"Who says it’s not? One is more worried about me than one personality!" Nine heavy complaints about getting back to the point of small demon way "demon son you * * big * method is also a kind of hypnosis? !”

"How is that possible? !” Small demon flatly way
"ah? Isn’t it? !”
"Of course not! Mere hypnosis is just a kind of nondescript insect carving skill that human beings imitate my demon clan. How can it be compared with the authentic * * Dafa of Nujia? !”
"… a false alarm!" Nine heavy way "that hurriedly demon son you cast a * * big * method to these fenglei beast to see if there is? !”
"It’s not a piece of cake for these low-level goblins!" With that, the little demon first gave a glad eye to the wind and thunder beast in front of him, "Show it to the nu house ~!"
As soon as the little demon’s words came out, he just looked around in front of everyone, and the elegant fenglei beast immediately turned around and looked at the little demon with red eyes and red heart.
"Wow, so cow said turn around and turn around? !” Nine heavy carrying a face of surprise way
"You nu house uber charm is decoration? !” Said a sentence small demon hands bent against the temple rare eyes pegged to all fenglei beast "* * big * method! !”
Forty-two rays of sunlight-like Ruicai shunt fell into the eyes of 21 fenglei beast. 21 fenglei beast immediately shook his body as if his eyes were like absence, but he soon returned to normal. The small demon’s eyes cast out Ruicai and disappeared.
"Well, they can do things now! You want them. What do you do? !” Ask Jiuzhong after the demon skill is put into use.
"Wait first, don’t worry!" Nine heavy twist a head to ask recent love "is there any other problem that needs to be solved when this one is done?" !”
"Mica Lei Jing!" Butterfly Lovers said, "On whether the wind and thunder beasts need mica Lei Jing food in the process of breeding their offspring or breeding their offspring!"
"Mica Lei Jing …!" Nine heavy chanting voice communication to find workers to see online "where is the caller?" !”
"The ethereal city! Boss, what? !”
"Specific coordinates!"
Nine-fold start-up ring fixed-point delivery function instantly disappears and suddenly flashes around in front of everyone’s eyes, and there are more personal workers.
"Who know not to know where there is producing mica Lei Jing this ore? !” Jiuchongmen saw the mountain and asked
"Mica Lei Jing … This kind of ore is produced in Jilei Mountain and Lei Yin Valley!"
"How much output? !”
"Not bad!"
"Quality, such as? !”
"The quality is just so-so. You can see some good things in luck!" The ground worker then came to ask, "Boss, why do you ask this mica Lei Jing? !”
Nine-fold pointed to the wind and thunder beast in front of him, "Give them food to eat!"
“……!” The ground worker stumbled and almost fell to the ground.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-four Cross the line
"Eldest brother, you know not to know that this mica LeiJing is the main material to build thunderbolt LeiZhu, drop the magic ofuda these advanced props? ! Old expensive! !”
"Now the market has made thunderbolt beads technology? !” I know the thunderbolt nine times well. It is definitely a necessary magic weapon for home travel and looting. The former system rewarded him with five thunderbolt thunderbolts, but he made great contributions, first defeating Chun Wu, then destroying Li Shenzhou, and then hiding the king in the underworld.
"hmm!" The ground worker nodded and said, "It’s a free player named Lei Ren who mastered the technology. At present, the thunderbolt beads and the magic charm base in the market are all from his hands!"
"Damn it, this is a talent!" Jiuzhong touched his earlobe and said, "If we can attract him to produce thunderbolt beads for us every day, we will be very rich when we have a hundred people!"
"Boss, I’m afraid you will be disappointed!" The ground worker poured cold water on Jiuchong. "Everyone knows that this shocking technology is a fragrant steamed bun workshop. There have been many forces looking for him to attract him, but for some reason, the Ministry was rejected by shocking people! I think even if we go, I am afraid it will be the same result! "
"Then leave it alone!" Nine heavy continue to ask "since this mica Lei Jing is the raw material for making thunderbolt, it must be very popular. How do you get hundreds of gold coins per kilogram? !”
"Ten times!" The digger made a cross gesture and said, "One kilogram of mica Lei Jing is 520 thousand gold coins!"
"fenglei beast a meal? !” Nine heavy twist a head to ask recent love.
"Adult individuals have a meal of five kilograms of mica Lei Jing!"
"One by one meal is hundreds of gold coins. Isn’t this 21st meal going to eat the old 2.1 million gold coins? !” Jiuzhong counted his eyes and stared.
"I think you’d better give up keeping this fenglei beast in captivity!" Die Lian Hua said, "It’s too expensive!"
"Don’t!" Jiuchong’s stubborn temper came. "I was so old that I had to dig it out of the jade emperor’s hand and put it on hold. I’m sorry I lost my brain cells!"
"But this is really burning money!" Geo-worker’s way
"Yes, if you only buy from the market, you can’t afford to burn it even if you can afford it!" Nine fold frowned meditation a long time suddenly raised his head "it seems that I have to go to heaven again! !”
"Do you busy you go! Machine you bring the wind Lei Shou back to the colorful magic capital to find a place to circle first! " Commanded all nine heavy and take recent shoulder asked "how much level are you? !”
A glimpse of the butterfly flowers, nine heavy shoulders, more and more comfortable "ninety-five!"
Jiuzhong took three gourds and picked up the elixir from his backpack and gave it to Butterfly Lovers. "Thank you for helping me with a little gift today!" "
Butterfly Love Flowers Glanced at Jiuzhong’s gourd and looked at Jiuzhong. "I’m not here for reward!"
"Of course I know you’re not here for a reward or I’ll give you the money directly!" Jiuzhong patted the shoulders of recent flowers. "Keep it. You are naturally the best leader in the league!"
"This is? !” Recent flowers smell speech a surprised.
"Hum away ~!" Interrupt the story of Butterfly Lovers, Jiuzhong directly starts the function of sending the ring at a fixed point, sends Butterfly Lovers back to the four seas, and then walks away and goes straight to heaven.
“!” I forgot Jiuchong’s distant figure for a long time, and I came to my senses and hit Jiuzhong. I poured out a pill for her golden gourd and looked at the attribute "Pick the elixir! !”
Sky Cloud Nine starts the ghost stealth function first, and then starts the ring sending function again, and then teleports directly to the outside of the worse gate.
With the flying dragon’s heavenly attribute, "exploration skills are effective", all exploration skills are shielded, and the only drawback of ghost concealment, "god-level exploration skills", disappears, which together creates a perfect stealth state
Suo Jiuzhong now swaggered through the worse gate and entered the heaven.
Go to the Lingxiao Hall and have a look. I found that the people had already gone to the building, leaving a few soldiers guarding the door.
"Well, I don’t know where this Taibai Venus lives!" Nine heavy scratched his head and wanted to think about spiritual communication with the little demon. "Demon son, you gave Taibai Venus a * * big * method. I don’t know if you can determine his exact location? !”
"Of course!"
"That can be like you and me to communicate with him from a distance? !”
"What is he? But I’m a puppet. Is I qualified to communicate with my soul? !”
"Well, then determine his location and we’ll go and find him!"
"I don’t need to send him an instruction directly to let him come and find us!" Small demon arrogant tone way "how can I condescend to find a little puppet? !”
"Then call him here quickly!" Nine focuses on talking. This girl is not small, but she always likes it ~!