"What does Brother Li think these five bottles of psychic black liquor are worth?" Zhang Xiaotian eyebrows a pick body near the Li Fugui eyes staring at the slowly asked.

"This ….. if this black liquor is as magical as Zhang Dage said, it is definitely valuable! How many soul stones are not for me to decide! " Li Fugui hesitated for a moment a little embarrassed and said
"This psychic force black liquor effect is true. Xiao and I are all qualified in this way! If you don’t really lack soul stones and trust your brothers, you will never sell them! If your business alliance wants it, just make a price! " Zhang xiaotian a wave of his hand light said
"I want to say that Buddha’s treasure is also very necessary for the world! If brother Zhang must sell it, I can contact the headquarters to approve some soul stones! However, it must not be as cost-effective as selling it to the earth treasure king in quantity! However, since Zhang Dage has the fate of mind black liquor, it is unnecessary! I can directly decide to move some of the soul stones in the No.1 Hell Business Alliance! " Li Fugui smiled and said
Zhang Xiaotian shook his head and didn’t care whether Li Fugui said it was true or false. He directly asked, "How many soul stones are you going to pay?"
"100 billion!" Li Fugui said with a smile on his face.
"100 billion?" Zhang Xiaotian silence to tell the truth five bottles of psychic black liquor can sell one hundred billion soul stones. He doesn’t think how many! First, the endless superposition property of black liquor determines its sky-high price! Secondly, its birth is likely to bring great trouble to Zhang Xiaotian! 100 billion soul stones are not risky enough! To be continued, if you want to know the funeral, please go to chapter 6 for more.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Accident
"Cough! Brother Zhang, don’t get me wrong! You can’t buy a soul stone worth 100 billion yuan like psychic black liquor! " See Zhang Xiaotian expression Li Fugui also realized that wrong one hundred billion soul stone is a huge number, but the mind black liquor is also valuable!
Zhang Xiaotian silently drank the wine in the cup and didn’t speak, waiting for Li Fugui to explain.
"Because of being changed to a lot of soul stones by the earth treasure king, there are not many soul stones in the No.1 hell alliance. One hundred billion soul stones are the number of headquarters in the world every year! I’ll move it out and let Zhang Dage take the lead! Let the brothers apply for more soul stones at the headquarters! " Li Fugui said slowly while thinking.
"I can assure you! Five bottles of psychic black liquor can sell at least 500 billion soul stones! " See Zhang Xiaotian slightly better after Li Fugui relieved immediately guarantee way
"500 billion?" Zhang Xiaotian eyebrows a pick short when the original black bead knot won’t save much soul stone one hundred billion soul stone to help members of heaven and earth and the people of the nether world to ascend and repair is really not enough, but five hundred billion is enough!
"good! Just 500 billion! " After a moment’s meditation, Zhang Xiaotian decided to smile indifferently and throw five bottles of psychic black liquor to Li Fugui with a wave of his hand.
"Brothers will not let Zhang Dage down!" Li Fugui laughed and took five bottles of psychic black liquor carefully into his arms.
"These Buddha treasures …" After receiving the psychic force black liquor, Li Fugui’s eyes noticed the Buddha treasure surface of the table again! Look forward to some tone some hesitation way!
"Since the soul stone has a source, these Buddha treasures are naturally no longer sold!" Zhang Xiaotian smiled indifferently and put them all in the ring with a wave of his hand, regardless of Li Fugui’s face and distressed expression.
Li Fugui is also a moment of some love and don’t care! Although the Buddha treasure is good, it is rubbish compared with the black liquor of mind! With such a baby as psychic black liquor, he has gained a lot this time!
In the same way, Zhang Xiaotian now has a lot of psychic black liquor, but it is still difficult to make a psychic material weapon for everyone! It’s good to leave these treasures for them to stay for a while!
"One hundred billion soul stones are here. I hope Zhang Dage can find out one!" Then see Li Fugui from the neck to take a bunch of strange "necklace" light said with a smile.
"This is …" Zhang Xiaotian stared for a moment and couldn’t help but hand it to Li Fugui. This string of "necklaces" is made up of many rings! Spirit to find out immediately and now the soul stone in the ring! One hundred billion soul stones are neither more nor less! Immediately laughed, "Brother Li is so rich! 100 billion soul stones should be carried with you.
"Zhang Dage made fun of! I’m going to pay the soul stone at the world headquarters today. If it’s a day late, it won’t be there! " Li Fugui face a red quickly motioning with his hand said
Hear this Li Fugui Zhang Xiaotian expression one leng then smiled in the mind glad unceasingly! It’s really timely. If it’s a day late, the hell business alliance will have no soul stone! It will be much more troublesome for Hou to want to sell it again!
"In this case, I’ll leave you, brother, or I’ll prepare the soul stone early!" After talking again, Li Fugui got up and said goodbye
"good! Please ask Brother Li for everything! " Zhang Xiaotian responded and said.
