After Gu Lingfeng left, Su Jiner and Mei Mei left the carriage and a group of people took advantage of the night to leave "Yancheng"

Lin Yi woke up and Mei Mei was also very pleased.
Mei Mei also introduced Lin Yi and Su Jiner and told Lin Yi that Su Jiner helped him turn the corner this time.
Lin Yi and Su Jiner pretended to be like getting to know each other for the first time. Lin Yi also specially thanked Su Jiner for his help, but their hearts were tacit. Su Jiner almost laughed.
Mei Mei leaned against the head of the carriage and shook her slightly with the bump of the carriage. She looked at Lin Yi with a kind of hard-to-read eyes. This time, Xiao Lin was really guilty. A lung was cut off, but he was alive. She could also take Lin Yi back to the empress for a job.
Mei Mei thought that she did her best to save Lin Yi. Is it simply a matter of paying the empress? If it weren’t for a job, would it really be from ruin who watched Xiao Lin die?
Mei Mei thought about these and couldn’t find the answer at the moment. He was also upset and simply stopped thinking about it.
She saw Lin Yi stroking his sword and became more and more curious about Lin Yi’s sword.
"Xiao Lin, is there anything strange about your sword?"
Su Jiner also said, "Xiao Lin, I see you are still clutching this sword when you are unconscious. Is there a treasure map in the sword? Or is it a lover’s gift? "
Lin Yi, who remembered the treasure map, remembered Su Jiner’s deception of returning with "Grass Songs".
Lin Yi said with a smile, "There is no treasure map in this sword, and it is not a gift from my lover. This sword was given to me by my master. Although the sword is common, my heart is more precious than gold."
Su Jiner and Mei Mei heard this before Bai Linyi regarded this sword as a treasure.
After Lin Yi finished speaking, he was silent. Speaking of the master, he couldn’t help but think of looking back.
Looking back is crazy, but it’s wonderful for him.
However, he lied about coming back. He left the basement and hoped to come back. He was still suffering from loneliness and mental torture like a prisoner, and he didn’t know when he would be free.
Lin Yi was suddenly filled with guilt.
He decided to find his father and sister and then go back to "Wangren Mountain" to see if he could come back.
Lin Yi’s mind suddenly burst into an idea that made him very excited.
If you return from the mountain, let him, such as men in black, Su Qinghou, Lin Tianshu and Cui Longxiang, fight against each other, and I don’t know if they will return. Can you defeat them one by one? !
That scene must be shocking! Looking back into the rivers and lakes is even more shocking!
Lin Yi is worried that he can’t control his mental changes and often looks forward to returning. If things go the other way, he will really become a sinner.
Lin Yi thinking also slowly went to sleep.
Su Jiner and Mei Mei have already fallen asleep together.
Su Jiner will reveal a sweet smile from time to time in her sleep.
Did she have a good dream? Finally found Lin Yi …
Near noon the next day, Luo Guxie reported to Mei Mei in the carriage.
"There are many people like us in the southeast of Ludao."
Mei Mei listened out of the carriage and stood on the shaft and looked southeast.
See dozens of fast horses roaring towards this side, rolling up dust and flying Yang.
They are wearing white cloaks and bulging with the wind, such as white sails. They are indeed "floating island" people. As they get closer, Mei Mei sees the leader.
Her beautiful eyebrows wrinkled up.
Chapter 9 Gone with the Wind Island (3)
Dozens of fast horses soon approached, and the first one was a man in his mid-twenties.
His face is pale, his forehead is wide, his veins are bulging, his nose and cheekbones are high, his lips are thin and slightly upturned, showing pride.
He wore a robe with half white and one side black, which also looked neither fish nor fowl.
He wore a sword on his left waist and a shiny steel hand model engraved with a black ghost pattern on his right waist.