Hearing Mr. Zhan’s words, Nangong Jinyu suddenly returned to absolute being. It was good that his brain came back. At the very least, he could discuss with others what he should do. Nangong Jinyu picked up the campaign on the table without saying a word and handed it to Mr. Zhan.

Mr. unknown so’s pick-up, just a cursory glance, felt that the event was not good. Did the first emperor actually have blood in his life? Now these people have become out-and-out traitors and villains. If it weren’t for the strength of Nanyue Palace, which has been prepared for rebellion for many years, I’m afraid there are not a few people who have infidelity in Beijing now.
Of course, this kind of news is not a particularly big problem for Mr. Zhan. There is no impenetrable wall in the world. Sooner or later, the things that the Nangong Jinyu regicide committed will come to light, but the last news of a campaign made Mr. Zhan stupefied.
Mu Qingfeng is the posthumous son of Wang Shizi of Ling and Jiang Yunying of Wang Hao? The teenager who has repeatedly fought against himself and wants to kill him quickly is actually the young master he should have assisted? Even if it’s providence, isn’t this joke a little too big? However, when I think about it carefully, Muqingfeng’s forehead really looks like a princess Jiang Yun.
"sir? ! Sir? !” See war Yuan Xu like this, the nangongshan jinyu also some worry, want to calm resourceful plot what’s going on.
What should I do? I keep saying that I am taking revenge for the princess. Now that the princess has descendants alive, do I continue to get rid of Ling Wang’s plan or, as I once imagined, assist Mu Qingfeng, who should have become my disciple?
With the increase of the voice of the Nangong Jinyu, Mr. Zhan finally returned to his absolute being. I don’t know when he has been rubbed by himself. After living for so many years, Mr. Zhan has never been so entangled as he is today.
"Sir, what should we do now? We have committed so many big crimes, I am afraid that the world will not forgive us easily. If nothing else, I am afraid that we will have to get more than we can bear. " The Nangong Jinyu is somewhat flustered. You know, it’s never a small charge to pass through a foreign country.
Hearing this, Mr. Zhan suddenly woke up. Isn’t it because of his own orders that Muqingfeng’s village was completely slaughtered by the Blue Wolf clan? Will Muqingfeng let himself go?
It’s just that Mr. Zhan has some pessimistic findings. It seems that Muqingfeng won’t forgive himself no matter how you look at it. This is really an act of God. He gave advice to the Blue Wolf clan at the beginning, so that they could harass the rear of Beiyan from unknown trails, thus laying a solid foundation. Tactically, there is no problem. Where do you know that the first village they harassed was actually where Muqingfeng was, and that was the original crime? There are indications that you want to get on well with Muqingfeng again. However, the urgent task now is how to solve the problem that the usurper of Nangong Jinyu was made public.
"Sir, but what are the good countermeasures?" The nangongshan Jin Yu saw that Mr. Zhan didn’t talk, but he thought he was thinking about countermeasures. In fact, Mr. Zhan’s mind is not on it now. But for the surrounding situation, Mr. Zhan knows how much. After all, he doesn’t want to be seen by Nangong Jinyu.
"Your majesty don’t have to worry too much, I have long known that there will be such a day, but we Nanyue Wangfu have made preparations for this for a long time, and I think it should be able to deal with it. Our biggest enemy is not the Qing-jun alliance they just set up. It’s just a paper tiger. If nothing else, I’m afraid that Donglu can’t send a single soldier. As for Beiyan, it seems that their strength is strong, second only to Xiling, but as long as we arrange it properly, we can definitely let them take care of themselves. Mr. Zhan thought about the countermeasures in a short moment, which really deserves to be called a "ghost plot" by the world.
"The plan will come out?" The nangongshan Jin Yu craned his neck. He wanted to know how Mr. Zhan broke the deadlock.
"As far as I know, the main reason why the grassland and Beiyan live in peace is that the Bull clan and the current Golden Knife Khan have a good relationship with Beiyan, but the scattered blue wolf clan can be upset at this time. As long as your majesty sends people into the grassland and promises them usury, I think they will be happy to disrupt the relationship between Beiyan and the grassland now, so that the greatest fighting force of the Qing-jun alliance will be held back. Secondly, as far as I know, the Japanese people will be newly defeated. Mu Qingfeng and the Xiling army who defeated them must be hated. Anyway, our forces in Donglu can’t penetrate. It’s better to use it as a favor. As long as your majesty teaches half of the land in Donglu to the Japanese, I think they will definitely send troops to help. " This betrayal of the motherland and the people is only once and countless times. As long as the immediate predicament can be solved, Mr. Zhan doesn’t mind being a traitor again.
"But, sir, in that case, the blue wolf clan and the Japanese people will be too big to fail. You know, if the final result is that the summer is torn apart, what I am doing as an emperor will be meaningless." Although Mr. Zhan’s proposal is very exciting, Nangong Jinyu is more or less concerned. A summer without arms and legs is not what he wants.
