At this time, Wei Ji didn’t remove the Yin evil spirit from the curtain of Yin evil spirit, but kept him holding the mantra and chanting to shake up the evocation fan again, sending out ripples and extending in the direction of Dongyi.

Although the bodies, ghosts, weapons and armor of more than 200,000 people have all arrived in Degu Valley, the Dongyi Army, which was killed by Luzhou Army in attacking Tibetan Mountain Road, is still continuing to eliminate the ghosts of Dongyi tribe, which are still scattered in hundreds of mountains and forests on the boundless edge. These things will naturally be spared.
After waiting for more than an hour, the first batch of ghosts finally roared in the evil wind. Of course, this road could not be intercepted by some hidden monks. Don’t look at the fact that Wei Ji has put most of Luzhou’s scattered repairs into the flag after a second evocation, but there are still quite a few monks who pay attention to low-key and arrogance, and they can’t find their trace. Even Wei Ji can’t help it.
However, in the end, the big head or Wei Ji got it himself, so he didn’t mind too much. At this time, Wei Ji has been very familiar with many times of combat drills. On the one hand, he manipulated the soul-sucking, gluttonous and devoured the rushing in, and the ghost and spectre shook the soul-inducing coffin again and again, and the more powerful attractive force spread out to seek further expansion.
Now that Dongyi has been destroyed, it can be said that in the original site of Dongyi, he doesn’t need to take care of it anymore, but he doesn’t have to consider whether Dongyi’s sacrifice will come out in a big way. Now Weiji still wants Dongyi’s sacrifice to jump out and die, so he doesn’t have to make great efforts to send monks to clear it up
Unconsciously, three days later, he estimated that the number of soul-sucking, gluttonous and devouring ghosts and spectres was 70,000, and the ghosts and spectres that flew in recently became less and less scattered. He estimated that the Luzhou army had previously killed people, and now it has been almost attracted by itself. Then he temporarily collected the spell and dispersed the curtain of evil spirits, still turning into a cloud hovering overhead.
Wei Ji didn’t leave the cloud valley, but continued to adjust his breath because he knew that he had more to finish next!
Sure enough, within three days, another group of Dongyi people were driven into the cloud valley, and all kinds of Shaqi eroded the body and died. Then every few days, a group of Dongyi people were escorted in and followed in the footsteps of the previous people. So, a month later, more than 100 Dongyi people near Luzhou were born, except for the stars who escaped, and all the others were put into the cloud valley and assimilated into Shaqi.
Cloud valley evocation platform
Wei Ji is moving his own mana to urge all kinds of laws in Taiwan to transform the weapons of Dongyi people’s corpses into ferocity. Suddenly, he feels that someone has broken into the law. When he longed to open his eyes, his light flashed suddenly and violently. When he saw this, he found that he was a monk who refined gas and relaxed.
At the beginning, Wei Ji avoided the siege, but some people wanted to rush out to Dongyi, so they shot at Liujia maze, but Xu Jin was not allowed to go out, so the man came in, but it was also very smooth. Plus, this person also had some things, so although he bypassed some detours, he didn’t get lost. Wei Ji naturally wouldn’t waste energy to move it directly and run the law from his own care.
In a short time, the friar came to the stage of evocation. He bowed deeply to Wei Ji, who was sitting on the high platform, and said, "Meet the eldest male in Wang Xiurang!"
"Come on, don’t be so polite!" Wei Ji waved his hand at will and said, "When my grandfather asked you to come to see me, I must have important information to inform me!"
"Exactly!" Wang Xiurang didn’t bother to say directly, "Just now, Your Majesty received a secret report that the first 13-nation allied forces in the country had greatly defeated Nanyi and Southwest Sanyi, and the genocide was over!"
"Oh?" Wei Ji immediately asked, "What about the casualties of the allied forces?"
"I heard that it was also very heavy, and the Coalition forces also lost more than 70% of the war, leaving 30% of the remnants back!" The monk answered at that time.
