If you look at it from here, you think the Buddha should give up everything and not be disturbed by anything, but what about you? You didn’t do what you meant by Buddha, so you are not a Buddha. "

When the Tathagata heard that he understood what he meant, he wanted to explain it. Although others wondered that the Tathagata didn’t make his own definition there, they were surprised. Song Changgeng had continued: "Do you want to understand it?" As long as people have a special attachment to something, it is inevitable that they will think and do it according to the solidified thinking mode under the specific situation of what they are doing.
No matter whether this persistence is fame or fortune or Buddhism compassion, it is the same. Therefore, in the Buddhism you handed down, the fruit position of the Bodhisattva is lower than that of the Buddha. It is because the Bodhisattva’s heart is still tied by the so-called ninth "wind" that binds the mind, that is, compassion, and thus it is impossible to prove the great freedom of nirvana.
You say you are a Buddha, but I say you are not, because you still have a tie, which is tied to your blood in the world. If not, why do you come to stop me now? Why did you incarnate into the world to establish a secret? Is it not to protect this blood? If you are a true Buddha, you will naturally not care about this blood, and you will not have this concern. Since you are concerned, you are not a Buddha. "
When his words were finished, everyone was silent. Everyone thought that what he said was correct, because he derived from the definition of Buddha. These definitions were all said by the Tathagata himself. If he didn’t agree, he would hit himself in the mouth. This remark made all the people in the alliance who had just been encouraged quiet. They knew that things were beyond their control, and maybe they would start work.
Because the words to this sake have been completely torn apart, if the Tathagata doesn’t care about this blood line, it won’t be so decorated, but this arrangement can be used by Song Changgeng to attack him. Naturally, it can’t be tolerated. It’s still a long time before the Tathagata lightly tunnel: "It’s like I didn’t see the arrangement of the little brother, the meaning of my move, and you didn’t understand it, so you are not qualified to say mine.
Besides, it’s boring to say these things. We all have our own arrangements and ideas. Now is not the time to argue. I’m only here to stop you. No matter what your reason is, you are not allowed to enter the secret and the Buddha land behind it, otherwise you can only see what the lion roar and King Kong glare at, and everyone will have a fight. Why so? Go back! "
Song Changgeng suddenly laughed: "Ha ha ha ha! Didn’t you just say that earlier? What’s the point of stalling? If you say so, I will lose face if I don’t return it. But once we came, you didn’t give us anything, so let us return it in a word, and I’ll lose face if it gets out later. So sorry, back off, yes, promise me two conditions, or I’ll see your lion roar! "
"oh? I don’t know what two conditions the younger brother wants. I am merciful and the killing is ominous. If I can really stop fighting, I will naturally agree with my younger brother. Please tell me in detail! " Tathagata understood this guy’s idea as soon as he heard what he meant. He wanted benefits, but he couldn’t help but despise it. He was a violent household and wouldn’t leave until he got some benefits.
Of course, Song Chang Gung couldn’t see his real thoughts from his treasures of Zhuang Yan. When he saw the Tathagata asking, he smiled lightly: "It’s very simple. First, we met at the same school for the first time. Since you want me to return it, I will return it. Then you can send me this statue and five statues of Ming kings. Second, it’s simpler. You promised that you wouldn’t be able to hide secrets in the future. After you went to the New Territories,

Chapter seven hundred and thirty-three War Buddha in the wild
"Ha ha! Little teacher younger brother, you don’t have an appetite. These six golden statues, like those of other three religions, are all specially arranged by me to guard here. If you want to go to these six statues, your strength will be greatly reduced. These things have been accumulated for thousands of years, and they will be of great use when they go to the New Territories. This is part of my layout, which concerns many issues. Naturally, you can’t give them to you, so you don’t have to think about it.
If you want to know the refining method, I can give it to you, and don’t think about anything else. As for the spiritual vein of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, you must take it with you when you leave. It is for enriching and strengthening these statues now, and I can’t leave it to you. Let’s change two conditions. These two can’t do it! "Tathagata that big golden face is still skin light smile gently said.
"oh! But I have only two conditions, and I don’t agree with them. Then we have to solve them by last resort and see if we can overwhelm each other by force. Please! " Song Chang-geng was faint and tunnel. As soon as his words fell, he felt a shock all over, and then a mighty golden light rippled and spread. The golden light turned into a golden ball, and it became bigger and bigger.
