But just one second ago, I was still smiling that cruel and confident smile at Rilie, and the next second I listened to "Bang" one!

Day by day in consternation hurriedly rubbed his eyes!
Because he completely imagined that the scene that appeared in front of him turned out to be true!
What’s the scene before the sun rises?
Isn’t it just a fiasco in the rankings!
Open your eyes to understand the cross-country meridians, and you can see the chakra operation of the cross-country meridians clearly.
It is no exaggeration to say that whenever cross-country makes Nara people have rich experience in ninja fighting, the Japanese ranking must be able to understand the cross-country shooting trajectory from the operation of cross-country chakra
But how can you imagine that cross-country didn’t make occult skills, let alone the idea of endurance, after he finished his study?
Spiritual energy faintly maintains a half-step "qualitative" change feeling. Cross-country Lina is comparable to the four generations of fire shadow wind perception, which is equivalent to completely analyzing the number of attacks on the Japanese rankings!
Then, at the moment when the Japanese ranking made the soft fist step attack, it was also comparable to the "acceleration" of the four generations of Huoying!
Almost at the time when the Japanese ranking was just ready to exert its strength, the cross-country Li, which was comparable to the four generations of Huoying, suddenly disappeared in front of the Japanese ranking like a ghostly speed, and then when the cross-country figure was vacillating and avoiding the soft boxing of the Japanese ranking, the skilled Konoha Gang Boxing Fluid Technique followed the cross-country to make a hard hit on the Japanese ranking!
"konoha whirlwind!"
An ordinary konoha whirlwind combined with the "acceleration" of the four generations of Huoying is simply a "qualitative" change!
That’s a quick kick!
That’s a love kick!
Figure ling floating cross-country in the case of konoha whirlwind that doesn’t even give the Japanese ranking any response.
A heavy fall is a direct fall on the Japanese ranking neck!
Wait for a second until the Japanese ranking, and the awkward figure is like the previous ninja who split up with the Japanese family. When the Japanese are in front of the Japanese, they are stunned and cross-country. The indifferent sound is once again echoing in the ears of the Japanese!
Chapter 1 Analysis of Soft Boxing
A round of cross-country confrontation and a whirlwind of konoha is a fiasco!
Especially later, with the indifference of cross-country sound, it was not only the day when the Japanese were stunned, but even the rest of them were ready to wait for a lesson. After seeing the Japanese ranking fiasco, the ninjas suddenly turned pale!
You know, cross-country victory over Japanese ninjas is not a famous pawn!
Cross-country victors are ranked daily!
Although the separation of the Japanese and Japanese clans made many Japanese and Japanese clans look down on each other, it is difficult to defeat the Japanese ranking strength even if it is fierce. You can’t defeat the Japanese ranking after a round like cross-country!
The cross-country victory over the Japanese ranking is almost instantaneous, and almost all Japanese ninjas gasped!
Those who surpass the Japanese rankings are better, but they can still keep calm in front of cross-country at this time.
However, the rest of the guys who are not as good as the Japanese name and the next day know how strong the Japanese ranking is, can’t help but show fear after coming to their senses, but in the Japanese ninja team, they have repeatedly retreated a few steps, which is like avoiding cross-country sharpness!
"What happened just now? Am I reading this right? The ranking actually lost? "
"It’s just a round-by-round confrontation. Is it dazzled me that the Nara kids beat the Japanese ranking?"
"What a terrible guy! No wonder the corona died in his hand! "
"Nonsense! You became a dark part at an early age. Do you think everyone in the village is a fool? "
"Day by day fierce adults won’t send me to play with him? I don’t want to die! "
"He is the dark part! Whoever dies at his hands will die in vain! I want to say, I want to say that I should go back to the village and wait for the adults to deal with this matter! "
Just beating the Japanese ranking, cross-country has shaken the determination of Japanese ninjas to take revenge, and even trampled on the so-called grandeur of Japanese giants!
However, the look in my eyes became even more ferocious when I heard those Japanese ninjas exclaim in fear!
"It’s not only trampling on the dignity of a rich family at an early age, but also having this potential. This Nara family kid will surely become a hidden danger to our family in the future!"
"Now even if I fight for my life, I can’t let him leave alive. Otherwise, I will not only bury a hidden danger to the family, but also become a laughing stock of the Uchibo family!"
In the heart secretly make a determined effort, but I don’t hesitate to think back to the day when the ranking was defeated day by day.
"But if I really want to fight this kid, will it be me?"
"I must be absolutely sure, and I can’t lose face to this kid again!"
Secretly heart way one day, fierce is took a deep breath to start again.
"If you lose a place, you will be fine!"
"It’s Lord Rilie!"