As soon as Mo Qian Yu and Feng Ying Mo left the house, Zhang Shuo was left with two cure too much.

Oh, no, there’s another one lying in bed pretending to be dead at night
Actually, her chest hurts. It really hurts. Maybe it’s the toxin.
But because of the pain, she couldn’t sleep if she really wanted to sleep.
And pretending to be asleep when you can’t sleep is sad.
She felt that her face was going to cramp
And Zhang Shuo that guy didn’t want to help her get rid of the two cure too much and let the two cure too much stay in the wing to find a few herbs by themselves.
So she had to continue to pretend to sleep there.
In fact, she can pretend to wake up, but she is worried that as soon as she wakes up, the two of them will go to leave for thousands of feathers.
Suffer as much as you can
I don’t know how long I’ve been lying down until she’s really in a daze and going to sleep.
Zhang Shuocai finally came back.
On entering the room, he put two prescriptions one by one into the hands of two doctors who cure too much. "These medicines are too troublesome for the hospital, so please go and get one for me, and this other noodle, these medicines, don’t need to go to the capital drugstore to buy, so please take a trip."
It’s a little difficult for two doctors to go out together, so look at me and I’ll look at you.
Zhang Shuo was annoyed "what? You have to be in the hospital to move you, right? Didn’t the emperor tell you to stay and help when he returned to the palace? Move quickly! The main body poison of the night workshop waits for no one! "
The two doctors were very correct, and one of them suggested, "Do you want to let the guards go outside?"
"Guard understand medicine? What if there is a mistake? Run the second time? You are also doctors too much, and you know how precious it is to the owner of the night workshop now. If anything happens to the owner of the night workshop, I don’t think the emperor will punish me alone. "
Being Zhang Shuo said that two doctors cured too much and felt unreasonable, they decided to do it after a dispute.
As soon as the two cure too much left the room, Zhang Shuo was left alone.
I finally opened my eyes like I got an Amnesty when I heard the sound of Zhang Shuo closing the door at night.
Zhang Shuo turned around and saw her looking around with her eyes open. She looked so ignorant and stupid for a while. When she looked at him, he just came to his senses and smiled. "Why don’t you continue to pretend?"
I gave him a white look at night. "It’s all because you have no conscience that my face is stiff now."
"Then how can you blame me? I didn’t force you to pretend that you don’t want to see someone, okay? "
Zhang Shuo said as he walked to the bed and sat on a low stool and saw that the night was dark from his eyes. "Did I say something wrong?"
"No" night away from the vertical long cilia "none of your business"
Suddenly I remembered something and looked up at him. "By the way, what happened to your throat?"
Zhang Shuo zheng "what?"
"There seems to be something wrong with the sound and some dumb."
Zhang Shuo’s eyes flashed slightly. "Oh, it’s not because you just went to find some medicine for you. It’s strange that I’m running back and forth in the middle of the night."
Seeing his virtue again came out at night.
Smiling, I turned over and looked at him in the bedding because I was already familiar with him. I was silent for a moment. "Have you developed an antidote?"
Zhang Shuo’s face was slightly sluggish and his eyes were silent for a long time, as if he were thinking and hesitating, and then he looked up at her. "Are you going to know why?"
This time, it was the turn of the night to leave the face stiff. "What do you mean?"
Zhang Shuo bent his lips and smiled a little lonely and seemed to be laughing at himself. "Didn’t you give a bottle of medicine to Fengying Ink and threaten him to give you southern fire grass to save you?"
The night away from the cilia quivered. I didn’t expect this Zhang Shuo to know.
On second thought, it’s normal for Zhang Shuo to know how to treat phoenix, shadow and ink and let Zhang Shuo confirm what medicine is in a porcelain bottle.
It was in the central hall that she gave Feng Yingmo a small porcelain vase before she left. She said it was when she was chasing Yi Min, and he dropped it.
Actually, no, she took it from the doctor in yiguang tonight.
It contain medicine for treating leg disease.
Yi Min has leg disease.
She gave this medicine to Feng Yingmo just to wake him up. Yi Min is someone else and she knows it.
If you want her to keep a secret, he should know how to do it.
Since Yi Min is someone else, Yi Min took the south fire grass, which means he took the south fire grass.
There is a south fire grass that can cure her poison.
She had to come up with this strategy.
This is the night when she told Third Master that she had to stay to get the southern fire grass.
She has her own habit of keeping notes every day, which threatens Mo Qianyu and the medicine for leg diseases threatens Feng Yingmo.
She can live.