Before everyone knew what this was, they saw that the ball of light grew to nearly a hundred feet in diameter after a breath, and then’ wave!’ After the ground crackled, a giant with a hundred feet stood in the air, wearing a golden glittering armor, a white cloud coat, a jade belt around his waist, a gourd hanging from his left and right, and a colorful auspicious cloud supporting his huge body.
On the huge head, the appearance is distinct. That is, Song Chang-geng’s appearance has expanded a hundred times, which is opposite to the golden Buddha statue. The Tathagata sighed and said nothing, but raised his hand, a set of complicated handprints flew by, and then a huge aperture flashed. After the aperture disappeared, Song Chang-geng’s huge body had disappeared, only Tathagata’s right hand spread out and stretched out in the air, with a golden ball beating and flashing above.
The Tathagata is also paying attention to the light and ball in this hand. Everyone doesn’t understand what happened. Is it that Song Changgeng, the pick of Jinxian, was destroyed by others? This, too complicated, is it really the arrival of the Buddha, and things are a little out of track. Except for the secret, on the one hand, the forces of Buddhism, Taoism and magic on this side of the alliance dare not move, and at that time they were shocked.
At this time, Song Chang-geng was caught in a wonderful world. There were blue skies in Wan Li, white clouds blossomed occasionally, and the ground was as glittering as jade. In the distance, a huge Buddha statue sat there, as if sitting on the earth, with boundless flames rising and shining, as if it were a sun, and everything around it was so real and beautiful.
There are countless golden pineapples blooming proudly here, and there are groups of flying beauties dancing in the air, and countless petals of various colors are sprinkled. From time to time, there are several Lohan Buddhists walking on the ground with golden flashes behind their heads, or meditating, or talking together, and there are endless Sanskrit singing in the air, which seems to be as quiet, peaceful and stable as here is the legendary Buddhist paradise.
However, Song Changgeng knew that everything here was a spell, so he erected and carved the Buddha’s eye. At first glance, he saw countless golden runes as fine as dust floating in the air. They were combined to form numerous bans, and then many small bans formed a larger ban, and many larger bans were combined to form a larger ban, which was linked together to form a big spell.
Song Chang-geng had never seen it before, but he knew it after a few eyes. It should be the "palm Buddha country" of Buddhism. He swept around and found several weak points. He just thought about it and chose one of them, and then suddenly concentrated on punching.
Outside, suddenly, the ball of light in Tathagata’s hand rose. Although Tathagata tried to control the ball of light, his other hand changed several handprints in succession, but the ball of light shrank violently, then suddenly rose, and then’ Bang!’ There was a loud noise, and the whole ball of light exploded. Then Song Changgeng’s giant body suddenly appeared in the air, a mile away from the Tathagata, and two giant bodies stood opposite each other.
Song Chang Gung suddenly grabbed his hand, and when the golden light flashed, a hundred-foot-long and four-stare-hard gold crystal sword appeared in his hand. At the same time, his voice sounded like thunder for nine days: "The skill of’ palm Buddha country’ was really great, but I am not the monkey in the past, and I won’t be confused by your little tricks, let alone rely on you. A spell and illusion can’t trap me. Now that I have started, let you see my skills.
While speaking, the sword in his hand swung and chopped down, ignoring the only place in the room, and he ran directly to the Tathagata’s head. The Tathagata sat in the air as if he didn’t see it, but the five statues of the five kings of Ming Dynasty who were more than ten feet behind him moved, and then floated on his head to form an array. At the same time, they would drink a lot, and a colorful light would rise, like a mist, and they would be scattered.
Seeing that the other side blocked his attack, Song Chang-geng held a sword in one hand, swung it in the other, and pinched it with one hand. A mass of purple lightning rose in his hand, a purple hammer appeared in his hand, and he smashed it head-on. At the same time, the sword was recovered, and he suddenly stabbed himself in the chest with a swing in the air. The attack was actually indomitable, and it seemed to be a desperate posture.
But he is also very restrained, so that he can avoid leakage. Otherwise, the nearby ground will be smashed into powder by the leaked force. He Jinxian’s power is the strongest in the world, and its power to move mountains and fill the sea is common.
However, the Tathagata is not easy to deal with. Although he no longer attacks, he only defends himself, but neither Song Chang-gung’s hammer nor sword stab can break through each other’s defense. The law formed by the five Ming kings seems to be like a shield, and the five-color brilliance released actually blocks all attacks from the outside, making Song Chang-gung unable to succeed at that time.
