Wu Yanrou took the sword, but he didn’t look at it in the past. Bai Wuyan was a soldier. He used to be a soldier in Pan Chongche’s account, but that was many years ago. This soldier always recognized the fuzes. Who would be idle * * to get to know people’s swords? He didn’t recognize his face after looking at it for a long time. He thought it was still there, but in case it was really Pan Dashuai’s weapon that offended people, he still said at the table, "I’m waiting in the house." See Gong Han a little dumbfounded WuYan soft told "the gate can’t! This is the rule. "

Wu Yanrou sat in her room yawning for half an hour and took a nap? * crush the plague to death, n, and the pen rabbit is slow and boring, and it is a common development! ? br/>
Gong Han mung bean blink shan shan said, "Adult, we may be late for this … this man … he … he … left." Gong Hanyin said more and more, and finally there was no ambiguity. Wu Yanrou didn’t catch his dissatisfaction and said, "What’s the matter? Anyone here? You didn’t eat. The sound is so small. "
"My Lord, the man is gone," Gong Han said with courage.
"Bang" a Wu Yan soft mercilessly took a * * heavy face directly go out and go back to the bedroom to sleep in a cage. When he came, he didn’t quite believe it. Now I heard that the man left, and he didn’t take it to heart. It was Pan Dashuai who blocked the Chujun in Fengzhou for more than three months. How could he be brittle without saying a word? Even if you can’t beat the Chu army, you will come to an emergency again and again …
But Wu Yan’s eyes were soft and blindsided. Last night, Pan Dashuai was really friendly and told that he didn’t enter a city. He ran back to Xing Wangfu. Gong Han asked, "What do you think we should do now, my Lord?"
Wu Yanrou had no anger in his heart. When he saw Gong Han coming over with his head together, his heart was agitated. Look at his expression. He couldn’t help but slap Gong Han and said, "What are you still staring at? Write a play table to the court before the Chu army has yet to camp out!"
As soon as he spoke, he saw a small school running along the urban and rural areas from the north gate. He ran to the front and said, "Call … Call … Fight! Fight! "
Wu Yanrou’s stupefied kung fu city "drummed" drums knocked up. Wu Yanrou was shocked and the Chu army still besieged the city. He was crouched in the tower with a cat’s head shrinking and a half. He moved fast, and Gong Han, the capital of Duanzhou, was as skillful as it was unambiguous. Wu Yanrou was a little angry and scolded, "Go and see if the Chu army besieged the city!"
Gong Han clutching his half face a face of injustice, he looked at the side of the sergeant are hiding in the wall, who also refused to look out from the crib mouth in Wu Yan soft * * see he also had to muster up courage to put his head out again.
"My Lord, it’s not the Chu army. It’s not the siege. The Chu army is running in line to the north gate?"
Wu Yanrou heard that he was not afraid to attack the city. * When you are in trouble, you will get rich and plunder, and when you knock on the back of Europe, you will be killed, and you will be beaten by the pump. br/>
The captain shook his head and said, "My Lord, isn’t it that our reinforcements have come and are fighting with the Chu army not far from the East Gate?"
Wu Yan’s gentle joy fell from the sky and grabbed a captain’s collar. I can’t believe that he said, "You mean reinforcements have come. Ha ha ha ha." It seems that Pan Dashuai didn’t run in vain yesterday. It seems that he has arrived safely at Xing Wangfu and reported to Dawang that he sent * * * to support him.
Wu Yanrou cast another glance at the Chu army in the distance of the city. It seems that the army has arrived nearby, and the Chu army is rushing to the north gate like a swarm. His heart is a little uneasy and asks, "Do you know how many reinforcements there are?"
The captain shook his head and said, "My Lord is too far away, and I don’t know how many reinforcements have come."
"My Lord, are we leading troops out of the city to fight Chu Junyi?" Gong Han was eager to make contributions and put forward ideas.
