"Eldest brother, who did you find?" In the sky, Bao asked while flying at the bottom of the evil smile.

"Who can there be, Ao Tianqi, Di Yue and Ao Xuelong?" Responded, and Tianjun was extremely calm and said.
"Hey, I don’t know how the three of them will react when they see us again." Kitty Hawk is also evil, but suddenly, Kitty Hawk seems to be aware of something, and sharply scolds: "This proud snow dragon Yin thief is doing something immoral again!"
Hearing what the baby eagle said, Tianjun and Baoshi both looked at the baby eagle in consternation, but then Tianjun and Baoshi seemed to notice everything that happened in a room not far away, and they were all angry.
"Hum. Aojia seems to be really over today! " Bao Shi said angrily.
Indeed, in a room of Aojia, Aoxuelong is bullying a good girl, only to see this girl with delicate eyes. Dignified appearance, beautiful figure, but her eyes are full of tears, and her hands keep resisting, but how can an ordinary man of God beat the powerful proud Snow Dragon? I can only bend under him.
Outside the proud Snow Dragon’s house, there stood a group of slaves who bullied the good and feared the evil, clutching broadswords in their hands, but all of them were attached to the window. Seems to be listening to what was born inside, but jiānyín’s smile is hanging on his face.
"This is really the best girl, the voice is so sweet, it is estimated that the boss is cool!"
"Hey hey. Needless to say, this beautiful girl is the one I picked out in the coastal area of Fangshan Island. I think I have been read by countless people in my second life, and I have seen so many beautiful women that it goes without saying that this little girl is at least ranked. Hey, you guys talk about whether the boss will give her to me when he is tired. After all, I took it back. "
"That maybe, ah black two. If the boss really rewards her to you later, don’t forget you guys. Let’s have one together, shall we? "
However, the voice declined. Above the sky suddenly dropped a lightning like thunder, directly to the three people who just spoke.
There was an explosion, and the three of them didn’t have the slightest resistance. They didn’t even blink their eyes, so they died in ignorance.
Se face was horrified, and the rest of the people didn’t understand what was born. They hurriedly stepped back one by one, crossed their broadswords, looked up and searched around, as if to see who had such a big dare to kill the proud family.
"Who is making such a big noise outside? Get out! Get out of here and don’t disturb Lao Tzu’s pleasure! "
There was a disgruntled thunder in the room, but the next moment, a black Se energy sword came down from the sky and broke through the window. Then, a sad cry sounded and the whole proud family got up.
"Who dares to make trouble in my proud family? Come out now!" With such an energy of the earth, although we couldn’t see the bearer with the strength of Proud Tianqi and Di Yue, we still knew that there was a superior arrival. Di Yue was in a hurry and ran to the proud Snow Dragon’s room, killing the woman directly, and was full of urgency to help up the naked proud Snow Dragon. Worried, he asked, "Dragon, are you okay?" Where did it hurt? "
"Me, my penis, ah, ah, pain!" With his hands clasped to his lower body, the proud Snow Dragon’s face was covered with bean-sized sweat, and the whole person was in pain.
"What? God damn it, who dares to do this to my son? Come out to me quickly! " With a sudden wave of his hand, the roof of Aoxuelong’s room was directly torn off, which shows how angry this month is.
But the next moment, three figures flashed in the sky, all of which were charming, and their faces were full of mocking expressions, looking at a face of embarrassed proud snow dragon and proud Diyue and Tianqi.
"Ao Tianqi, do you know me?" Tianjun looked down at the proud Tianqi and asked calmly.
The face of Se changed greatly. When he saw Tianjun, Ao Tianqi immediately thought of Tianjun, full of disbelief, and said, "You, you are Tianjun, you, you are not dead?"
"death? Haha, my eldest brother lives much better than you. At least now he doesn’t have to fight for his own life, but some people are different. " Kitty hawk stared at the proud snow dragon with an evil face.
"What do you want? To tell you the truth, my Fangshan Island is protected by Lord Ye Jiantian. All three island owners on our island are in the capital of kings. As long as you dare to kill anyone on my Fangshan Island, you will all die! " Sweat has seeped from his forehead. In fact, he understands that since Tianjun three people dare to come, he never put the sword day in his eyes that night. He said these words, but it’s just a fight between trapped animals and children.
"oh? Ao Tianqi, if I want to tell you, I’ll clean up overnight, too, okay? Hum, Ao Tianqi, do you remember what I told you at the beginning? The next time I see you, my heavenly king will definitely kill you. It’s not that you don’t report it. It’s not time yet. You connive at your son Ao Xuelong’s evil deeds. Today, my heavenly king will do justice for heaven! " Tianjun’s eyes are full of anger and he looks at the proud Tianqi Road. "Tianjun, as long as you dare to touch my proud family, my husband will not let you go!"
