If the body’s receptivity is not strong enough, these 100 blood agents will make the body explode!

Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Castle Villa
Qiuqiu hand touched the pain-free neck. What happened in vain? A warm heart once again jumped into Sue orange’s arms. "Daddy …"
A pair of big eyes are full of tears. I can use magic to heal my father, but I can heal my own blood. Sure enough, my father loves me the most in this world!
"Qiuqiu, how do you know magic?"
Sue orange fondle fondle fell on his chest little skull asked questions in my heart.
"Daddy, do you remember that Ciqiuqiu ran away from home?"
Chueh-chuh sniffled. She was wondering why she suddenly knew water and fire magic. I didn’t think that the pet abandoned by her owner was not a waste but a baby!
I am really lucky!
"Well, what’s the matter?"
"That time I went out to play wild and just ate a magic baby. That’s why I just cast magic in a hurry!" Qiuqiu blinked naive heterodox.
Sue orange in distress situation this girl is really lucky!
Look at the vampires not far away after the two have healed.
The female vampire was hit by an ice sword at Qiuqiu, and she bled profusely. At this time, she climbed to the front of the male vampire.
The male vampire is frozen outside and can’t move, but the flame is burning inside the ice, and his face is ferocious and he is in pain.
It’s terrible to come from the ice, but you can escape from the ice and burn it by fire.
"Daddy, what do they do?"
It must be effortless to kill them now. However, seeing these two people living and dying together, Su Orange can’t help but think of Mu Xue and Snow Dance …
When I saved Mu Xue, I fled into reincarnation.
In this life, I met a snow dance that made me feel excited again.
At present, the two of them suddenly became themselves and the snow dance were inseparable from each other!
Su orange could not help but feel pity. "Let them go!"
Qiuqiu was stunned. "Let them go?"
"They had a grudge against us, but they were ordered by others!"
"Well, all right!" Qiuqiu blinked wittily. "Daddy is so gentle!"
"Remove the magic!"
If it’s a little later, that male vampire will die
Female vampires are seriously injured by magic, and the wound healing is very slow.
"all right! I’ll try. "
"Try it?"
Qiu Qiu said shyly, "I didn’t know I would use such strange magic. If you want to break the ice, you should burn it with fire!" "
Sue orange felt something was wrong. Before she could speak to stop Qiuqiu, a flame was sent out.
The ice sculpture in the flame is like a male vampire and a female vampire is on fire!
"Wow! How come… !”
Then Qiu Qiu threw a huge ice hockey out in a hurry, just like bowling, the ice-sculpted male vampire was directly thrown out.
"The wind …" The female vampire looked at the flying male vampire with a burning flame, wailing and calling.
Even if you want to put out the fire, it should be water, not ice!
However, fire can burn in the ice, saying that magic fire cannot be extinguished by water.
If you go like this again, these two people will be tortured by Qiuqiu!
"Qiuqiu try mind control" Sue orange emergency wake up.
Qiuqiu gave up making water to turn off the fire, threw his ice bumps on the ground and rubbed his hands together. "It’s so cold!"
Su orange has a black line. Can you be a little less professional?
"Idea …" Qiuqiu chanted an unsealing experiment for a female vampire on fire. "Fire out!"
The fire is still burning!
"put out the fire!"