So Chang Xiangsi stood in the same place and watched Feng Jiangyi being helped out of the hall by Feng Lisu. After Feng Jiangyi walked out of the hall, she smiled bitterly. "The emperor doesn’t have to condescend to lower your minister and brother to enjoy it!"

Feng Li Su glanced at him. "Do you want to? I will make you give up lovesickness! And no matter whether she is always my imperial concubine, now she has begun to choose a good day, and when the date is fixed, there will be a ceremony of canonization. In the future, she will be a veritable imperial concubine and your wife! "
Feng Jiang Yi smiled and took his arm back from Feng Li Su.
"The emperor is very confident, not as good as you and my brother. Let’s see who is lovesick! In the end, it’s hard to say whether Acacia will become an emperor’s sister-in-law or an emperor’s sister-in-law. Although there is not much, there is only one sincere emperor. Don’t forget that the emperor has so many women in the harem that jealousy will burn the reason. I don’t think it would be good for Acacia to enter the palace, even if it is protected by the emperor, but it is difficult for those maids and eunuchs to be bought by harem women. Can the emperor prevent it? "
"Acacia is not more than enough for people to deal with those in the harem. Can I protect those women and move her?"
"If the emperor thinks so, it’s wrong. Acacia is too narrow-minded. Do you think she will let her man have other women besides her? There are many women in the Queen’s Palace, and the influence of those women’s family should not be underestimated. When the emperor let them enter the palace, it was necessary to balance power! "
Speaking of this, Feng Jiangyi smiled. "At this point, my brother has a better chance of winning!"
He has always known that he always loves himself, and there is no concubine in the backyard of the former Wangfu. In this regard, compared with Feng Li Su, he is more suitable for the standard of mate selection, and now he is already in his heart. Although he is not big, he will occupy all of her when he grows up.
Feng Li Su frowned slightly at the thought of his harem women, but those women could be kept in his harem.
However, if the fake phase is found out, most of the court officials need to change harem, and those women can naturally know that more than half of them are left.
Regardless of whether Chang Xiangsi likes him or not, just say that she is really small-minded and how can she allow other women around him!
Seeing Feng Lisu’s silence and Feng Jiang’s clothes, I know that I have spoken to his heart. "The emperor might as well stop and give up his homesickness!"
"No way!"
Feng Lisu suddenly stopped. "I will send you here and I will let you give up!"
Then he turned and left without looking back.
Feng Jiangyi glanced back at his leaving figure and sighed gently. "Since you can let go, why should I let go?"
He won’t let go, even at the cost of his life!
Feng Jiang clothes slowly returned to Fenghua Building step by step, and the lovesickness over there has returned to Yingnuan Building, because people take care of it every day, especially because Xuanwu wants to live in, and every corner of Yingnuan Building is extremely clean.
She randomly chose a room to live in and found it clean and tidy, which was quite satisfactory.
But when I was about to lie down, I heard the knocking at the door, and I often missed some impatience. "Who is it!"
"I miss the door!"
It was only when he saw the candle in the room that he realized that acacia Chang should have lived in this place.
"Are you finished or want to be a eunuch? If you don’t sleep at this late hour, can’t others sleep? "
I didn’t see that her sleep quality was so low, so I didn’t want her to lie down!
"There is nothing I want to talk to you about. I miss you very much when you leave me alone in the palace these days!"
"Then you go back to your room and miss it slowly. Don’t read it out and bother me! Get out! "
She simply got caught and turned over again.
< p>Feng Li Su sighed for a long time outside the door. Did he miss her and want to say a few words alone without giving him a chance?
Feng Li Su turned and leaned her back against the door, her eyes rested on the dark sky outside. Tonight, the sky is really dark, and no star is as black as ink.
After a long time, he suddenly said, "Acacia I won’t give up on you! It won’t be you eleven! "
He walked lonely towards his room.
A group of people often miss their pulse after eating too early, and then they let go of their hands and said, "What a coincidence that your poisoning is a solution for a dead girl!"
The other two people’s hearts sank and looked at Xuanwu. Feng Li Su first asked, "Aren’t you an imperial doctor?"
Xuanwu looked at Feng Lisu and said politely, "Back to the Emperor, there is really no antidote for this red face and bones, but Acacia girls should eat a lot of drugs to clear away poison and soothe the nerves these days. Fortunately, the poison in her body is still shallow, otherwise it will be difficult to control even if there are more drugs to clear away poison and soothe the nerves. In the end, she will lose weight quickly, lose memory and die crazy!"
