Huang Junxiong saw him say that finish and nodded and wrote on the paper, "It’s really not that simple. Although I didn’t get more news in the workshop this day, I knew a big thing. It turned out that this black dress person actually colluded with the enemy."

Mark got excited when he wrote this and said, "The enemy?"
Huang Junxiong continued to write, "It’s true that the enemy learned to look at the population pattern because of my congenital deafness, so that I can know what the other party said, so that I can know the day when people in the distance are talking. I will look at the workshop in the distance and see that they want to unite with the enemy, but the details are not clear, but one thing is certain that he will definitely benefit our deaf village stronghold."
Mark asked quickly, "Do you think he wants to benefit the deaf-mute village?"
Huang Junxiong bowed his head and continued to write, "In recent years, the Japanese invaders have mostly attacked from Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang coastal areas. Although the scale is small, the local people have suffered greatly. Because they are not large, by the time the government arrives, the Japanese pirates have already robbed and fled for a long time, and the government is too lazy to send troops to let the local people organize their own Yong ying to deal with the Japanese pirates. Since he chose my deaf-mute village, he must have taken a fancy to it and done some shady things, and Huang Hu has the ability to drive away wild animals like me. I think he must have taken a fancy to him."
Mark saw that he immediately lost in thought after writing these words, and suddenly remembered what was busy. Grasp Huang Junxiong’s hand and ask, "Do you know that my companion was caught everywhere? At present, it is urgent to save my companion first. Ping Sanzhi, the old thief, said that if it passed, my sister would be worried about her life."
After reading the mark, Huang Junxiong thought about it and wrote, "I can help you save your companion, but you have to promise me to help me save my brothers and then take back the deaf village."
Mark saw Huang Junxiong’s condition just a thought and immediately nodded and agreed. Huang Junxiong saw Mark and promised to help himself. He also put a big stone in his heart and got up to Mark. They waved their hands and Song Zhiqian knew that he was letting himself follow him, so he quickly got up and followed him out of the door.
All the way, three people stopped and looked at Huang Junxiong and walked carefully, thinking, "It seems that he also knows some simple machines. He must have secretly learned it himself, but he doesn’t know if there is any powerful machine in Jingjing’s place, hoping to rescue Jingjing smoothly."
Chapter 10 Gallbladder brothers and sisters love anger rush flame Fang (a)
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Finally, in Huang Junxiong, three people came to a big stone. Huang Junxiong motioned for the mark and Song Zhiqian leaned down and quietly reached down to the big stone and pointed to the distant mark. Look carefully in the direction of his fingers and see through the sparse leaves that two mechanical white tigers are entrenched on both sides of the cave in the distance.
This cave looks as dark as three feet high. I don’t know how deep it is. It seems that the gold crystal was found here. The place where the deposit crystal was found will go out immediately to deal with the two Baihumon Huang Junxiong. Hold him down and signal him not to make a move. Then he pointed to a place in front of the cave and made a flip.
Mark this just white Huang Jun male took his original seemingly calm here is actually a trap.
Mark thought, "No wonder it seems that the defense of the cave entrance is so lax that there is still a machine ahead. It depends on the situation. The flat three-finger design wants to frame us, an old fox."
Really secretly thinking about paying Song Zhiqian pulled his sleeve mark. This did not notice that Huang Junxiong had secretly come to the edge of a cliff. It seems that he was going to climb from the cliff to see this situation mark. He quickly followed Huang Junxiong to see Huang Junxiong climbing the cliff and pulled him.
Mark motioned for Huang Junxiong to wait a moment and then turned to Song Zhiqian and said, "Zhi Qian, have you seen those two Baihumon? Xiaobei once taught me how to break this mechanical beast. Although this is a green dragon beast, it depends on the situation. You should look at it carefully. There will be a bulge in the abdomen of the mechanical beast. After we go there, we must quickly dive into their belly and turn to the left with our hands close to the bulge. This will make a small door in the abdomen. Someone will quickly go in when the door of the control station is hit. Pay attention to the people inside with sharp knives and the narrow part of the green dragon beast must be careful."
Song Zhiqian listened to Mark’s intimate explanation, and a warmth rose in her heart. She knew that Mark took pains to explain mainly because she was afraid of her own mistakes. She knew that if she had any mistakes, she would be more sad than her own injuries. She listened patiently because she could not make Mark sad.
Two people climbed the cliff quietly and crept to the cave under the cover of some raised stones. This mechanical beast looks fierce, but it also has his weakness, that is, the angle of view is not as wide as that of people. After all, people are in charge of the party and the enemies who drill into the abdomen often don’t notice this, which just gives them an excellent opportunity.
Mark and Song Zhiqian climbed quietly from the edge of the cliff to Baihumon, and then reached a Baihumon near mark and winked at Song Zhiqian. Two people quickly jumped off the cliff and immediately got into Baihumon’s body mark. As soon as they entered Baihumon, they found Kai Baihumon’s body. As expected, Baihumon made a small door in the abdomen. A mark has been drilled in, and the man was killed by the sword on the spot.
Mark worried about Song Zhiqian’s safety and immediately turned around and drilled out of Baihumon, only to see another Baihumon facing Song Zhiqian. It turned out that Song Zhiqian jumped off a cliff according to Mark’s description and quickly drilled into another Baihumon. He was looking for the Baihumon machine, but he was delayed for a moment to manipulate the white tiger orcs. He had already noticed that someone had attacked the horse to drive the Baihumon machine, and a jump flashed aside to expose Song Zhiqian.
At this time, the mark just got rid of this. When Baihumon came out, he saw Song Zhiqian facing danger. Seeing that Baihumon was going to attack Song Zhiqian’s mark, he shouted, "Hurry up and get into the hole."
