I devoted myself to the army. Logan really didn’t put my perspective on a higher level before this … I quickly forgot that there was another ally in the Far East who was bound by this clause. What he didn’t know was that on the day when the Soviet Union attacked Germany, German diplomats stationed in Japan informed the Tokyo government about the war and reminded them of their responsibilities.

However, after a long time, the Japanese government was still studying and considering it. By the time they made a serious decision, the Soviet-German war had caused more than 300,000 soldiers and civilians to die. The Germans withdrew their knives from the main battlefield for O kilometers, while the Soviet army correspondingly advanced more than 200 kilometers, leaving more than 100 kilometers from Pailin!
The meta-voice covered up everything around him. Haye continued his novel "Japanese government recognizes the treaty". Military assistance does not mean declaring war! They can send a military technical team to Germany to help us fight or a fleet to protect our shipping lines! "
Logan didn’t study these diplomatic rhetoric carefully, but just after Germany officially attacked Su Xuan at noon on April, the Italian government also declared war on the Soviet Union. Considering the world situation in autumn, didn’t countries sign such a military treaty in addition to recognizing each other’s spheres of influence in order to form strategic cooperation and suppress the common enemy?
It was hard to wait until Xiao Hu stopped and gasped. At this time, keitel said, "In view of the disappointment of the Japanese government, can we decide whether the three-nation alliance treaty has lost its effect?"
Ribbentrop’s face looks very bad, confusing the Soviet Union instead of being confused by the other side. Now he has been drilled by the Japanese. It is lucky that he signed it on behalf of the German government at first, but he himself was not sent to the gallows by Yuan.
"I think it should be invalid!" Yuan waved his clenched fist, and just as everyone was uneasy, he wanted to make a long speech. The first six sergeants reached out and gathered up, soaked in sweat and hanging freely on their foreheads, and turned to look at the Foreign Minister.
"Strictly speaking, the abrogation of a treaty should be that one party really violates the agreement or one party declares the abrogation for some reason!" Ribbentrop went around a circle, meaning that the Japanese did drill into this.
"Now that we have taken control of Britain and Tokyo is unwilling to fight against the Soviet Union, I think this alliance treaty has lost its original meaning! If it is easily abolished, "then what should Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania and Yugoslavia do?" Re-sign the new alliance agreement? The issue of Brausic, commander-in-chief of the Sixth Army, is very pertinent. This Axis Agreement is not only binding on Germany, Italy and Japan, Bulgaria and other countries, but also a supplement to the Treaty and its subsequent entry into the Axis camp.
Mussolini fought with him in Italy, but his alliance attitude was still very firm, and his strategic subordination also determined their treaty position. However, Bulgaria and other countries were different. One exception was that they tied the chariot in Germany by inducement and coercion, and faced with the surge of powerful Soviet troops. If the old treaty was abolished, it would not be impossible for these countries to defect quickly!
"There is actually a solution to this problem!"
Logan hesitated about what to say when Admiral of the fleet Lei Deer, who was in the front row, robbed the German navy of its liberation from the cage after defeating Britain, the number one maritime enemy. Because "Barbarossa" needed to invest in some of the main forces of the navy, Yuan finally felt that the Mediterranean should be given to Italian allies, which saved the German navy from staying in a small place. "The trouble directly focused on the more distant goal of the vast Atlantic Ocean-that is to say, only the German navy raised its strategy to the height of the ball when the German Sixth Army was still preoccupied with the enemy on the eastern front.
Everyone is not surprised to see the spirit of the wind, the commander-in-chief of the navy, and the commander-in-chief of the navy, said unhurriedly, "Japan’s strategic situation, its powerful navy will certainly not wander around the China waters. If it wants to attack the British colony in the south, the Philippines is a barrier that they can’t cross!" Since the Tokyo government can interpret the military meaning in the treaty in this way, we can give the same treatment in the corresponding situation! If possible, "we’d better be able to forward this diplomatic letter to the Japanese government!" "
Understand or not understand the presence of generals and officials are thinking for a long time, little huyuan high-five, "that’s right, we should do this to those dirty monkeys! The Soviets look very strong now, but their efforts to attack have been blocked by one-third of our troops. With the existing strength of Germany, we can beat the Soviets! "
Chapter 45 Variable strain
I was afraid of the soldiers’ tiredness and didn’t care much about eating a few bites of bread. Even the uneven rubble piles could be used as beds. However, the battle gap didn’t last for an hour, and the Soviet heavy artillery shells hit again. Seriously, the ruined city was reorganized until there were no signs of life in sight. Red Army tanks and infantry emerged like a rising tide, and their momentum was as fierce as the waves washing the beach forever!
