One resists, one hugs, one tears, one smiles.

He thinks this woman also has a certain position in Xi Yunzheng’s heart. I’m afraid it’s deeper than what Xi Yunzheng knows, otherwise how could he save her with his own life?
Zheng Heng stood behind the middle of the road, and several cars were eager to go over and honked a few horns. He didn’t go over to ask questions and took the initiative to step back and leave that side to them.
Xia Xue also didn’t know how she stepped out of the car and saw that Xi Yunzheng was desperate to save Blue Song. At that moment, her face was as white as ashes, and she felt a sense of disintegration.
She couldn’t help thinking that if something happened today, would Xi Yunzheng risk his life to save her like a blue song?
☆, Chapter 257 A poor life is worth dying for.
Tian Cheng is gawk at the side of the road setting the double on the other side of the road.
She just patted her ass. When she turned around, she saw a big yellow van that almost hit them.
She was so scared that she couldn’t feel anything. Her hands trembled and she touched her face, and tears were everywhere.
I’m not afraid of shame if I say it. That’s really scary.
The taxi driver was so scared that he lost his soul and tried to call it a day for lunch, but he witnessed a tragedy that almost happened.
At the thought of the bloody scene where blood might be spilled on the spot, his stomach suddenly became full and he smacked his tongue and looked at the woman who was hugged. "Hey, girl, don’t you drive?"
Blue song is still nervous and wants to talk, but he can’t make a sound with his mouth open.
Xi Yunzheng grabbed the blue song dialogue and said, "Please take your car away!"
Glared at the blue song Xi Yunzheng Xi Yunzheng slowly got up like an innocent person, as if he had just been almost killed by the root without him.
Blue song’s legs are soft and weak.
The faint tears at the end of the woman’s eyes suddenly bumped into his eyes and he hooked his lips. "So you are afraid sometimes!"
The sound fell and the thin woman was picked up and walked across the street.
"Blue Song, are you okay?" As soon as I saw Xi Yunzheng holding the blue song and coming to Tian Cheng, I quickly stepped forward with a face of sorry indignation and choked up and said, "It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t let you go, I wouldn’t have been almost hit by a truck. It’s all my fault …"
Looking at Tian Cheng’s guilty blue song, he gently shook his head. "I don’t blame you for the accident."
Zheng Heng glanced at the direction of the big truck and couldn’t help but twist his hale eyebrows. It wasn’t as simple as an accident
Xia Xue’s eyes have been crying red and swollen. Looking at Xiyunzheng through the fog in his eyes, he just holds the blue song.
This man has such scruples in front of her, which teaches her how to feel?
She bit her lip with tears in her eyes and cried, "Zheng, your hand … has shed a lot of blood. Let’s put the blue song first."
After Xia Xue woke up like this, he realized that his eyes were heavy and he glanced at the woman in his arms and then slowly let her go
Tian Cheng saw Lan Ge fall to the ground and support each other.
Blue song in shock, his legs are still weak and he leans on a handful of Tian Cheng’s sight but he can’t help looking at Xiyunzheng’s hand.
Her heart jumped at the moment when she gave him a bloody hand.
Just now, he saved her. His body protected her.
She was not hurt at all, but he rubbed the skin of the back of his hand next to the concrete floor when he was rolling on the ground. The wound was deep and large, and the flesh was faintly visible inside.
Blue song eyebrow frowning slightly heard Xiyunzheng lightly swept his disfigured hands and smiled "out of the way".
Blue song would rather get hurt today than owe him anything.
At that time, her mood was complicated, and she didn’t know its taste. She said that Xie Shaocai’s statecraft was consistent
"I thank you no matter what reason you saved me today, but if you ask me once, you must save Blue Song’s life. It is not worth cherishing to die."
Some dare not go to see Xi Yunzheng’s face full of laughter. Before Xi Yunzheng remembered that she spilled Xia Xue’s red wine, she took Tian Cheng away quickly.