The whole team of gb in this game is just like taking stimulants. It makes no sense to find obu to die in Lu Yixuan’s galloping rhythm and drive the whole game obu into the sea of gb Wang Yang.

You have strong fighting capacity? Sorry, I’ll let you know what fighting capacity is!
After the game, all obu players’ eyes have lost their minds and have no fighting spirit. In this way, there is no suspense in the second game. The crystal base was broken in 17 minutes and 12 seconds and obu was sealed!
The result of the game came out, and all the people who were in the black gb couldn’t wait to have a crack to get in. The slap was so loud.
And Lu Yixuan continued to make mischief in the post-match press conference, especially those media reporters who used to call them bad. Faced with such achievements, these people can say that they can blush and falter, say a few words of congratulations on the wonderful game, and then quickly sit down.
And the reporter of "Washington Race" didn’t know where he went halfway through the first game, which made Lu Yixuan feel a little imperfect in his heart.
"Forget nineteen beauties ~ Ga Ga is really cool today!" Lu Yixuan looked at Taiwan and those who were afraid were very proud.
After the interview, gb and his party went back by bus. In the process of going back, Liu Feng found that Chu Tianxiang was sitting in the corner and his body was trembling slightly.
Liu Feng smiled and went to sit next to Chu Tianxiang and said, "There is a broader stage waiting for you after I am not so excited. If I leave gb one day, then gb needs you to support it and let it continue, okay?"
"well! Brother Feng, I promise you! "
"It’s good to have you, my friends!" Liu Fengwang car movement Zhou Rebing and ling xiaolou are together don’t know what to discuss while Lu Yixuan is pulling Qian Feng and Wei Xian to brag there. Su Jin is a face of quiet looking at Lu Yixuan such a scene is ordinary and beautiful …
"I will protect your dream world, and the glory will be collected by us!"
Chapter 166 H President of Congress
The next day, the M-nation newspaper was strangely quiet, and it was neither salty nor light. Yesterday, the result of the game was gone.
Even new york game, gb’s most determined red powder, is weird, but it simply reports a game. It’s very common that gb news will inevitably appear at the top of every page, but this gb game was passed by, which seems to be intended to suppress gb.
This is also the normal pre-gb. Although it was very popular, it directly surpassed newblane. However, at that time, not many people in the newspaper industry really thought that gb could win the si championship. Of course, those fanatical fans did not count.
But yesterday, gb showed a frightening side, even with two substitutes, but it could play the biggest head count and the biggest head-to-head ratio difference in si history, which made them really think that this was a signal that the wolf was coming. Many people no longer regarded gb winning as a joke.
After this competition, all newspapers and periodicals carefully observed gb performance and considered their own development direction.
This is Liu Jiajing telling Ling Xiaolou that Liu Feng smiled when he heard Ling Xiaolou’s remarks. He knew that gb was finally firmly on the world stage!
After the game with obu, there will be a holiday of one and a half months. When Mr. Liu Feng will take a break in China, he will also go back to China to compete for the throne. His proposal has been unanimously approved by everyone. Just do it in gb style and Liu Feng will book a plane ticket.
"Xiao Lou won’t book my plane ticket. I’m going to Brand’s house tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, I’ll go with him to pick up the M-country film for the throne and then fly directly to Jinghai with them."
"Ah … I’m going to go shopping with you and Ruobing … well, if you have something, you can go first. Remember to talk to us when the time comes in Jinghai so that we can fly from the imperial city to watch your game."
"Okay, no problem."
After Liu Feng confessed some things, he drove to Brand’s home. Brand had been preparing lunch for a long time. Brand was very happy to see Liu Feng’s arrival. After introducing his family to him, he let Liu Feng into the house.
"I saw a bronze statue being built at Brand’s place. What is that bronze statue?" Liu feng asked some curious.
Brand looked at Liu Feng with strange eyes when he heard Liu Feng’s question, until Liu Feng himself was a little uncomfortable. Brand burst out laughing and said, "Amazing wind, you are really forgetful. Isn’t that the bronze statue of you?"
"Er … so you said this is the area?"
"Yes, our sary employee residential area is in the company. Everyone in our company loves their work from the heart."
"That’s right. Only love can do one thing best."
