Xiao Yong even understood it.

But empress Cao is not white.
Xiao Yong looked at her coldly as if she were a dead man.
Finally, I said, "Cao Shi buried the princess’s tomb after her death."
The queen mother Cao was probably shocked by this. Looking at Xiao Yong for a long time, she didn’t come back during the meeting.
While Xiao Yong got up and left the main hall with the support of the official.
Empress Cao’s face changed a little and she looked at Li Lingyu gnashing her teeth. "He … unexpectedly … you are in a big position!"
Li Lingyu saw her kneeling there without saying a word.
Since Xiao Yong refused to bury her with the Mausoleum, it would be disowning this successor.
She felt funny again. After Yuan, both of them were young. Xiao Yong and Yuan were buried together. Don’t you think Yuan can’t explain it?
She is also not good at breaking off with an old lady, so she went out of Suzaku Temple and Xiao Yong said, "I should ask Chen to stay for a few days and make sure he doesn’t spoil it. I will never move him."
Xiao Yong probably knew that she wanted to do things openly and said, "His life expectancy is detrimental, that is his life."
Li Lingyu doesn’t like to hear this. If Xiao Yong didn’t commit crimes, it might not be this field.
In the evening, when she finally finished her work, Yan Bainian came back. Li Lingyu asked, "Is your brother gone?"
"Leave at noon"
Neither of them stopped to have a rest after the wedding.
At this time, the two of them were sitting on the couch in the back hall, and Li Lingyu leaned against Yan Bainian.
Yan Bainian discussed with her, "I’ll go back to the northern border of Sizhou first, and now it’s different from other places. Sizhou can cultivate refugees in the north and return to the north to appease them …"
Li Lingyu listened to his careful arrangement and suddenly asked, "Have you ever heard of military exploits?"
Yan Bainian has never heard of it.
"Too close to the northern fields, the people dare not live, but the military field does less work and taxes or taxes belong to the army, so the northern army can be self-sufficient …" She was not sure about the specific regulations on military reclamation, but she still gave Yan Bainian a sentence.
But this is enough for Yan Bainian to be happy. He directly held her head and kissed her, boasting, "Why are you so clever?"
The northern territory has been restricted by grain and grass for so many years, and my father has imposed taxes on a small scale, which is not in line with the law, but there is nothing I can do to remove grain and grass
It would be different if the land was reclaimed by the army.
Late at night, he got up barefoot with a candlestick and went to the front hall to get a pen and paper. He and Li Lingyu were on the couch and began to draft the specific articles of association for conceiving military exploits and wasteland reclamation.
Li Lingyu didn’t expect him to react so much to the personnel changes in the DPRK and the official disputes. She told him, and he listened to it. He occasionally discussed with her, but he was far less excited than the military reclamation.
At the end of March, Li Lingyu changed the title of Taihe, which was the first year of Taihe.
Since then, the turmoil has been too long and it has been busy with innovation.
At the end of June of the first year of Taihe, the Qingzhou Hong Kong merchant team returned
Xue Yang led the accounts and entered the palace with a dignified look to reimburse Li Lingyu.
When he met Li Lingyu, he said, "The Hong Kong merchant team in Qingzhou is back."
Li Lingyu looked at it before he took over less than four hundred and two thousand entries in the books.
It’s not very different from what she expected, and the second merchant ship has already set off
Li Lingyu asked Xue Yang, "What about Master Xue?"
Xue Yang has been digesting the news today and has been busy with accounting these days.
"This income is indeed considerable."
Li Lingyu said; "At the latest, Guangzhou Port will be opened at the end of the year. You don’t have to go far to the west to pay for it. You can also practice navy with money."
When Xue Yang saw that she didn’t care, she knew that she expected more, which was not up to the requirements.
"In this, Li Chen is probably clear and knows the meaning of the temple."
Li Lingyu said, "Mr. Xue will show me that the purse is under construction in the north and the canal is under construction in the south. No one will bite his teeth easily this year. It is better to turn over the annual meeting."
Xue Yang believed her this time.
"This summer harvest …"
"Now that we have the input, we will reduce the tax and let the people relax. The war in the north has repeatedly increased taxes, and even going to Jiangnan like this will be really against it." Li Lingyu joked.
Xue Yang is more stingy than she is. "I went back to think about how to reduce this tax. First, I made a charter. Now the north road has been repaired to Yuzhou Luyang and Wang Ren is still in the Huaihe River area."
Li Lingyu was teased by his meanness and said, "According to Lord Xue."
Later, Cao Yin went on business and talked about the Tangut people in Qinzhou’s westernization. It has been several months since Yan Bainian returned to the north. Cao Yin also felt unreasonable. Less than a month after the wedding, Wang Fubei returned to Li Lingyu without touching the ground.
Occasionally, the small collectors of Yushitai will talk about her, but it is just a successor of yin and yang.