Then Yunzui turned and walked in the other direction. Yunxi stood on the spot and asked, "Hey, where are you going?"

But Yunzui didn’t respond to her
Xiao Tianzheng is going to ask Ban Yunzui to come and let him go upstairs with Yunzui immediately.
Rummaging through a piece of information, Xiao Tian reported that "Xiangge Wuxiang Niang is probably not a mainlander."
Cloud drunk but raised his eyebrows. Looking at Wu Xiangxiang, it was time to come to the mainland, and on what day and month, he bought land and built a fragrant pavilion. Almost all the girls and men were found out.
These people are all extra, not people in the imperial city
If you explain Wu Xiangxiang, you will say that they are foreigners and come to the imperial city to do business.
"A gang member once overheard Xiangge girl’s conversation. They said that it was not the mainland language, but probably the language of other dependent countries, and it would probably be the language of the sea country." Xiao Tian also reported.
Helping friends means helping beggars! It is also a cloud drunk force!
Smell speech cloud drunk but frown.
No matter how much Wu Xiang Niang comes out, she won’t be a mainlander. If she is another dependent country, it’s a good thing that the dependent country also covers an area of the mainland, and it can be controlled. If she is a Chinese, there is a conspiracy interspersed among them.
Yunzui has been to Xiangge, but it can be sure that Wu Xiangxiang knows Yunmo’s identity.
But I still took Yunmo in. Aren’t you afraid she’ll get hurt?
Moreover, Yunmo was forced to marry Wangping, but finally Wuxiang helped Yunmo burn Wangping to death.
Wu Xiang Niang’s help to Yunmo in this way is really the face of Liyun Mo to make money?
I’m afraid it’s not that simple. Although Yunmo is beautiful, Wu Xiangxiang can also go to the slave auction venue to find slaves she likes, and it won’t cost too much to buy back, and she can make a lot of money.
But for Yunmo, you worked so hard to reach a boss and employees with Yunmo?
Yunzui feels that Wu Xiang Niang won’t suffer so much in vain. She is very clever.
And now that Yunmo has no prime minister’s strength, there is no good picture!
The only certainty is that Mu Lian is behind Yunmo!
Mu Lian admires Yun Mo, but what if Wu Xiang Niang is Li Yun Mo to contain Mu Lian?
Mu Lian is a general guarding the border. He has soldiers in his hand. If Mu Lian rebelled, it would be much easier for the sea country to attack or launch an attack on the mainland.
It seems that Wu Xiangxiang is likely to be a Chinese, and all this is a foreshadowing and foreshadowing for the grand cause of the country, but it is just a chess game.
And Yunmo will be willing to be rewarded even if she knows it. It’s good that she wants revenge, no matter whether it will destroy the country or not!
All this seems to make sense.
"From now on, pay attention to Xiangge and don’t startle Wu Xiangxiang, who is probably a Chinese!" Cloud drunk thought after mouth to say
She is not too concerned about the affairs of state, but Chi Mi, the sovereign of Mo Chi Kingdom, is also famous in mainland China. Yun Zui, his girlfriend in Chi Mi, is of course in charge of this matter!
What’s more, Li Wuxiang wants to get back at her for being drunk! How could she stand by and watch her get drunk? !
297 Chapter 297 Xu Qinger accident.
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Wu Xiang Niang’s goal is to contain Mu Lian with Li Yunmo, so that the border soldiers can defect and let the compatriots kill in the mainland.
That’s when the war started!
Xiao Tian nodded solemnly immediately after Yunzui confessed.
I have to say that when the clouds are drunk and quiet, thinking about problems is so focused and serious, and working women are very attractive, and a strong woman is generally there.
In this ancient times, when the status of women was low, it was so confusing that it stood out and made people shine!
It’s also bright and blind. Xiao Tianyan has taken away his three souls and seven spirits!
Yunzui went back to the Prime Minister’s Mansion from the polar building, but he still saw Xu Qinger’s servant magpie and Ge Guan looking for something with lanterns.