.
The overall setting of hematology ward is exactly the same as that of Hua Hongan’s ward. Jiang Xuanxuan easily found the entrance to the ward.
At this point, the whole ward has been resting in the corridor, and the patients are not scattered. The family members hold the patients and walk slowly.
Jiang Xuanxuan’s guilty conscience is so deep that she pokes around and purses her lips. Even if no one notices, she still walks like a thief. Every step is as light as stepping on the tip of a knife.
She easily found the ward where Liu Chengyi and Qing Xue were located. As she thought, Liu Chengyi was so rich that he must have arranged his family in the highest-class room. As soon as Jiang Xuanxuan came, he went directly to the vip ward.
There are about three vip wards in the whole ward, and one door is on, so Jiang Xuanxuan went directly to that ward.
Accidentally succeeded in finding it with her IQ.
At the door of the ward, Jiang Xuanxuan stood on tiptoe and opened her eyes. It was so easy to see Liu Chengyi and Qing Xue at a glance.
When Jiang Xuanxuan comes, she will see two little people discussing treacherous attempts in a private environment, but she never expected that the picture of her fundus income is that Lu Chengyi and Xue Qin are sitting next to a little girl with their gentlest smiles, talking to the little girl and feeding the little girl.
"No way …" Jiang Xuanxuan was somewhat shocked, as if he had been struck by a bludgeon hammer, and felt that the whole person was leng.
She saw a little girl sitting on the big white bed in the ward with a croissant braid, about six or seven years old.
The little girl’s round eyes and dark eyes opened wide with a pale smile on her little face. The skin color was really white or a morbid white face was more lovely than smiling. The little girl was like an angel who fell into the dust, innocent and brilliant, but her wings were broken.
Jiang Xuanxuan is distressed that every child has no parents, and the disease method chooses his own destiny child.
She came out of the orphanage and grew up in the orphanage. She saw too many children abandoned by their parents because of physical disability or terminal illness. According to the orphanage teacher, these children are all winged angels. They can’t choose their own destiny. They are born to accept this fate. They need the world’s love more than anyone else …
She looked at Liu Chengyi and Qing Xue and still didn’t have so much affection, but looking at the child was hurt by living.
The little girl is wearing a drip on her hand and an oxygen hose at the tip of her nose, as if her life was in this set of equipment, but she never stopped laughing. She laughed and the sun was charming and snuggled up to Liu Chengyi and struggled with Xue Qin.
"Scissors, rocks and cloth!"
Ward Qing Xue played a game of scissors, stone and cloth with the little girl, and they both got out of the palm of their hands, and then they saw her giggling and the atmosphere was very harmonious.
"Are we going to kiss Aunt Yi after our little man loses?"
"It’s a giggle ~" The little girl smiled while pouting and greeted Xue Qin closer and closer. She just ate fruit and left a kiss on Qing Xue’s side face.

Although Yi Yu can’t help Mu Cailing for a while, in the face of this deadlock, Mu Cailing’s heart is even more anxious. She knew that if she couldn’t get out as soon as possible, once the spiritual roots below were destroyed, it would be a narrow escape.

I saw that the momentum of the big tree suddenly vibrated and it grew ten feet taller. The huge branches waved and swayed straight towards Yi Yu and the altar. I saw that there were ten huge branches over a thousand feet wrapped in thousands of golden awns and came to take Yi Yu’s life!
Yi Yu did not panic when she saw it, and her hands shook to offer a sacrifice to Brahma. I saw a golden light flying out of the wind and soaring to the size of a hundred feet in front of Yi Yu. Is there any way out of Mu Cailing in the face of Yi Yu’s inevitable victory? And can Yi Yuyou really get the East China Sea knot wood as smoothly as he expected? Please see the next "Endless Spring".

Back to the one hundred and ninety-second endless spring.
It is said that Yi Yu covets the treasure of the five elements, and the East China Sea concludes that the wood wants to take possession of it, so he can rush to the north of the East China Sea for the theft and robbery. However, this East China Sea knot wood is the essence of heaven and earth, and it is not easy for the elves to stand in the realm of repair for thousands of years. Even if you are outnumbered in the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, you will not lose your color.
