The day after the timeline was restarted, Goofy took Carrie to Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four. Now the haunters Registration Act has been passed, which means that Goofy and Carrie need to be registered here.

Due to the background difference, Reed Richards wrote the haunters Registration Act, and the Sokovia Agreement during the Ultron period was actually very different. Although both of them can outline the social restrictions on haunters, the general direction and details are very different.
First of all, the haunters Registration Act gives priority to the protection of haunters’s privacy. haunters’s registered information is disclosed to three independent responsible departments, but not to other institutions and individuals. At the same time, one department of the three responsible departments needs to be supervised by two other departments when it needs to obtain haunters information.
Although the tripartite supervision situation, haunters information may still be infiltrated and obtained by organizations with ulterior motives, Reid believes that he can’t give up the implementation of laws and regulations because of the risk of the relevant institutions.
The haunters Registration Act does not restrict haunters from passing the test to ensure that he can master his superpowers skillfully after haunters Action is registered, so he can make his superpowers at will.
However, haunters has to bear the corresponding consequences of all his actions, which means that he can earn profits by relying on his superpowers, but if his or her superpowers cause damage to society, he or she must also pay corresponding compensation.
Third, the haunters Registration Act came into effect in New York State, which is different from the Socovia Agreement.
Generally speaking, the Sokovia Agreement emphasizes that it is "restriction" that restricts superheroes’ abilities and greatly restricts their personal freedom.
However, Reid’s haunters Registration Act emphasizes "order" for a special group to formulate a special law to help this special group and the general group better integrate.
In this respect, Goofy totally agrees with Reid. He thinks that haunters’s super power is more like a weapon.
We don’t restrict you from using weapons, but we must know the information of these weapons, just as the gun control law does not prohibit guns, but it requires that every legal gun must be registered for the record.
This can ensure that law enforcers can find out the weapon of the case at the first time after the shooting, which is convenient for better restoring the truth and can also avoid the gunman’s fear of abusing his own interests.
As soon as the promoter of this law flew high, he not only went to Reid to register for the first time, but also pulled Carrie, the magical girl he had planned to hide around him.
It’s nothing to register yourself, but it’s hard to beat the drums at the thought that Carrie will be examined, too
At this time, he felt as uneasy as when he sent Carrie to school.
Cong Jiali really felt the tension of Goofy’s face and asked curiously, "Why are you sweating, Goofy Dad?"
"I’m a little nervous …" Goofy said bluntly.
"Because I want a medical examination?" Carrie is calm. "It’s just a medical examination. What’s there to be nervous about? Don’t … Am I sick? "
"But I don’t feel ill …" Carrie asked, blinking her big eyes. "Besides, Dad, didn’t you say that the physical examination was mainly to check my ability?"
"It’s your ability that makes me nervous …" Goofy said uneasily. "Your ability is so powerful that I’m afraid of scaring others."
"Well …" Carrie smiled cleverly. "Why don’t I just keep a low profile later?"
However, Carrie’s strength should be known. The organization already knows that the agents of the Bureau of God (jiu), Shield (U) and Bureau (she) have packed up a lot, so she is not so nervous when she thinks about flying high here.
So Goofy smiled and turned to his little girl and said, "It’s not too low-key. You can rest assured that Uncle Reed will help you."
Reed and Susan, who came to the lab on the top floor of Baxter Building, were busy and strode to meet Goofy and Carrie, and now they were in a better mood.
"Welcome officer goofy. Welcome to register …"
Goofy nodded at the big guy and then asked, "Where’s Johnny? Why didn’t he? "
Dislike pie pie "that little guy was under house arrest for half a month and his whole spirit collapsed. Now he is finally released and goes to bars immediately …"
Susan quickly came over to apologize for her brother. "I’m sorry, officer Goofy, Johnny is a hot-blooded guy who doesn’t want to be lonely, but I promise you that he will control his superpowers and won’t get into trouble again."
"I believe him" Goofy smiled.
Anyway, even if Johnny gets into trouble, there will naturally be laws to punish him after the bill is passed
"Then let’s do it?" At this time, Reid emerged from the experimental cabin and said that Mr. Magic’s special ability allowed him to directly stretch his body to a strange length and looked disgusting and uncomfortable.
"Gee … like a gumball," Carrie muttered. Snack food can associate strange things with food noodles.
Susan liked the lovely Carrie very much. She squatted down to look at the little girl and asked softly, "Little one, are you here to check with your father?"