"Damn it …" He shouted at Golka.

The loser is jealous … Ha!
Golka proudly thought.
The referee ran to pull away the struggling Carlos Campo, looked at Golka with a very complicated look, and then flashed his … red card!
Golka froze, and the smile on his face froze.
Red card?
Are you kidding me? I just scored a goal! How can you be sent off with a red card?
The comments in the stands were even louder, and even booed.
Golka looked up blankly at the stands. He could still see the expressions of those people, with obvious disgust on their faces …
Chang Sheng raised his right hand high under the field, and then shook his index finger. In this way, he told everyone that this genius really can’t do it!
The youth team coaches and substitute players around him were even more angry. They rushed to the sidelines and growled at Golka: "If you can’t pass, hit someone!"! Golka, you bastard! "
"coward! You don’t deserve the name’ genius’ at all! "
"See, this is a genius! Ha! Without us, you are nothing! ! Fuck off, we don’t need a’ genius’ like you in getafe! "
Even the first team there, and no one to help Golka speak. They were all silent.
Juan Lopez shook his head.
Golka’s psychological quality is so poor that he exposed too many problems in this game … every one is fatal. He may still be a leader in the youth team, but in the highly competitive professional league, he will only be eliminated …
It’s too bad. I thought Golka could help him. Now that I think about it, it’s just wishful thinking.
Jose Passareira sansini stood up from the ground with his hand over his forehead. His fingers were full of blood, and the blood ran down his hand, which looked terrible.
Facing the concerned teammates, he shook his head and said, "I’m fine, I can continue to play …"
But at this time, the coach of the guest referee’s reserve team came over and looked at him with approval, and then said to him in a gentle voice, "You don’t have to insist, young man. This game is over. "
Yes, the game is over!
Golka was sent off with a red card, and the game specially designed for him lost its meaning. Naturally, it can be ended early.
This is also the agreement reached between the two sides before the game. However, the specific content is not like this, but if Golka advanced the ball, the game would end directly, and there is no need to continue the competition. Unexpectedly, Golka didn’t score, but the game ended early because he was sent off with a red card …
But Jose Passareira didn’t know these details, and he was a little surprised when he heard the news: "Is the game over?"
"Yes, Jose, that boy was sent off by a red card! If he can’t pass you, he will elbow you! " Carlos Campo came up and put his arm around his neck. "Now, don’t try to be brave, go down for treatment!" This is great, the coach doesn’t have to go, and you don’t have to leave the team! "
Jose Pasere looked up to the sidelines, and he saw that Changsheng was giving him a thumbs-up sign, with a gratified smile on his face.
So he responded with a thumb and a happy smile.
He was suddenly full of confidence in his future.
Chapter 29 I am ever-victorious, ever-victorious general’s ever-victorious.
When Golka was sent off for elbowing Jose Passareira, Golka’s father was struck by lightning in the stands.
He was transfixed.
It took him a long time to react. After he reacted, he immediately rushed to the railing of the stands and shouted at the field: "This is a conspiracy! It’s a misjudgment! This red card is unwarranted! My son can’t foul! "
But already, no one is attached to him.
Several getafe fans around him even looked at him with disdain.
How wonderful it is that his son has done something so unethical, and his father even declared that he should not be given a red card!
Francesco Flores, the president of the club, stood up from his seat. He pulled out his wrinkled suit and then smiled at Vicente Moscow, the manager next to him. "It seems that the results have come out."
Vicente now even if the in the mind have one hundred reluctant, also have to say.
"Yes, Golka really let us down. The club paid such a big price, but it turns out that our eyes are out of the question … "
"Can we sell him?"
"He is not an adult and has not signed a professional contract, so it stands to reason that … he can go wherever he wants … we can’t stop him."
"Then cancel the contract directly." Flores calmly gave Golka a notice of death.
Vicente knew that he could not save this "genius".