At this time, six colors of brilliance are mapped on the ground below, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, and six paths of reincarnation. Since the opening of HarmonyOS, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma has promoted the operation of all things in the world in a strange way. All living things in the world, except the monks who have become three flowers and five hearts and soared toward the Yuan, the monks who have practiced the golden body and condensed the relics, have to be reincarnated among the six paths, experiencing physical illness and death again, and going through scenes of joys and sorrows.
Among the six metempsychosis, Heaven is above, but this Heaven is only a kind of metempsychosis, and it is a way to enter the heaven. It is not the real’ Heaven’ that dominates everything. It is the highest heaven, so it can become great. For those monks who jump out of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, they are still under the operation of’ Heaven’, struggling to survive, and if they are not careful, they will get killed.
And The six great divisions in the wheel of karma can be said to be a means of heaven. If the Three Realms are a chess game, then the reincarnation is a mill, a mill that keeps turning, grinding all sentient beings in it. In addition to being an empress who was once able to turn The six great divisions in the wheel of karma into a saint, the earth treasure bodhisattva can display some magical powers that he realized from The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s incarnation as a bodhisattva is the basis of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma’s spell. After thousands of years’ evolution, the Central Plains tantric school chose the King of Earth-treasure as the statue of repression. Naturally, it took a fancy to his power to manipulate The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, but now it was broken by the Tathagata, and the statue of Earth-treasure was unstable, so it fell to the ground, and then a faint golden aperture slowly appeared.
And the aperture kept fluctuating. Obviously, the spell was broken and it backfired on them. At this time, it was time for Song Chang-geng to talk to the Tathagata. When Song Chang-geng finally started to work, the golden aperture finally failed to stabilize, but it showed six colors of blue, white, yellow, red, turquoise, and then separated, and now it gave off a huge Buddha statue, which was the incarnation of the Bodhisattva and the six Bodhisattvas.
Then seven giant statues began to disappear, and seven white-browed old monks appeared on the ground. They were all pale, and some of them still had bloodshot corners of their mouths. They looked up, and then one of the old monks said to the old monk who could turn into a Tibetan Buddha, "Brother, this seems to be the arrival of the Buddha. Since he broke our spell, we have to admit it. We’d better go back."
Another old monk followed: "Exactly, we shouldn’t do anything here, besides, we can’t do anything. Our strongest spell was easily broken by the Buddha, and the gap in strength was too big. Besides, there seems to be many inside stories about this matter. We shouldn’t go to this mixed water. After all, our biggest duty is to guard the clan gate, not to fight."
The leading old monk always looked up and saw Song Changgeng’s purple hammer with one hand and Jin Jian’s purple hammer with one hand, turning it into a golden light and a purple electric thunderbolt, chopping crazily at the Tathagata. Although the surface of the Tathagata was still as stable as Mount Tai, the five-color brilliance had already begun to thin, and it was obviously impossible to resist for a while, so Song Changgeng’s attack was even faster. Although he had converged his strength, other people with a way could still feel some power.
After a long time, the old monk sighed, "Our statues of the Tibetan Buddha and the Six Bodhisattvas have been condensed for nearly a thousand years, and they should have the primary strength of picking up gold, but they are not our own things after all. Although we have such strength, we can’t use it well. This time, we were greedy and met with strong resistance. Although we failed, it is not shameful to defeat the Buddha."
At the same time, it also made me understand that we shouldn’t take part in these things. Faced with such a powerful existence, it is beyond our control. Go home, and then let other clans withdraw if they can, and the alliance will withdraw if they can. That’s not what we should take part in, alas! At the beginning, I was greedy and lost my original wish to practice Buddhism, so it was so difficult. "
What he said was very calm, but the meaning of depression and decadence was too obvious, but several other old monks didn’t say anything. They didn’t get discouraged by this huge blow. They thought that their skills were already top-notch, that is, Song Chang-geng could fight after they released the Dharma, so he came out with confidence to participate in the alliance and wanted to make greater benefits for Zongmen and Buddhism.
However, this defeat made them understand that there is a truth behind the scenes, and the practice of Buddhism itself tends to be silent. After losing heart, they should give up everything and return to their original state. After listening to his meaning, the other six old monks didn’t object, and seven people flew and left for the alliance camp. At this time, everyone was paying attention to the fighting in the air and didn’t even pay attention to their changes.