I saw the ten huge branches with boundless huge force shooting straight at Yi Yu on the altar. This Mu Cailing also died, and she said in her heart, "It seems that today is a difficult reconciliation! I don’t know why these tough monks are bothering me. However, in any case, if this blow fails, it seems that we must give up this nest for thousands of years and flee to other places for the future. " Thinking of this, Mu Cailing is even more angry. From my heart, I can’t wait to make Yi Yu into a meat sauce!
Yi Yu looked at the huge branches that came from all over the world, and waved her hand out in front of her. The pure land of bliss’ absorbed energy from hundreds of miles in Fiona Fang, and poured into Baodan crazily. This made the old woman’s clothes soar to a height of more than 100 feet and was blocked in the middle of the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’.
However, Yi Yu, who was ready, failed to wait for Mu Cailing’s desperate blow for a long time. At the same time, the wooden color spirit suddenly felt a shock after the attack. The tree, which was four hundred feet long, disappeared in an instant. She gave up all attacks and returned to human form.
I saw Mu Cailing glanced at Yi Yu on the altar in horror. Although the bitterness and resentment in the eyes have reached the extreme, the elf who has survived for thousands of years still made the most rational choice.
Mu Cailing didn’t dare to stay more. With the disappearance of the big tree, the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ that was blocked by powerful energy and didn’t close was quickly repairing the huge gap. If you don’t go soon, once the gap is closed, it will be difficult for you to escape in the present state of Mu Cailing.
It turned out that just now, Mu Cailing decided to make one last effort, and if she still couldn’t shake Yi Yu, she got away and left. But what she didn’t expect was that. Under the island, the spirit root of the vein was destroyed so quickly! At that moment, Mu Cailing was frightened out of her wits. She only felt that all the energy coming from underground suddenly stopped flowing.
This sudden change is like a bolt from the blue for Mu Cailing, who is used to wasting his mana without scruple. Mu Cailing immediately realized that from now on, she would no longer get the energy supply, and the mana in her body would be used a little less.
Under this huge psychological gap, even the elves who have survived for thousands of years can hardly mention a trace of fighting will. Mu Cailing chose to escape. Desperately, she turned back and went straight for the gap that had not been closed.
But Shen Wuji and others have already been waiting for him there. At this time, when I saw Mu Cailing coming, where could she escape! Eight people at the same time to spell shekinah foaming at the mouth of all attack to the wood color spirit has some out at this time. However, Yi Yu has already decided to put this wooden color spirit into the "pure land of bliss", so although they laid hands on him lightly. The momentum is not small, but there is no real killing. And this has become a wood color spirit. Last chance to escape.
How rich the fighting experience of Mu Cailing is! At this time, a look will know that the attack to the sword light magic weapon is scary. But there is room for it. How can the exquisite wooden spirit not see that it immediately said, "Good thief! What a loud abacus! It seems that the boy above is trying to capture my mother alive! If so, maybe I still have a glimmer of hope to escape. Simply ignore these attacks and rush directly. If they want to live, they will not kill, but … "Thought of here, Mu Cailing struggled again. "What if they don’t really want to take them alive?" the tunnel asked. This must be life-threatening! How can this be good! "
However, as the exit is approaching Mu Cailing, there is no more time to think about it. Looking at the flying sword magic weapon Mu Cailing, which was blocked in the road, she put her heart in a horizontal tunnel: "Even if you don’t run and stay, you will be a dead end. You will bet on this once in your life!"
The idea must be that Mu Cailing will no longer hesitate to release protective gas and dozens of small turquoise leaves to protect his body. Ignore the magic weapon of flying sword that attacks the body and go straight to the hope of escape. And those seemingly inconspicuous small leaves on the wooden color spirit are all mysterious.
Just say that Qi Lingyun rode a blue sword, and a blue sword light flashed across the back of the wooden color spirit. I thought the little leaves were a magic weapon for protection, but they didn’t respond to the flying sword. Qi Lingyun’s sword light easily tore the protective gas of Mu Cailing and left a foot-long wound on her perfect flawless back. And this is still Qi Lingyun who turned the sword light when he saw something wrong. Otherwise, this sword will pass through the chest and even go to Mu Cailing’s life.
