Cloud and gas floating fast knot in the horizon

A monster with a lion’s head and a lion’s body and a pair of huge wings on the back of a fox’s tail hovers in a virtual shadow, half dignified and intimidating, and comes out with a little cold as hell.
Ghost owl? Looking at the virtual shadow in Yanglingtian, a noun that I don’t know where I have seen suddenly emerged in my mind.
The ghost owl was born in the extremely cold world, and the ominous fierce beast passed by, and the disaster was like thunder and trance.
When I was young, my blue body gradually turned black in my semi-adult state. A cannibal soul can promote its own growth by devouring the remnants of the soul. This kind of monster has the wind and thunder force, and its wings vibrate quickly. The flying speed of lightning is faster than that of heaven and earth, and Dapeng Golden Wings are not so fast. After entering the semi-adult state, besides the peak of soul-eating talent, it will slowly absorb the wind and thunder force of heaven and earth and gradually turn golden.
"So you are a ghost owl." Yanglingtian gently shook his head and remembered that the other party mistook himself for a demon race and wanted to devour things. He couldn’t help but smile.
"There is still some knowledge!" Master Kun nodded proudly. "Hehe, I still want to thank you. The demon race in your body has helped me a lot. If my ancient demon race adds another bodhi old zu, you should remember the first achievement!"
"Are you so sure you can swallow it?" Yanglingtian’s face smile is more intense.
"That’s natural!" Master Kun is full of pride. "I know that your body is very powerful, but it’s a pity that you are a human body and my demon spirit are extremely difficult to blend. It’s only the tip of the iceberg that can exert its power at most, but having my talent as a ghost owl is easy for me to grasp how powerful he is for this unconscious spirit, but it takes a while to refine."
The illusory animal shadow fluttered gently around, and the wind blew like a cold air knife, and it was already a pain in Yangling’s face that had not yet started.
The dark phantom gradually narrowed and finally became a mini ghost owl with a length of one or three inches, which entered from the eyebrows of Yangling day without hindrance. At the same time, Master Kun’s body became sluggish due to his spiritual separation.
However, the silver-haired youth still quietly smiled, as if the root was aware of the other person’s life, and even didn’t even fight back.
"There are times when you cry when you pretend!" Master Kun scolded him. Although he was fascinated by the body, there was still a connection between the body and the soul. Naturally, he could "see" Yanglingtian’s facial expression.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ Lao will soon be the bodhi old zu ~ ~ ~" Master Kun shouted as he walked through.
"Hey ~ ~ ~ What is this?" When I arrived at the time when the silver-haired youth knew the sea, Master Kun finally recovered from the excitement and replaced it with a full face of shock!
In Yanglingtian, the sea of insight is surrounded by nine colors of brilliance, and a nine-colored cloud group floats quietly.
The clouds are clear and natural as if they were not bound by heaven and earth.
No, it’s not unconstrained by heaven and earth
But the constraint of heaven and earth law
Although the cloud is soft, it contains an unyielding momentum besides the natural noble dust, which makes heaven and earth not only restrain his freedom, but also make the lonely days tremble
"Is this what he got?" Master Kun muttered in absentia.
But in an instant, he shook his head again and waved away this unrealistic idea.
Because of his talent, the body-ghost owl family naturally has a thorough study of the spirit of time creatures
Although there is a certain spirit in the misty clouds.
But ~ ~ ~ Since the beginning of time, let alone the monster beast clan, I have never heard of anyone who once had such a nine-color fascination.
And this is not a key world wonder. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it means you have to hide your knowledge of the sea.
The reason why Master Kun really denied that he was looking for the demon race was that he felt a kind of indestructible atmosphere from that cloud.
Although I don’t know the feeling, Master Kun knows very well that it is true and believes that this thing is really difficult to bury, because it is a gift of the Ghost Owl clan, and he feels that he has never missed it.
Heaven and earth are hard to bury? Just kidding! Even if the creator of the universe is not lost in the boundless stars.
If this gives him the feeling that heaven and earth are difficult to bury, is his master more powerful than the ancestor god?