They have no second possibility except to leave Zhao Rujun’s house despondently.

What is even more commendable is that after such a bleak ending, no one resented Zhao Rujun’s father and daughter. On the contrary, many people became sworn enemies and hated each other for tearing themselves down and exposing themselves.
After Zhao Rujun’s death, his father asked the patriarch to make decision together. Zhao Rujun’s son-in-law adopted his son in law, and all his future possessions were given to her children and grandchildren. Of course, the patriarch did not contribute in vain.
When all the uncles and cousins saw this result, they accepted it calmly, and no one ever played the idea of Zhao’s family property again
Everyone is the same. I’m hopeless and I can’t take advantage of you for nothing!
Zhao Rujun was fifteen years old when this matter was finalized.
If from the beginning, she gave birth to an adopted family, people would definitely disagree. They have already taken Master Zhao’s property for granted, so how can they be cheap to outsiders? But after all this trouble, people don’t agree! It can be seen that Zhao Rujun has a deep mind
Before they put their ideas to Zhao Rujun’s adopted husband, Master Zhao and Zhao Rujun have made public the criteria for choosing a husband, that is, pushing those uncles away.
You want to be adopted by wife? According to the standard! If you don’t meet the standard, you are not good enough to blame others!
Of course, if she likes it, she naturally has a law that the person meets the standard.
The problem is that after all these years, no one has ever entered her eyes.
But she is not in a hurry to ask her to nod. Are you worried that you can’t get a husband?
After listening to the magpie, Zhao Rujun didn’t speak, slender and white, holding a tea bowl in one hand and gently fiddling with the tea leaves on the other hand, hanging down the rice beads and tassels, gently shaking his mind and being idle, but the momentum that emanates from the outside is not dare to stare.
There is a cause called "tension" flowing in the air.
Magpie consciously licked his lips and throat as if he had been gripped by a hand, and his breathing was not smooth.
"Tell the truth!" Half ring Zhao Rujun Fang said lightly with a somewhat lazy and lazy tone, but with people dare to resist Ling 57. Chapter 57 On getting him.
"Miss!" Magpie "flop" knelt down and trembled. "That Jane, he, he is so ungrateful that he refused to come! His main family also said something that was not obedient and incited! Handmaiden shouldn’t cheat miss handmaiden damn it! "
Zhao Rujun glanced at her and said lightly, "Damn it, it’s too serious. It’s true that it should be brought down! You’ve been with me for so many years. Don’t you know my sex? I hate it when people cheat me! Wait for yourself to get punished and slap ten! And "
Zhao Rujun briefly thought for a moment and said, "What’s that called Jane’s skill is really good? It’s been practiced at first sight! Since you praised Haikou at the beginning, you still have to do it, such as bringing him to our house! "
Although the man was dressed in a white-washed coarse cloth and short brown, his eyes, as bright as paint and as deep as pool, were very unusual.
At that time, he pulled the reins to control the crazy horse. It was impossible for others to see it in one go. It was too easy for him. I don’t know how many people will be compared with this casual show.
Zhao Rujun had a hunch that he would not lose if he could accept this person.
"You listen to the wages casually he spoke" Zhao Rujun added during the.
Magpie has promised to be surprised to hear this sentence, and can’t help but "ah". She looked up and saw Zhao Rujun staring at her coldly, knowing that she was rude, and hurriedly bowed her head and said, "It’s the handmaiden who knows!"
Magpie can’t understand Zhao Rujun’s way of thinking, is Miss Zhao going to repay her kindness? I didn’t repay you like this! This theory is who has such an opportunity and can’t open his mouth …
She didn’t know that Zhao Rujun knew that Jane was not like this. People with that skill and tolerance were definitely not like this.
Even Fang Zhou and Jane came home, and when they saw that they had bought so many things and heard that they had made so much money, the whole family was very happy, talking and laughing.