Exhausted physically and mentally and lacking ammunition, the German officers and men had to enter the defensive position in spirit. This arduous battle was unprecedented, and every professional soldier had tried his best, but after all, this is not Moscow or Lunjiao. It’s no small miracle that the commanders of the Soviet Union and Germany held on for two days and two nights. With the distance between the two sides getting closer, the fierce guns finally exploded in the dark. Although the German infantry and paratroopers anti-tank weapons can resist the impact of the Soviet liver-fast tanks and light tanks, with the appearance of heavy tanks, the Germans may have to pay double the casualties. Even so, they still have to face such a cruel reality that the area of the German-controlled urban area is shrinking. If they can’t hold on, there is almost no hope of breaking through. If they release their weapons, it will be the largest-scale surrender of the Germans since the war
In Warsaw, in the fortress area in the southeast of East Prussia, the German officers and men are also tired to varying degrees, facing the same problem. The troops isolated in the front line are eager for their own main counterattack, but where is the counterattack horn? "Take a break from one company to another!"
In the old border town of Lenkster, Germany and Poland, young men belonging to the 32nd Infantry Division of the German Defence Force are sweating profusely to build fortifications. Because of the extreme lack of physical strength due to continuous labor, it is also possible to replace the officers with automatic machinery so that the companies in their hands can take turns to rest and ensure that the whole project can advance according to the requirements of the grade. With the trenches, The barbed wire area of bunkers has been gradually formed and built in a hill town. Dozens of buildings have actually been well protected by layered fortifications on one side of the German border. The artillery position has been cleverly facilitated. The terrain here makes the road crossing the two countries directly bombarded by the enemy from the east still open, and a large number of trucks transport troops and materials into Poland every hour, but those steel-framed roadblocks placed on the roadside can cut it off at any time.
"This will be to stop the Soviets from entering the last line of defense in Germany!"
The soldiers got such information from their own officers. At this time, the most advanced position is still more than 100 kilometers away, but it seems to be far away, but there are only two "defense lines" left. First, the Germans have held on to the Calix line near the edge for an hour, but in the daytime, the Soviet army took turns to attack this defense line, which was not strengthened by the increase of German defense forces. In some areas lacking terrain conditions, the fortifications were completely destroyed. If it were not for the Germans, armored troops were mobilized to reinforce the Soviet army. Vivas River Tour has made a breakthrough-German generals who are proficient in blitzkrieg will not be unaware that once the Soviet armored forces tear a hole in the German defense line and the profit advantage is quick to detour, the infantry with slow mobility in Germany may become the dumpling stuffing of the other side!
This second line of defense is the defense line prepared by the Germans in Poland. Its width is the same as that of the first line of defense, but the depth of defense is mostly 3 to 4 kilometers. Trenches and barbed wire are obviously not enough to withstand the impact of Soviet tanks. It looks more like the German troops who suffered heavy losses withdrew from the first line of positions and took turns to make a standby transfer!
"We will turn this place into an unbreakable barrier and let the Russians break their heads!" The officers are constantly encouraging the soldiers to come from the rear. The first batch of artillery has arrived at the scheduled position, and some extra assault guns for the grass-roots infantry division will arrive tonight. From the deployment of the high command, it seems that the top management is readjusting its strategy. After all, they are faced with the power to move. If the Soviet troops are at the top of the front line, if the attack is unfavorable, the horse will be replaced by the rear troops to rest. Only when the Germans observe the division number, they have already passed the help, and the Soviets have contacted the German division. This number is half!
Not long after, the anti-alarm alarm placed in the commanding heights of villages and towns suddenly sounded, and the searchlight position deployed near the German border re-lit, and the night minister soup cannon broke the black spots in people’s hearts that were only colorful and colorful, and they were flying from east to west!
Although a number of fighter planes have been temporarily incorporated, there are still three wings in the night fighter unit of the German army. After removing the losses in the first two nights, the remaining planes are no longer enough. What they have to face is the total number of Soviet double bombers, which is suitable for escorting Soviet fighters in the middle and long range. This seems desperate, but the contrast is hopeful because of the technical superiority of the German army in night fighting.