But the foot-long seemingly scary wound disappeared in an instant! And I don’t see Mu Cailing changing color. It seems that there is no injury at all! And the price paid for this is only a leaf, and one of the dozens of small blue leaves lingering around her instantly withered and fell. This strange thing is seen by everyone in the eyes, and the evaluation of this wooden color spirit is higher.
Shen Wuji murmured: "Is it a substitute? Or is Li Daitao stiff? What a thousand-year-old tree demon really has some doorways! But since Yuer said she wanted you today, you just can’t escape. " After saying this, Shen Wusu suddenly smiled and shouted, "Sisters! Stop for a while and let her out. "
Although everyone is one leng, she does have the qualification to give orders to everyone with her flawless cultivation and qualifications. Is the proud terms and qin home these two sisters also obediently stopped the offensive. Of course, this does not mean that they are afraid to apply for innocence, but that they know that the witch sister is wise and must have come up with a very interesting way.
Of course, Mu Cailing naturally heard the voice of "No Scale". And just this blink of an eye, Mu Cailing has reached the exit at this time. Looking at the twisted space passing by, Mu Cailing smiled and looked at the suddenly enlightened sky, and her heavy mood was relaxed.
Now, as long as Mu Cailing returns to the abode of fairies and immortals, he will take the ontology belt along the back door dug early and escape from Wan Li. Once you leave here, where can you find her? Thought of here wood color spirit also can not help but burst of pride.
But after feeling a little safe, the curiosity in Mu Cailing’s heart swelled sharply. At this time, she suddenly wanted to see it very much. Why did that woman suddenly stop everyone? What else are they up to? For this reason, Mu Cailing turned back, but her turn back was doomed to the future. Although it is not tragic, it is absolutely depressing for Mu Cailing.
When the curious Mu Cailing turned around, she only saw the woman who looked very beautiful and looked at her with a wry smile. At this time, when I saw her turn around, I waved my hand very kindly, and I didn’t know if I wanted to say goodbye. Still want to call her back. Although there was nothing different, Mu Cailing suddenly felt a creepy fear.
I have already felt that the bad Mu Cailing dared not stay for a moment and turned to return to the abode of fairies and immortals. But at this moment, Mu Cailing suddenly felt a huge force shooting at her body, just like playing tennis, turning this beautiful tree demon just out of the jaws. Once again hit back to the’ pure land of bliss’.
Mu Cailing looked at the approaching’ cut’ and the eight stunning beauties in front. And the huge and horrible altar and the bad guy who controls everything on the stage. This enchanting tree demon at this moment. Just stare blankly at the beautiful big green eyes in front of me and have lost focus. Mu Cailing knew that the escape exit no longer existed at this time, and she had no hope.
Mu Cailing muttered in her mouth: "It’s over! Is this all over? What a surprise! It turns out that I, Mu Cailing, will also be a prisoner of others one day. I don’t know if it will be turned into a magic weapon. Or will you just eat it and increase your cultivation? ……”
As Mu Cailing came in, there was a graceful figure. A golden light armor with a huge sword coupled with a dazzling golden long daughter at this time is like a goddess of war. Noble and dignified. It’s the huge sword in her hand that has just struck Mu Cailing back.
I saw that this daughter did not continue to pursue the wood color spirit after coming in, but fell to the ground with a clever sword and whispered, "Daughter has not failed to live up to her master’s expectations, and has destroyed all the roots of the spirit vein and completely broken the reliance of wood color spirit."
Yi Yu smiled and the figure flashed directly across thousands of feet and came to Heer’s side. Yi Yu gently stroked Xi ‘er’s glittering gold just like stroking her own puppy. "I’m very satisfied with daughter’s good performance this time," she said. Go and defeat your enemy yourself now. All the gold elements here are yours to call. Didn’t she bully Heer with infinite magic last time? This time, you can also squander your magic like the original Mu Cailing. Go to war. "
Daughter hearing this face a ash still kneeling on the ground looked up at Yi Yu stupefied.
Yi Yu smiled slightly: "What’s the matter? Don’t you want to go? "
Joy shook her head hard, and water mist had accumulated in her beautiful big eyes, and she gently choked: "Master!" "
Yi Yu smiled and gently knocked on Joy’s head. "How dare you play this trick on me, girl!" he said. My Miss Raytheon will play against your men in the future. "
Hearing this, Joy said angrily, "Is the master’s family really moved? In the past 1000 years, there has never been a person who can stand up for me after Xi ‘er was bullied! But now there is a master … "Say actually shed tears.