Even Fang Zhou laughed, "I bought a lot of flour today and cut the meat. Let’s make dumplings tonight! Later, I will go to the vegetable garden to cut some leeks, pull out some celery and pick some cabbage to make stuffing with meat! "
It’s rare to eat dumplings twice a year in the village, let alone meat stuffing. Even Fang Qing and Lian Che are very happy, and Third Aunt is also happy and busy. "Get more food and more packages! It’s cold, too. I can stay for another meal early! Hey, I’d better go to the vegetable garden! "
"That’s all right, third aunt. Go!" Even fangzhou smiled and didn’t stop her.
Even Fang Zhou called Jane again and counted six hundred articles to give Jane. Before she could speak, Jane had pushed back. "What did you give me this for?" I don’t take these! "
"How can I get by without giving you? You have made great efforts to burn charcoal! " Even fangzhou laughed
A simple way: "I live here, eat, wear and live everything. If you take the money again, I will feel uneasy!" You can keep it! Just give me some more travelling expenses when I remember who I am and leave one day! "
Even Fang Zhou can’t help him if he has to promise, so it’s the same. I’m wondering if I should give my three aunts twenty or thirty articles later. Thanks to my three aunts’ help in doing some housework and guarding my two children.
Three aunts picked vegetables back even fangzhou saw that a lot of Chinese cabbage, leeks and celery could not help laughing. "Three aunts can’t eat so many dishes! It’s hard for us to make dumplings once, order less and get more meat to eat! "
"You said it backwards!" Third aunt busy way "more food that is really real! Can eat two meals! "
If in the past, even Fangzhou would rather eat vegetarian stuffing, but after this oil-poor day, when it comes to eating meat, she really has the feeling that her eyes shine
I’ve long wanted to have a good meat dumpling. Where will I listen to my third aunt? Just think about the stocky dumplings, which are full of meat, take a bite of gravy, full of fragrant meat and coriander, and the taste is very good. They are so fragrant that they are comfortable at heart!
Even Fangzhou said that if she wanted to eat, she could also pack eggs and cabbage stuffing. After working hard these days, she had a good meal, which she reluctantly agreed.
Suddenly, the whole family was busy. Three aunts kneaded the dough, and even Fangzhou cut about two kilograms of meat, washed it and cut it into pieces, and then chopped it into minced meat. Even Ze and three brothers and sisters went to wash vegetables, and Jane was chopping wood in the yard.
Chopped the meat for a while and put it in a bowl like a basin. Then, cut a part of Chinese cabbage, leek and celery into cubes, put it in a big bowl, and cut a small handful of chopped green onion. Sprinkle a layer of salt evenly, and then stir the bamboo chopsticks back and forth. Soon, the vegetables and meat will be mixed evenly.
Aunt San had already made up her face and put it aside. She was awake and called Lian Ze for water. Carefully clean the square table and dustpan, and then roll the dough and dustpan to put the dumplings.
Everything is ready here. Even Fangzhou came in with a big bowl of dumplings and asked with a smile, "Are you awake?" These trapped energy packages are quite a lot! "
The third aunt couldn’t help hissing when she saw the mixed stuffing. "Oh, why did you add such a dish? It’s so extravagant!"
Even Fang Zhou laughed. "I’ve added a lot. That’s it! It tastes delicious like this! "
"That said? So much meat can’t smell good … "It’s good for three aunts to see that even Fangzhou is not willing to listen to her toothache for a while.
When I woke up for a while, my third aunt sprinkled two dry powders on the desktop and spread them evenly. She kneaded the noodles into several long strips and pinched a pimple the size of a small glutinous rice ball. Even Fang Zhou took a rolling pin and rolled the noodles.
Even ze brothers and sisters sit there and want to help, but even Fang Qing’s heart itches from his hand and asks, "Sister, what are we doing?" What are we doing! "
"You?" Third aunt smiled and said, "Wait for it!"
"Don’t! We also want to help! " Even Fang Qing is still looking at Lian Fangzhou.