Ignoring Yu Shao’s sad eyes, Tang Qing looked back at Tianmu and said seriously, "Now tell me, what have you mastered? Something that can give the Shangguan family a headache? "

"Don’t fool me!" Tang Qing added with a smile.
"Show off in an ostentatious manner! Really can show off in an ostentatious manner! " Yu Shao disdains.
"The boss is wise!" Stuart brothers quickly refuted.
"I didn’t understand …" Ou Yezi frowned and struggled.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-two: Don’t fool me
Chapter four hundred and ninety-two: Don’t fool me, go to the website.

Chapter four hundred and ninety-three: Is the Tao merciless?
The second volume Father and son travel] Chapter 493: Is the Tao ruthless?
Chapter four hundred and ninety-three: Is the Tao merciless?
For Tang Qing, the drama of dying is not new. The story of murder after death has long been written into articles and even put on the screen by countless people. The only difference is that it used to be viewing, but now it is living experience.
Even if these are removed, the change of Tianmu’s attitude is so obvious that it is impossible not to arouse his doubts. Presumably, the old thing’s resentment was deep, and he was dying to miss it, and suddenly found that Tang Qing was interested in dealing with the Shangguan family. Under such repeated agitation, it is difficult to maintain peace of mind, so that there are traces.
In any case, this is a windfall. Tang Qing is in a good mood and speaks much more kindly. Staring at Tianmu calmly, waiting for him to give an answer.
"Don’t you ask me what hatred I have with the butler?" . Tianmu’s old man’s face is pale and his tone is dull, with almost no fluctuation, as if he were asking Tang Qing, and as if he were talking to himself, desolate and desperate.
"Why?" . Tang Qing asked strangely, "Tang Ye didn’t accept your favor again. You don’t want me to avenge you, do you?"
"Then what do you want with what the old master has?" Tianmu was so mad that he almost roared.
"Deal with the Shangguan family!" Tang Qing is even more strange, thinking that this old goods should not be really crazy. If you want to be crazy, you have to hand over the things first.
Looking at Tianmu’s confused and angry expression, Tang Qing seriously explained: "Tang Ye dealt with Shangguan, but not for your revenge. You don’t understand, old man. This is called cause and effect in Buddhism. Tang Ye doesn’t want to be associated with your evil cause. Do you understand? " .
"Buddha is merciful!"
Emptiness and chanting Buddha, roughly lamenting Tang Qing’s reluctance to be born, is a great loss for Buddhism. People around you are slandering in their hearts. If you want to kill people, you don’t want to be contaminated with cause and effect. It’s just bullshit.
With hope in his eyes, Tianmu tentatively said, "You mean, no matter what, you will still plan to deal with Shangguan? Old know a lot about them … "
"Stop!" Tang Qing shook his head impatiently and waved flatly: "You are dead! Don’t hold any hope. "
"Yes, Tang Ye likes to attract people. Your strength and ingenuity are good, and your experience is far beyond Tang Ye’s. Being a slave or something is very useful. "
Looking back at Maggie, Tang Qing sighed and said, "No way, everything always comes first." Tang Ye doesn’t look at strength here, what matters is qualifications. Don’t blame Maggie either. If you do, blame your hard life. "
Think about yourself feel inexplicable, Tang Qing can’t help but sigh: "seniority kills people!" Tang Ye is too poisoned to change. "
"Master, if he (non-life-a rookie programmer’s five-year career path …"
Meggie couldn’t help but want to talk, but was also stopped by Tang Qing. "You don’t interrupt, it is for you, but also for myself. This old guy is not a good thing, he will ruin my conscience. "
"Not afraid to tell you temmoku, you want to let tang ye fall demons is hopeless. Tang Ye even knows the magic of mind, the magic of heart? It’s raining in Mao Mao! "
I’m at a loss, thinking about what is Italian magic. Be hysterical. Next to it, there was a loud exclamation. Yu Shao was pale, suddenly grabbed Tang Qing’s shoulder and said, "What did you say? Have you met a demon? Why don’t I know? "
Do you want to know? "Tang Qing was startled by him, have never seen less so, why is this?
At the beginning, when I met the demon, because the cause was related to Bao Puzi, Tang Qinglian was vague about Yungu, not to mention Yu. Later, he didn’t get the answer from the empty cloud aunt, so he didn’t put it in his heart, and he wouldn’t think of him. Now, it seems that Shao Shao actually knows Italian magic, which really surprised Tang Qing.
You, alas! You didn’t tie the knot again, how could you meet the demon! "Yu less a little nasty, the heart says this guy is too heartless, don’t know how serious things are.
People around you are also puzzling, looking at the less anxious expression, can not help but feel a little uneasy. Don’t this head back to hear of the magic, is really something amazing.
"Tang Ye is awesome!" In a word, Tang Qing almost didn’t make Yu less crazy. What drives him crazy is what Tang Qing said next.
"That chick said that she came when I first married Dan (the pink pig and the black wolf came, but they were born."
"Is the chick still talking to her?" Yu less staring eyes, as if watching aliens. People around you look at them together, as if they were watching aliens. Even the emptiness and Yungu are condensed, and they are slightly curious about the reaction of the less.
"Yes, I didn’t talk."
Tang Qing thought about it for a moment, and she felt frustrated herself. She said bitterly, "She said it was a little obsession of mine, and then when I was strong, she would go to sleep, and when she woke up, she would eat me. Inexplicably, she disappeared before I understood it. "
Crashed with a clash, Yu Shao sat down on the ground, which has no elegance. I saw Shao Shao’s eyes glazed over, looking at Tang Qing’s eyes with sympathy and helplessness, muttering to himself, "It’s over, it’s really a magic, it’s really a magic!"
"My day! What the hell is going on? I think that chick is not bad, and she is very sincere. " Tang Qingxin thought what this was called! Don’t delay Tang Ye’s plan.
Yu Shao looked at Tang Qing with wait for a while, her voice was like a wild duck holding her throat, and she said hoarsely and hard, "Well, Yi Mo won’t die at all, so she is naturally not afraid to tell the truth. You are finished, you are finished! "
"You are finished!"
Tang Qing was angry, thinking that he had something to say, so why curse me? Simply ignore him, turn around and say to Tianmu in a daze, "Don’t talk nonsense, hand over the things quickly, Tang Ye is in a hurry."
Tianmu woke up from the sluggishness, realized that he had no hope of survival, and finally let go of his mind (the return of the magic emperor). After thinking about it, I mumbled something and said, "What you just said is still counted?"
Judging from his appearance, he seems to be a little ashamed and uneasy, and it is difficult to say anything. People see in the eye, unprovoked rises a desolate. Tianmu is a vicious person, but he was forced to do this by Tang Qing. It’s really amazing that the wicked have their own grinding, everything has its vanquisher.
"Tang Ye said a lot, which one?" Be less upset by Yu, Tang Qing’s tone is not good.
"Buddha is merciful!" Emptiness feels sad for Tianmu in my heart. This guy doesn’t even remember what he said, and how reliable his promise is is really worrying.
Tianmu doesn’t care about these things, and his eyes remind Tang Qing with hope: "You said just now that you can satisfy my wish. Do you still count now? "
"Under what circumstances! And it won’t be done deliberately, and it will be pulled down if it can’t catch up. " Tang Qing didn’t good the spirit replied.