Li Feiyang doesn’t care. Feet toward the city guard house. People coming along the road are greeting each other. Listen to them. Most of them are centurions. There are also one or two who look superior. It’s a condemned man.

It’s just that none of these people know Li Yang. Plus he’s small. It’s very different from barbarians. Everyone’s eyes are even weirder.
Just looking at the concierge didn’t stop him. And they stopped talking. It’s all in my mind. Probably some relative of the city guard.
"East brother. I heard that tonight is the appointment of the collar. This position is naturally yours. At that time, you can pull your brother well. "
Remember this position. "
"He? His strength is far worse than yours. What’s the use of remembering? If he can be commander in chief. Brother, I am the first to refuse! "
"Hey hey. You little boy! Don’t worry. If I were my brother, I would be in charge. Can’t forget your benefits … "
Li Feiyang stopped in astonishment. Listen to the two people around you. There was a weak smile on his face. Shook his head and walked on.
After entering the banquet hall. People in charge naturally.
Show everyone to sit down. Left position. The highest nature is Du Wanshan. Of course, it is a commander. Centurion Corporal. And the right seat is empty. Everyone is whispering. I wonder who it is for.
"Li’s adult. There you are. Please come with me. " A servant respectfully took Li Feiyang. Cross the banquet hall avenue. Go straight to the right first position. Li Feiyang can feel the people’s surprised and confused eyes. But he didn’t think much in his heart. I sat down calmly.
At that time the atmosphere in the hall became a little weird. The original noisy voice gradually died down. Many people seem to be talking to people around them. Eyes are always unconsciously floating to Li Feiyang. Everyone is guessing. Who the hell is this man? Why are you sitting in this position?
Li Feiyang looks at his eyes, nose and heart. Just look ahead and say no. I didn’t care about the mood of people around me at all. Du Shan is sitting opposite him. I greeted him actively: "Haha. Brother Li. From now on, we will work together. You should pay more attention to your brother and me. "
Li Feiyang hand laughed: "Brother Du is welcome. Feiyang is new here. There are many things I don’t understand. I still hope that my brother will give me more advice. "
Du Wanshan smiled heartily: "Look. A stranger, isn’t it? Let me know if you don’t understand anything. I must know everything! Brother Li, you are so strong. The achievements in the future are bound to be limitless. Don’t forget my brother then. "
Li Feiyang smiled faintly: "Brother is joking."
"Du. Who is this man? The new bodyguard of the city guard? " A commander around Du Wanshan asked quietly. In my opinion. That is to say, only the guards with high martial arts around the city guard. It is possible to sit in the first place. Otherwise. On such an occasion. In front of so many people in the army. There is no way to let an outsider sit in that position.
Du Wanshan hey hey smile. Didn’t answer the commander’s words.
"Your Excellency is here ~!" Just at this moment. Wish the fan finally.
As soon as he arrived. All the people present stood up. They said in unison, "See Lord Cheng Shou."
I wish the fan a hand in return. Please sit down. Make yourself at home tonight. Exempt from many etiquette. Everybody have a good drink! "
Boom ~ ~ There was a burst of laughter in the hall. The noise was restored in a blink of an eye.
Li Feiyang heart secretly know. It seems that this fan is good at dealing with people. Know these men’s bright and clear character. Just right for their temper.
I wish the fan picked up a glass of wine. All of a sudden silence. Also picked up the glass in his hand.
"Call everyone here today. One is to get together. Happy, happy. Two? Yes, I have an important announcement. Everybody knows that. Sun Tongling has been driving Wanliu City for so long. This commanding position has also been vacant. Wanshan has been really tired recently. So … I intend to appoint the head of the second town today. Take this opportunity to announce it to everyone. "
Wanliu City is governed by two towns. Take five thousand men with you. It adds up to ten thousand people. Some time ago, the head of the second town left. This commanding position has been vacant. I wish the fan has always been a little upset. Because he really can’t find a suitable person. The arrival of Li Feiyang. You did him a big favor.
I heard Zhu Fan say so. Whether it’s a commander or a centurion. There is a glimmer of hope in my eyes. They held their breath for a moment. The atmosphere has become somewhat dignified.
After drinking this glass of wine. I wish the fan a second cup. Holding it up, he said, "After my consultation with Commander Du. The new head of the second town is … "
Everyone’s heart almost jumped to the chest. Several of the most powerful commanders are flashing on their faces. Just wait for Zhu Fan to read his name. You have to stand up and thank.
"Li Feiyang! That is, this brother on my left. " I wish the fan turned the glass to Li Feiyang. Li Feiyang also didn’t answer. Raise your wine and signal to the fan. And then drink it off.
~ ~ I don’t know whose glass fell on the table. They just slowly return to absolute being from consternation. Slowly end up in front of the glass. With all kinds of complicated expressions on his face. I drank it in a fog.
"Li brothers martial arts high strength. It can be called an enemy of ten thousand people. In the future, his orders will be my orders. If someone refuses. Dispose of it by law! "
They kept silent. Suddenly a sudden voice said, "I’m not satisfied!"
I wish you a round eye. Look where the sound comes from. At the same time, shout loudly: "Donglu! How dare you disobey military orders? "
Li Feiyang silently took the wine and took a sip. Concentrate on eating vegetables. Silently admire in my heart. These exotic dishes are really good.
The commander named Dong Lu stood up slowly. Looking at Li Feiyang bowed their heads and said nothing. His face showed a look of great publicity. Asked loudly: "this little brother. Dare you compete with me? !”

Chapter 124 War!