South Korea’s team is now in good shape and is planning to report that it was beaten by the national team 3-1 last year.

Now the national team has a Sun Yao, and the South Korean team has recalled all overseas players’ departments, including Park Ji-sung and park chu-young, and a number of big-name players are eyeing the Asian Cup champion.
In the eyes of the Korean media, this champion is their bag. It is their luck that the Australian team can force them to win the first place in the group. Otherwise, Australia would have been blown up by the heroic Korean team.
And they are already looking forward to reaching the semi-final day, and the ghosts will fight it out.
And Sun Yao’s crazy performance is all defined by them as luck.
South Korean winger cha du-ri’s father Cha Bum kun also came to the scene to cheer for the South Korean team. He bluntly said, "The national team is not an opponent of the South Korean team after all. I have stayed in China and learned that if South Korea plays normally, it can win at least four goals!"
And the Korean media kept saying that if you don’t win a three-to-one, you won’t be afraid that South Korea was only the second national team, and then it will be a real complete battle!
The national team will continue to fear Korea!
However, the national team naturally appears to be low-key, but there are also some people who are not very angry. The Chinese media pointed out that the first era of South Korea’s Park Ji-sung in Asia has ended, and Japanese newcomers Sun Yao and Kagawa Shinji will shoot Park Ji-sung to death on the beach!
South Korea team should not be arrogant or face!
It’s really a war, but it’s already a spat.
The venue in Qatar has to be said to be very good. It also cost a lot of money to host the Asian Cup here.
After connecting with the World Cup, the broadcast conditions of facilities make this Asian Cup look full of modernity, which is a bit like the European Cup and the World Cup.
Korea War also sucks.
Draw a lot of bets
However, the Spanish media seems to regard South Korea’s outstanding overseas students as highly praised by Sun Yao.
It is said that this is a match between a European player in Sun Yao and a group of ordinary European players. On the whole, it seems that the Korean team is slightly stronger, but Sun Yao is always the kind of player who can create incredible games. The outcome of the game is still inconclusive.
It says that Park Ji-sung’s flow is one thing.
Obviously, Spain doesn’t like Park Ji-sung very much.
South Korea has sent its strongest team, and this time it seems that it wants to win the national team in the knockout stage.
Position of No.1 Sung Ryong Jung Dan goalkeeper
"Zheng Chenggong?" Sun Yao wondered, "Are you a eunuch?"
The defensive lines are cha du-ri No.22, Zhao Heng No.4, Huang Yuan No.3 and Lee Young Pyo No.12 veteran in turn.
Li Ronglai on the 6th, Park Ji-sung on the 7th, KooJa Cheol on the 13th, Sung Yueng Ki on the 16th and Li Qinglong on the 17th!
The striker did not choose park chu-young, but the teenager No.1 Chi Dongyuan!
There is nothing to say about the national team formation. The only thing to say is Sun Yao!
Of course, everyone can guess that even if the teammates haven’t run in well, after all, the strength is here and it’s hard to think about it before adding it.
The game officially started in the early hours!
This period of time makes fans of both China and South Korea have the spirit to watch the game.
One of the most interesting games in the quarter-final battle is this one
The future is not optimistic about the national team. Because of Sun Yao, the outcome of this game has become confusing.
People in China often comment that the skills of Chinese players are not worse than those of South Korea, but they just lack a spirit.
In fact, this is not the case. Korean players may be very skilled, but when they grow up in a fierce fighting environment, they will always have a sense of detachment when facing the opponent’s push.
Therefore, most of the balls came to the foot of the Korean team, and the Chinese team became the one that kept fighting for it.