Wu Yan soft face a heavy disdain saw Gong Han one eye and said "invasion? Who leads the troops? Do you bring it? " After scaring Gong Han repeatedly, * * * Yan Rou spoke from the bottom of his heart. If you hadn’t relied on Gong Chengshu, the palace eunuch, to kill a pig and ruin it, how could it have been possible that Gong Chengshu, the commander of Duanzhou, didn’t care about his backer at that time? But Lin Yan met Wu Yanrou and continued, "Let’s watch the reinforcements win in the city. It’s not too late for us to send troops!"
Even if you leave a message of * _ _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
Chapter 6 Surrender ()
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Not to mention going to see Wu Yanrou, Gong Han and others at the city gate?
The front of the Chu army on the tower is still Zhang Wenbiao. As soon as he arrived at the North Gate with his army, he ran back and reported that the Han army reinforcements had arrived. It is estimated that there are about 40,000 troops.
Zhang Wenbiao was not surprised but rejoiced at the news, a senior officer of the Chu army. Of course, he knew the weight of Liu’s military forces in Lingnan Han State, but there were about 50,000 people in Fengzhou and Yizhou, and about 50,000 people in Shaozhou. The rest were stationed in Kangzhou and Yingzhou, but the other day, most of the defenders in Kangzhou and Yingzhou, Li Tang’s water army, were sent back to Xing Wangfu, and there should be 50,000 or 60,000 people in Xing Wangfu. This is coming, and 40,000 people are going to
He didn’t adjust the formation at that time, and the rear team changed directly to the front team, leaving two battalions to reserve troops. At the same time, it was also a precaution against the sudden rush out of Duanzhou garrison. The military units of the Chu Legion were all mixed arms, including knife and shield hand, crossbowman, archer, spearman and other arms to deal with the Han army without cavalry. These arms naturally formed their own phalanx, except for the trebuchet and crossbow bed, and it was almost the same to have military orders turn around together.
Opposite the Han army, the Chu army has long been present. This Han army collar is Lu Guifei’s younger brother Lu Jianwei.
Pan Chongche was dying in his heart after the defeat of Fengzhou. He thought hard all the way and finally couldn’t figure out a reasonable way to crack the black incendiary bomb of the Chu army, especially Fengzhou. In these places in Kangzhou, because of the hot summer weather, people’s houses are mostly made of wood. This fire burns like Vulcan Zhu Rong, and no one can stop it. If this thing can’t be cracked, no matter how high the wall is, there will be no soldiers. He didn’t know that the Chu army had done its best because of the limited number of thunderbolts. He didn’t want to do too much damage to Fengzhou because he didn’t want to continue bombing in Fengzhou because of the victory. In his view, there is a way to deal with incendiary bombs, that is to build a high wall and keep the people’s houses at a certain distance from Let ChuJun incendiary bombs can’t hit the people’s room. It’s a pity that there is no ideal city in Lingnan that meets this condition. He is afraid of ChuJun. On the one hand, he is also very dissatisfied with the big fellow emperor Liu Sheng. Liu Sheng has indeed promoted his office these days, but hasn’t he sent a traitor Lin Yan to visit Fengzhou? If it weren’t for his display of soldiers in the government office, Lin Yanyu would probably stay in Fengzhou instead, but after Lin Yanyu returned to Xing Wangfu, he asked Pan Chongche what the court didn’t give him, except for the first order.
So he was disheartened and ran back to Xing Wangfu. Liu Shengwen was furious, but this Pan Chongche had a high prestige in the army and made great contributions, so Liu Sheng also gave Pan Chongche to the prison and killed him rashly, so that General Pan and Zhong Yunzhang became neighbors.