On the ground, the radar base and searchlights guided the German fighter group to quickly find the attacker’s position, but it was a big loss for two nights. The Soviet bomber group was never prepared to attack again.
"Damn these Russian fighters were hidden in their bomber formation! Too embarrassing! "
Lieutenant Cloodt, a stone-year-old skilled pilot in the cockpit with dark gray paint on his whole body, woke up his crew through the communication line. Because of the greatly enhanced hemispheric firepower, this night fighter, which was transformed from bombers from both sides, is best at "breaking the belly" of enemy bombers, but if it touches a real fighter, its maneuverability and self-defense shortcomings are still fatal!
Outside the cockpit, the silvery moonlight from the sky and the searchlight from the ground shared an ideal sight, but it happened that it was also a two-way street. The Soviet Union and some German pilots were still unfamiliar with the aircraft model, and the dark red bullets flew over the huge bomber group to the German army interception line, which was like fireflies flying in droves at night.
The tension spread rapidly in the cabin. At this time, a young and confident voice came from the earphone. "Relax, boss! You’d better lower the altitude gently and try to attract them! "
Lieutenant Cloodt knew that the sound came from the machine gun tower at the back of the machine, which was equipped with Krupp company to research the double-bladed mm machine guns according to the special requirements of the technical department of the German army. In terms of appearance, they did not meet the comfort requirements at all, because once the semi-circular machine gun tower was stuffed into such a big thing, the gunners would have no cone at all-there were two final solutions. One was to imitate the Italians and adopt the remote control machine gun tower at the mouth, and the other was to equip the machine gun tower with tank periscope, that is to say, the whole operator was located in the machine gun tower. In view of the different types of
"Good boy, but you have to aim at the Russians. They’re not stupid. It’s hard for them to be fooled again!" Lieutenant Cloodt responded by gently pressing the wheel.
In the early night battle, because it is difficult to maintain the coordination in height, once the units get close to the target, they will attack different targets in a scattered way. "Oh, there seems to be another one behind! Look out, everyone! It’s four one old! "
At the beginning of the war explosion, the Soviet army’s main force, Yi Yi Zhan, had a very recognizable appearance, a round fuselage, a thick short wing and a peculiar fan-shaped tail with a strange back. When it caught fire, the machine gun was in the position of the aircraft, and the flame was sprayed outwards.
Lieutenant Cloodt’s reaction was to let the plane pull up when he saw a string of bullets flying over the left wing, but this time he held back and shouted through the com, "Come on, Lunk, or we’ll all be here!"
I heard the sound of fried beans coming from the back of the engine room. It was a very excellent medium weapon, Jiang Yin. Its biggest drawback was that the bullet was too heavy, which restricted the continuity of fire. Usually, a small murderer can carry a blade, but in the night battle type, the turret is used to collect two ammunition boxes with different blades. In the engine room, several such ammunition boxes can be added. The operator can replace them manually in the battle. Although it is time-consuming, it can maintain the fighting ability of the university, high school and high school!
"Hey kill a plane! Steady … The one behind is chasing after me! "
The sound in the earphone is still full of youth and self-confidence, and the rest of the crew members are not greatly relieved. After all this tossing, the Soviet bomber group crossed the border area with almost no interception. I’m afraid it’s a way to stop them from going to Pailin only by ground anti-aircraft fire. Is the grand city about to experience a rebirth in the cruel war?
Chapter 46 Way out
"Our ultimate plan is when the Wutong drop tank is equipped with this kind of gun, which makes the explosive charge armor-piercing." The distance of four meters can penetrate the homogeneous armor less than four millimeters, and the distance of four meters can be as high as o millimeters to deal with a Soviet tank we have encountered at present! "
This is the first time that the general of the army, Logan, introduced a weapon actually developed in six wars in a professional tone in front of many marshals and generals of the six armies. He also felt a sense of pride. It was not until the Soviet invasion that the German high command learned from the feedback information of the front-line troops that the comprehensive performance of his opponent, Bihe Zeyi, greatly exceeded that of a type of tank currently in service in Germany, which is the main reason why the German army lost two small-scale tank battles the day after the war explosion. However, at present, Germany * * The workers are still working hard to produce tanks No.3 and No.4, which can’t meet the needs of the Soviet-German battlefield. German generals immediately turned into ants in the hot pot mountain, and even ordered the technical department of the 6 th Army to develop a new tank-standard weapon capable of Soviet tanks against heavy tanks in the shortest time, and named the powerful mm gun!