"Don’t panic, Your Majesty. It will never come to that." Mr. Zhan touched his beard and said with a smile, "The blue wolf clan and Japanese people want to return to their former glory, but they still have to see if Beiyan and Donglu will answer or not. As I expected, their two families will play very lively. It is estimated that the best ending will be a lose-lose or a disastrous victory. When the time comes, it will be a piece of cake for us to send troops. Without the help of the four kings, the rest of the governors are two or three kittens and puppies, and they can’t afford much wind and waves. It’s a big worry to us. If we let them pull out their hands, I’m afraid things will be difficult to master. As a matter of urgency, we must increase the harassment progress of Xiling. Our army of 100,000 troops will be broken into parts. I think Mu Qingfeng should be overwhelmed. Plus, we have the Ling Wang fighting in the border. Although it doesn’t look very good, our chances of winning are not small. "
After listening to Mr. Zhan finish, Nangong Jinyu’s hanging heart was finally put down a little, as long as there was room for remedy. Anyway, this suggestion was put forward by Mr. Zhan. Even if someone poked his spine after his death, it would be Mr. Zhan’s big head. Plus, history books are all winners and losers, and when they are eliminated, how to write it is not a matter of their own words.
"In that case, there will be Mr. Lao. I’ll make Mr. Feng the prime minister, take charge of the six departments, and help me negotiate with the grassland and Japanese people." Nangong jinyu seems to be kind, but in fact he is letting Mr. Zhan take the blame.
Of course, Mr. Zhan knows all about it, but he doesn’t care. If you want Xiling to be beyond redemption, you will win this position with considerable rights. As for the aftermath, Mr. Zhan has never taken it to heart.
After getting a positive answer, Nangong Jinyu was in a better mood. After seeing off Mr. Zhan, she went directly to the harem. In the past two days, she was worried and neglected Nie Ying, who had just become the queen. Now it’s time to make up for her.
After Mr. Zhan left the imperial study, he didn’t go back to his mansion directly, but went to the market to buy an altar of good wine. Although the whole capital is in a state of panic now, shops are almost afraid to open the door to do business, but it is obviously not for Mr. Zhan, so you can force it in if you don’t open it.
When Mr. Zhan appeared outside the dungeon, the Ling King Zhan Yujiang was more or less surprised. Seeing that he came and went freely, he wanted to come to visit Mr. Zhan now, which seems not quite in line with his style, especially the hip flask in his hand proved that he didn’t come to be cynical.
"Why, it’s coming to see me off? It’s rare that you remember my hobby, so there’s nothing to regret going to the grave this time. " Ling Wang smelled a strong bouquet of wine, although it was not as good as the wine in his arms, but the "Daughter Red" in Beijing was still very famous.
"Report is not in the princess died after drinking? Why are you going to break the precepts today? " Mr. Zhan said while pouring wine into the porcelain bowl.
"At this time, I don’t pay attention to these things. Anyway, after going underground, Yunying can’t smell my mouth, if she wants to see me." Perhaps the journey these days is a little tired, and Ling Wang decisively raised his glass.
"I heard that the posthumous son of the princess is still alive?" Mr. Zhan suddenly asked this sentence, and then stared at the Ling Wang Zhan Yujiang. Sure enough, Zhan Yujiang, who was unprepared, heard the news and spilled all the wine in his hand.
"It seems to be true. I’m curious. How did the prince refrain from seeing his own son over the years, especially since he is the posthumous son of the princess? Is it because the princess has no face to see him?" Mr. Zhan also poured himself a bowl.
King Ling did not directly answer Mr. Zhan’s question, but changed the subject: "No one knows about this matter except Mu Chongshan. I don’t think my bodyguard will be in contact with you. I don’t know where you got the news."
"It seems that Muqingfeng is really the son of a sovereign. I’m afraid that other people have already known this news except you. I don’t know why, that boy of Nangong Jinyu is not strict in doing things, and there is blood left behind. Besides telling the world about this matter, the prince of Beiyan belongs to our Ling Wang Shizi’s reappearance in the Jianghu, which is the most curious thing. I have also seen the big seal on the bulletin board. That war mark can never be forged. Now he is leading the people of Xiling to fight the army of Nanyue. " At some point, Mr. Zhan drank the wine in his hand.
"Your report wants to be meticulous, and it must have been commanded by Mu before he was arrested. I wonder if your report is still satisfied with this situation?" Mr. Zhan saw that the wine in Ling Wang’s hand had dried up and filled it for the first time.
"I don’t know." Ling Wang gawk at the ceiling of the cell, the in the mind mixed feelings, MuQingFeng willing to admit his identity, of course, is a great event, although I don’t expect him to be able to call himself a father in my life, but how can I not be ecstatic when I see this possibility, but now Xiling is in jeopardy, and he doesn’t want his son to fall into this hot water. Although Nanyue Wang is tyrannical and lewd, he is at those.