Arguably, a star like Pan Chongche should be cautious when he lost the Han army, but the real situation is not like this. There are three reasons. First, Pan Chongche confronted the Chu army for three months. Pan Chongche gave the frontier army a high salary and improved their lives. He exaggerated the meritorious military service to the court and created an illusion for the Han country, that is, Chu * * The strength of the team is not so good. If it weren’t for Li Tang’s attack on the Han Kingdom, it is estimated that Liu Sheng might have sent reinforcements and sent the Chu army out of the country. Second, less than five days before Pan Chongche fled back, Liu Sheng annihilated the Li Tang Expeditionary Navy in Xing Wangfu. The whole Han Kingdom was full of a blind optimism, whether it was Liu Sheng or the eunuchs. God first felt that this self-confidence made them in turn look down on Chu. Third, they were full of self-confidence when they heard that Pan Chongche was defeated. After fleeing back, Liu Sheng didn’t even have a chance to defend himself. He encouraged Pan Chongche to go to prison in Lin Yan, and they lost the opportunity to understand the strength of Chu Army. Of course, even if Pan Chongche had a chance to defend himself, I’m afraid Liu Sheng and they wouldn’t believe it.
As a result, Lu Jianwei, who had made great contributions in Fanyu, asked Liu Sheng to squint at the horse and look into the distance. The Han army barely formed a phalanx, so he couldn’t wait to rush toward his own side. Zhang Wenbiao left his pie mouth to the other side. This general is really a straw bag. If he certainly doesn’t charge Duanzhou City, only 3ooo troops will be reinforced. The main purpose is not to defeat the city Chu army, but to enter the city to defend himself and fight a decisive battle outside the city. How to think about it is stupid to the extreme, even if it is a decisive battle? How can you make the spearmen How come each hand is either holding a pike or a broadsword?
It’s not that the Han army doesn’t have a sword and shield hand, but Lu Jianwei is a reinforcement. He is in a hurry. This sword and shield hand is not only a shield in his hand, but also a bit like heavy infantry body armor, so that he will be heavy when he travels long distances. He can’t guarantee that all the swords and shields are behind, unlike Chu Saber, whose first project is long-distance negative running.
With the sprint of the Han army, the distance between the two armies of Chu and Han is getting closer and closer. Zhang Wenbiao shouted "Shoot the arrow".
"Shoot the arrow!" At left and right, the soldiers shouted and waved the flag of the army. The archers and projectors fired bows and arrows at the Han army. The arrows crossed the long crossbow and interwoven into a mesh like locusts. The strong crossbow without the protection of the knife and shield made the Han army suffer a great loss. The armor of the marines was weak at such a close distance. In such a dense arrow net, many people were so sad that they didn’t advance one meter. The distance between the two armies was getting closer and closer, and life became extremely cheap at this moment.
Look at the distance. Zhang Wenbiao broadsword shouted "Kill!"
With that, he turned his long sword into a whip, and made a fierce attack on the horse’s ass, so that the soldiers who took the lead naturally rushed towards the Han army, waving pike and broadsword one after another. The two armies of Chu and Han were like two tides "bang", and the knife came to the gun and the blood flowed everywhere. Zhang Wenbiao’s broadsword held high the brush wheel to the Han army, and his hand strength was great. Where was his opponent’s broadsword everywhere? He blocked the gun and flew the knife to cut off his broadsword. If he waved his broadsword and left and right, he suddenly broke his arm, it would be a It’s cool to take things out of his pocket and kill himself, but the more the Han army hits the heart, the colder it gets. In Mata, Mr. Zhang can kill and chop people far away, so it’s clear that the Han soldiers can’t help but turn around and run away from their opponents. The morale of the Chu army has increased greatly, and with their own defense, they have been fighting for their lives. At that time, the river of blood has become red on the banks of the Xijiang River.
Lu Jianwei looked at the arbor in the distance for a long time. Although he had fought once, was the man fierce or not? He still knew that when he saw Zhang Wenbiao, he was a little flustered. His opponent said, "Put an arrow on this horse and that horse." At the moment, although you can’t see the outcome, you always feel that this Chu army is like a tiger. The number of the other party is small, but it doesn’t fall in the wind. Chu army flags can be seen everywhere, but their own flags are also staggered. Fortunately, there are many of us. Lu Jianwei secretly cheered himself up.
