Suddenly a huge figure covered the sky and came from the horizon.

Suddenly appeared in Xiangyun.
This is a huge bluebird.
The number of monster beast immediately fell to the ground and trembled.
Because they can feel the breath of the bluebird as if it were through Tianzhu.
That’s the smell of the demon emperor!
The bluebird is suspended in the sky. It stares at Xiangyun thoughtfully.
"Feed that stupid bird"
Suddenly a crisp voice sounded in the jungle.
The monsters were suddenly frightened. Who dares to talk to Jade Bird Demon Emperor like this?
Jade bird is dazed, then looked at another direction.
Soon a mass of Guo Xuwei shadow flew from the earth and stopped in front of the Jade Bird.
It’s the size of a kitten, covered in white and round head, and a little green seedling swaying gently.
And it wears a silver ring collar around its neck.
It is Xiaohei.
"Are you the recently famous Hei Di?" Jade Bird Zhen said
It has long heard that in the past two years, an extremely powerful guy has inexplicably jumped out at the edge of the East Wilderness.
This guy claims that Ye Xiaohei’s Daoism is of the earth, and he is the king of the East Wilderness. There are quite a few people who pass by the demon imperial city and suffer from it.
For a long time, he was called Hei Di by the demon spirits.
"My name is Ye Xiaohei, little master!"
Black crossed his white paws and played around.
"This is little ye’s territory, so leave as soon as possible, otherwise don’t blame little ye. I’m welcome."
The bluebird has lived for so long that it has never seen such an emperor.
It’s like a newly weaned doll
"Rest assured that the seat is just passing by on the way to the battlefield of ten domains."
Jade Bird looked up and said, "There are some anomalies in this auspicious cloud. It seems that it should not appear in the demon clan territory. Hei Di, do you know what this is all about?"
Black picked his eyebrows.
"Hey, you big pole, can’t you hold the firewood wide?"
"Which round are you going to worry about?"
Jade Bird Silence This guy is a bit arrogant.
It’s been a long time since it became an emperor, and it’s only with a broad mind that it can tolerate the younger generation everywhere.
But this Hei Di talk is too irritating.
"These auspicious clouds probably belong to Terran monks."
Jade bird sink a way "seat back to ten domain bid law turn a blind eye"
"Today, I still have to find out!"
Blackie suddenly lost his temper when he heard this. He rubbed his arm hair and was ready to do it.
But then he suddenly froze and smiled with evil eyes and said, "Then go and see it. Don’t blame me for not waking up. There is a violent and cruel guy sleeping there. If you disturb him, you will be miserable ~"
Jade bird cold hum a powerful demon emperor will naturally not be afraid of such remarks.
Before seeing, Hei Di Jade Bird flashes E-surfing, and the body gradually falls.
When it was about to come to the earth, several figures suddenly appeared in front of it.
That turned out to be five terran monks!
Three of them are not weak at all, but the Terran immortal emperor!
And the most terrible thing is that the one at the front is to make it creepy at a glance!
Who the hell is he?
The bluebird is creepy and surprised!
Leaf leng leng with the wind.
It’s interesting to see such a big bluebird just coming out of the ruins and it turned out to be a demon emperor.
Just as the leaves were stupefied with the wind, the bluebird suddenly flashed its wings and shot a huge gust of wind towards the leaves, and several people swept in with the wind.
Chapter 5 Current situation
"Brother Ye, I found another clue from the Origin Tower. It turns out that it has more than twelve floors."
"Brother Ye, I found that this group of people in Xuandu has been preparing for millions of years, and there is a big plot inside!"
"Big Brother, the end of promotion in the world seems to be a breakthrough in the immortal emperor. I feel a little ridiculous."
"Big Brother didn’t talk nonsense. It’s true!"
Ye watched quietly with the wind.
SHEN WOO Xiandi News is based on the promotion clues in the world.
Most of them have been known by the people of the Nine Emperors Fairy House, but some of them don’t know the information either.
For example, there are even higher levels in the origin of the twelfth floor
For example, in the prophecy of the animal husbandry god, the promotion of the world not only contains the secret of becoming an immortal emperor, but also becomes the key to escape the celestial disaster
A piece of information will have new clues almost every half month.
SHEN WOO Xiandi is really trying his best to investigate this matter.
But soon Ye saw something else with the wind.
"Eldest brother, I’m going to have a big one, and this time I can touch the Xuan capital clearly."
"Brother, I’m exposed, but it’s okay. These dregs are not my opponents."
"Eldest brother, I’m being hunted down. The Lord Xuandu may make moves. If you’re not far away, I hope I can help you."
"Brother Xuandu is really here, so I’m forced to rest."