After a while, the king of Ling drank the wine in his bowl at one gulp, and asked Yuan Xu, who was also in a daze, "Now I have been put in prison, and the whole Xiling is in jeopardy. I think Mr. Lai’s plan has been completed. I wonder if Mr. Wang is still satisfied with this result?"
With that, Ling Wang picked up the hip flask on the ground and filled it for Mr. Zhan, no more, no less, as much as Mr. Zhan had just poured for himself.
Mr. Zhan drained the wine in his hand, and then said with a facial expression, "I don’t know."
The emergence of Muqingfeng’s identity as the tomb of Wang Shizi really completely disrupted his plan. To be honest, if Muqingfeng appears now to persuade himself to stop, Mr. Zhan will definitely think about it for the sake of the late princess. Unfortunately, it will never happen. Based on his own understanding of him, Muqingfeng must want to get rid of it for those who know foreign countries and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.
The two people who were supposed to be tit-for-tat in the dungeon fell into a mysterious silence because of the appearance of Mu Qingfeng.
So what is Mu Qingfeng doing now? After two days of tracking, they finally came to the base camp of Nanyue army.
Looking at the continuous camp in front of me, Mu Chongshan gasped. Boy, it seems that the king of Nanyue is really ready. No wonder there has been no action after the incident in Daliangzhou. He tried his best to do something here in Xiling.
When this group of people entered the camp, the guards at the gate were full of disgust. Two thousand people went to fight a small town and were completely annihilated. It was a shame to say it. If the Nangong all said hello in advance, none of these wastes would want to enter the camp.
When Nangong heard that all his men had been released, he was so excited that he thought he was going to become army of one. When people outside the camp reported that they had a group of ragged people coming to find him, he was so excited that he even broke his job.
Although he looked down upon those defeated troops, the Nangong was somehow the cousin of the Nangong Jinyu, and the general had to give him this face, so these defeated troops were all received in the camp, including, of course, Mu Qingfeng and his party who had been planning for a long time.
No matter where you are, people who have lost the battle will not be treated well. All the troops of Nangong are just placed in a corner of the camp. You can know how much the soldiers around you despise them through the big hole on the top of the tent where you can see the stars.
Originally wanted to snow lotus and * * the beautiful kite is the focus of people everywhere, but snow lotus and earth-shattering easy-to-let, under her skillful hands, really can’t see that they are daughters, of course * * the kite is very dissatisfied with this modeling, but when she saw the turmeric-looking, unshaven man in the mirror, she almost cried.
Because these defeated troops have no weapons in their hands, going to the battlefield is probably not something that can be done immediately. Therefore, after the Nangong came here, it was only a symbolic encouragement for everyone to leave. It was nothing more than nothing. Don’t be discouraged, we will definitely achieve final success, and so on. It’s just that no matter how he performed, the soldiers below were unable to lift their spirits. Don’t forget, they were abandoned before, but for Mu Qingfeng’s other plans, they would still be working as coolies in Dingping Town.
In the midst of a sigh, it soon ushered in the evening. Because it was hard to travel these two days, most people couldn’t bear the drowsiness that struck them. They directly lay on the ground and fell asleep, and soon Muqingfeng and his party were left. Muqingfeng made a wink to the people around him, and they left the camp sparsely. Because the people around them looked down on some people, their position was quite remote when Muqingfeng and his party left the tent and gathered outside.
"Childe, shall we do it now?" Mu Chongshan took out a kettle at his waist, which was filled with extremely flammable kerosene. The inventory of these 100 people did not cause too many problems in igniting a large hay.
"We have two tasks in this operation. General Yan, you and I are together to order their food camp. We don’t want to burn all the food clean. At the very least, we can’t let them advance according to the predetermined plan," Muqingfeng said to Yan Yun. "Secondly, there are three girls in the dog egg. Take a few good players with you and give me some generals of Nanyue Wangfu. If there is an opportunity, you’d better steal them for me. And their general, don’t start work. We still have too few troops at hand. I don’t want you to have any accidents here. No matter whether things are successful or not, we will gather in the grove ten miles east of the camp in three minutes. "
Although Mu Qingfeng is very accommodating at ordinary times, once there is a war, Mu Qingfeng will become very serious, because it sounds too dangerous to do things with more than 100 people in this army of hundreds.
They got the instructions and soon split up. Mu Qingfeng and his party quickly came to the place where stores were stored. When they gave them food during the day, Mu Qingfeng remembered this place.
"Stop! Who are you and what are you going to do when you come to the grain and grass area so late? " The soldier who looked like a captain stopped their party. Because it was in his own camp, he didn’t realize that these people in front of him were Muqingfeng pretending.