"Hmm … hmm!" Miyazawa Shinji bowed her head and became shy.

"Oh, what a wise decision! Don’t worry, I will never treat you badly! " Nine-fold vowed to ensure the true snow of Miyazawa. At the same time, the true snow of Miyazawa became more and more unruly and teased the true snow trail of Miyazawa. "In that case, can we do something that should be done between men and women now? !”
"Don’t … not here!" While resisting the harassment of Jiuchong, Miyazawa Shinxue said, "It will be discovered by the big lady and make her unhappy!"
"Hey hey, don’t worry, she tossed with me all night yesterday, and now she can’t get up at all ~!" As he spoke, Jiuzhong began to land on the beach and waited on Miyazawa Shinji to undress.
"Oh, no!" Nine heavy movements are a little too neat. Miyazawa’s snow is just a stupidly kung fu, and the cut of the coat has been completely lifted, revealing a pair of jade rabbits, still hiding half her face from us behind her guitar and be vividly portrayed. To react miyazawa snow can’t help but exclaim, his hands on his chest, blocking the further invasion of nine heavy, "please, don’t be here, I’m really afraid! If you really want to … do it, let’s do it outside! "
"Oh?" Nine heavy smell speech shine at the moment, "I didn’t expect you to be so wild, actually like the field? !”
"… no!" Miyazawa really snow crush the impulse to kill Jiuchong immediately, explained, "I mean … let’s go to a hotel outside Longyu to open a room! This will satisfy you, and you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed by the big lady. Isn’t it the best of both worlds? !”
"Well …!" Jiuzhong nodded thoughtfully. "I haven’t checked into a hotel yet. It must be very exciting ~!"
"Line, then let’s go! I can’t wait! " Jiuzhong temporarily let go of Miyazawa Shinji, left the leading mansion with Miyazawa Shinji and drove out of Longyu.
On the road, the car, nine heavy hug miyazawa true snow, a face of excited talking with miyazawa true snow, "Zhao Xue, which hotel do you think we should go to? This house, this house or that house? !”
There are many hotels near Longyu, and Jiuzhong is obviously too excited. I don’t know which hotel to check in, so I keep asking for the advice of Miyazawa Shinxue.
"Not as good as … that one! It looks very classy! " Miyazawa Shinji pointed to a striking hotel building not far ahead of the window.
Chapter six hundred and twenty Check in
The driver drove away to find a parking space, and Jiuzhong took Miyazawa Shinxue and went straight into the Jin Rui Hotel and came to the front desk. "Miss, I want to check in!"
I didn’t expect someone to say such a thing as checking in, as if for fear that others didn’t know he was looking for a young lady. The waiter at the front desk looked strangely. "… what class of room do you need, sir? !”
"Whatever …!" Jiuzhong wanted to say casually, but he was interrupted by Miyazawa Shinji.
Miyazawa really snow qiao face with a shy way, "I … I think my first time as far as possible a little dream, can we go to the top of the luxury suite? !”
"Depend on you!" Jiuzhong simply agreed to Miyazawa’s request and said to the waiter, "Just one of the most luxurious suites in your hotel!"
"Ah, good!" The waiter didn’t expect that the man in front of him, although a cheap man, was quite rich and didn’t dare to neglect him. He quickly checked in with Jiuzhong and handed the room key to Jiuzhong. "Take care of the guests!"
"hmm!" Jiuchong fished for the key, couldn’t wait to take Miyazawa Shinji and walked towards the elevator, took the elevator to the top floor, found the room according to the house number on the key chain, and opened the door and entered the room.
Ho Ha Ha, Zhao Xue, hurry up! As soon as the door was closed, Jiuchong couldn’t wait to run to the bedroom with Miyazawa snow, threw it on the bed, and quickly stripped herself of clothes that were in the way. "I can’t help it ~! !”
Miyazawa really snow a stupidly kung fu, nine heavy whole person has been bright and clean walk, jump on the bed, put her on the body, while occupying her sexy red lips crazy kiss, act in collusion with each other, take off your clothes for her.
"Um … ah … wait … wait!" In the face of nine heavy so highly effective action, Miyazawa really snow obviously some does not adapt, let nine heavy caught off guard, was nine heavy strong lips along while to react, trying to break away from nine heavy jaws, gasped and begged, "you wait for me to take a bath first? !”
