Oh, nothing. I rubbed my eyebrows. Tang Yi scattered himself. I still kept my posture. I couldn’t help but smile gently. Does this count as having twice the life of others? I gently took my glasses to Tang Yi and looked at the table. Those meals were unbearable. Although I was not hungry, it was extremely shameful for him to wave.

Once again, I put the chopsticks on the table and glanced at it. I also scattered Tang Yi. I nodded and walked the stairs with satisfaction. I went back to the bedroom and gently hit my brain to watch the explanation in the encyclopedia.
The advanced way to solve the mystery knife can swing the power of the mystery knife more comprehensively.
I clicked on a video compilation, and Tang Yi sat on the bed and looked at the animation of Death lazily. Before he watched it, his skills were to play clips, but he didn’t dabble too much in this popular animation. Now he intends to study this animation carefully so that he can better understand the background of the animation story.
When Bello picked up his things and walked into the bedroom, he saw Tang Yi lying idly in bed, intently watching the animation sound. The sound was just right, which could not only make people hear the animation sound clearly, but also make them feel noisy. He was still wearing that set of captain.
Sitting there gently, Bello cast his eyes on the brain, but he was very surprised to see that Tang Yi’s clothes were just like in the animation. He COSPALY looked at his clothes and Bello guessed slightly.
If you are sleepy, go to sleep first. The bed is very big. Lightly grab the knife Tang Yi, which is placed beside you, and gently draw the blade to roar. Snail pill.
Mysterious Guanghua flashed back and forth in the spirit-cutting knife, and the narrow blade gradually widened and eventually became a long knife with many sharp teeth. The sharp teeth looked sharp and abnormal, and the brain desk lamp shone with a new cold light, as if it had opened its mouth and exposed its fangs. The snake’s arm shook slightly and the blade with sharp teeth immediately extended until the door stopped.
Tang Yi scattered corners of the mouth with a faint smile. When the arm was twisted and stretched out, the long Dao shrank back inch by inch and became the former misty light. After shining slowly from the tip of the knife, the position changed again into a flat knife.
Is this the adult’s ability? It’s amazing to look at the gradually changing ordinary form of the spirit-cutting knife Bello. Looking down slightly, I see that she is no longer white. That’s an idiot. Tang Yi’s ability to disperse death is the same as this animation. He almost completely recovered the ability of the characters inside.
Chapter sixty-two Broken! It’s a dream in a mirror.
Looked up Tang Yi scattered eyes don’t know when it turned into a silver tone again, coldly holding the spirit-cutting knife flat and holding it high and breaking it.
Eyes clever gradually disappear Bello stupefied at Tang Yi scattered raised his right hand, her breathing is still stable and her body is still protected.
I’m a god you believe in, and your soul will always be loyal to me. When you have a betrayal in your heart, you will tear your soul apart and kill it.
Even if you have judged Bello’s situation about yourself, Tang Yi San will still not simply believe that people are loyal to themselves. Don’t expect others to be the only one who can believe in themselves. Compared with Tang Yi San’s absolute intelligence, he is ten times more indifferent and aloof. You can’t trust people in this world, even your father will betray you.
Break it up. In death, the blue dye right interface will be the only one to kill the ghost. When liberating, it will have a hypnotic effect on people. When people see the liberation process, they will have no resistance to the letter after the operation, which will have an additional effect of deep hypnosis. When the other party is hostile or the spirit is too high, they will be resistant to the skill.
Compared with animation, this skill is suspected to have been greatly limited in reality, but relatively, there is an extra special attribute of deep hypnosis. With the powerful logical analysis ability of intellectual state, Tang Yi San easily understood this term "deep hypnosis special effect distortion shaping"
When a person finishes the letter and he doesn’t resist at all, with this extra effect, he can make the other party do things, including killing, but letting Bello kill the suspect is not in line with this state. Tang Yi’s concept of scattered interests meets him and chooses loyalty and never regrets loyalty.
The silver in the eyes quickly receded Tang Yi’s loose wrist, and the body fell softly when he held the spirit-cutting knife high.
Adults lose their luster, and their pupils have a good time to recover. Bello nervously looks at the soft fall on the bed. Tang Yi’s scattered eyes flashed a trace of doubt. What was good just now? He suddenly fell into a coma. Although he was full of doubts, Bello gently dropped his brain and Tang Yi took off his clothes.
Yawned Tang Yi scattered very reluctantly opened his eyes. The light outside the window was very bright, and the wide and thick curtain was gently pulled aside. A metal hook was hooked up and Tang Yi scattered through the glass to see the beautiful scenery outside. It seems that the weather is very good today.
