"What’s the matter? Why didn’t the Kitty Hawk inform you in advance when she stopped!" Steady TianJun some angry stare at the eagle asked.

"Boss, I’m sorry, the five black spots in front are five of the ten men in black just now." Kitty hawk said some injustice.
"How is that possible? Aren’t they in the back? How can you suddenly run in front of us? Oh, shit. What now? Kitty Hawk, Jin Peng, take everyone to the right quickly! " Tianjun once again jumped on the back of Mercedes-Benz and greeted everyone to run to the right. The strength of this black dress person is so terrible that they can only temporarily avoid its front.
"eh? Boss, how do I feel like I’m in an endless sea? " The eagle just flying to the right asked with a puzzled face.
"No, I’m looking at an endless desert, and there’s yellow sand blowing all over the sky." The groundhog said in some horror.
"How can I see the forest?"
"The sea? Desert? Forest? My eyes are still a sky. Are we in a formation now? " Tianjun shouted some indecision.
Tianjun’s natural array of five elements is useless to him, even if he accidentally strays into the array, it will have no influence on him.
So at this time, Kitty Hawks all feel that they have entered a different world, but they have no feeling at all. I saw Tianjun’s eyes closed slightly, as if he were thinking about something. Suddenly, he saw the golden light in his eyes, which was like a golden eye. He paused and said with some emotion: "Be careful, everyone, we are now in the trap of Binghong, here is a five-element array!"
The formation of the Five-element Array turns round and muddy, without revealing the slightest flaw, which contains the principle of the change of the Five Elements. One person also attacked, causing the other side to attack. Since the weakness point, the other four people immediately continued to attack the weakness of the opponent, and they never stopped until they reached the enemy. Five people’s tricks are defensive to each other, and their footwork is complementary. When facing the enemy, five people are still like one person, and the seamless change is endless.
So what Tianjun sees now is a five-element array. Although he can ignore it himself, it can’t make others get rid of it.
The five elements, as the name implies, are five kinds of fire, water and soil in Jin Mu, each according to one side. According to the memory of Xuanzizi to Tianjun, there are two ways to crack the five elements, one is to break through the law directly, and to break through the law with strong power at one stroke. However, the strength of those who need to crack is far more than the sum of the strength of five people in the disposal.
And the people who set this array in front of them are five masters whose strength has reached the peak of the late Emperor of Heaven. If you want to surpass the five of them on your own, I’m afraid such people can only be found in the celestial world!
The second method is intellectual breakthrough, that is, to find out the weaknesses or loopholes of the five-element array and seize the opportunity to break it at one fell swoop.
However, in the memory of Xuanzizi to Tianjun, there is no method about how to break the array. Although Xuanzizi was also trapped in the five-element array, he broke it directly, so there is no record of the method of breaking the array.
"eh? Boss, where is the second brother? How do I feel that I want to be in the ground, and my eyes are dark? " Farah shouted helplessly, just now he remembered that he was still on the back of the second child, but at this time he was only himself and the old man.
"Tao zu? Kitty hawk and Farah, where did they go? How did we get into the bottom of the sea? " Jin Peng is also a face of doubt looking at Tianjun, curious and asked.
"How did that happen? When we are all together, they can’t feel each other, but it’s strange that they can feel me. Is it because I didn’t get into the array? No, this five-line array is no longer an ordinary array, and it has the function of confusing people’s mood. We must find a way to break the array as soon as possible! " Tianjun exclaimed in his mind, but his knowledge is not too shallow after all. He has been practicing for less than fifty years, and his understanding of law is limited. What the grandmaster told himself at the beginning is not enough here.
"eh? It turned out to be an armless ape, and you unexpectedly attacked me. Hum, I want to die! " Jin Peng suddenly became furious, desperate to attack the unconscious brachiopod ape next to him. At the same time, Kitty Hawk and Farah were furious, and they all attacked the people around them like they lost their minds, and every move was a dead hand!
"How did that happen? This law can even control people’s hearts xìng! No, I have to break the array quickly, but how can I break it? " Tianjun looked at the people who were completely crazy in front of him and seemed helpless. This is your own brother. No matter which one is injured, it will be bad for you.
"Kitty hawk? Yes, Kitty Hawk should know, and he must know now. " As he spoke, Tianjun looked at Kitty Hawk. At this point, Kitty Hawk and the nine-tailed fox were both guilty and guilty, and their bodies were covered with bloodshot. Obviously, they were all injured to varying degrees.
"Kitty hawk, nine-tailed fox, you two stop fighting!" Tianjun gave a loud shock, while Mercedes-Benz and Nine-tailed Fox looked at Tianjun blankly, and asked some incomprehensibly, "He’s not a Kitty Hawk!" "
Said, and the baby eagle rushed to the nine-tailed fox again, and the nine-tailed fox also you’re welcome, directly spread out Kyubi no Youko, like a mirror toward the baby eagle she. Seeing this scene, Tianjun was shocked. Tianjun knew that the nine-tailed fox was endowed with stunts on this day. Even the master of the late Emperor of Heaven dared not take the blow hard. If it was really her, she would be seriously injured if she did not die.