When Logan first heard the news, it was a mighty image. However, it is usually a long time from design to combat effectiveness for a new tank. According to Marshal William Liszt, who is commanding the battle at the front line in Poland, it is estimated that because the Soviet army will soon be able to complete the new offensive deployment in Poland, the German team may hold the current line of defense for a long time. It is natural that Yuan is very annoyed at this situation and stay in the filming these days. The generals of Lin Dejun are not afraid of accidentally hitting the dictator’s gun.
Although the army’s "Wutong drop tank" can’t reach the standard of Yuan Geding in terms of artillery and armor, the victory is that it has already entered the prototype stage. So Logan took the initiative to attack and sought the support of keitel and Brausic, and proposed to Yuan that on the one hand, he should speed up the development of "Yutong drop tank" and strive to equip the sixth army with this weapon that can be on an equal footing with Soviet tanks before the end of the year, on the other hand, he should continue to follow the route estimation of conventional research and test equipment according to the idea of "four heavy North grams".
Trying to examine the war situation from a higher angle, Luo Gen also realized that the Soviet active attack did put Germany in a rather bad situation. On the one hand, the Japanese government categorically refused to participate in the war, which was attributed to its words and beliefs. On the other hand, their strategic analysts may not be very optimistic about Germany’s victory. Several Balkan partners who have recently joined the Axis camp are not as firm as Mussolini’s government. Once the eastern part of Germany falls, the main link between Germany and the Balkans will be cut off by the Soviet Union. At that time, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia are likely to defect for their own interests. In addition, the British troops trapped in Scotland and Iceland are still a sword behind the German front, and Norwegian and French resistance organizations have also restrained many German troops. These unfavorable factors have made the German army finally turn its attention to the eastern front!
Although it is not the ideal "life-saving straw", I immediately agreed to put the "witch tons to drop tanks" plan to a high-level military meeting for discussion.
"On the whole, the improvement schemes of Krupp, Daimler-Benz and henschel are satisfactory, but we have to wait another two months to see the new prototype. Please allow me to introduce the performance and characteristics of these three tanks to you.
Rogan explained the design drawings hanging on the drawing board with a thin and long pointer. Adolf Hitler, the dictator of this huge empire, bowed with his hands behind his back, and his eyes seemed to appreciate art, including Marshal William von Loeb, Marshal Dole von Bok and elwin? Feng? Marshal Paul von Kleister of Wuertzler will be in the Sixth Army, and the generals are obviously interested in this "half-success"-although the generals are mostly at the layman’s level for the development of chariots as the generals of the Sixth Army know about fighters, the specific design scheme is still Krupp and Deleuil-Benz, such powerful arms dealers, which have sufficient feasibility in overall design and details.
Finally, the problem of gasoline engine and diesel engine is that Logan is the simplest sentence. By the way, Su Junfeng and Yi Shi are both diesel engines, and their chances of explosion are obviously lower than those of keeping gasoline engines on tanks.
It’s not the first time that the problem of diesel engine and gasoline engine has been discussed at the top of the 6 th Army. Rogan’s voice just fell and Marshal Loeb, who is old in the west, said airily
"If the Sixth Army is equipped with diesel tanks in large quantities, it means that the logistics department will lose and cope with both fuels at the same time, but the logistical difficulties are still the most superficial." If we adopt a large number of diesel engines in tanks in the future, we will certainly have these advantages mentioned by General Logan, but if we adopt synthetic fuel refining technology to produce gasoline at present, if the diesel output is greatly increased, not only the gasoline output will be seriously affected, but also the associated heavy diesel oil will be far beyond the current consumption of the navy. The whole industrial body in Germany will face a reorganization, which will lead to a great fluctuation in our output during the war! "
Behind the bland tone is a sharp point of view. The technology of liquefied synthesis of German media raw materials has been very skilled, but the gasoline yield obtained by dry distillation is still four times that of ordinary oil. If it is beneficial to synthesize fuel, the achievement of obtaining a large amount of diesel oil is even higher (to correct the technical mistakes here, in fact, German synthetic fuel can produce diesel oil as well as petroleum, and every ton of diesel oil produced is suitable for vehicles, which makes light diesel oil have a high cost)
When Logan went to see Xiao Hu’s expression again, the dictator bowed his head slightly and closed his eyes. The lights were black and there were many spots and white silk.