He was very sleepy and felt that his eyelids seemed to be as heavy as one thousand catties. Although his body was not unwell, his brain felt dizzy from time to time. He groped Tang Yi with one hand and sat up with his eyes propped up. Last night, something happened. He remembered clearly that he had moved his mirror to Bello. He was going to enter the state of absolute intelligence. It was better to be clear than to analyze the liberation effect of his mind’s slashers, but he didn’t expect that he would immediately choose to move his mirror after entering the state of absolute intelligence.
At that time, he didn’t have any fingers to touch the chest crest, so he could sense the information in his brain consciousness, and then quickly judge the liberation effect of mirror flower and hidden water in exchange for Bello’s eternal loyalty. This deal is very, very cost-effective, but now he doesn’t know how to face Bello. At that time, he didn’t have emotional judgment, and everything was the best choice. Even now, he is not very resistant to this choice, which makes it difficult for him not to know how to face Bello.
Adult, you woke up and walked upstairs. Bello saw Tang Yi scattered and woke up and immediately trotted to the bed. Brown eyes cut real feelings with tension, which made Tang Yi feel comfortable.
Well, I woke up. How long did I sleep? I tried to keep myself calm. Tang Yi sat up straight. Now my clothes have been changed into a wide white casual shirt.
Bello looked down at the desk lamp and the alarm clock. It’s already 12 noon. You slept for 14 hours. I’ve called the school and you’re off.
Really? Good. I’m going to buy an MP4 that can play video. Which one do you think is better? I gently rubbed my eyebrows. Tang Yi was lifted out of bed. He was wearing a pair of pants. Since he changed his clothes, Belo Ran didn’t feel embarrassed after seeing his body. He went to the cabinet and took a pair of white pants to wear.
Tang Yi powder is very white because this color is that person.
I’m not sure. I’m sorry. Bello’s face froze and then he quickly bowed his head and said something guilty and scared.
Looking at Bello’s nervous appearance, Tang Yi suddenly felt that he seemed really evil and pushed his eyes. He should go to the room first. Forget it. Since I don’t know, let’s go together later.
The sunshine in the afternoon is very pleasant. Today, the temperature is almost 23 degrees, which is an excellent weather. It is very clear and there are several cirrus clouds floating in the sky, which look very light and beautiful.
Bello’s pajamas have been changed to wear a relatively conservative dress, but even if she is in some conservative clothes, she still has a legal temptation to bring her identity card. Tang Yi scattered Bello and left the small apartment in tandem.
Every city will have one or several local cities specializing in production, and it is no exception, followed by Bello. Soon, two people came to Tang Yi’s scattered destination industry and trade mall. The word industry and trade was casually called by people, but now the name of this mall has been changed to industry and trade mall. These modern people are inseparable from production and specialize in selling MP3 and MP4. These very small palm production places are on the third floor.
In order to facilitate people to withdraw money, there happens to be a bank next to the industrial and trade mall.
Tang Yi scattered his ID card and gently pushed the bayonet slightly uneasy. I don’t know if my ID card can really be used as a bank card.
As soon as the ATM rings, it jumps to a screen to enter the password.
However, the effect of Tang Yi scattered a sigh of relief, stretched out his hand and pressed the six six spirits. When he gave him the card, he once specifically told him that the unified password at the beginning of the card was six sixes, which he needed to change.
When I saw the balance of the card, Tang Yi was really surprised by a three or four. Looking at it again is still a three or four.
He doesn’t have a lot of subsidies, almost three or four thousand dollars, which is very good, but I didn’t expect that the subsidy was actually 30 thousand, but I didn’t do anything. Not only did I give myself a set of clothes with excellent material and a knife with good quality, but I also gave myself 30 thousand pieces. I think Tang Yi will get it straight. This is a level A power and the closest to the level S in the level A power. After all, I have to understand that it is a real level S, even if it is time-limited, but it is necessary to doubt that I will do criminal things at this time, so the damage and loss
Hesitated for a while, Tang Yisan directly took 10 thousand and put it in his pocket. He didn’t know how much a good quality MP4 would cost, but it was conceivable that it would not be cheap to meet his requirements.
The picture quality should be good, the format should be large, the battery life should be strong, and it is best to fill the pool with solar energy. The shell of the plate should be strong and resistant to falling and earthquake. These requirements will not be cheap.
Chapter sixty-three Tang Xian
Tang Yi San has high requirements. Of course, these stores can’t meet his requirements. After turning it twice, he can buy a MP5 with more than 6,000 yuan and bring it back. This MP5 not only wears 16G when doing free fall, but also has a motive protection program. Although the seismic function is not very strong, the shell is relatively hard, which makes Tang Yi San very satisfied.