The two sides said goodbye to Li Fugui and led a group of hands behind them out of the restaurant! Zhang Xiaotian is the only one left!
After Li Fugui left, Zhang Xiaotian pondered over the deal and the recent happenings in hell!
Although this transaction may bring trouble to Zhang Xiaotian, Zhang Xiaotian is desperate! Hell’s soul stones have been collected by the earth treasure king. If you don’t trade so much, he doesn’t know where to get them at the moment.
The king of earth treasure searched so hard to show that he wanted to improve his skills and practice ghosts! I don’t know what the law of the earth treasure king is and what level it can raise the ghost to!
However, Zhang Xiaotian believes that his seven narrow escape X large array is as good as the earth treasure king! Because Hai Tianqiong said that in addition to the four-way array, other array numbers can be compared with the four-way six-way array even if it is level 9! Only the four-way array method is suitable for the layout of the tenth array! Only four-way law can swing out this kind of law effect!
Law how difficult it is to deduce Zhang Xiaotian is know clearly! At the end of the deduction, the array body will become an extremely huge data. If there is no mysterious posture to help Zhang Xiaotian correct the mistakes in the deduced array body and compress the data, it will be impossible!
There are only a handful of masters of boundary law, and it happened that the four-way law was deduced to level seven. Zhang Xiaotian didn’t believe there would be such a coincidence!
Even if someone deduces the four-way law to seven or seven levels, Zhang Xiaotian also believes in the strength of the members of Heaven and Earth! Mysterious posture is the biggest secret weapon of their heaven and earth gang! Hands with posture will be several times better than monks of the same rank!
The earth treasure king released a group of high-ranking hands to collect the forces of hell! Hell is in chaos!
Zhang Xiaotian took a crowd and walked slowly to the floor, listening to the various ghosts in the restaurant to talk about it! Where a mysterious master suddenly appeared, and which power was taken over and destroyed … This information kept coming into Zhang Xiaotian’s ears in these two days!
To spirit to release this kind of information is endless!
"Master!" Just when Zhang Xiaotian was out of the restaurant, a joyful sound came!
"Ling day! Daniel! Dabao! " Zhang Xiaotian twist a head to look at the sound direction light say with smile!
The three disciples also left when they were divorced from words after winning once! At this time, behind the three people, it was already with a group of mighty ghosts!
It is the first member of the Ling family in the acquired alliance! And his style. Family Jiang Yun face reddish with beside ling day! Ling Tian three people are going to understand the knot! After the family Lingtian showed its strength, the whole Lingshi family followed! But his style family doesn’t believe that all of them have been in love with Lingtian Jiang Yun to come over!
"Ling Fei, the head of the Ling family, led the members of the Ling family to meet the adults!" At this time, so many people together gave a respectful gift to Zhang Tianxing! Such a big battle in the street immediately caused many ghost repair notes!
"Ling family! It turned out to be the head of the Ling family! " Someone exclaimed!
The Ling family is still very famous in the alliance site the day after tomorrow!
"Who is that man? How can the head of the Ling family salute him and call him an adult? " Another ghost repair also indecision.
"Black kid! There is a ghost-shaped period … Is it a ghost Solomon? " A strange sound said!
Because of the Ling family, their voices are very low!
"You don’t bother! Get up! " Zhang Xiaotian said with the wave light twist a head to look at the Chen brothers!
Compared with Zhang Xiaotian, the Lingshi family cares more about his two disciples! At this time, they are bowed their heads and depressed beside Ling Tian!
"Didn’t find it?" Zhang Xiaotian asked.
"no!" Shook his head Chen Dabao look dim and replied.
Pondering for a moment, Zhang Xiaotian said, "Let’s go!" Say that finish should walk in the direction of the gate.
A group of ghosts followed behind Zhang Xiaotian.
"Eldest brother! Just let them go? " Not far from the restaurant, a black shadow looked at Zhang Xiaotian and others’ departure direction and said to the people next to him.
"Don’t let them go. Do you still want them to stay?" Another shadow laughed at a light and said
"But they are all our alliance elites the day after tomorrow! Just follow others! " There is some irritation in the sound!
"Oh!" With a wry smile, another shadow said, "We will join the elite the day after tomorrow?" There is some self-mockery in the sound!
"We all have to go and care about these? Hell is going to change, and the alliance will be dissolved the day after tomorrow! "
"But …" The shadow seemed to want to say something but was interrupted!
"Don’t forget! He is still our master, and the brand of our body and soul has not been solved! We can die easily if we want him to think about it! " The sound is a little harsh!
After all, Zhang Xiaotian, outside the city, waited for everyone to leave the gate!
"elder brother! Where are we going now? " Yang Xiao twist a head to look at Zhang Xiaotian hesitated and asked.
"Where?" Zhang Xiaotian frowned! He really hasn’t thought it over!
Is it the sea of ghosts? Or go somewhere else? Heaven and Earth Sect is rooted in Zhang Xiaotian’s hand cold inflammation! Where they go has become the so-called!