Chapter seven hundred and thirty-four Yin and Yang reincarnation
Song changgeng’s attack is simple. It’s just a hammer and a sword. In fact, every attack is horrible. It seems to outsiders to be a very simple blow. In fact, every time it is extremely heavy. When the hammer and the sword swing out to attack, there are strips of black silk and countless tiny cracks in the space. Every impact leads to ripples in the space, and of course it is eliminated by two people.
Seeing that Song Chang-geng’s attack became more and more fierce, and his incarnation was a little untenable, the Tathagata’s hand was sealed with a treasure, and suddenly he released infinite flames, and the golden light burned in the air with blazing power. The five kings of Ming Dynasty were wrapped in these flames and suddenly began to grow up, and in the blink of an eye, they grew from a dozen feet to more than a hundred feet, becoming a giant with the same height as Song Chang-geng.
At the same time, the strength of the five people is also exploding, and they are no longer defending, but starting to fight back. The sword of Central Aryaacalanatha is like a conductor’s music stick, guiding the attack rhythm of the other four Ming kings. As if the five men were one, the attacks began to complement each other, and they immediately resisted the attacks of a hammer and a sword. At first, sometimes each other could attack and defend each other.
Actually, Song Chang-geng was also in a hurry. He also wanted to finish the fight quickly. Although the battle between the two men seemed easy to others, Song Chang-geng actually felt very tired. He felt that he spent more power to restrain the spillover force than he needed to attack himself. The world was really not a place where he could let go of his hands and feet to fight, but he didn’t show up until he wanted to attack. There were not many powerful kills. At this time, he realized the truth of bo and Jing.
It seems that only by the means of closet, such power is generally not used by him, but at this time, in order to leave this incarnation of Tathagata Buddha, he has to display this amazing avatar himself. Tathagata originally had no intention to really fight with Song Changgeng, so he has always been on the defensive, and he doesn’t even have an attack. Of course, he has other plans. He already knows the future of Song Changgeng.
So there is no intention to fight, just want to stop him from moving the secret. Seeing that he has entered a stalemate again, he will consider the temperature is almost the same and can start a new persuasion. At this time, Song Changgeng suddenly brought up two forces, one black and one white, in his attack, and these forces were quickly combined. Form a black-and-white Taiji diagram.
Under the control of Song Chang-geng, the black-and-white Taiji diagram turns faster and faster, and it is getting bigger and bigger. Just in a blink of an eye, it has gone from a few feet to more than a hundred feet, and its rotating space has become a gray one, and it is no longer possible to tell whether it is black or white, and when it spreads, it will instantly wrap the Tathagata’s golden body and the five-party Ming king.
In this mixed gray world, Tathagata Buddha is full of shock. When he didn’t understand the role of this attack, he felt that it had been rotated into gray light, but it was still black and white light, just rotating too fast. This black and white light rotated every moment, and he felt that the magic like the sea flew away once.
At the beginning, Tathagata wanted to use the six golden bodies and the strong defense to cut off this attraction, but his reaction was slow. When he wanted to act, black and white colors had wrapped him in, and the field had been fully formed. So when the Tathagata used countless magical powers, he was depressed. No matter what method he used, he could not resist this endless attraction.
At this time, he is surrounded by a gray, and this gray is still spinning. Every time he rotates, his mana will disappear, and at the same time, he will lose his induction to the outside world. Obviously, this magical avatar, like the Buddha in the palm of his hand, can form a space-like thing after pulling people in, temporarily cutting off everything outside.
Seeing that his strength was constantly losing in this fast rotation, the Buddha knew that it was using the power of yin and yang, and he immediately came up with a way to fight, that is, using the five wise kings to form a large array of immortals.
He wants to use the murder that can pierce the sky to pierce this constantly rotating space. Only in this way can he escape, but at this time, where is the powerful King of Five Kingdoms? When he came up with this method, it was only in such a blink of an eye that the five-square Ming king, who was 100 feet high, had been rotated and pulled out a lot of power and was reduced to more than ten feet high, and it was still shrinking.
I just managed to transport my strength to make them bigger, but now I don’t consume my own strength quickly, and it is quickly sucked away. He is not a little bit scared, although there is no worry about his life, but if he is really defeated by Song Changgeng once, his face will be lost, not only his face will be ugly. But also delay their own layout, but he also can’t think of a solution at that time.
