Section 374 Dortmund fans

Now the situation in Wolfsburg is a little embarrassing. Their hope of victory is not in their own hands, but depends on Dortmund. If you choose, it can be said that it is really depressing. However, the players in Wolfsburg have no time to be depressed at this time. Anyway, they still have a chance now. Even if this chance is in the hands of others, it is better than no hope.
Therefore, what they have to do is either lament themselves or not be strong enough to control their destiny. The most important thing for them is actually to win the remaining games.
In fact, the last few games of Wolfsburg were not particularly good. In the last four games, except Dortmund, their other three opponents were also difficult to deal with. Their last three opponents were Menxing Hamburg Frankfurt, but it was really bad to meet these teams in the final stage.
Frankfurt is now ranked seventh in the league with 46 points, while Menxing and Hamburg are both ranked first and ninth in the league with 44 points. It can be said that Hamburg is already ranked in the middle reaches of the Bundesliga, but this season’s league is very competitive. In fact, the difference between them and the sixth Schalke is not too much.
The scores of these teams are very close, which makes them all have their own abacus at this time. If these three teams want to grab a place in the European War at the end, they must go all out. It is really nothing to make people happy when they meet so many teams that are desperately ranked at the end of the league. Compared with those teams that want to play because they are lagging behind, it is absolutely impossible to expect them to avoid. It is necessary to be careful in every game.
Wolfsburg’s performance against strong teams this season is generally one win and one loss with Schalke Leverkusen, and one game with Dortmund is just a draw. Wolfsburg and the top teams in the league are not particularly dominant, but it is not easy to win all seven or nine players in the league in one breath.
In particular, Kiel is injured now, and their main central defender has injured a person, so it is not absolutely certain that they will win if they have to die with their opponents.
However, I thought that Dortmund might help me stop Bayern, and at this time, if my team gave up, it would be mud that could not help the wall. Anyway, this race has come to this point and I can’t give up easily.
The wolfsburg players have secretly made up their minds about the game, and even if they bite their teeth, they will stick to it until the end.
What’s more, sometimes it may not be a bad thing for an opponent to win with one heart, but it is not a bad thing for Wolfsburg now.
Things went much smoother than they expected. There was no problem playing against Wolfsburg in Menschengen. After Kiel’s season reimbursement, they had to let Ruth return to the starting position. Although Ruth had not played in the starting position for more than half a season, he also played well after running in against Bremen. This game did not bring shame to the team.
Of course, this is also because Wolfsburg has made adjustments to this game-in order to make up for its lack of defense, Wolfsburg specially returned to Makoto Hasebe and Ma Diqi in the middle scene. When they are present, Wolfsburg’s defense is much better than usual. Since the defense is not good, it is still possible to make adjustments in intercepting the opponent Wolfsburg in midfield.
Of course, the defensive ability of the midfield is supplemented, and the offensive ability of Wolfsburg is naturally weakened. However, against the opponent, Menxing, even if Wolfsburg is not in the midfield, Shaheen, they also have great advantages.
In this game, the base of the Wolfsburg attack was placed on the two wings, and they kept plugging in the Wolfsburg by their flanks, and they also played their own attack in order. Perhaps after playing against Real Madrid, the players had a deeper understanding of the attack. Perhaps it was because at the end of the season, the top players stopped thinking about saving energy when playing football, and they all went to this game. Wolfsburg played very well.
Wolfsburg’s first goal arrived five minutes after the start of the game-it was actually a little late, but there was nothing that could be done. Therefore, Menxing also expected that Wolfsburg would definitely attack them after the start of the game. The players were stuck in the restricted area from the beginning and tried their best to defend. After the start, they did not immediately give Wolfsburg a chance to attack.
This layout can be said to be quite good, but the opening will not last long after all. After holding the Wolf Castle for two or three waves of attacks, the Wolf Castle attack took a break, and Menxing also decided that the Wolf Castle should not continue to attack, so they began to fight back. However, their ideas were all wet.
Wolfsburg counter-attack is precisely at this time that they have made some convergence after the opening attack, and the purpose of doing so is actually to expect their opponents to attack Menxing. After all, they also want to compete for the ranking. One point is too little for them, and they must strive to win, which is Wolfsburg opportunity.
Wolfsburg’s counterattack was not as good as Real Madrid’s, but it was not slow at all. When a Menxing attack was intercepted by Makoto Hasebe, Makoto Hasebe sent the ball to the right side with one foot and quickly inserted it. At the same time, Turan had moved closer to the middle. Before being intercepted, one foot sent the ball to Turan’s foot, which made Turan face the opponent’s defense line in the middle position.
Compared with Real Madrid when the ball was broken, Turan played much better against Menxing. At first, he turned lightly to avoid the opponent’s defense, then pushed the ball to the right while looking for opportunities. At the same time, he guided the attack and saw that the opponent’s defense had been defended. There was almost no chance for him to cooperate with Man Zukic in front. He was still a pick and sent the ball to Gao Shunyao on the other side of the penalty area.
This kick was quite good. Gao Shunyao received the ball and directly headed the ball to the far corner of the goal. Compared with the header against Real Madrid, his header strength and angle were far less than that of this game. Fortunately, the opponent goalkeeper Ter stegen’s physical experience was not particularly much. Gao Shunyao’s header was unexpected enough to allow Wolfsburg to score.
Chances are that opponents want to score goals, so naturally they should be careful to be breached by Wolfsburg, even if they can’t keep it, they can attack it.