"This is really good news, but it may also be bad news!" Who avoid smell so thoughtfully way
The friar didn’t interrupt without authorization. His specialty lies in practicing this kind of intrigue. He is too childish to make a fool of himself.
Wei Ji thought for a moment and then asked, "Is there anything else?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"No!" The monk’s answer was unusually concise.
"All right, I know. When you go back, tell my grandfather that most of our army should be withdrawn quickly to consolidate Luzhou Yugoslav capital, and a small number of troops should be packed in the same way. At the same time, Wei Wangfu should also arrange more monks to strengthen their vigilance, which means that our enemy may have to be replaced."
"Yes!" The friar immediately replied and then asked, "When Chang Gong is ready to go back? I think it’s better to go back together if your majesty is worried about many elders! "
"It won’t be long before one day is late or three days. I will definitely go back!" Who avoid smelling so can also white his grandfather worried after thinking, "when you go back, tell my grandfather that he doesn’t have to be too concerned about the Li family and don’t force us not to oppose the Li family. If you force it, it’s fate!"
"I am white!" Wei Ji said so plainly that the friar could not understand that he should say, "I know what to say and leave now!" "
"Go ahead!"
Said the who avoid two-handed tactic a device directly to the messenger monk to move out of the cloud valley, if he doesn’t make moves with this person this little strength afraid of using all means is rare to go out.
The man stayed away from the defender, so don’t press Luzhou for the time being, continue to focus on the array method, and continue to transform the bodies and weapons in the cloud valley into Shaqi.
A dense forest in 100 thousand mountains
In this forest, seven people who worship here in Dongyi stood and condensed into a form according to the seven-star orientation, and they were wrapped and imprisoned without any breath leaking out.
And in the center of their package is another older sacrifice, and at this time, this sacrifice is focusing on roasting a huge wild boar with its skin peeled off.
"Is Brother Wang ready?" Standing in the direction of the seven stars, a pair of twin brothers shouted together in the sacrifice
"I’m anxious to wait!" The roast boar sacrifice also don’t lift so replied.
The brothers didn’t dare to say much when they smelled it, but their throats kept swallowing. Obviously, the wafting fragrance had already stimulated their gastrointestinal tract, and the other five people were obviously worse, but their cultivation was much lower than that of the twin brothers, so they didn’t even dare to speak.
This sacrifice is a vassal of the Feng family, the first sacrificial family in Dongyi. When the Feng family and the Ke family merged again, they cleaned up the neutral forces and established their absolute dominance in their own fields. However, after all, the two families were not absolutely opposed, so they could not mix some sand with each other.
The Feng family controls the temple, and a part of the Yi family controls the army, and a part of the Feng family controls the Feng family. The Feng family did not separate the mortal army from the sacrifice according to the order of Ke Bineng, the king of Dongyi. Therefore, the Feng family controls the army and has many sacrifices with the army as before, and this sacrifice is that the Feng family controls an army with the army.
Their army was responsible for guarding the periphery of the Tibetan Mountain, so they escaped the strong attack of the guards that night, and when the Luzhou army attacked on a large scale, they sized up the situation and fled in the war, but they saved their lives.
However, after the war, Luzhou and the 100,000 Dashan demon clan did not relax, but sent a large number of monks to search for and clear the remaining Dongyi monks in the mountains, so they have been on the run all the time, which is very difficult.
The twin brothers who sacrificed to the first king are all masters of building foundations. Although they have developed the habit of eating food on weekdays, they are not hungry, but the remaining five people are different. Although they have reached the twelfth floor of refining gas, they still need good food to survive.
When they sacrifice their bodies on weekdays, they don’t eat luxuriously, so they quickly run out of food in their bags. Every time they are hungry, they have to shoot some prey for barbecue. Because of this, they have been discovered by Luzhou and demon monks.
Therefore, when they want to eat now, they all have to arrange a seven-star breath-closing array to prevent the breath from leaking out.