"Ha ha, brother Tang is joking. The name of Tianxiao is just a name of self-mockery. It can’t be true."

This has been very tactful. To say this as him, a person should quickly come forward to shake hands, but it happened that Tang Qing seemed to be really poisoned.
"Self-mockery? Gee, how can a good child have this habit? It’s not good. "
Regardless of how wonderful Tian Xiao’s face was, Tang Qing stabbed him and patted him on the shoulder. He said with a sad face, "Brother, you can cure this problem, and I sympathize with you" …
The whole audience was in uproar, and no one would believe it if it was not witnessed with their own eyes.
What is Tian Xiao’s identity? What is the identity of Tiandao Sect? Finally, what is the identity of this teenager?
Who does he think he is? That’s how I usually come to teach my younger brother a lesson. But in this way, Tang Qing’s identity as a psychopath is really secure, otherwise no matter how brainless people are, they can’t do it.
Even Tian Xiao himself is a little silly, and this man is naturally engaged as if he were his brother. How can he say this?
The nangongshan cold face flushed, his forehead was sweating. When I heard Tang Qing’s idea, he and Xiao Ye were like toads with a duck egg stuffed in their mouths, and they couldn’t make any suggestions at all.
Pretending to be crazy, I really dare to think. It’s not that the two don’t cooperate. The question is who believes in it, brother? Which one is not a cautious person? Can this madman pretend as you want?
But at the moment, the boss’s madness is really good enough. If I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes, if I were a bystander, I might have thought that most of this Tang Qing was really mentally problematic. It’s really crazy, at least not reliable.
In this way, Tang Qing this identity is strange.
Being able to identify cracks in space is enough to make many clansmen and even the elders’ alliance moved by it, and it will certainly be recruited. But what if there is something wrong with this mind? The thought of pinning the life of the elite in the door on a madman, this consequence …
As soon as this was said, at least three monks who were going to come forward retreated again. If you get this matter, you should go out and talk to the senior officials in the door. It’s terrible not to get an unfamiliar annoyance.
They retreated, but someone rushed out, such as Qi Bushou and Feng Hai.
Son, where did you get your flying sword? "Feng Hai asked loudly, giving Tang Ye a nickname by the way.
"My young master was harmed by you." Qi Bushou then put a hat on Tang Ye.
Tang Qing cocked his head, gave the two men a sideways look, and before the Nangong cold could answer, he beat him to a show of indifference.
"Fly sword is murder, of course, this also want to ask? Idiot, you. "
Chapter 146: IQ leap after being bitten
Chapter 146: IQ leap after being bitten, to the website

Chapter one hundred and forty-seven: About the fight of mental derangement
Chapter one hundred and forty-seven: About the fight of mental derangement (big chapter for collection and subscription)
If there is something, it may be of great use to you at some time in the future, but it may also bring you great risks from now on. What is your choice?
Although it is uncomfortable to compare yourself to something, it is obvious that this is a topic that Tang Qing has given to various factions. He knew that no one would search his soul, and even if he did, he was really not afraid.
Originally, Tang Qing planned to hide his identity, change his appearance and mix it out in a low-key way. After learning about the closure mode of the swamp, this method was completely abandoned.
Three Yuan Ying brothers have to scan and filter all the testers who come out. Of course, this kind of behavior is not aimed at Tang Qinglai before, but Tang Qing obviously can’t expect himself to pass easily under the nose of Yuan Ying brothers.
He is not afraid of magic gas scanning, and his identity is also very simple. The Presbyterian church will not register the identity of the monks who tried. It is said that it is a joke that nearly 10,000 people have entered the trial, and it is easy to arrange the identity of a certain monk.
As long as this space crossing doesn’t leak and you pretend to be crazy, the rest will be fine. If there is a problem, it is too beautiful. It is estimated that if there is such a beautiful monk among the people who participated in the trial, it will probably attract a lot of attention. But it doesn’t matter, just blame it on mosquitoes. This kind of thing is not without it. Do experiments if you have the ability.
As a result, there are only two key places left. One is whether the Nangong Cold can cooperate with each other, and the other is whether this madness is like it or not.
Small night by him to one side, in the nangongshan cold puzzling eyes, just a few words, just nodded and agreed to Tang Qing told. As for Nangong Han, Tang Ye was sure that he would keep a secret. Before going up the mountain, Nangong Han only got four characters. If something happened to Tang Ye, the biggest loss would be Confucianism.
Tang Ye doesn’t know what a madman is like, but it is right to behave differently from normal people. It is unpredictable, unpredictable and irregular.
So at the moment, Tang Ye needs to perform hard, saying that this is what he is good at and likes best. Just pretend to be a brainless guy.
Feng Hai was choked by Tang Qing’s words and almost vomited blood. Under the eyes of the public, he could not afford to lose this face anyway. Although the giant sword gate is not the most powerful of the eight gates, it is also a big Sect of clans. How can it be so humiliating for a scattered repair? Besides, the giant sword gate has the heaviest sword potential, so it needs to be indomitable with a sword. Otherwise, why should it fight with others only with a sword?
I was instructed by my master, and as the leader of this trial, I was quite satisfied with the trial results. Seven out of five is quite good, because there are many people, even if you can’t find too many elixir treasures, it doesn’t matter, just grab others’. After all, these people are disciples, so don’t worry about internal friction.
The result is quite good, and Feng Hai is in a good mood. Originally, Tang Qing couldn’t worry about it again, but flying naturally focused on flying swords. This look, something had happened.
At first glance, this flying sword is used by the giant sword gate, and he can even see who owns it at a glance. I haven’t seen it before, but I’ve never seen it so arrogant. Even the flying multiplier has been replaced, for fear that others don’t know, right? Others can also see that this flying sword belongs to the disciple of Giant Sword Gate, which is obviously a slap in the face.