After Gao Shunyao scored a goal, they found several chances. Although it was very difficult for Ter stegen to catch up with the low gear, Shaheen finally scored the second goal at half-time. Although the score was not particularly excellent, it was enough to ensure the victory of Wolfsburg. After the game, the coach’s face was full of pride.
"How did Dortmund and Bayern play?"
However, for Wolfsburg players, what they expect most is not the coach’s welcome. They are more concerned than winning or losing by themselves. In fact, Bayern and Dortmund won or losing two games at the same time. Naturally, it is impossible for Wolfsburg players to know the situation there during the game, but the first question they ask is that they pay more attention to the score there.
After all, which game is the important game that determines whether their hard work in a season can be rewarded. They are all looking forward to Dortmund winning in their hearts, and they are all Dortmund fans now.
"Bayern’s scene was dominant in the game. Dortmund didn’t play as well as when he played against Real Madrid a few days ago." Listen to the players’ questions. Magat also spoke. It was his slow words that made the players look a little anxious. Looking at the people’s looks, he laughed and then slowly spoke. "But the difference between the two teams is that Dortmund seems to play hard in this game and Bayern … they have reservations."
Go all out and have reservations-after hearing these two words, the players at Wolfsburg are all refreshed, as everyone expected them to be these days.
Dortmund is now bent on revenge against Bayern klopp. He has never been a man who talks about revenge for ten years. He can make Bayern lose a championship. He will never give up this opportunity. He is young and he doesn’t want to worry about losing the Champions League final, but Bayern has to keep his eyes on that Champions League final. Heynckes is wily. He can’t ignore the Champions League final.
Different personalities will lead to this game. They play differently, and different kicking methods will also lead to different results.
"If who won the game?"
The process has been expected, but if the players in Wolfsburg are still very worried, they are now worried that Bayern will suddenly die. In that case, Wolfsburg will really be in trouble
However, Magat seemed to keep their appetite alive, and then he glanced around again before saying, "We are very lucky-Dortmund won 1. The score is not big but enough."
Magat’s words made the players stunned for a while, and soon there was a cheer among the players. It is true that the score is not big, but it is enough. There are still three rounds in the league. What is not enough for Wolfsburg to lead Bayern by 3 points at this time?
Section 375 Blessing each other
The long-distance running in the league is a long process, and anything can happen in such a long time. This sentence is absolutely true. At the beginning of the season, no one thought that Dortmund’s core would switch to Bayern, and until April, no one could have thought that the final influence on the championship would be Dortmund. For a season, Dortmund’s performance was far behind the top two teams. They seemed to be completely immersed in the Champions League, but who would have thought that at the end of the season, they took revenge and chose to block Bayern at this time.
After the game, when the Wolfsburg players celebrated their return to the top of the list and went to watch the game between Dortmund and Bayern, they had to sigh that if Dortmund had not been bitter, perhaps the champion of this season would really be Bayern.
Looking at the video of the game, they can see that Bayern has been running in for a season, and now its strength is excellent. They seem to be better than the one that can kick Wolfsburg to Kenai Real Madrid, so the team is stronger than Dortmund, but compared with Dortmund, Bayern players obviously lack enough motivation.
Bayern players are of course well aware that if they lose, they will probably lose a league title directly. They are not unaware of the significance of this game. However, compared with Dortmund’s desperate Bayern, they still dare not be too presumptuous. They also have to consider the Champions League, which is their biggest failure.
It was because of too much concern that Bayern lost the game. However, Dortmund even won the game, but it was not a complete winner.
"For Dortmund, victory is the best irony for Gotze, while for Bayern, failure is the best way to hide from Dortmund. Neither side is a loser in this game, but the real winner has a wolf castle."
The media evaluation of this game is also very good. Obviously, people can see who is really benefiting.
Dortmund and Bayern tried their best to finally get a cheaper Wolfsburg, which also made the media smile bitterly. Some media are accusing Dortmund of saying that they are too hasty to fight Bayern now, and they have exposed their strength too early. In the Champions League final, I am afraid that Dortmund will not beat Bayern in nine cases out of ten.
However, Dortmund fans don’t care much about this argument.
They have lost to Bayern three times this season. If the two teams fight hard, Dortmund can’t beat Bayern either time. Everyone is in the Bundesliga, and in the past two years, Dortmund bullied Bayern so badly. Bayern has already studied Dortmund thoroughly. Everyone has played against each other many times and understood each other very well. It is not so easy to hide their strength.
Even if they really hide their strength in this game, they may not be able to win it in the final, but if they lose this game and don’t win it in the final, it will really make Bayern triple crown.
Compared with that, it would be better if we stopped a refusal to go to Bayern now and let Bayern not win the treble-although it is the glory of the Bundesliga team if it wins the treble, the fans would rather Bayern not win the treble when they think that their traitor has no bad luck.
It is human nature that no one wants to see their traitor live well.
What’s more, for fans, the overall layout of this team is not their heart’s business. They are more concerned about whether the team is bloody enough when it encounters the enemy. A week ago, Bayern just sent word that they would poach their core players next season, but when they meet a week later, they even pretend to be unintelligent. This kind of thing is hard for fans to accept. It is the wind in klopp that they appreciate more. If they have an enemy, they can get revenge for it overnight. It is not too late for ten years. That kind of thing is not that fans appreciate it. There is no overnight hatred. This is what they like.
They really want the team to win the Champions League final, but they don’t think pretending to be timid is the only way to win-who can say for sure that Dortmund will definitely not win Bayern? Real Madrid has been 41, Bayern has just lost to Dortmund, and if they don’t win the league title, their morale may be greatly affected. Dortmund is not necessarily the last loser.