"Well … all right!" Nine heavy crush x fire, reluctant to take away the salty pig’s hands that fell on a pair of jade rabbits in Miyazawa Shinji, let go of Miyazawa Shinji and lie on his back, "but go back quickly!" You have five minutes. If I don’t see you coming out after five minutes, I will go in and take a bath with you. "
"… wait for me!" Miyazawa really snow smell speech scared and ran into the bathroom, followed by the sound of "Hua" in the bathroom.
"Uh-huh, uh-huh ~!" Nine heavy down from the bed, leisurely humming a ditty, naked in the living room while waiting for miyazawa really snow beauty bath.
Came to the window, nine heavy curtain, condescending, take time to enjoy the city view.
"Manager, manager, that nine-fold outcrop!" Opposite the Jin Rui Hotel, on the top floor of the building as high as the floor of Jin Rui Hotel, in the room parallel to Jiuzhong’s luxury suite, a black dress person who is monitoring the movement of Jiuzhong’s luxury suite with a telescope, sees Jiuzhong appear in front of the window, and immediately reports to Miyazawa Liangchen, who is resting on the sofa behind him.
Hearing the children’s leave of his subordinates, Miyazawa Liangchen instantly opened his eyes, two trees flashed by, got up and came to the window, and looked at the opposite situation through the telescope.
"Manager, do you want to try to snipe? !” On the left and right sides of the telescope, there is a gunman who opens the sights of their respective sniper rifles and observes Jiuzhong in the luxury suite opposite through the sights.
"no!" Miyazawa Liangchen shook his head. "According to his background information, this Jiuzhong is a top player in Gu Wu Road. With his current position and in a state of vigilance, it is easy to escape the sniper of you two! Continue to wait, when the real snow is lingering with him and his back is turned to us, it is the time for us to shoot! !”
Nine heavy and miyazawa really snow in the luxury suite.
Hearing the underwater sound of the bathroom stopped, Jiuchong’s ears pricked up at once, and his eyes were fixed on the bathroom door.
After two minutes, the bathroom door finally opened, and Miyazawa really snow around the bath towel, and his breasts were half exposed and came out of the bathroom.
Seeing the hibiscus-like Miyazawa snow at this time, Jiuzhong immediately responded.
“……!” Seeing Jiuchong’s reaction, Miyazawa really stopped at the door and ate for a long time. The most talented person bowed his head and looked very shy. He slowly moved to Jiuchong like a snail.
"Are you ready? !” Nine fingers gently picking Miyazawa really snow a stroke still hanging water hair, gently asked.
"Quasi … well! !” Miyazawa really snow just say a word, sexy lips have been occupied by nine heavy, "um … ah …! !”
In fact, Miyazawa Shinji can’t wait to unload the big color embryo’s nine major pieces now, but for the sake of planning, she can only endure it for the time being, and if she can’t bear it, she will make great plans.
Once she breaks the plan on impulse, she will not only lose the chance to kill this bastard, but also lose something more important.
A warm and affectionate, nine heavy is to x fire, immediately picked up the miyazawa snow to wushan * * in the bedroom.
Miyazawa really snow got a fright, quickly, "can … can you not so fast? ! I am not ready yet! "
"So how can you be ready? !”
"More … more X play before!"
"Ha ha, so! No problem! " Jiuzhong temporarily dispelled the urge to hold Miyazawa Shinji to bed, and in the living room, he continued to make out with Miyazawa Shinji.
In the building opposite.
"This beast! !” See nine heavy unscrupulous affectionate with miyazawa snow in the opposite room, incredibly don’t even pull the curtain, although this is what they want to see, has been monitoring the black dress person in the opposite room indignant scold a way.
"Concentrate and get ready for action!" Only Miyazawa Liangchen, leaning on a stick of civilization, didn’t see any emotional changes, just looked at the opposite situation coldly, and gave orders to these men in black very calmly.
"yes! !” The two gunmen all aimed at the true snow in Miyazawa in the opposite suite.
In the luxury suite of Jin Rui Hotel.
Nine heavy face out of the window, miyazawa really snow back to the window, nine heavy single-handedly took miyazawa really snow boneless fine waist, held miyazawa really snow in his arms, the other hand wantonly stroked miyazawa really snow charming body, to stimulate the miyazawa really snow.
"Well … um …? !” Miyazawa really snow while trying to endure the attack of nine heavy, while wondering, "what’s the matter? Why can’t you turn around? !”
Chapter six hundred and twenty-one Give your life to protect flowers