Hysterical, proud Tianqi felt that he was cornered. He knew that Ye Jiantian would not avenge his little proud family, but his father-in-law, Di Fang, begged that it was different. After all, his daughter was his wife, and he had no reason not to kill Tianjun.
However, the proud Tian Qi was wrong after all. He didn’t understand Tianjun’s strength now, thinking that he was still the original A Man under Wu, and threatening two sentences would curb him.
"DiFang beg? Sooner or later, I’m going to clean up that old thing, but now I have to deal with your proud family. You should know how many evil things your proud family has done for hundreds of millions of years. As far as I know about Tianjun for nearly a thousand years, it’s too numerous to count, especially your son, Aoxuelong, who is already full of evil. Your parents have connived at his behavior without any education. Hum, I Tianjun said that today I will do it for Tianxing. Knife-shaped eyebrows cross-legged, Tianjun Shuang Hu was bulging, bold and looked at the proud Tianqi three people, and he exuded a murderous look.
"Well, with the three of you, I want to see how you can win me. Don’t forget, this is our mountain island, and you can’t be presumptuous!"

Chapter five hundred and seventy-eight
Proud Tianqi is gifted, and all the way is smooth. Ever kneel under others, seeing Tianjun is so aggressive at this time, the pride in my heart can’t help but be aroused, and my sleeves are thrown away, and I will fight with Tianjun for life and death.
At this time, Proud Tianqi’s strength has just broken through and reached the initial stage of God Emperor, and Di Yue lingers in the late stage of God Emperor, while Proud Snow Dragon is the late stage of ancient God. In Proud Tianqi’s view, Tianjun was still a man who didn’t even reach the realm of God King a thousand years ago, but at this time, he could be severe enough, so the impulse aroused his blood xìng, but he didn’t know that this was the beginning of his death.
"Hum, I don’t bother to start a fight with such a heartless person as you. I’ll give it to you, Lao Liu, and I’ll deal with that woman. As for this proud snow dragon, I’ll give it to Yan Ran!" Say that finish, Tianjun’s mind moved, and he spread it directly to Yan ran.
Some consternation at Tianjun, Yan ran don’t know why Tianjun gave her out, but when he saw the proud Snow Dragon, Yan ran the whole person’s body kept shaking, as if remembering how his loved ones died in his hands.
I have been with Xuanji for a long time, and I don’t know how many hundred million years I have been practicing. At this time, my strength has reached the early stage of the King of God. Therefore, Tianjun is full of confidence in winning the battle between Yan Ran and the proud Snow Dragon.
"Yan ran, your enemy is just around the corner. Do you want to avenge yourself or do you want me to avenge you?" Tianjun smiled and looked at Yan ran and asked, for this miserable woman, Tianjun has always regarded her as his sister.
"Thank you, brother. This beast has a mortal enemy with me. For hundreds of millions of years, I even wanted to kill him in my dream. I didn’t think it was really here now. Brother, leave it to me. I will personally kill this beast and avenge my dad!" There is a strong murderous look on her brow. At this time, her smile is totally different from usual. At this time, she is like a cold-blooded killer.
"Well, go ahead and be careful!" Proud home is already in full swing, proud Tianqi is on the right side of Bao Shi, Diyue is on the right side of Kitty Hawk, and Yan Ran is on the proud Snow Dragon that is missing something.
"What a proud Tianjun! I’ll kill you after I kill this dragon!" Seeing that Tianjun didn’t do it himself, he said coldly, but in spite of this, he knew that Baoshi was a difficult thing for the gods. After all, even the deputy island owner of Fangshan Island felt a headache for Baoshi unless it was empty.
"What are you calling me? Looking for death! " Seeing that Proud Tianqi called himself a dragon, he was furious and attacked the past with his fists willy-nilly.
"What’s wrong with you?" Proud Tianqi showed no weakness, but he was also greeted with momentum, but he didn’t dare to engage in a head-on battle with Bao Shi, just an attack that hit the needle.
"What’s the matter? Hum, always let you taste the braised human flesh! " Say, Bao Shi didn’t spit out the fireworks of purple and black Se, and swallowed it directly at the proud Tianqi.
At the same time, Kitty Hawk and Di Yue, Yan Ran and the proud Snow Dragon were also close friends, but anyway, all three people on Tianjun’s side had the upper hand firmly, and it was only a matter of time before they won, and they seemed to be playing with each other more.
