Mr. Murong’s eyes sparkled with light, and invisible ripples spread out from him. After a long time, all the ripples suddenly shook, and there was a loud bang. A large piece of white jade was shattered and disappeared into flying dust.

"What? You say Mr. Murong Dust Smoke has an idea for me? Teacher younger brother, I don’t know what you mean. "
After returning to the room, Li Feiyang said his own judgment to Jean Yue Wan, who was puzzled. Chu said with some surprise, "Brother, do you have any basis? Although Mr. Murong’s behavior is a little weird, he has been kind enough to invite us to the island until now, and he has been a "friend to us."
"Sister!" Li Feiyang said helplessly, "Please trust my judgment, although I have no evidence. But his eyes, if you see them, I’m sure you’ll think I’m right. Besides, don’t you think it’s strange? We have never met him before, and not only invited us to the floating animal island. Still so enthusiastic about us, the situation is really strange. "
Qin Yue paused for a moment, and her face slowly changed from consternation to clarity. She nodded and agreed, "So, there is something suspicious about this Mr. Murong, but the question is, with his strength and the capital on the floating animal island, what will he plot against us?"
Li Feiyang thought hard for a long time, then turned to the lizard man and asked, "What do you think is the most likely reason if Mr. Murong Chen Yan wants to hit on us?"
The lizard man’s face was embarrassed. After a long time, he hesitated and said, "Maybe" he wants to practice with Miss Qin? The slave is not sure. "
Qin Yuewan immediately blushed, and Li Feiyang said in distress situation, "Not everyone is like you, and so on?" As if something suddenly occurred to him, Li Feiyang frowned and asked the lizard man strangely, "You are not the only one in Dongling Sea. If you want to find someone to double-repair, why did you choose Sister Qin?"
"Because the piano girl has a special smell. If you double-repair it, your skill improvement will be greatly enhanced. "
"Oh?" Li Feiyang’s eyes lit up: "What’s the smell? Why can’t I feel it? "
The lizard man replied, "I don’t know exactly." Anyway, it’s a special feeling.
Perhaps it is related to small blood vessels. This special smell is only felt by some people in the monster beast country and the blasphemy country. People in the fairy country don’t have this ability, and it is normal for you not to feel it, master. "
Li Feiyang finally understood the problem. With a sigh, he said, "Sure enough, the simplest truth is in front of us, but it has been delayed. It has been made clear that this place should not stay long. Let’s leave now."
Qin Yue wan said, "There are so many people outside. How do we go? "
Li Feiyang thought for a moment and said, "I think that Mr. Murong Chen Yan may have already made arrangements. Let’s make it clear to him directly and act according to circumstances."
Three men walked out of the room and reported to the servant: "Please tell Mr. Murong. We want to leave. "
The servant promised, and immediately someone went in a hurry. Soon, Mr. Murong Chen Yan arrived, and people asked in the distance, "Brother Li. Do you blame me for my poor care? Why are you in such a hurry to leave? "
Li Feiyang fuels politely: "Mr. Murong, thank you for taking care of me. I am grateful to you." But we have been asking for a long time, and we are really embarrassed. Plus it’s been delayed for so long. We must find our way home as soon as possible. I won’t bother any more. "
"Ah, brother li this is welcome, you and I see decree by destiny, why so? I think Brother Li should stay as long as he likes. As for your going home, how about I order the floating beast to move in the direction of your hometown now? "
Li Feiyang frowned and said, "Mr. Murong. We really have to leave, please ask Mr. Wang to lower the wooden boat for us. "
Mr. Murong Chen Yan noncommittally said, "Brother Li is joking. It’s late at night. There are many dangers on Dongling Sea. Even if Brother Li is brave, Miss Qin is a weak woman drifting on the sea. If Brother Li insists on leaving, she can leave by herself. Please ask Miss Qin to stay."
Say and Mr. Murong dust turned to leave, and a group of blasphemy guards emerged from nowhere and surrounded Li Feiyang and his party. His voice rang with a few crisp sounds of gold and iron, and all the bright sharp swords pointed to three people.
“!” A piercing animal roar sounded. Winged white tiger appeared around Li Feiyang with shining white light, and then the fire-crowned python also appeared with a snake letter. The fierce flame emitted a hot temperature, and the people around it forced back several steps.
Mr. Murong dust sneer at 1, turned around and saw. The flames on the fire-crowned python are intertwined. Python let out a painful roar, twisted and struggled for several times, and the flame on his body was as fast and dim as ice water, and the whole body was instantly covered with a layer of green gas.
"Hey!" The winged white tiger roared. The mouth suddenly opened to the maximum, and a surging wind blade roared out of its humble position and cut to the people around it.
There was a rumbling sound, and the wind blade cut on the weapon, making a crisp sound. Several blasphemous guards rushed up with weapons, but were forced back by the continuous turbulent wind blade.