Song Zhiqian didn’t expect this Baihumon reaction to be so flexible and evasive that he exposed himself in front of Baihumon. He was preparing to compete with this Baihumon. Suddenly, he heard the mark anxiously shouting that things were not as simple as he thought. Hurry up and press the mark to make a light attack and twist his body. People have already shot into the hole like a left arrow.
At this moment, a hungry tiger pounced on Baihumon’s front paws and pressed them to the place where Song Zhiqian had just stood. The stone slab on the ground was immediately trampled and splashed everywhere, showing that the strength was fierce. In fact, this mark has not been seen in Baihumon. It is different from the Qinglong beast. The Qinglong beast is good at jet oil but not flexible in Baihumon, which is more suitable for making large-scale attacks in the open area.
And this Baihumon figure is flexible and good at direct close-range attack. This narrow place has two Baihumon marks. It is also a fire-breathing. Seeing Song Zhiqian across from Baihumon is afraid that the other party will spray fireballs and wake up quickly. Song Zhiqian didn’t expect the other party to jump directly. It seems that the flexibility is not the same as that of a real tiger, so it is not easy to get into it.
Mark saw that Song Zhiqian had entered the cave for the time being, and he was relieved that he was dodging Baihumon’s attack and thinking about countermeasures. At that time, Song Zhiqian couldn’t think of any good way. He watched Baihumon chase Mark in the cave and knew that he couldn’t help himself. Fortunately, he watched anxiously in the cave.
At this moment, Huang Junxiong has climbed up along the stone wall beside Song Zhiqian. After carefully observing for a while, he picked up a stone from the ground and quickly reached the rear mark of Baihumon. At this time, he was facing Baihumon’s eyes and caught a glimpse of Huang Junxiong behind Baihumon. He was about to wake up when he noticed that Huang Junxiong’s eyes indicated that he was moving towards the nearby land.
Mark looked at it and immediately white there is the only place to come to this cave, that is, where the turnover machine is located. It seems that Huang Junxiong means to lead this Baihumon into the turnover pit by himself. This is a good way to think of this mark and nod his head to understand his intention.
Huang Junxiong nodded his head when he saw the mark, knowing that he understood his intention, so he threw the stones in his hand at Baihumon’s force and listened to the sound of Baihumon’s back. This robot body is made of metal, and the sound will be particularly loud when it is hit hard.
Manipulating the white tiger orc is staring at the mark and preparing to pounce. Suddenly, he comes behind him. As soon as he is ready to pounce, Baihumon’s big head is turned around to look at the mark. When his eyes are diverted, he quickly runs in the direction of the flip pit.
Huang Junxiong threw the stone in his hand out and immediately flicker and hide in the cave. The Baihumon manipulator turned back and disappeared, but he was about to continue to deal with the mark, but he saw that the mark had already run to his right. The manipulator immediately became angry and rushed towards the mark when he saw the enemy trying to run.
At this time, the mark has also been found that the ground here is really different from other places. Most of the caves are stone ground, but here it is mostly mud. I think this surface must be what Huang Junxiong said.
After seeing the terrain, the mark will step on a stone protruding from the ground and see that the other party has rushed over. The time has come to quickly use a trick. The foot of the center of the flip pit is slightly single-handedly, and people lightly jump out. At this time, the Baihumon manipulator forgot to look at the trace of the flip pit and fled backwards. He bent down and chased the trace that just jumped to the flip pit.
When he jumped up at that moment, he remembered that the surface was a flip pit, but it was too late. When he looked back, Baihumon had already fallen into the pit. Fortunately, Baihumon had fallen into the pit, and all the barbs were crushed. From time to time, there was a jingle. It turned out that the machine around the hole fired hidden weapons and hit Baihumon.
Mark looked at the pit for a while and felt glad that if Huang Junxiong hadn’t led the way and rushed to save Jin Jing, there would have been casualties. Opposite Song Zhiqian and Huang Jun Xiong had also walked out of the cave and looked at the hole on the other side. Baihumon Baihumon had no movement since he fell into the pit. I think the controller was injured or unconscious and could no longer drive Baihumon.
Come back to the mouth of the cave along the stone wall and bow to Huang Junxiong with a fuels and say, "The elder saved his life this time, and the younger generation will never forget it."
Huang Junxiong smiled and gave a hand and turned and walked towards the cave. Now it is superfluous to say anything. Rescuing Jin Jing as soon as possible and then helping Huang Junxiong to rescue those deaf-mute village talents is the best way to repay. So Song Zhiqian followed Huang Junxiong and walked towards the cave.
Although it was dark in the cave, there was no machine. hidden weapons and other ambush terrain seemed to be groping all the way, and probably walked a wick of incense. Kung Fu seemed to have entered the mountainside, and a light suddenly appeared in front of it. Three people slowed down and sneaked forward toward the light.
"You all give me a spirit. If I let this little girl run away, the master will blame you for not eating well." Mark three people hid in the cave and looked at a strong man with a juryman in his face, who was reprimanding several days’ workshop brothers. It should be a younger brother with a higher degree.
After this Han reprimanded the brothers, he turned and walked towards a secret door in the corner, and then disappeared behind the door for a while. These days, the workshop brothers were relieved to see that Han Li was away, and one of the older brothers spat at the door and said maliciously, "The dog used his mouth to coax the master’s heart into not paying attention to my martial brother one day to see how I can tidy up you." He turned to see the young brothers show a little contempt and immediately scolded, "You are not good things. I dare not fight with him?" It’s just that it’s hindering the master’s feelings and letting him. "