"no magic wind that I can’t agree with you should be to do things better! Better than the best! "
"Yes, you are right!" Liu Feng nodded his head, and his heart was full of respect for this company. At the same time, he had more confidence in the throne competition. With such Excellence, the company has the heart like Feng Shaoguo to help the development people in the throne competition. How could it not be successful?
Liu Feng has a hunch that this competition for the throne will become an opportunity for the booming industry in the second spring.
It was very pleasant to chat with Brand. After lunch, Liu Feng went to visit the headquarters of sary with Brand, and learned more about the history of sary. Generally speaking, after dinner, Liu Feng had a little chat with Jiang Feng, and then had a rest, because he had to go to the airport the next day to meet the contestants who came to shoot the propaganda film.
The next day, Mrs. Brand gently called Liu Feng to get up and wash up, and Liu Feng went directly to the airport in Brand’s car with him. He had told Jiang Fengrong to send someone back and forth.
On the way to the airport, Liu Feng learned from Brand that there are ten events in this competition for the throne, and each event will invite one player to participate in it, which represents the highest level of the game. Of course, one player may be invited to participate in many competitions.
Each of these ten competitions will produce a title of competing king, and the bonus is 10 thousand euros, while those who can get ten titles of competing king will get the title of competing king, and the bonus is 10 thousand euros
"As far as I know, Park Youhuan seems to have been invited to participate in the Star Wars and League of Legends competition. I don’t think I need to say more about his strength, but if he wasn’t invited to participate in other competitions, wouldn’t he have no chance to win the title of Emperor?"
"Of course, we have considered this point, so the kick setting is set in the throne competition, that is, players who are not invited to participate in other competitions can take the initiative to challenge other competitors. If they can beat that player, they can take the place of that player to participate in the competition."
"Oh, so that’s it. This competition for the throne is quite cruel."
"Hehe, there is strong competition to keep the competition moving forward."
The two men arrived at Kennedy airport, and sary workers had already waited at the airport. The plane stopped on time, and soon the contestants who came to take part in the filming arrived.
This time, because it was the first competition for the throne, no special people were invited, but one or two top professional players were invited to come to M country to shoot propaganda films for each competition.
"President Brand, on behalf of H National Competition Association, I strongly protest that Chinese players should participate in this throne competition!" Just as Liu Feng was paying attention to whether it was time for PiaoYouHuan, a shrill voice floated into Liu Feng’s ear.
"president Kim Jong-de, I hope you take back your words. Do you really question the professional vision of our company?" Brand said with a frown
"Hum, how strong can a competitive association be if it doesn’t have a national competitive level, especially League of Legends? It really makes us laugh that a country as big as S has never played, is it full of people with paste in its head?"
"If you don’t have the opinion, I don’t know if you can let me see what is going on in the head of the so-called big H country player? I think it’s all water? " Liu Feng picked his eyebrows and said slowly to Jin Zhengde. If Lu Yixuan and they were here, they knew that Liu Feng was angry!
Chapter 167 Dig a hole waiting for you to jump
"Who are you? Are you qualified to talk to me here? " Jin Zhengde wants to look down on Liu Feng, but his height is really a bit of a drag, so he speaks directly to Liu Feng with his white eyes.
"I’m a famous pawn in China. President Kim won’t be afraid, will he?"
Around Liu Feng and Jin Zhengde, more and more players from various countries have been invited to shoot propaganda films, including China. In addition to Liu Feng, there is also a top professional player from China, but he is the captain of the world’s first doa team ldg in the doa circle and the winner of the three-time doa top competition I.
"President Kim, I hope you can take back what you just said, otherwise I don’t mind that our team can communicate with you, the first were team in Korea!" Wang Yanggang saw the conflict here on the plane just now, and probably understood that one thing was blown up immediately after Wang Yang.
"Hum …" Jin Zhengde see wang Yang to some shrinking its head "I said is not true? In exchange, can you personally represent your team? Not the kui is a national professional players don’t even know such basic requirements, professional quality is really low "
"I am nm! Say it again? " Wang Yang was one of the earliest candidates, and they were all a little grumpy. They all came from the time when there was a group fight in the Internet cafe.
"Brother Wang taught me here!" Liu Feng took hold of the impulse Wang Yang and pulled him down behind him, then turned to Kim Jong-de and said, "President Jin, I am here to challenge you personally, please send a player to fight with me."