At this point, Mr. Murong dust smoke is a turn. Eyes shot two Hao light again, and struck the winged white tiger. The white tiger suddenly let out a low cry, and the whole body was like falling apart, and slowly fell to the ground.
At this time. The lizard man who had been motionless suddenly moved, and his feet took a heavy step on the ground, and the whole person rushed to Mr. Murong’s dust like a shadow.
However, the lizard is fast, but some people are faster than him. As he rushed out at the same time, Li Feiyang’s figure also seemed to be an arrow from the left, but it was only a moment before the lizard man, deceiving Mr. Murong!

Chapter 209 Defeat Mr. Murong
Ping Fu Yang raised his right hand and suddenly hit it, hitting the foundation of Murong Xiaoyan with heavy strength. From the start to the forward, Li Feiyang raised his degree to the limit under the bonus of the dharma of King Kong Giant Ape. Before the guards react. Fast approaching Mr. Murong dust.
As soon as he punched out, the roaring boxing wind showed the power of terror. At the same time of punching out, Li Feiyang was the center, and circles of invisible ripples were instantly swung out from his feet. Just for a moment. The huge floating animal island suddenly shuddered, and with a loud bang, it was like a huge stone thrown into the water, and suddenly sank several meters.
Even a monster like a floating beast is inevitably affected when facing gravity waves. When the island sinks. Living waves have roared, like fireworks, falling on the whole floating animal island, and all the people present were all drenched in an instant.
Only, there is one, except people.
A dense halo wrapped Mr. Murong’s dust smoke from head to toe, and the waves fell on the halo, and Li Xuan was bounced off from a distance and turned into a little bit of water vapor to evaporate and dissipate in the air.
Li Feiyang’s impressive punch suddenly hit, and Murong Dust Smoke gave me a mocking smile. It was also a punch in the past, but his punch looked so subtle that it didn’t feel obvious at all, which was seen by outsiders. No matter what, it can’t be compared with Li Feiyang’s amazing punch. However, Li Feiyang, who was in it, didn’t think so. Mr. Murong’s dust and smoke punched out this ordinary punch, and he immediately felt a feeling of extreme danger hanging over his whole body. It was like being targeted by predatory beasts, and his whole body was full of the chill of building stones.
Li Feiyang’s fist finally collided with Mr. Murong’s fist, at the moment of the collision. Mr. Murong gave me a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and a blazing white light came out of his eyes and rushed towards Li Feiyang.
Li Feiyang’s subconscious figure flashed, and the white light stuck to his cheek in the past, bringing up a roaring strong breeze. Just then, Li Feiyang’s figure suddenly twisted, and his arm like a snake instantly entangled Mr. Murong’s back, and then the whole person wrapped up like octopus.
Mr. Murong’s face was stunned, but he didn’t panic, while Li Feiyang entangled himself. The white light in his eyes has become more intense, and then his arms suddenly shook, and a white light roared out of his eyes, instantly gathering all over his body, swelling like a sea wave.
Li Feiyang suddenly felt only a mysterious and extremely wonderful force flooded all over his body, and his arm was tightly wrapped around Mr. Murong’s dust, but it was only for an instant, and he was pushed out by powerful forces, and his whole body’s bones crackled. Although Li Feiyang used up all his strength, he still couldn’t stop the surging strength, so he had to. Had to loosen the arm, let go of Mr. Murong dust smoke.
However, the counterattack of Mr. Murong’s dust smoke began at the same time, and his body didn’t move much. He just slowly raised his arm, indifferent as if he were doing a trivial thing. With a bang, Li Feiyang was thrown upside down in an instant.
Li Feiyang, who was flying upside down, only felt that he suddenly had millions of sharp knives in his meridians, which was painful. However, he seemed to completely ignore these pains, tiptoe on the ground, fished it out, and ran towards the edge of the floating animal island.
Mr. Murong dust sneer at 1, the whole people actually rose out of thin air, like the wind, and followed Li Feiyang closely. Obviously, he has moved the flank at the moment and does not intend to let Li Feiyang go.
Li Feiyang’s chest rose high, and he took a deep breath like a whale absorbs water. When people swept high, their hands suddenly pressed hard toward the ground. His movements seemed slow but urgent, and his whole face flushed as if he were holding a heavy load of one thousand pounds in his hand.
Invisible ripples gather together and then suddenly release, drawing a clear long line along the ground. Just for an instant, it approached Mr. Murong’s dust smoke, and then it jumped like a poisonous snake. Bite him hard.
Before releasing gravity waves, Li Feiyang chose a wide range of ways. At this time, Qin Yuewan and the lizard man, the winged white tiger and the fire-crowned python are fighting with the island guards. There are winged white tigers and the fire-crowned python, but the strength of the island guards is not weak. But obviously in a weak position, Li Feiyang is not worried about their safety in his heart, so he took back the gravity wave. At this time, it was released again, but it was focused on the first line and all fell on Mr. Murong’s dust.