Feng Lisu felt a faint pain in his head. Did he really do so many stupid things?

And I’m still lovesick!
He likes that woman? I saved her even if I bumped my head like this!
However, Chang Xiangsi cheated her with Feng Jiang Yi, and even he was in cahoots!
He’s going to kill them both!
How big a green hat is it for him to think of their intimate gesture and a fiancee and a princess eleven?
Just because he lost part of his memory, they dare to lie like this?
"Chang Xiangsi is really the fiancee of eleven princes?"
Chicken one leng immediately shook his head.
"Naturally, the emperor doesn’t like the empress, but the empress’s favorite person is eleven princes, and the eleven princes are all fighting for the empress!"
"So that’s it! I am white! You go! "
He looked gloomy and then evoked a sneer. When he can get into bed, we must take good care of these two people.
Brother, friend and brother, I’m afraid this day will never come!
Feng nodded and then got up. "Excuse me!"
When Feng Yi came to the door, Feng Lisu asked, "So who is in charge of the abbot’s overall situation in the DPRK now?"
He even has some confusion in his memory here. I can’t remember that he chose to leave Fenglin at such a time. So who handed over everything to the DPRK?
Phoenix stopped and turned around. "Back to the emperor’s words, now everything in the DPRK is handed over to the nine princes and the emperor is in Weiyang Palace for illness. Chapter 36, Do you know that Acacia is the queen of me?
But he forgot that Feng Qinglan had come back before Qing Mu Gong rebelled!
Weiyang Palace is heavily guarded and has a lot of dark guards. The ministers in Weiyang Palace have no courage to break in and find out.
Thought of here, he was slightly relieved. It seems that he is not confused yet.
It is the thought that the harem brought the situation in the Hengchao and the woman herself conferred the title of a crazy and silly woman for many years, and after adding acacia, she smashed her head into such a phoenix, Li Su, and she couldn’t wait to kill herself with one hand.
He actually killed a woman. What a fool!
After returning to the room, I often miss sitting on the bed and seeing Feng Lisu cleaning her hands by the door. Then she wiped his hands carefully.
He has beautiful hands, slender and well-proportioned joints, well-manicured nails, and it’s like art
"You said that we pulled such a lie. Sooner or later, the emperor will know that there are dark guards around him who are loyal to the emperor! If the emperor knows that you and I have cheated him at present, it is estimated that we will kill us! "
It’s not a good-natured person to be fooled by a woman.
Feng Jiang clothes put Pa away and walked towards her.
"The emperor even knows that now he has lost part of his memory and forgotten what you and I said. He will never believe that he will get news from Feng Yi or Feng Er. As you said, Feng Yi Feng Er is loyal to the emperor and will never hide anything. He already knows what happened after he sealed you!"
I often miss a moment. "The emperor has been kind to me, and now he is so hurt because of saving me, but he has forgotten that it is better for everyone … Why don’t we leave here and ask Xuanwu to stay here and look after him? After some time, the emperor will be well, and he should go back. Now that he has been here for a long time and lost some memories on the road, he must be at ease!"
Staying here will get her into trouble. At this time, I already know that Feng Lisu is seriously injured. It is better to leave.
Save her kindness this time and she will try to pay it back!
I am naturally willing to hear that Chang Acacia wants to leave here.
He wanted to leave a long time ago, but Feng Lisu has been in a coma and often feels sorry for him, which didn’t happen.
Nowadays, Feng Li Su is in a good condition. Although she has lost some memories, she must know that lovesickness is the woman he likes.
Don’t go at this time, do you have to wait until Feng Li Su banned them?
"good! I, Zhao Xuanwu, talk about this matter. You have arranged everything. Since we are leaving today, we will leave! "
There are many inns near the imperial city, so we can find a place to stay tonight and wait for other plans. Besides, now that Nanqing Pei has moved in, they should leave.
When I arrived, Chang Xiangsi nodded and promised that Feng Jiang’s clothes didn’t delay much. I got up and walked out and pushed open the door, only to see that Feng San Feng Si kept outside.
When Feng San Feng Si saw it, Feng San opened his mouth first. "Where does the eleventh prince want to go?"
Feng Li Su is really fast!
I didn’t expect to be ordered to stay here so soon. Is this going to imprison him and often miss him?
Seeing that you came as he expected, Feng Lisu didn’t believe him at first. He glanced at Feng San coldly.
"Where is the king going? Do you still need to leave? Is the identity and status of the Dark Guard higher than that of Wang, a sovereign with pure royal blood? "
Chicken three immediately shook his head "back to eleven report words chicken three dare not! It was the emperor who ordered the Empress Eleven to live in the house for the next few days. If the Empress Eleven needs anything, including three meals a day, she will definitely serve! "
"That is to say … so you are going to imprison the king?"
Feng San said nothing, and Feng Si still kept her posture just now.
"What if the king wants to see the emperor?" Phoenix crimson clothes asked eyes flashed a disdain.
Feng Sandao said, "If you go back to the eleventh report, the emperor is in poor health. You should go to bed at this time. If the eleventh report wants to see the emperor, then wait for the emperor to wake up. The eleventh report also knows that the emperor is seriously injured and now he needs to rest."