In this way, he closed his eyes and sat on the golden lotus platform, which gradually lost its smoothness. The Tathagata Buddha closed his eyes and didn’t move, but the three aperture flames behind him began to disappear, and they didn’t show up again. Seeing things beyond his expectation, the Tathagata Buddha seemed to be dead at this time, allowing the ever-rotating great magical power of Yin and Yang to eat away his mana like the sea.
With his wisdom, he quickly understood that his golden body was just an incarnation, not yet concise by himself, and his ability to display was limited. However, the magical power used by Song Chang-geng was definitely his strongest kung fu, and the so-called one trick was eaten all over the world. When your magical power was not fresh and was known, it was natural to enter the point where there was a law and there was a break, and it was normal for people to come up with ways to restrain it.
Although Song Chang-geng swallowed his doppelganger arrogantly today, the next time he meets himself, if he still uses this method, he will be a dead end, because now Tathagata has come up with several ways to deal with it. But because many things are not ready, they can’t be used immediately. As long as things happen today, then he can get everything ready, and then there will be Song Changgeng’s jokes.
It’s just that he doesn’t know if Song Chang Gung can have another chance to play against himself. Although the golden body of the King of the Five Kingdoms is still standing behind him, it is only the golden body the size of an ordinary person, and it is still dissipating. The golden spots are in the constantly rotating gray reincarnation. Little by little, it seems to be slow, but it is actually very fast.
The Tathagata understands that if he enters here today instead of this incarnation, he will look like himself. Although he practiced with the Tongtian leader when he was the emperor, he will not know how many yuan he has cultivated by this time, but in the long run, his mana will be consumed by this great magical power. Of course, if he looks like himself, there are many ways to get rid of it, but he will certainly suffer losses.
Fortunately, this time it was an incarnation. Seeing that under the reincarnation of life and death, under the imitation of the Buddha’s seat, the seven-product lotus platform from the Babel Merit Pool began to slowly turn into a flower bone flower, and the Buddha’s golden body, full of sacred light, slowly lost its golden color, and the five kings of Ming Dynasty turned into five relics, suspended at his side.
The Tathagata Buddha, who has no lotus terrace to do, still sits motionless in the void, as if he who sees through life and death is just waiting for death. He knows that such an avatar seems powerful and must be very exhausting. Song Changgeng must not last long, and what if this golden body disappears? The same can’t hurt your original strength, but next time you are prepared, you must clean up Song Changgeng.
Song Chang-geng, with the great magical power of the reincarnation of Yin and Yang, looked at everything in front of him indifferently, and he didn’t care too much about the motionless performance of the Tathagata Buddha. Because in his view, the Tathagata Buddha is already the fish under his sword, that is, resisting. Under this great magical power, it has no effect at all. What he cares about is that after this magical power of his own is used, I am afraid it will not be so easy in the future, and people will definitely come up with a way to crack it.
He knows that there are countless strong people watching him now. After all, their powerful existence is not attractive when they move their hands. That’s false. When people see this magical power, they will definitely think what if I meet it? Then you will think about how to crack it. It’s normal.
Seeing the black-and-white gray nimbus turn faster and faster, but he can’t relax. Those forces that have been peeled off are actually absorbed by him. This magical power is based on chaotic meta-tires, and the power is naturally refined and purified and then transferred to chaotic meta-tires. Although there is a vast space in chaotic meta-tires, Song Changgeng will try to control the flow of every force, which is not easy.
It’s only a moment’s effort. The five Buddhist relics of the five Ming kings behind the Tathagata lost their last mana, cracked with a click, and then countless golden powders were absorbed. The Tathagata golden body also shrank to the size of a normal person and was on the verge of collapse, but he was as indifferent as snow, as if nothing here could make him tempted.
Song Chang-geng was admiring his skill of cultivating the mind. Suddenly, the voice of Tathagata sounded in Song Chang-geng’s mind at this time: "Little younger brother, is it enough? My incarnation is of great use. You can just destroy the incarnation of the five kings of Ming Dynasty. This golden body has my will, and only the outside of me is fine. You can’t destroy this incarnation and the attached will. Give up.
You won this time. I promised not to destroy the spiritual vein here when I left later. You also destroyed my five incarnations and absorbed my strength. Isn’t that enough? How can you and I all belong to the same door? Do we really have to completely tear our faces apart? "While speaking, there was a golden light on the golden body that was on the verge of collapse, and a moment of white Buddhist relics showed dazzling light to support the collapsed body.