The present situation will not tolerate the slightest hesitation of Tianjun, and he grabbed the eagle’s shoulder fiercely, and an idea took him into the dragon realm.
"eh? Boss, what’s wrong? How do I feel like I’m dreaming? " Rubbed his blurred eyes, the baby eagle seemed to have just woken up, but Tianjun couldn’t wait for him to finish, and asked eagerly, "Don’t talk nonsense first, maybe it will kill you!" Kitty, look quickly and see if you can find a way to crack the five-line array. Hurry up! "
Looking at Tianjun, who was sweating profusely, Kitty knew that Tianjun didn’t seem to be joking, so she quickly closed her eyes and thought.
"Gold, fire, wood, earth and water. As long as you attack in this direction, you can easily break it! " For a long time, Kitty Hawk opened her eyes slowly, and whispered like a saint telling the mystery.
"Gold, fire, wood, soil and water? Golden water, aquatic wood, wood fire, fire earth, earth gold; Such a reciprocating cycle is born. Jin Kemu, Mu Ketu, Tu Keshui, Water Kehuo, Fire Kejin; This is a reciprocal cycle. Haha, I was so stupid that I didn’t think of such a simple arrangement for a while! Kitty hawk, hurry up and follow me out to break the array! "
The five-line array turns round and muddy, without showing any flaw, and it contains the principle of five elements of change. If it is not cracked in a proper direction, it will be like fighting against the five people in the array on their own. On the contrary, if it is broken in the correct direction, it will be one-on-one. As long as one of the directions can be broken, the other four directions will be like a flood that breaks its banks, leaving only a shelf.
"Kitty Hawk, unite your mind and stop being influenced by the dreamland. This bird five-line array is really not an ordinary pervert." Looking at the baby eagle whose eyes are blurred again, Tianjun is helpless and has a fierce drink.
Outside the five-line array, at this time, Binghong cooperated with five men in black around him and arrived at the place where Tianjun entered the array.
"Unique soul, tianjun that boy? Should you be sure this time? " As soon as Binghong got his feet up, he looked at what was a chaotic law like smoke, and asked eagerly.
"Ice king, don’t worry this time, this five-line array is a joint effort of our senior five people. If you don’t know how to break the array, I’m afraid no one can break it in this whole chaotic world! Don’t worry, it’s estimated that there’s a lot of fighting going on inside now. If we wait for half a column of incense, everything will be done! Our task is finished! " Men in black named Juehun were shrouded in the smoke of jet-black Se, even their faces could not be seen clearly, and they exuded horrible black Se energy, giving people a feeling like ghosts in hell.

Chapter three hundred and forty-seven For the first time
"Well, unique soul your strength, I believe, if this is really the day you that boy caught, you five is one of the contributions! At that time, I will report to the patriarch to record your merits! " Binghong took a admiring look at Juehun, while proudly stroking his white beard.
In the five-line array, Tianjun first pulled out the purple wind Excalibur by himself and chopped it hard in the direction of Jin Zi, but it was just a full-scale chopping. Tianjun felt that his purple wind Excalibur was like a soft cotton wadding, and he couldn’t lift his strength at all, but shook his head helplessly. After all, it was equivalent to fighting men in black. www.ttzw.com
Although with the help of purple wind Excalibur, Tianjun still feels no match for men in black, otherwise, the sword just now should break the golden position.
"Kitty hawk, the strength of the man in charge is too strong. Let’s try it together?" Said the kitty hawk is also took out his top grade artifact plank brick, a face of anger toward the golden azimuth smashed in the past. At the same time, Tianjun was also armed with the purple wind Excalibur, and once again condensed his own efforts to stab the past.
"eh? Actually in the broken array? Hey, but the strength is still not enough! " Juehun closed in the golden position, and when the first sword of Jun came, Juehun was ridiculed with some sarcasm. However, when the second Tianjun broke the array, the original relaxed Juehun suddenly became cautious and cried out, "Come here quickly, everyone. This boy has a lot of strength, and I can’t keep it alone. Come on, all of you, as long as you hold the gold position, you can guarantee that the five-line array will not be broken! "
Unique soul is shocked, and no one knows his own strength better than him. At this time, even the patriarch of Tianfengmen has no way. He feels that he is full of absolute confidence, but the golden position he is guarding at present actually makes him feel that he is unable to do so. How can this not surprise him?
But to his greater surprise, this five-line array will be influenced by the dreamland even if he strays into it himself, but it can also be attacked very strongly, which is enough to show that some people inside are not disturbed by the dreamland in the five-line array. This extremely strong heart xìng cultivation is enough to make the soul look up.
However, he can’t think that Tianjun has ignored this stunt, and he can’t guess that he has all five elements.
"Kitty Hawk, I feel that this golden position is almost broken. Come on, let’s work harder and break him!" In the five-line array, after a joint blow, Tianjun looked confident. However, several attacks did not have any effect at all, and the golden position of the five-line array seemed to become more and more stable.