I always miss my heart and tell her that this medicine was developed by Xuanwu. Doesn’t he have an antidote yet?
Feng Jiang’s face is also a little bad. "Xuanwu, can you tell the king that you can solve this poison?"
Xuanwu nodded, "Although there is no antidote, fortunately, the toxicity is not light and it will take some time!"
The three of them were relieved. Xuanwu asked, "This rare poison can’t be sold in the drugstore outside. How did you get poisoned?"
Beauty and bones are the poison he developed, which rarely flows out unless it is bought by Jianghu sects with heavy money, but he won’t give much because this medicine is too toxic. If it is poisoned by mouth, it will be fatal if it is contaminated with skin for a long time!
Feng Jiang Yi glanced at Yi Lee Yi Lee and immediately handed a box to Xuan Dance.
"This is what Huei-fang carried with her before. At the beginning, the sovereign suspected that she was poisoned after contacting these things. She hid all these things and thought that the imperial doctor would come here to judge which one was wrong!"
Feng Li Su looked at the contents of the box, a piece of black jade, a dagger and a pair of jade bracelets and a string of phoenix Buddha beads that he presented to her at the welcome banquet that day.
When Feng Li Su saw that piece of black jade, his face turned cold. He didn’t forget the origin of that piece of black jade. It was given by the emperor when Feng Jiang Yi was ten years old. I didn’t expect him to give it to Chang Xiangsi!
And the origin of that string of phoenix-eye bodhi beads is also given by the queen of the welcome banquet!
Xuan Wu took a look at a few things inside and found that they were all extraordinary things. He looked towards the flames.
"You can prepare four bowls filled with clear water and put a spoonful of salt in each bowl!"
The flame immediately went to prepare for lovesickness but felt puzzled. "What are you going to do?"
Xuan dance smiled at her "you will know in a moment! However, if you know the origin of these things, it is very simple to catch the poisonous person. I wonder if anyone else has touched these things except you on weekdays? "
Chang Xiangsi shook his head. "These things are all carried with me before. They are phoenix clothes. I suspect that something I touched on weekdays was poisoned before I took them and put them in the box!"
Feng Lisu suddenly stared at the string of phoenix-eyed bodhisattvas. "Acacia ink jade is eleven to give you a jade bracelet, I give you phoenix-eyed bodhisattva beads, but the queen gives you so … where did this dagger come from?" ——
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"Is Xiao Mu to is that time when we met the assassination in the original! I don’t think Xiao Mu will hurt me! "
"Don’t worry, if the queen harms you, I will never bypass her!"
These things were given to him by the four of them. There is no reason to harm her, and Xiao Mu’s motive to harm her can’t be found. Only the queen’s motive is the biggest and the most suspected!
That rainy night in the hospital, I often miss someone who hurts her. He must make the other person regret it!
Often acacia slightly evoked a smile, "Is it clear for the Queen?"
At this time, the flame brought four bowls of water with salt and put it on the table. Xuanwu put all four bowls in place. When the salt did not melt, he often missed a hairpin and stirred it in each bowl.
Then he enlarged the exquisite dagger into a bowl, sank the half dagger into the water in the bowl, put the black jade in the second bowl, put the pair of jade bracelets in the third bowl, and finally the phoenix Buddha beads fell into the fourth bowl.
Often acacia suddenly took out that piece of jasper token from her arms "and this token! I also carried it with me for a long time. "
Feng Lisu looked cold. "Do you suspect that I poisoned you?"
There are two kinds of these things when he gives them.
Often acacia laughed. "I didn’t say that you gave me poison. This thing is in my body. Maybe it’s impossible to a willing heart around me." !”
The flame over there soon brought another bowl of water, and Chang acacia put the jade token into the fifth bowl of water.
At this time, a group of people stared at the five bowls and looked at Feng Lisu and wondered, "What does the imperial doctor mean?"
Xuanwu is in no hurry. "If these things are stained with beauty and bones, this poison will be known for a while."
Sure enough, a group of people waited for some time, and suddenly one of the bowls began to slowly emit black smoke.
Everyone looked towards that bowl, and it was the fourth bowl where the Cheng-feng Buddha beads were placed. After the black smoke rose gently, every bead also bubbled up like boiling water, while all the other bowls were moving.