"It’s not difficult!" Glasses man also threw a gourd ladle, but compared with the powerful shelling of these grenades by former British warships, the explosion was simply called "soft"

"Throw as far forward as possible!" Logan estimated that there should be quite a few British infantry running to the position 30 or 40 meters away. They are not worried about accidentally injuring their own people, and killing one less is also a follow-up force to relieve pressure.
"good!" Brother Glasses does what he says, without ambiguity. Although it is not standard, it is not enough to hit a Grenade on his foot.
Selfish and glasses man struggled to shake their arms. Garogan was in a fun competition in three people.
Boom Boom Boom
The successive explosions gradually covered up the fact that the soldiers of both sides were fighting for small stones, but the number of small ripples thrown into the pond was much higher, which could also disturb the whole pond. Two young men happily threw one German-made long-handled Grenade after another. If these explosive weapons could be exchanged for the same amount of gold, I’m afraid they would have already smashed several trucks of beautiful women!
Whew … Boom!
At the last moment before fainting, Logan felt like riding a roller coaster, and a Buddhist saying came out of his head, saying that life is also sad and death is also zai.
Come on, smash the tickets. You’re welcome!
Chapter 39 I missed the wonderful plot?
I finally opened my eyes and was run over by a truck. Logan saw an angelic face. Er … Is it dawn?
"Hey, Lieutenant, this French chick seems to care about you!" Mark Ella, a former goalkeeper, sat casually with a bandage on her head and a cigarette in her mouth, and a child, "Little Sophie Marceau", was crouched on both sides.
"I don’t understand what she’s saying, but … the old French man and the old French woman seem to be burping!" Renxin Fritz has a large aquiline nose, and the left arm of the first class soldier is hung with a bandage. He said with some pity
"Ah?" Logan asked in French, "What happened to your grandparents?"
"Dead!" The girl whispered, "They may be too tired and want to have a good rest in heaven!" "
Logan sighed. If it weren’t for his own fate, he should be waiting in line at the gate of heaven at this time!
"I have been very obedient!" The girl said with tears
"I know yee li! In fact, death is a relief for them, and living is the real pain! " Logan felt from his heart that although he was alive, his head was not normal, and his bones seemed to be scattered, and he didn’t know whether he still belonged to himself. In retrospect, the former battle was so cruel and tragic.
The girl lowered her head and seemed to be thinking about what Logan had just said.
Logan wanted to think and said, "Hey yee li! Heaven is a happy place where the dead will bless us and all the living! And your grandparents, they must hope that you and your brother and sister will live, be healthy and be safe! "
The girl turned to look at the immature face of her younger sister-in-law, showing a very complicated expression: sadness, love, help, bewilderment and a little responsibility.
There is a saying that the poor children have been in charge for a long time, and Logan can’t help feeling in his heart that his childhood was not so happy.
"well! And menstruation will live well! Right? " "Little Sophie Marceau" turned her head blankly, pure and melancholy, and there was a firmness in her eyes, just like Princess Isabella in Braveheart
"I promise …"
"Dandelion name!" The girl said this sentence with him.
"What is dandelion?" She asked softly
"Have you ever seen a paratrooper parachuting? When the parachute hits in the air, it looks like dandelions fluttering in the wind! " Logan pointed to his own paratrooper logo "I am a paratrooper!" "
"oh! I saw them two months ago. They are so beautiful, just like angels from heaven! " The girl stared at the logo carefully. The three black doorways seemed nothing like parachutes, but it was indeed the logo of the 7 th German Parachute Division.
"Angel? Uh … angels can get hurt! " Logan said wryly that he turned his head vigorously. "Mark, is the battle outside over? What about the others? "
"You finally remembered this important question!" The former goalkeeper seems to be very dissatisfied with Logan’s childish conversation with a French girl, he muttered
"The battle ended two hours ago, and the coalition forces withdrew, bypassing the monk and fled towards Dunkirk! They must be afraid of our bombers! Lieutenant Stephenberg woke up before you but just fell asleep again! Oh, and the reporter with the army, you guys were buckled upside down on the armored car and all suffered some skin injuries. It’s a miracle! "
"oh? Reverse it? " Logan, it’s hard to imagine how much force it would take to reverse the heavy semi-tracked armored vehicle! Can that be caused by ordinary shells? Could it be that the British infantry stuffed a zha medicine bag under the car?
Thinking about this complicated problem, my head is torn and it hurts. Let’s rest honestly!
The former goalkeeper continued, "I was not so lucky when I was grazed by a stray bullet at the end of the battle. It took two or three months for the bullet to break his hand bone!"
"What is this injury?" Big aquiline nose is so-called said
After lying for a few minutes, Logan finally felt that his head was not so painful, so he sat up with his hands supporting him. "Did the military doctor really say that I had a skin injury?"
"Yes!" The former goalkeeper answered, "There is also the possibility that the head may have been hit. The previous wound has been broken and several stitches have been given!"
Hearing this, Logan was so depressed that God took the wrong medicine? Looking for your own head to fight against the steel plate, want to make a vegetable to play or something?
Well, you don’t have to look in the mirror to know what you look like! Make sure that his health is all right, Logan got out of bed and trudged out of this makeshift field tent. The sky was already bright outside, but the thick clouds made the whole world look gray. Craters, blood and all kinds of debris were everywhere in the line of sight. Traces left by the battle were far away. He found an armored car with a belly facing the semi-crawler.
"Aha lieutenant, you wake up! Feeling okay? " Glasses man looks happy with a piece of tampon on his face, and his neck is light. He still hangs that square old camera ―― but it may be very advanced in this era!
"Well, not so good! How are you? " I have fought side by side, and Logan’s tone has eased a lot. This ya looks wretched and weak, but I didn’t expect it to be brave.
Glasses man stretched out his arms "even if you fight with the British guy again, it’s no problem! By the way, lieutenant, I still want to continue the interview if I can! "
"Interview the hero? Hehe, aren’t you a hero now? " Logan laughed
"Hey hey, I just lost a few grenades. Besides, when the armored vehicle was blown over, I was going to die myself. I desperately called for help! In this way, where do you dare to be a hero! " The glasses man held up the camera in his hand and said, "The most important thing is that my baby didn’t break the photos inside, but they are valuable!" Shall I give you another group photo? "
Logan hurriedly gave a "forget it! What photos I take like this are simply detrimental to the image of the army! "
Just then, a few people heard a buzz, from which they all looked up and watched a large group of German bombers fly from east to northwest Dunkirk.
"Give me a good beating for those Englishmen!" Former goalkeeper Mark Ella shook his fist angrily.
Boom … Boom …
The howitzer deployed near the town is also powerful. Although increasing the amount of fire yao to achieve high range will greatly increase the wear and tear of the barrel, compared with its tactics and strategies, these losses are worth it!
Perhaps I heard them say that the voice was also wrapped in dumplings. Lieutenant Stephenberg came out of a small tent next to him. "Lieutenant, you are awake! Uh … My head hurts! "
"Like being bored with another stick?" Logan quipped.
"Almost!" Lieutenant a face of wry smile.
A few people were talking about life and death while breathing the fresh air of the town in the morning. It was not long before they heard a clanging track coming from the town.
Logan turned around and looked at it. It was a team of tanks!