At this moment, Qin Ziling said, "Brother Yi Yu, you don’t know that it’s not easy to be a different kind of monk in this fix-up world! Our sisters are not bad. My mother is a famous demon and has some connections with the Emei Sect. My father is a disciple of the blissful ancestor of Qingcheng School, and he also has some photos. However, it is even more difficult to count the sufferings of a heterogeneous person like Xi’ er who is born without roots and factions to survive! "
Yi Yu patted Xi ‘er on the head and said, "Well, my daughter is an open thor. How can she cry?" In the future, this will be Xier’s home, and there will be so many sisters that no one will bully Xier again! "
Yiyu voice
I heard Qin Han’s calyx cold hum a track: "What? No one can bully anyone again. It’s you! Xier’s future is very dark! " When they heard it, it was a burst of laughter, but what the cold calyx said was really something that Yi Yu would refute.
Yi Yu smiled and didn’t pick up this conversation. She still said to Xi ‘er, "Xi ‘er goes."
Who looked at the smiling Yi Yu firmly nodded and went straight to the wooden color spirit. Looking at the back of Xi ‘er, Qi Lingyun said, "Her. What Sister Ziling said just now is true, but the five elements like Xier are different from other monsters. They rarely really understand human accidents. You should be more careful in the future to avoid being addicted to it. " When all the daughters heard this, they nodded and said that Qi Lingyun’s words were really self-mature.
Yi Yu smiled slightly and said, "Don’t worry. Now Xi ‘er’s essence gold has merged with my’ pure land of bliss’. You will get used to it after a long time. And now, as long as my mind moves, I can extract all her mana and even annihilate her consciousness at any time. "
After that, Yi Yu looked at the women and said with a smile, "Besides, in the future, in order to fight against Mu Cailing, who is a little stronger than her, it’s not urgent for this master to come. How can he have second thoughts?" Besides, I’ll let them work well for me in the future and intrigue with each other in their spare time. There is no time to think about other things! "
When everyone hears Yi Yu’s words, it’s all an ash. And the Qin Han calyx more suddenly shot hard lamented the Yi Yu. Hate: "You are really a big bad guy! Tell you what! You can’t use such bad tricks on us in the future! Otherwise … Hum! " All a listen to the cold calyx is also echoed aloud.
Yi Yu is able to shrug off at all. Conveniently pulled up beside him JiLingYun and Qin Han calyx hand way: "I don’t do this for you. If I can’t keep getting stronger, how can I stand in the field of repairing truth? If I had found a corner to hide, it might have been nothing. But now it’s different. You top beauties are all attached to me. I don’t know how many people are jealous and looking for opportunities to kill me! Then you can … "
Don’t wait for Yi Yu to finish. Daughters are very tacitly qi qi "bah". Qi Lingyun shook his hands and said angrily, "You little thief! Who wants to stick to your little fart child! "
It’s just that although this Qi Lingyun is arrogant, the result is high and low. Tang Wan, Luyi and Shen Wuguang, three die-hards, naturally won’t come out to make peace. Yin Sutang and Qin Ziling are irrelevant. That Qin Han calyx didn’t give up Yi Yu’s hand even though he repeatedly echoed it. He was also a duplicitous little traitor. Only JiXia son and her sisters stood firmly on JiLingyun’s side.
JiLingYun looked at this some cold situation and looked at satisfiedly Yi Yu is angry. Qiao face blush JiLingYun finally unbearable mercilessly caught Yi Yu waist’ lifebuoy’ Siming hold on …
Let’s press Yi Yu for a moment, not to mention how everyone flirted, but to say that Joy flew straight to the wooden color spirit.
At this time, after a short absence, Mu Cailing has recovered and renewed his spirit. Although I know that today’s situation is a narrow escape, Mu Cailing has made up his mind to fight hard to exhaust the last trace of essence even if he dies.
Who is not in a hurry to attack at this time, she is feeling all the gold elements in the whole’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ and the huge and true spirit that is pouring in from outside. And these are all controlled by her, and there is even a pleasure of mastering heaven and earth between trance! Although this world is still very small, this feeling of control is really tempting!