"I’m that mean in your heart?" Feng Li Su asked, "It’s better to let you go back to the palace and I can send you out of the palace, but you have to come to the palace and you are very happy."

However, seeing that Feng Li Su is also a person who keeps his promise, he is only slightly relieved that "if the emperor wants chess, he can find my dad. My dad is naturally better than me in chess. After all, he learned it."
"I’m really surprised that I miss you often. I’ve lost to you for so many years. I only learned this for a few days. If it didn’t really happen, I really don’t believe it! It’s really rare for you to have this accomplishment in chess! "
I played a game of chess, but look at her wonderful layout. There are traps everywhere, each with its own.
"Thank you for your praise!"
Chang Xiangsi smiled slowly. "It’s getting late. I’ll go to rest first. Let’s rest early if the emperor is unwell!"
"I’ll take you back to your room!"
Feng Li Su arranged a room for Chang Acacia in Weiyang Palace, not far from his bedroom, and let people rearrange it before dark, and all the bedding in it was replaced with new ones.
Send Chang Acacia back to the room and look at that door. Slowly Feng Li Su sighs outside-she is the first woman to live in Weiyang Palace!
He was anxious to get closer to her, but she seemed as lukewarm as ever.
When should I let her go and see you again?
Besides, Chang Xiangsi is a smart woman. Today, he used some means to see her and was afraid that she would be more alert in the future.
Take a deep look at the door Feng Li Su just turned away.
Feng Jiang Yi didn’t eat in the back all day, so he was so hungry that he drank some water and asked Yi Lee to feed him a few mouthfuls of porridge, but he had no appetite. After drinking the medicine, he let Yi Lee leave.
While he was lying on the bed, his eyes couldn’t help glancing at the outer room and remembering that his happiness had fallen last night, and he felt like a dissatisfied housewife when his mood changed.
At the thought of the emperor’s refusal to see anyone, the company commander princess rarely went to the palace and didn’t want to see her. Instead, she met Chang Acacia and left her in Weiyang Palace, and he was furious.
I wonder what they did and talked about in Weiyang Palace today.
Think of this phoenix red dress and sleep all night.
I often miss you every other morning. After washing and grooming, I had breakfast alone and my father-in-law came over.
Seeing that breakfast has been finished, I often miss you and your father-in-law immediately smiled. "Huei-fang’s slave has come to take Huei-fang out of the palace!"
"It’s so kind of you!" I often get up.
Lu and your father-in-law are anxious when they see Chang Xiangsi and don’t ask about Yu Huang’s words.
"Huei-fang, why don’t you ask the emperor if he didn’t come to see you off?"
"The emperor’s status is noble. I just have a father-in-law when I leave the palace. Where do you dare to let the emperor come?"
"The emperor didn’t feel well this morning, so he treated the doctor too much. Although there was no big problem, he needed to take good care of himself. The emperor didn’t come to see Huei-fang off."
And your father-in-law looked at Chang Xiangsi’s soft side face and added, "Yesterday the emperor was very happy. I haven’t seen the emperor so happy for a long time."
Acacia is when you smile and stop talking.
See acacia don’t talk and your father-in-law lightly sighed "old slave really hope Huei-fang can enter the palace to serve the emperor in the future! Although there are many concubines in the palace, none of them are really liked by the emperor. "
Even when she was slow, she knew that Feng Lisu intended Feng Lisu to look at her.
Let her share a man with so many women is something that will neve happen!
There is already a queen in this palace. If Feng Li Su wants her to enter the palace, I don’t know what identity she will be given. Even if she is given the status of imperial concubine, it is just a concubine room!
The queen is not rare, will she be rare for a princess?
Just out of Weiyang Palace, I often miss each other, and I saw that I was kneeling at the gate of Weiyang Palace. At this time, a group of ministers in the DPRK had left and often knelt there alone.
Chang Xiangsi immediately greeted the past, "Dad, why are you here?"
I often hear the sound and look up. It’s lovesickness coming, followed by your father-in-law
Seeing each other often makes him feel homesick, but he is relieved when he comes out safely. He got up but has been kneeling for too long and staggered backward. Fortunately, he only held him before he was homesick.
I often miss Chang Xiang’s face a little bad, and those clear eyes are even more red at this time. It won’t be from yesterday that I knelt here early in the morning!
And your father-in-law said, "Master Xiang, this is bitter! The emperor said he didn’t see you, but he didn’t want to see you after kneeling here all night. "
Chang Xiang said, "Nothing! If acacia comes out, my father-in-law will leave! "
"This …"
Seeing your father-in-law often makes you miss each other, so you have to take the sidewalk. "The emperor said that the slave should personally escort Huei-fang back to Xiangfu. Why don’t you go back with Huei-fang?"
Chang Xiangsi saw Chang Xiang kneeling and numb his legs. "Dad, you have a rest here and wait for your legs to get numb before we go!" "
Then he said to your father-in-law, "Don’t bother my father-in-law. My father will go back to Xiangfu together. If the emperor asks, just say it was my idea."
"That’s fine!"
It’s reassuring to talk to your father-in-law when you see Chang Xiangsi. Besides, there is also a civil-military double-phase, and nothing can happen. So they left and hurried back to inform the emperor.