Because high-order lingshi is far from being comparable to low-order lingshi in cultivation, if it is really to be converted into proportion, it is now recognized in the cultivation world that 50 low-order lingshi can be exchanged for a middle-order lingshi and 100 middle-order lingshi can be exchanged for a high-order lingshi.

When I say free, these are actually the price of ten high-grade lingshi.
And not only that, but even with such a high conversion rate, few monks exchange high-order lingshi for low-order lingshi, which is definitely not a small number.
Even if Meng Qi took it to Fangshi for auction, even though it was possible to get low-order Lingshi with more value, there was no free hand to take out these Lingshi.
So Meng Qi is very satisfied with this transaction.
Meng Qi took out a jade box and handed it to Free, saying, "This is the remnant spirit fruit. Please have a look."
Free walked over and took the jade box and looked at it with a crack. There was no problem. The jade box said, "I finally went to a worry, so Meng Xiong will leave here."
"Oh, brother, go slow and you won’t send it." Meng Qi also smiled and said.
"Leave" and set up a flying instrument to break away.
Seeing that the wandering figure has disappeared, Meng Qi returned to the small room, and Cheng Ruowei was inside at this time to see Meng Qi coming in and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Meng Qi shook his head and said, "It’s not a deal." Now he is used to Cheng Rewei. Although they didn’t happen again, Meng Qi felt that it was not bad to have her around.
Meng Qi sat in a chair and wondered when this lingshi would be enough for himself. He just wanted to get some low-order lingshi to pay for it, but now that he had a windfall, he naturally had to make other plans.
Cheng Ruowei saw that Meng Qi seemed to be thinking about something. She came behind Meng Qi and put her arms around him from behind. She said, "I’ll help you with something."
Then gently blowing air in Meng Qi’s ear, while Meng Qi felt that the two groups behind him were rich and greasy and clung to himself. Meng Qiyi was a little nervous but also enjoyed it very much.
A little calm a mood Meng Qi told Cheng Rewei about this Lingshi thing. After all, Cheng Rewei’s head is not the average person who can compare with Meng Qi who is willing to worship the wind.
After listening to this, Cheng Rewei smiled and said, "What do you want? Do you need to go to a lot of lingshi places recently? It’s good for these Lingshi to stay in practice, especially after those high-order Lingshi, but you have great achievements when you are promoted to the next position. "
Meng Qi nodded, and he actually thought so, and since Cheng Rewei also said so, there was nothing to think about.
Without those things, I felt that I stood out again. Well, it’s really comfortable. Meng Qi closed his eyes and thought.
Cheng ruowei smiled cunningly when he saw Meng Qi. He knew that if he went like this, it might not be long before Meng Qi would feel his feelings.
However, with the end of the cultivation meeting, their horses will return to the clan, and there is still a woman who is worried about Meng Qi.
Thought of here Cheng Rewei frowned.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine No mouth
Chapter one hundred and ten No mouth
Cheng Rewei also knew that Meng Qi did not force him when he needed it.
This suspicion is very correct. Sometimes it will be counterproductive if Cheng Ruowei is so smart, a woman will naturally not make such a low-level mistake.
In this way, Meng Qi really feels relaxed. Of course, it is impossible to say that Meng Qi has no impulse to be in the same roof with such a beautiful lesbian every day.
At some time, Meng Qi will think of some very impure things, such as the charming dream and the glimpse of that day, which will make Meng Qi feel poor.
Although Meng Qi was deeply influenced by various films in his previous life, it was the first time to see a real girl’s sedan chair, especially when such a touching girl told him to think about it all.
However, after much consideration, Meng Qi dared not take the initiative to ask for anything. One was his own problem, and the other was that he was still shy.
Although he is not a man, he just can’t mumble with Cheng Rewei’s eyes staring at Meng Qi, and he doesn’t know what to say. The good scene is awkward.
All this has been going on like this.
After a few days, I drifted to the ethereal Sect and found Meng Qi.
"Meng Xiong, this is a high-order LingShi two hundred middle-order LingShi in but it took some effort to raise" free walked over and took out a bag and handed it to Meng Qi.