A lot of dinks gathered around the corner of the proud family compound. When they saw that the proud Tianqi and others were defeated, they all cringed, just like mice. At this time, Tianjun was idle and idle. When he saw those dinks who took the opportunity to slip away, Tianjun did not hesitate to directly reach out and fight with an energy, which instantly made those who looked fierce die.
"Hum, it’s just some minions. Seeing that the master is in trouble, they will be scattered!" Tianjun said contemptuously.
The battle has reached the state of incandescence, but Yan Ran laid hands on him more maliciously, and all the tricks were killed with one blow. The proud Snow Dragon simply couldn’t cope. Suddenly, I saw a horizontal angry sword, and Yue Bai Excalibur given to her by Xuanji directly crossed the neck of the proud Snow Dragon, and the proud Snow Dragon’s head was bloody cut down without any delay. At the same time, a red light escaped from the proud Snow Dragon’s head.
"Where to go! Leave it for me! " Everything is within the calculation of Yan ran, and he will let the proud Snow Dragon’s soul escape. wildfire never quite consumes them and chūn are born again when the wind blows. I still understand this truth. With a leap, I immediately caught up with the escaped soul of the proud Snow Dragon by using teleport, and my right hand was tightly held, without any defense. The proud Snow Dragon’s soul was so tightly held in my hand.
"Hum, you should have thought of today when you did evil!" Eyes red, smile is full of hatred staring at the hands of the soul, seems to be very anxious to swallow him.
"Let me go, please, let me go, I was wrong, I was wrong …" When facing death, Ao Xuelong felt infinite fear, and her voice was full of intense anxiety.
"No chance, give you a break. Can my dad be resurrected? Die, I will let you never be reincarnated! " Suddenly, Se Yan ran with a malicious face, and the flame of black Se appeared on her right hand. At the same time, she held her right hand tightly, and a brilliance flashed, and the proud snow dragon with a lot of evil disappeared in heaven, never to be reincarnated.
"Dragon!" Seems to feel the breath of the proud snow dragon dissipates, and both the proud Tianqi and Diyue are indignant screams and shouted.
"You must all die one by one!" The corners of the mouth overflowed with a trace of blood, and the proud man was completely angry. He directly took out his own soul. Suddenly, two identical proud men appeared beside Bao Shi and surrounded him now.
"eh? Seriously? Hum, you feel bad when someone else kills your son. Did you take other people’s thoughts into consideration when you killed their son? I won’t play with you, die! " With a cruel look in his eyes, Bao Shi is no longer dragging his feet like playing Tai Chi, and his attack power suddenly becomes sharp.
Suddenly, Bao Shi only felt a cold light flashing behind him. At the same time, his fist was only a fraction away from hitting the proud Tianqi.
Without defense, Bao Shi had enough confidence in his own body. Suddenly, an unusually loud explosion sounded, exploding directly behind Bao Shi. But at this moment, Bao Shi’s fist was severely hit on the proud body like a mountain, and a glare burst. The proud body standing in front of Bao Shi was directly blasted away, and Bao Shi’s body was also unable to restrain itself, and suddenly it took more than a hundred steps forward.
However, when this insurance was changed, it was a sure bet. After all, Ao Tianqi paid the price of a busy person, and he just took a hundred steps forward.
"I didn’t expect your physical defense to be so strong. He Ri I will get it back one by one!" Immediately, I heard Ao Tianqi yelling loudly at Di Yue: "Go, madam!" Say that finish, a proud day qi body gradually disappeared, then turned into a lotus flower, jumped straight into the sky.
Realizing that it was not good, Bao Shi shouted loudly with some regrets: "No, this fellow is going to use blood to escape!" "
However, after all, it was too late, and when it was discovered, Proud Tianqi had turned into a lotus flower and jumped into the sky. However, after mantis catching cicadas and yellowbirds, Tianjun had long expected that Proud Tianqi would not give in like this, so Tianjun had already arranged a big law on the whole combat area just as he beheaded Proud Who, to prevent everything inside from escaping. Naturally, Proud Tianqi could not escape by destroying the flesh and carrying out blood escape.
As if he had hit a transparent wall, Proud Tianqi shouted angrily, but the next moment, Bao Shi had gone to meet him, and his right hand was suddenly pinched. Proud Tianqi, who had no defense, died in Bao Shi’s hands so humbled. At the same time, the sacred artifact plank brick of Kitty Hawk also fell from the sky, and it was smashed to Diyue with the pledge, without any resistance.