The people around him looked at each other and screamed, "The guard has ordered the arrow to be released quickly!" This group of people is the younger brother of eunuch clan in Xing Wangfu. These days, Xing Wangfu is optimistic. It is said that Lu Jianwei’s war is a good opportunity to mix the military. He has no money to send his brother to Lu Jianwei’s army. These brothers are philandering, walking dogs and fighting chickens, telling dirty jokes. That is a good player. Lu Jianwei thinks it is interesting and keeps this group of people by his side. Of course, it is also for safety.
Hearing these people say hello, the soldiers looked at each other every other. It seems that there is a horse riding in the front, but this order can’t be carried out. First, it’s a long distance. Archery from your own side will definitely not hit others. Second, it’s a scuffle. You have me and I have you. If you shoot an arrow in the reserve team, won’t you shoot one of your own? Third, we yelled out and handed it to each other for a while, and the whole battlefield knew which Chu army knew, didn’t we?
These men are hesitating, and I don’t know if the "whoops" horn should come from the north at this time. By this, I saw an army rushing to the north to embroider the banner of "horse" in the dragon’s xuanhuang, flying high in the Chu army!
Lu Jianwei one leng did not pursue how not to shoot archery just now, but shouted to the side of "sending troops to resist", and the male buddies were also anxious to say everything, and some soles of their feet were ready to slip away.
The reserve army has just put in to resist the Chu army. Suddenly, I heard a bugle behind me. I remembered that Lu Jianwei turned around and looked blindsided. Grandma was surrounded, and the Chu army looked like a tiger mountain. Lu Jianwei panicked and shouted, "Stop the Chu army quickly! Stop the Chu army!"
It’s a pity that no one rushed over to his side at the moment. Besides this group of male brothers, there are probably 5oo Qinbing, who are dedicated to defending themselves. We can’t let them stop the Chu army. Besides, they can’t stop it.
"Guard, let’s drop it." Lin Yan met his little nephew and whispered in Lu Jianwei’s ear.
Lu Jianwei turned his head and looked behind him. The Han army had stumbled back, and it was slow to retreat. It was either direct surrender or being cut down to the ground. Lu Jianwei made a tingle and said, "Don’t hit me down."
The commander-in-chief dropped all those grass bags, and they also echoed. Stop fighting. We surrendered louder than the soldiers. Those Han troops who came back from Duanzhou were killed and frightened. At that time, they didn’t even have the last fighting courage.
Xing Wangfu’s reinforcements dropped in Duanzhou, and Wu Yanrou decided to surrender Ma Yun. He rested in Duanzhou for a night. The next day, the navy of the Han army surrendered to Ma Yun in Duanzhou under the leadership of Du Tong Le Fan. Le Fan and others asked him to cooperate with him to attack the army of Xing Wangfu again. When he came to Niubi Town, which is less than five miles away from Xing Wangfu, he met Liu Sheng’s emissary, Xiao Shu, who offered Liu Sheng’s surrender.
Of course, he couldn’t help it if he didn’t drop. He saw the news of defeat last night. Lu Jianwei’s army was wiped out by Liu Sheng. In such a hurry, he personally ran to the prison and invited Pan Chongche out. He asked him if there was any good way. Pan Chongche asked, "I wonder how many people are there in the garrison of Xing Wangfu?"
By this time, Liu Sheng told the truth, "There are still six or seven thousand troops, and there must be 10,000 water troops in Lingdingyang."
Pan Chongche asked again, "Do you know how many men and horses the Chu army has?"
Liu Sheng shook his head. How did he know this?
Pan Chongche held out a hand and shook it, then sighed. Liu Sheng was so nervous that he saw Pan Chongche holding out a five-to-five return to the Chu army. There were 50,000 people at that time. When he was ready to surrender, Lin Yan came across a bad idea. He said, "Now that we have a navy, it’s better to move the palace treasure to the south than to be a prisoner of Chu." When Lin Yan met, he still wanted to emigrate overseas. Don’t mention this idea.