"Xi Yanxiu was really able to separate the spiritual body from the spiritual body of a practitioner, but since it was the leader of the celestial skeleton who caused this ending, how can you order the celestial skeleton to ally with other killers?"

"That’s because I was injured by the princess when I killed you, and I have since disappeared from the princess to vent my anger and secretly take people to the lair of the Heavenly Skeleton League to force us to obey the command of foreign countries in the West, so we can order them around at will."
"Brother Dongfang said that it should be the method of recreating the flesh. Wouldn’t it be so much trouble for the whole Longyuan continent to go around if you wanted to find the Dongsheng medical star?"
"Ah, my body is damaged beyond human power, and I was sealed as soon as I was injured. Unless I find an immediate remodeling method, even if I can remove the seal, my body will instantly melt the dust."
Zhao Lanxin said, let the wind slave take out a round bead like skin color from the close-fitting luggage, and be stunned by the palm of his hand like a pill.
"This … this is your body?"
"It’s true that even Princess Xuanshuang herself can lift the seal of this corpse. I expected the treasure of God to help me recover my body, but I didn’t expect it to fall short. Now I hope it is where Oriental Excellence said. I hope he didn’t lie to me."
"Don’t worry, Brother Dongfang is proficient in Yi Shu. He said that things must be close to each other. If we explore carefully, we will naturally gain something. Rou Er and I will help you, right?" The wind Xiang turned to ask to fly beside Rou Er.
Rou Er listened to Fengxiang talking with Zhao Lanxin all the way, and an inexplicable jealousy rose in his heart. Although he lost his past memory, he still vaguely paid attention to the feeling of love for Fengxiang, so he didn’t feel upset when he saw his daughter so close.
On hearing Fengxiang ask himself, Rou Er turned his head and replied, "Yes, Sister Zhao, we will help you. I don’t know what that place is …"
"There will be an answer soon!"
Zhao Lanxin followed the wind and pointed out that there was a dark cloud in the jungle ahead. In that cloud stood a towering column with ten people around it, and the whole column was carved with several grotesque patterns on its rough surface. At first glance, it went straight into the sky and I didn’t know where it led.
Everyone looked at each other and flew towards Fang’s dark clouds, only to find that at the first touch, they suddenly felt that their strength was lost, especially when the unlucky wind Xiang escaped from the shackles of colorful clouds, and he could also escape and avoid watching himself hang a towering tree and looked at the people on the ground with a sad face.
Although the local people wanted to save Fengxiang, they saved him because of the lost method. They shouted in the swing, "Help me quickly!" "
"good! The wind, flowers, snow and moon will take back the colorful ropes and let us come! " Zhao Lanxin bad smile to say
"Don’t don’t …"
Before Fengxiang could stop him, he saw that the four slaves had taken back four colorful ropes with a charming smile, which suddenly made Fengxiang fall from it, but it happened that Zhao Lanxin fell on his face.
Fengxiang felt a tender look in his hand and gasped at the sight. It turned out that his palm pressed Zhao Lanxin’s chest like a second, and the other arm was hugging the slender waist branch. The soft and warm feeling made the original impulse in his heart detain the bud. I didn’t expect the mental body to have such a real feeling.
Thinking about the wind in my head, Xiang couldn’t help but swell up, which just arrived at Zhao Lanxin’s flat abdomen. She was so ashamed that she blushed and forgot to push it aside, and she was constantly jealous.
"When do you still want to be lingering? Get up and see what’s going on. We are all lucky."
Rou Er was extremely dissatisfied with the fact that Feng Xiang and Zhao Lanxin both woke up suddenly after drinking. This just hurriedly pushed each other’s bodies and adjusted their clothes and blushed. This just looked at the surrounding environment.
Zhao Lanxin’s mood at this time is like a deer running and jumping, but she can’t figure out that she has always been indifferent. Did she really like this glib little ruffian with the wind flying just now …
And the wind Xiang heart is another idea finally succeeded, this time not only touched her but also hugged her step should be … Hey hey, but it seems a little sorry that Rou Er and Yuenu don’t care if I am so handsome now, I think they should not mind!
They found that there was a strong black fog around the tower, which made people feel weak and weak. Even the wind, the monty, the Yuan God and Rou Er’s real dragon force were hard to destroy, and they immediately guessed that the black fog was strange, but it was already possible to crustily skin of head and look for it.
Chapter 27 The Lord God’s Sky
"If the Oriental Excellence said that the method was just a cylinder, we wouldn’t have to climb like this, would we?" The moon slave looked at the stone pillars that were too high to see the top, and said that if you really want to climb the top by human resources, it is indeed unthinkable.
"If the real face is ok, the most terrible thing is to climb to the top only to find that it is not depressed to the extreme …" When Feng Xiang spoke, he deliberately avoided Rou Er and the moon slaves staring at him, and his eyes seemed to hide his guilt.
"Feng Gong said it makes sense. Since you have said so, why not let you climb?" Zhao Lanxin looked at the wind and was distracted. She couldn’t help but deliberately make a bad move.
"I a person? That one thousand is really the East Brother said that the method of restoring the body is right. Even if I urge you to call that high place again, you can’t hear it … "
"Are you a man here? You don’t always have to ask us girls to climb with you. What if there is no face? Well, if you don’t refuse much, you will be the representative when we pass! " Zhao Lanxin said to the daughters with a wink, and she saw Rou Er and Yue Nu repeatedly applauding, as if struggling to vent the vinegar accumulated in her heart just now.
"You women who eat and crawl outside …"
Whispering in Fengxiang’s mouth, he was reluctant to think about the direction of the tower column and walked slowly. What did you say? He jumped to the top of the column in a hurry.
During the crawling process, Feng Xiang tried several times to gather the magic gas, but it didn’t work out, so he was able to grab the cylinder and slowly climb to the top of his mouth. He still muttered, "Mom, I haven’t heard of Longyuan mainland for so many years. Is it really killing me to suddenly grow up?"
Seeing Fengxiang shouting and cursing, he tried to climb to the top and soon disappeared. Now he is in a dilemma. If he falls carelessly, he will fall to pieces and continue to face such a boring action at the end, which is not only a physical test but also a mental test.
"Do you think Feng Gong can climb to the top?" Tower column square month slave slightly regret asked.
"Why? Do you care about him so much? "
"Not miss … I’m worried about him falling …"
"Ever since you came back from the ghost cave, I think you’re strange. Is there something happening in that cave?"
"No … nothing happened!" The moon slave panicked and argued that the thought of the scene in the ghost cave at that time made her feel hot and flushed.