But both of them may die, especially the bloody murder of Yeze. Now that you have recognized him, you will never let him go.

"No" bloody tone is very firm.
Liu Xi wants to kill someone at night.
Then I listened to the bloody murder and became angry. "Who said that I haven’t tried to break through?"
"Then if we fail, we will run separately." Liu Xixi gave in late.
Blood killed for a long time without saying anything. On the night of Liuxi, when the killer suddenly lost his stubborn temper inexplicably, he said a word, "Don’t, I don’t know if you want to go back to him. I won’t let you go back."
"Even if I die, don’t let me go?" Liu Sunseeker looked up at the blood and killed the blood and frowned. "I am such a person in your heart?"
Liu Xiyue was deliberately angry. "Aren’t you? You have been forcing me since now."
As soon as she finished speaking, she felt a terrible pain in her wrist. Damn it, blood killed her and dislocated her hand.
But the moment her hand was connected again.
"I didn’t mean to. I didn’t control my strength well." The blood killer was a little depressed. He always wanted Liu Xiyue to have a good impression on him, but he only made Liu Xiyue’s impression on him worse from beginning to end.
Liu Xixi didn’t speak silently at night, which seemed to be angry, but she didn’t want to make herself more complicated, especially after discovering that his feelings for herself were not a joke, and she couldn’t play with him in a child’s play.
Blood killing is not night ze. She and night ze play with each other, but each hides the other’s death.
And blood kills blood kills her. It feels different from others. His life is hers. She doesn’t want to lie to him or hurt him.
"Let’s go and get ready." Blood kills and tears Liu Xiyue’s robe and binds her to herself. Liu Xiyue is slightly crazy. You are a kangaroo. You are a kangaroo. Can you give birth to such a kangaroo girl?
However, no matter how crazy she was, she rushed out like an arrow, and Liu Xixi shouted as planned, "Wow, pearls are falling from the sky, and there are still a few Oriental pearls in it. The valuable market will be robbed first come first served."
While shouting, I told myself that I had picked a lot of pearls from the sky. This scene reminded Liu Xixi of the local tyrant scene when I played sword three times before, and every time it rained thunder and diamonds. Every time Liu Xiyu was late, this little secret would thank the game company with admiration while picking up things. Thank G for thanking their ten generations of ancestors.
Swish swish.
A few poison arrows grazed Liu Sunseeker’s ear at night, waking her from illusory memories. At this time, the five hundred mercenaries around her were really looking for pearls with their heads buried and their tails pursed. This is much more expensive than their employment.
Ye Ze really didn’t expect that he would be so easily cracked by Liu Sunseeker when he deliberately arranged everything and watched the victory in hand.
But he didn’t panic, and there was a faint appreciation in his peach blossom eyes. That’s good. That’s what makes it interesting
He conveniently picked up the bow and arrow frame and fired three poisonous arrows at Liu Sunseeker’s night and blood.
Blood killed and protected Liu Sunseeker, and was driven a few steps slower by these three poisonous arrows. Ye Ze had already caught up with the eyes, and those three poisonous arrows seemed to have eyes, and they would even turn around. This more sharp attack came towards two people again.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 525 to sell cute
"Run: efefd" blood kills the cold voice, and at the same time two people are tied together and the cloth is cut off by his sword.
Liu Xixi rolled down the slope as soon as she got one of the drinks in the evening. The last thing she saw was blood killing. Look at her eyes. She actually saw from there that it was so thick that she was not lonely.
My heart ached, and then she went all the way to the mountain.
Will you be all right? Blood killing will be all right.
Liu Xixi, who fell in a mountain mud pit, suddenly felt that her eyes were hot, and she couldn’t help but put her hand on her eyes for a long time without taking it.
Suddenly there was a strange sound in the dark Woods. Liu Xixi’s hair stood up instantly at night and she was not in the mood to be sad. She suddenly got up and shook her voice and said, "Who will come out?"
After a long time, when Liu Xixi’s legs and stomachs were cramped with fear at night, a young man in red came along with a horse. The young man was so beautiful that he looked at you in a red suit but his skin was unusually white. Of course, it might not be that you loved him, but that he was hypnotizing you.
Liu Xixi jumped at the boy’s hand in surprise at night. "Mock, why are you here?"