"Hey, no, no"

Suluo "I’m sorry to bother you, but I’ll sing you a song."
The crowd suddenly boiled, thunderous hands suddenly sounded, and the village chief was dumbfounded. This boastful young man is really awesome. No wonder a song can get a primary school.
"Then I’ll come."
"Xishan grey vast east China sea.
Our school is solemn and lonely in the center.
Eastern and Western cultures come together.
Datong Ji Zu Guoguang
Shenxin learns from afar.
Shenxin learns from afar.
Spring breeze brings rain and joy to Weiyang.
If you are healthy, you must be self-reliant
If you are healthy, you must be self-reliant
A great god is a great god.
With that solemn feeling, the song made everyone burst into tears and solemn.
"Know the first literature and art from it.
Lide made a point to ask West and East.
Which introduction is our school merit?
Colleagues regard the great wind as nothing.
Shui Mu Tsinghua Zhongxiuzhong
Shui Mu Tsinghua Zhongxiuzhong
Ten thousand people are as loyal as one arrow
Hehewu is poor in school name.
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa"
"Hehe, my school name is poor"
"Pit Lord, I love you"
"Ah ah ah"
So Shui Mu Tsinghua of Beijing Wudaokou Technical College added a school song, the old school song in the past, er, now it’s a new school song.
"I want to take an examination of Tsinghua University later."
Wu Pu’s eyes are glowing after coming out.
"Tell you that all students in China want to take the exam."
"I’m sure I can take the exam."
"haha, of course I believe it."
"What does it mean to ask West East?"
"Ask freedom, ask affection, ask prosperity, ask initial heart, dare to love what you love, do what you do and listen to your heart"
Suluo stopped smiling at Wu Pu once again rubbed his little head and said softly.
"what the heart wants to ask the west and the east"
I don’t know if the little guy understands. After Tsinghua University came out, Wu Pu has been very excited. Before the mood was high, the words became a lot.
The teacher elder sister is also very excited tearing suluo clothes coquetry way.
"Master, master, I will also take the Tsinghua University exam later."