Then continue to dig deeper and find that Rudy Gonzalez used to be Hertha’s coach and also served as the acting head coach of a game, but he coached Hertha and was beaten five times by Atletico Madrid’s B team, and he also had a head coach’s life, and then he won the game and became a winning assistant coach.

Later, Chang Sheng had been banned for two games, and the manager was the same Rudy Gonzalez, but he still screwed up. At that time, the local media in Hertha also analyzed what Rudy Gonzalez was not suitable for being a head coach and concluded that he was under the pressure of being a head coach because of his poor psychological quality.
Continue to dig and find that Rudy Gonzalez had a conflict with Changsheng, who was not particularly good when Changsheng just entered the Hertha first team.
But what made them good enough to wear a pair of pants?
The media came to a conclusion after studying it-Rudy Gonzalez’s training ability is good and not generally good, but very good.
Rudy Gonzalez is really responsible for the daily training of the winning team.
It is easy for all the media to come to the conclusion that Rudy Gonzalez is behind the magic of winning.
In fact, there is no magic key to winning, but Rudy Gonzalez is so powerful that he can design a training plan that can make players strengthen their strength quickly in a short time.
He is personally in charge of training, whether in Hertha or Valencia, the team has achieved such results
"… we have been focusing on the ever-victorious team, but the hero behind the team is the low-key assistant coach Rudy Gonzalez!"
"The media always publicizes that Valencia is the biggest contributor to winning the league title, but in fact there is someone else …"
Rudy Gonzalez was fired as the real hero behind the "myth of winning" and turned into the secret of the success of Hertha and Valencia.
Then when these reporters rushed to interview Rudy Gonzalez, Rudy Gonzalez looked confused. "What are you talking about?"
When he heard the reporter’s explanation clearly, he couldn’t help laughing. "Are you all right? Do you want to go to the hospital to see your brain? "
A group of reporters looked at each other and didn’t understand what Rudy Gonzalez would say.
They reported Rudy Gonzalez’s deeds in the hope of publicizing Rudy’s achievements, so that such an outstanding talent as him was buried.
This is a good thing for Rudy Gonzalez. What Rudy Gonzalez is not happy at all?
Besides, being so mean is just like that ever-victorious one … What do you mean, "Do you want to go to the hospital to see your brains"? Is this a kind word? Is this the attitude towards those journalists who come with good intentions?
I was surprised to see the reporters. Rudy Gonzalez sighed and shook his head and said, "I didn’t expect you to find out … yes, I admit that I am the hero behind the success of Chang’s team!"
The reporters’ eyes flashed hot light again.
He admitted it!
Rudy Gonzá lez will have to admit that they are hypocrites who always win and gain fame and fortune at the same time.
So they pricked up their ears and listened carefully to Rudy Gonzalez’s words.
Several pairs of eyes stared at Rudy Gonzalez intensely, never letting go of his expression change.
Seeing Rudy Gonzalez looking around, he mysteriously gathered up to the reporters and said in a low voice, "Since you all found out, I’ll tell you the truth … Actually, I’m a magician …"
"Ah?" A reporter couldn’t help crying out when he heard such an unexpected answer.
Rudy Gonzalez hurriedly put his hand to his mouth to shut up. "Shh! Smaller! Do you want me to burn to death? !” He looked angry.
But he went on talking.
"I’m a magician … I often use magic to help him achieve his goals. He needs to tell me his training goals, such as practicing ikiaka in a week. I’m so magical! It’s done! Actually a second can be a week is my fear of too shocking deliberately set up a smoke screen … "
"In fact, it’s not only training, but also the results of those games are manipulated by my magic … Why can Valencia double-kill Real Madrid at home and away and rob Real Madrid to watch the King’s Cup at the Bernabeu Stadium? Just because I did a good job in the coach’s seat! We won at the touch of magic! Otherwise, you, a rookie with little experience and prestige, can lead Hertha to avoid relegation when he has just taken over the team for ten games? How is it possible to lead Hertha to upgrade and win the league championship and the King’s Cup in the first full season? Also beat Atletico Madrid at home and away? Don’t talk about so many incredible things. Don’t you ever doubt it? Don’t you think this is abnormal? Haven’t you ever thought that this is a root that can’t explain what will happen? "
After a series of rhetorical questions, Rudy Gonzalez held his head high and said, "It’s simple because of me, the white wizard Rudy Gonzalez!"
"Don’t tell anyone what I told you today … I don’t think it’s easy for you to get close to the truth … that’s why I told you … don’t let me down … of course, if you really want to publish it, I don’t mind showing you the power of a white wizard!"
Say that finish Rudy Gonzalez cold face turned away a master demeanor.
A group of reporters looked at each other for a long time, and then someone tentatively asked, "I said, is he playing us?"
"mom! Of course he’s playing us! Do you know? "
"Who believes this nonsense!"
"What nonsense white wizard his mama The Lord of the Rings see much, right? !”
It’s like journalists coming back to life and swearing at Rudy Gonzalez’s background.
As if he were really a white wizard, Rudy Gonzá lez seemed to hear what these reporters said. He suddenly turned and pointed at the group of reporters.
The reporter who was swearing suddenly shut up, just like he was really afraid of the magic of Rudy Gonzalez, a white wizard …
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Wonderful work
When the reporters realized that they had all been fooled by Rudy Gonzalez, it became a farce to dig the secret behind the constant success.
All media reporter who have devoted their energy and time to this aspect have become joke.
There was no follow-up report, and it was heated up by the media before, so the topic cooled down quickly and then it was never seen again, as if it had never been there from the beginning.
This makes readers who are still expecting the media to dig deep into the secret behind the constant success feel puzzled-how did it suddenly disappear?
They don’t know that the media are really ashamed to continue reporting.
They are praising Rudy Gonzalez, even though their real purpose is to defeat the winning team.
But after all, it is also helping Rudy Gonzalez make a name for himself, which should be a good thing for Rudy Gonzalez.
They studied Rudy Gonzalez, who was dissatisfied with the winner because he took his position as head coach, and he still wanted to take his place after the winner secured the Hertha first-team head coach.
Reporters believe that since two people are in such a big contradiction, if they want to find Rudy Gonzalez, he will tell the truth, and then he will always win, either losing his reputation or losing his job or both.
But Rudy Gonzalez played a trick on them.
This makes reporters think impassability.
Are two people that good?
They believe that the main reason for bringing Rudy Gonzá lez to Valencia is the training ability of Rudy.
I didn’t expect Rudy Gonzalez to play all the reporters in turn!
Well, since Rudy Gonzalez doesn’t agree with this, it’s natural to forget it
But reporters will keep an eye on Changsheng, and they won’t believe that they can’t find the secret behind Changsheng’s success …
Team training, warm-up matches, inspection of training results, finding problems, correcting them in training, continuing warm-up matches, finding problems, and continuing to solve problems in training …
Time flies in this cycle.
In a blink of an eye, at the end of the month, Changsheng and the general manager of the club, pitarch, got up and went to Monaco to participate in the draw ceremony for the Champions League group in the new season.
This is not the first time that Changsheng has attended such a ceremony. He went there with pitarch this season, and that time he participated in the UEFA Cup draw ceremony.
Obviously, the UEFA Cup is far less popular than the Champions League.
Similarly, when he first went to the UEFA Cup draw ceremony, no one paid attention to him, and the reaction of European journalists to him was dull.